Swinging Bikers


I was working at a gas station just north of Barstow, off I15. It was a very hot day, being July 3rd. Since most of the Vegas or LA bound traffic gassed up in town, we were not used to getting customers that weren’t locals.

Just as I looked up from the tabloid where I was reading about the latest invasion of space aliens, I saw a brand new Indian motorcycle pull up to the pumps. The guy on the bike was built like a body builder and so was the babe with him. Even though there is a helmet law in California, neither of them had brain buckets on. His hair was short and blond, with tight curls. Her hair was long flowing blond and looked like it was glowing with the sunlight. He wore boots and black leather pants and a tight white t-shirt. She wore soft leather boots that came up to her slender thighs and very short black leather shorts that laced up the sides. She wasn’t wearing panties. But what really caught my attention was that she was topless.

I had a hard time making eye contact as she entered the small store. Her bright smile was sexy and warm. She tossed a ten on the counter and told me which pump to switch on.

“Er ah, can I canlı bahis help you?”

“Well, I’m kinda lookin for shirt or somethin..” she said, making no effort to cover her beautiful tanned titties. She had taken a bottle of sunscreen of a shelf and was pouring a little into her hand.

“You ain’t got no shirt?” I asked. Trying to act like I hadn’t noticed.

“No, I had one, but it blew off.” She rubbed the sunscreen onto her shoulders. Her tits were so beautiful I could hardly speak as she looked right at me. “I untied the neck string and back string on my halter so I wouldn’t get any tanlines and one time I reached up to get the hair out of my face and the wind caught it just right and the damn thing blew away. Billy said you might have a t-shirt or something here in the store.”

“You don’t have any clothes in your bag?”

“No, we’re on our way to Lake Mead for a swingers weekend on a houseboat so we don’t really need any clothes but what we got on.”

“Swingers? You guys are swingers?”

“Yeah, we like to fuck around and we joined a club, so I guess we’re swingers.”

Just then her guy walked into the store. He was bahis siteleri bigger than I thought. I gave him the change for his gas.

“Becky, did you find a shirt yet?” he asked.

“Not yet sweetie.” Still, she made no effort to cover up.

“Ah, all we got is some kids shirts with cartoons on em.” I motioned to the small rack.

She went over to the rack and looked through the selection. She took a couple off the rack and held them to her chest. They were all way too small.

Breaking the rule about leaving the cash cage with customers in the store, I went into the back room and adjusted my cock in my jeans and grabbed two more shirts that were in the back room because they were dirty.

“Sorry, these are dirty but they might fit better.” I handed her the shirts. I noticed my hand was shaking.

The guy was standing with her now and running his hands over her tits as he applied more sunscreen.

The shirts were children’s large and made a valiant attempt to cover her. She took the tank top with Tinkerbell on the front. Then she opened a pair of scissors from the shelf and cut along the seams from the bottom of bahis şirketleri the armholes down to about half way to the hem. Then she put the shirt on. The effect was stunning. I could feel the pre-cum leaking into my boxers. Her tits almost poured out the sides and you could see her nipples right through the fabric. She reached between her man’s legs and stroked the bulge. “You like this one?”

He reached around and stroked her ass. “Oh yeah, I like this one. But it’s got dirt or something there along the bottom.” He pointed to the area where some kid and stepped on it with dirty sneakers.

“Not a problem…” she whipped the shirt off again. Her tits jiggled wildly as they emerged from the too small opening. Then she used the scissors to cut the bottom five inches off the shirt. The picture of Tinkerbell was undamaged as she pulled the shirt back on. Now the round fullness of the bottoms of her tits were exposed. Billy took another handful and I saw his fingers trace across her hard nipples.

They paid for the shirt, the sunscreen and the scissors. He swatted Becky’s perfect ass as she waved at me as she walked out the door.

I watched her ass as she threw her right leg over the bike’s seat.

And then they drove away. I listened to the compressor motor on the ice cream chest as they faded from my view.

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