SwitchI have your arms secured to the headboard with leather cuffs. You are shirtless and barefoot, wearing only a tight pair of jeans. I begin by lightly stroking your face, tracing your jawline, down the side of your neck, feeling your pulse. My hand ventures down past your clavicle, exploring your chest, and further down your side. All the way until I reach the waist of your jeans, where I stop. I begin again, on the other side, savoring the texture of your skin, running my fingers through your hair as my hand travels. I feel the beating of your heart as my hand rests over it. Your breathing becomes less even. I take my time; caressing and exploring, fascinated by the way your body reacts to my touch. I lean down to kiss you, gently, barely touching your lips, just enough to tease. And again.And again.And again. I catch your lip in my teeth and nibble, just a bit. Just enough. Then I move further south, leaving random, soft kisses casino siteleri down your chest, then your stomach. Up again, feathery kisses trailing across your skin, feeling your heat, breathing in your scent. Your heart is starting to pump a little harder, your breathing shallower and more sporadic. I kiss my way back down. I can see your arousal outlined in your jeans and I lean down, placing a kiss on it, smiling as you groan and involuntarily flex. I love exerting my power over you, seeing your body react under my control. I love how hard you are already, confined and aching, completely at my mercy.I unzip your pants but leave them buttoned, slowly pulling the waistband down, pausing just at that moment before your cock is ready to spring free. I hear you growl in frustration. I wait a moment longer before undoing the button, letting you know that I just how much authority I have. I hear you sigh as your cock is finally freed canlı casino from the confining material.In a fit of naughtiness, I lean forward until my lips are centimeters from the tip and lightly exhale. It twitches so I do it again. Your hips start shifting as you reach for that little bit of contact that you are so frantically craving. I hold your thighs down as best I can and I sit back, giggling, until you calm again. Leaning forward once more, I gently kiss the head of your cock, reveling in the single curse you utter. I run my tongue around it, then bend further to lick the underside of your shaft, all the way to the top.Your muscles are tense, your breathing ragged, your eyes dark. You are watching me, mesmerized by the way my mouth is tormenting you. I smile wickedly and place my lips over you, sliding down until I feel you hit the back of my throat, then gradually slide up. I swirl the top with my tongue again.Your kaçak casino hips begin their frantic movement again and I stop. I wait. You relax a little and I continue, the same soft torture, pausing when you get too close to the edge. I repeat this, over and over, while you moan and tense. First you threaten me, promising revenge and all the evil things you will do to me when I release you. I laugh, thoroughly enjoying myself. I keep going as you curse and grit your teeth. I keep going, lightly sucking and licking and stopping when you are close. I am waiting, and you know for what.Finally, unable to stand it, so frenzied by lust and need, you start pleading.I give your cock one last, long lick before moving to straddle your waist. I kiss your chest, working my way to one nipple and then the other, kissing up your throat and back to your mouth. I kiss you deeply, unsnapping one cuff, then the other, freeing your arms. For a moment longer we are locked together in a deep, passionate kiss. In a fluid movement you grab me and roll on top, pinning me below you. Before I can move you have my wrists in the cuffs, secured and unable to move. And now it’s your turn.

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