T-Girl University


T-Girl UniversityNot my story, author is unknown to me, but sharing it for all to enjoy.T-Girl UniversityJason was apprehensive about starting college, as any freshman would be. His high school girlfriend, Becky, whom he loved dearly, was going to a different college on the opposite side of the country. They had to promised to stay together but Jason was worried; there would be a lot of temptation for her from all those west-coast surfer dudes. He hoped she wouldn’t forget him and made a vow to himself to stay faithful no matter what. But there would plenty of temptation for him as well: Jason was going to a small northeastern college that, until recently, had been an all girls school. Jason’s incoming class was to be the fifth coed class the college had seen but the women still greatly outnumbered the men: 80% to 20%. Jason knew that his gender was one of the reasons he had been accepted here. It was, in fact, the only school that had accepted him and Jason was determined to study hard and do well here to possibly transfer out to Becky’s school in a couple of years. He was going to bury his head in his books, avoid temptation and get back to his girlfriend as soon as possible.Although Jason knew the student body was mostly women he was still amazed when he arrived on campus to move into his dorm. Everywhere he looked he saw statuesque female figures biking, walking, standing, running and he had to force himself to keep his mouth from hanging open as he drank in the sights. The next thing he noticed was how tall nearly all the women on campus seemed to be. Jason was no slouch, standing at a respectable 5’10 but he saw only a few women who were shorter than he was and plenty that were clearly taller. He watched one group of women go jogging by, clearly a team of some sorts, all wearing shorts and college t-shirts, and each one of them looked to be over six feet. Jason felt downright puny as he watched their long leg muscles flexing, shiny from the workout, and their pony-tails go bobbing by a few inches above his head. One of the jogging amazons even winked at Jason as she went past leaving him blushing and mouth squarely agape, having already lost that small battle.The men’s and women’s dorms were in separate buildings. The women’s dorm was a much larger and imposing building that had a combination of dormrooms and apartment-style suites for the upper-class women. To get to the much smaller men’s dorm you had to walk past the women’s and up a small hill. Jason headed to his dorm for a scheduled orientation meeting with the dorm’s Resident Advisor. Much to Jason’s surprise his floor’s RA was a woman, and a hot one at that. She was a tall (what were they feeding these girls?) busty blonde named Ashley. She was a senior at the college and worked as an RA in exchange for free housing. She explained that since the coed program was still so new all the RAs were women. She explained the dorm rules and Jason found himself tuning out, staring at her mouth or her chest but his ears perked up as she explained the rules about opposite sex visitors.“The only women allowed in the men’s dorms are the RAs,” Ashley read from her list.“Wait, so we can’t visit each other at all?” interrupted one of the young men.“Don’t be silly,” Ashley explained, “you boys are welcome to visit the women’s dorm and overnights are, of course, allowed. Part of college life is having relationships so we expect you to date, even encourage it. But we thought it would be best if the men had a safe-zone of sorts. In our first coed class a few years back we had an open door policy for both dorms and there were some… problems. I think you’ll find that the women here are very assertive, so for your own safety, security and well-being we have this policy in place.”Jason was confused by this but relieved that he wouldn’t have to see hot coeds prancing up and down his hallway. It’ll make it that much easier to focus on studying, he thought to himself as went to his room to unpack. His dormroom was typical: one bed, one desk-set, and one dresser-drawer on each side of the room. The right side of the room was clearly already occupied so Jason began unpacking on the empty side. He had yet to meet his roommate and he hoped that they would get along. After finally getting everything unpacked and squared away, Jason was sweating and decided to try out the floor’s shower room. He peeled off the damp t-shirt and shed his shorts and boxers, throwing a towel around his waist. Jason threw open his door and walked straight into Ashley, his sexy blonde RA.Jason bounced off of her like he had walked into a padded wall, falling back into his room, and losing his grip on his towel he sat down on the floor fully exposed to this hot senior. Ashley was equally surprised but was unshaken by the impact. When she saw Jason on the floor she stifled a laugh and stepped into his room closing the door behind her. Jason looked up at her, blushing furiously, his face going scarlet. He couldn’t believe the humiliation of it, sitting naked in front of this gorgeous older girl, his soft dick and balls in plain view as she tried not to laugh at him. He tried to cover himself, tugging at his towel, but he was sitting on top of it and it wouldn’t budge.Ashley came over to help the struggling undergrad, “Here, let me help you up. It’s all my fault, I’m sorry I knocked you down.” Her words stung Jason’s pride even further, “You didn’t knock me down, I tripped is all,” Jason pouted.“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Just give me your hands.” Ashley was standing directly over him, her smooth perfect legs leading up to her well-formed ass and hips inside her shorts and Jason forgot momentarily about his nudity, putting his hands in hers and allowing himself to be lifted upwards. He found himself staring directly at her rack, straining her threadbare college t-shirt to the max. He gawked openly.“Jason?”“Mmm?” he mumbled still enthralled by her chest.“I’m up here, Jason,” she reminded him and he looked up into her blue eyes and he forgot all about his girlfriend Becky in California.“You sure are cute, in a lost puppy dog sort of way,” Ashley informed him, “I’m afraid you’re going to be like catnip to some of the more forceful girls here. I’d recommend you get a steady girlfriend as soon as possible. Hell, I’d think about dating you myself but as your R.A. that’s strictly off limits and I got this job because I’m one of the few girls here who can control herself.”None of this made any sense to Jason but he continued to stare dumbly into her eyes.“Um Jason, aren’t you forgetting something?” she smirked at him, giving him a little shake.He suddenly became aware that not only was he standing naked here in front of this beautiful woman but that he was still holding her hands like some love-sick little boy. His humiliation came flooding back as he whirled around to hide his private parts, bending over to finally reclaim his traitor towel from the floor. As he bent over he heard Ashley give a low growl, “Damn, what an ass!” Finally covered, he turned back to face her and was surprised by the change in her demeanor. Whereas before she had been comforting but playful she now looked more serious and very eager. She took a step toward him and he automatically took a step back.“As your R.A. of course I can’t have sex with you, it’s in the rulebook, but maybe I could just have taste,” Ashley seemed to be talking more to herself than to Jason, “there’s nothing in the rulebook that says I can’t taste you.”Ashley closed the remaining distance between them, she reached out with one hand to lightly stroke his face while the other went down to the towel he was clutching. She stared down at him hungrily, “That was a quite a strip-show you put on for me. Well, it worked, I’m turned on so now you need to help me get some relief.”“I…I…have a girlfriend,” Jason stammered, totally unmanned by her aggression.“Don’t worry, this won’t count. It’s just a little oral,” she confided to him in a whisper as she slowly pulled the towel out of his grasp leaving him nude once again. Even though Jason was embarrassed and nervous, her proximity caused his 6 inches to stand out at full erection. Ashley gave him one quick stroke before grabbing him by the hips and turning him around so that his back was to her. She pressed on his shoulders pushing him to bend over his desk. He reluctantly complied, feeling so very exposed to this domineering but exciting woman. He felt her hands spreading his ass cheeks, letting the cool air of the room onto his hole, sending a shiver through his body as he lay prone over his desk.“Just a taste to get me over the edge,” he heard her say and felt her breath against his ass just before he felt her tongue at his hole. He cried out in surprise and at the intensity of being touched in such an intimate place. Her tongue was so warm and wet and big, lightly circling him before licking up and down from his balls to his crack. He’d never felt anything like it, he squirmed at the odd sensation but one of her hands pressed on his lower back, pinning him to the desk while her tongue continued to explore him. The feeling was soothing along his taint but when her tongue was against his hole he felt so violated yet so good.Soon her tongue became more forceful, zeroing in on his hole and beginning to penetrate him. He couldn’t help but moan as her strong tongue slowly started to fuck him. He could feel that her body was rhythmically shaking as though she were masturbating while she licked him, although he couldn’t see anything with his face against the desk. Another, “Oohh!” escaped his lips as her tongue seemed to touch new depths within him. Her pace, both with her tongue and with her hand were becoming faster and Jason felt himself nearing an orgasm of his own, unbelievably, from having his asshole licked by this hot senior. As he pictured her breasts, he reached to down to stroke himself and in moments he was shooting all over the front of his desk. As he came, his ass clamped down on the hot blonde’s intruding tongue, making it feel even bigger. Ashley seemed to orgasm at the same time, moaning into his ass, her tongue slowing and withdrawing while her hand worked furiously out of sight getting herself off.Jason lay panting, still naked, bent over the desk. He heard Ashley stand and zip up her shorts. She swatted his ass and said, “You taste amazing, babe. Just like I knew you would. I envy the girl who scoops you up.” She sauntered towards the door, her ass swaying, before stopping, “Oh, I almost forgot, the reason I stopped by was to give you a copy of the dorm rules. See ya around, babe.”And with that she was gone and Jason was left with his well-licked ass still in the air. Even though it had been with a hot chick, he still felt somehow feminized by the act, as though she had licked his pussy to orgasm. Of course he was just being silly, he was the one with the dick and she was the hot girl with the…unusual sexual appetite. As he slid off of his desk he looked down to see an immense amount of cum, sprayed across the wood surface and puddled on the floor. He had never cum so much in his life and couldn’t help feeling a little proud. Proud or no, he knew he should clean up the mess before his erstwhile roommate returned. He kicked himself for giving into temptation, but like she said, what she had done to him didn’t really count. He redoubled his vow to be faithful and stay away from these beautiful amazons no matter what.Jason saw his roommate several times before he actually spoke to him. Occasionally, Jason would come back to the room in the middle of the day to find his roommate passed out in bed but come nighttime his roommate was nowhere to be found. It was a lot like having his own room so Jason didn’t mind, although he was curious about what his roommate was always out doing that left him so exhausted during the day.It wasn’t until the second week of classes that he found his roommate awake in the room. It turned out his roommate’s name was Sam, a sophomore, and the reason he was never there was because he was always with his girlfriend, Kelly, who lived in the women’s dorm.“So you guys must stay up pretty late?” Jason asked, referencing Sam’s odd sleeping schedule.“Yeah, she’s tough to satisfy, she keeps me up half the night. I’ve been missing a lot of class.” Sam confessed, surprising Jason with his directness.“So why don’t you sleep here some nights so you can get some rest?”“Well, she’s really horny in the morning and she wants me there to get her off before she goes to class.” Again, Jason was taken aback by his roommate’s forthright discussion of his girlfriend’s sexual needs but he guessed this was “guy talk” which college guys were supposed to have. Still, there was something off about the way Sam talked about his relationship, like he had no choice in the matter.Sam saw the questions in Jason’s eyes and offered, “I know it sounds weird. And when Kelly first started dating me last year it was tough for me to get used to. She’s so hot and I was ready to do anything to be with her but I wasn’t prepared for the relationship she had in mind. But now I’m used to being with her and I’m happy giving her what she wants. I wouldn’t have it any other way.“Besides, I’m lucky. There are a lot of girls who aren’t nearly as nice to their dates as Kelly is to me. Some are just after sex, they’ll use you and throw you away without worrying about how you feel. And some of them even seem to get off on hurting guys. A lot of the guys from my class got used like that. My roommate from last year, Trevor, got it bad from this one girl, Morgan, she was a junior and we were freshmen. For whatever reason she decided to pick on Trevor and she wouldn’t let up. First it was just sex in her dormroom, then she started doing it to him in the hallway while all the girls on her floor watched and cheered. Then she started forcing him to do it all over campus. It was humiliating for him and he dreaded just walking to class because he knew that at any moment she might decide to take him in front of everyone. It got so bad for him he dropped out.”Jason thought that the idea of having that much sex was, while embarrassing, definitely arousing and not worth quitting school over. As he thought about this insatiable woman, Morgan, he felt himself stiffen, and crossed his legs to hide it from his roommate. And not wanting to disagree with Sam, Jason covered, “Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.”“It sure was. I felt bad for the guy. That’s why you gotta get a girlfriend as soon as possible and get yourself one of these,” Sam gestured to a pink wristband he wore.Jason looked at the wristband puzzled, “Huh?”“So since there are so few of us guys for every girl,” Sam explained, “they can get a little boy crazy and aggressive. Once you’re in a relationship with a girl you wear one of these to signal to other girls that you’re taken and then they’ll leave you alone.”“But I’ve already got a girlfriend. She goes to school out on the west coast.”“Oh,” Sam looked worried, “I don’t know if that’s gonna be enough to get them to lay off of you. They respect the other girls that go here but I don’t think it’ll matter if you’ve got a girlfriend 2000 miles away. In fact, I’m surprised they’ve left you alone this long without a bracelet.”They hadn’t left Jason entirely alone. He got stares and wolf-whistles pretty frequently, girls were always pinching and cupping his ass but after the first dozen times he learned to shrug it off. He often got invited to parties by these tall beautiful women, women who he couldn’t believe were actually interested in him, but so far he had remained true to his promise to himself and Becky. It made it easier that he only went to class and his dorm. He got his meals to go from the Dining Hall and did all his studying in his room.He told Sam about his commitment to Becky and Sam smiled indulgently, “Well, I think that’s great and if you keep up your isolated existence it might even be possible. So if you’re intent on keeping this up I should warn you about Hunting Night.”“Hunting Night?”“It’s this thing the sororities do where they all dress up in togas and robes and pretend they’re the goddess Diana or something. It’s really more of an excuse to drink and play games. They do campus-wide scavenger hunts and play drinking games so by nightfall they’re pretty well drunk. That’s when the unofficial hunting starts and what you need to watch out for. A lot of the girls compete with each other buca escort to see who can hunt down and score with as many men as possible. Every year the male class size gets bigger and the competition gets fiercer. As you know the girls can’t come in our dorm, but if they catch you outside after dark without a wristband…well you won’t be faithful to Becky anymore and you’ll probably be sore for a few weeks. It’s next Friday, so if I were you, I’d be sure to be holed up here before sunset.”“Wow,” Jason was once again stunned by how much life on campus was dictated by the female students. He had to be in by curfew to avoid getting gang****d by a bunch of horny coeds, which, still didn’t sound that bad.“Well, anyway good luck with that man. I gotta get some studying done to make up for all the missed classes,” Sam explained as he spread out his books on his bed.“Aren’t your grades suffering from missing so many classes?” Jason asked.“No, if I miss class because I’m with Kelly, she’ll write me a note.” Sam said matter-of-factly.“Your girlfriend writes you a note for the professor? And they accept it?” Jason couldn’t believe it.“Of course. The college recognizes the importance of dating and relationships, I’m sure they mentioned that in your orientation. They know that in order for the women to focus and do well in class they need men to help relieve their stress and get them off. So, yes, the professors are very understanding. They know that Kelly’s needs are important and giving her what she wants is a priority for me. It took some getting used to, putting her needs first, but I’m much happier for it.”Jason was incredulous. He didn’t want to be rude to his roommate but this was crazy and he told him so, “What the hell kind of school is this?”It was Sam’s turn to stare at his roommate in disbelief, “Wait, do you really NOT know what type of school this is? Holy Shit!”Just then Sam’s phone buzzed to life with a text. “Oh it’s Kelly, I gotta go man.” Sam was immediately off his bed and grabbing his backpack, he bent to open a drawer and removed what looked like a giant bottle of lube which he quickly stuffed into his bag and headed for the door.“Wait, what were you just about to say?” for some reason Jason felt panicked about missing this.Sam looked at Jason with something bordering pity, “Look, I’m sorry, I gotta go. But I’ll tell you next time I’m back, it’s a long conversation. But, just in the meantime, stick to your hermit life and definitely don’t go out on Hunting Night. Later, man.”And with that Jason was left alone to puzzle out his roommate’s cryptic warning. Oh well, he told himself, I’ll probably see him tomorrow or the next day. But Sam didn’t come back the next day or the next or even the whole next week. And Jason found himself still wondering what Sam had meant as he walked to class on the morning of Hunting Night.It was as Sam had said: the girls were all dressed up in white robes running around the campus, carrying lists for their scavenger hunts, their whoops and cries echoing across the quad. Jason was worried at first but soon realized that apart from a few lecherous stares the girls were far too engrossed in their games to cop a feel today and he was left unm*****ed as he walked to his classes. “I don’t know about Hunting Night but Hunting Day sure is a nice change of pace,” he grinned to himself. Wanting to enjoy his newfound freedom Jason decided to study in the library instead of his dormroom. The library’s large airy space had plenty of plush chairs, perfect for comfortably reading for hours and Jason wanted to take advantage while he could. Still, he made a mental note to head back to his dorm half an hour before sunset just to be safe.After spending a blissfully quiet afternoon with the library all to himself, Jason noted the time and reluctantly packed up his things to head back to his dorm. As he was heading out of the library, passing by some book stacks he heard a voice, male, talking frantically sounding almost panicked. Jason stopped to listen and heard female laughter followed by the male again, clearly frightened, “Wait, wait! No! I…” before being cutoff. Jason could then tell there were two women speaking softly to one another, and warily, he started towards them to hear better and maybe see what was going on.“You little freshman tease,” Jason heard one of the female voices say, “you think you can walk around like that and then say no to me? Those pretty lips belong stretched around my girlcock.”“Her what?” thought Jason as he took a few more steps closer to the sounds.“All freshmen are like that,” the other woman answered. Her voice was deeper and more womanly than the first, “they love to play hard to get, because they know it gets us hard!”“Is that right?” the first, more girlish sounding woman asked in a mocking tone, “were you just resisting because you know how much it turns me on?”Jason heard a muffled gagging sound, presumably from the now quieted male. He moved further down the aisle toward the voices and now he could see the women through the books. They stood a few feet apart facing one another, both wearing the Hunting Night togas, but Jason still couldn’t see the guy so he moved further to the very end of the row. Now peering through the books he could clearly see the guy, trapped between the two women, he was kneeling on the seat of chair facing over the back with his head pressed into the crotch of one of the women. Her back was to Jason and she had her robe pulled up above her waist with one hand while her other hand gripped the back of the unfortunate boy’s head, guiding it back and forth. She had freckled pale skin and brilliant red hair that looked like fire against her white robe. The girlish voice was hers,“Well you succeeded in getting my attention, babe, and now you’re going to get every inch I have,” with that she thrust her hips forward and pulled his head back tightly against her body. He flailed wildly before the second woman, a tall brunette who looked vaguely Mediterranean with huge curves that even the baggy toga couldn’t hide, reached out to restrain his arms. She pinned his arms behind him and bent over him, her large breasts pressing into his back so she could whisper something in his ear. Jason couldn’t make out the words but they had the opposite effect of calming the captive male, he began to thrash more frantically before she tightened her grip on his arms.The slender redhead picked up the pace of her thrusting, “Ooh…right there…right there…I’m gonna cum in your mouth…so much cum in your fucking mouth!” Jason could hear a slapping sound as the redhead’s hips sped back and forth. She let out a deep sigh as her thrusting slowed, until she finally released her grip on her captive’s head and stepped back. Jason could finally see the guy’s face and recognized him as one of the other freshmen from his dorm, a boy named Tommy. Tommy’s face was a mess, his hair was disheveled, his eyes were red, his nose was running and his breathing ragged. He looked like he had just nearly been drowned.As the redhead stepped back from Tommy, Jason could see her profile finally and was shocked to see a shiny cock hanging from between her legs. Like the rest of her it was slender, hanging half-erect at about five inches long. “Holy shit,” thought Jason, “that girl has a cock! I never would have known it by looking at her.” He continued to stare at her slowly softening cock and felt his own begin to rise in his pants. “So that’s what shut Tommy up so quickly and nearly strangled him,” Jason continued to himself while he absent-mindedly stroked his growing erection. “Poor Tommy had the bad luck to turn on the one random girl on campus who has a prick.”“Goddamn, Carla,” the redhead exhaled, “I love r****g freshmen mouths. There really isn’t a better home for my cock than deep down their throats while their eyes plead up at me. Nothing makes me harder.”“Yeah, yeah,” the curvy brunette Carla responded, “everyone loves getting head but the best part is definitely busting their anal cherry. When you push that last inch inside them and you feel their ass quivering on your cock.” As Carla spoke, she reached down to her crotch and squeezed an immense bulge in her robes, “Whew! All this talk is turning me on. Let’s get this freshman naked and onto my dick.”At that Tommy seemed to come out of his stupor, “No wait, Carla, you can’t do that. I’m not like that…”Carla cut him off, “I can’t can I? We’ll see about that,” even as she was speaking she was removing his pants while the redhead was pulling his shirt over his head. “Besides,” she continued, “this is part of the college experience. And while I’m glad I get to be your first, I certainly won’t be your last.” And with that she pulled Tommy upright against her, his face resting in her massive cleavage. Both girls were taller than Tommy but Carla truly dwarfed him in height and width. He looked like he might be swallowed whole in the curves and valleys of her white robes.“Now Tommy,” Carla looked down at him lovingly, “I want you to reach your hand under my robes and feel what I have for you.”Tommy hesitantly put his hand under the white folds and suddenly froze, the color draining from his face, “Oh my god,” he whispered.“That’s right,” she smiled, her voice low and soothing, “now help me get these robes off so I can fuck you properly.”But Tommy made no move to undress her, his hand still locked onto her hidden appendage, he stammered in protest, “No…I don’t…it’s too big…please,” his voice caught and tears formed in his eyes.Carla showed real concern, “Oh baby, don’t cry. I’m going to take real good care of you.” And with that she shed her toga letting it fall to the floor, revealing her curvaceous Amazonian body with a monster growing between her legs. Her cock looked to be as big around as a beer bottle and probably 9 inches long. As Tommy looked down at it he started to cry in earnest.With an amazing display of strength Carla scooped up the smaller man in her arms and held him tightly to her, her palms supporting his butt and his legs around her waist. His genitals rested lightly on her huge tumescent member that extended out from her body and under his.“Shhh,” she cooed, “Mama’s got you, mama’s got you. Don’t be scared, baby. Put your arms around my neck.” Tommy, still crying, did as instructed, pulling his face only inches from hers. Carla began planting light kisses all over Tommy’s neck and face, all the while whispering words of comfort in his ear. As Tommy’s tears subsided she focused on his mouth and was soon passionately kissing him, with Tommy accepting her tongue. Carla beckoned to the redhead who had been watching with amusement. She seemed to know what Carla wanted and wordlessly knelt below Tommy and starting tonguing his ass. He jolted at the sensation but Carla held him tightly, forcing her tongue deep in his mouth. Once he had adjusted to the redhead’s mouth on his ass, Carla broke off the kiss and looked into his eyes.“Okay baby, that feeling on your ass is nice isn’t it?” Tommy nodded guiltily. “Well now Mama is gonna make you feel even better. Mama’s gonna fill you all the way up with her big cock. And you’re going to be a good boy and take it all for me, and make mama’s cock feel real good. Aren’t you baby?”Tommy seemed about to protest but instead the action of the redhead’s tongue drew a moan from his lips. He fearfully looked up into Carla’s eyes and nodded.“There’s my good boy,” Carla brightened, “now it’s going to be a tight fit getting my big cock into your little hole and when it hurts I don’t want you screaming out and bothering all the nice people in the library. So I want you to keep your mouth on my nipple the whole time. No matter how much it hurts, you just keep your mouth on mama’s tits and know that everything will be fine.” And with that she lowered him slightly so that his face was level with her huge breasts. He tentatively started to lick one of her large brown areolas and then took it in his mouth and sucked, his eyes closing.“Okay, he’s ready,” Carla told the redhead. The redhead spit on her hand and proceeded to lube up her friend’s gargantuan cock and, once it was wet and shiny, placed the tip at Tommy’s hole. Carla moved her hips forward forcing the fat head of her cock inside Tommy’s virgin hole. His eyes flew open and he yelled into Carla’s chest but never took his mouth off her tit.“Good boy,” Carla praised, “you’re making momma feel so good.” With that she lowered Tommy another inch along her great pole and he moaned again, clutching tighter to her as though she could protect him from the punishment that his ass was taking. Two more inches disappeared and Tommy was moaning and shaking uncontrollably.Jason couldn’t believe his eyes. It was like a magic trick; watching something so huge fit inside another person. She was halfway inside him now and eager to bury herself all the way in his tight hole. “Brace yourself, baby. I can’t hold back anymore,” and she forced herself balls-deep inside the poor freshman, his ass cheeks came to rest flush against her thighs. Tommy was overcome and took his mouth of her breast to cry out but Carla covered his mouth with her own and tongued him deeply, choking off his outburst. She continued to kiss him while she began to slowly withdraw her massive cock from his battered ass and then feed it back in. While before Tommy had clutched at her for comfort now he tried to push away, slapping at her arms and shoulders in an attempt to escape the giant girlcock slowly rearranging his insides. His resistance only seemed to inflame her passion as she lengthened her stroke and increased her speed.“I knew you would feel amazing. You’re such a perfect fit,” Carla breathily told the struggling Tommy, “when you squirm like that your ass squeezes down so nicely on my cock. If you keep that up I’m won’t be able to last long.” She was truly fucking him now, his ass audibly slapping against her body every time she bottomed out in him. “That’s what you want isn’t it? To make mama cum, to make me fill you all up with my seed?”Tommy couldn’t answer, only moan, he didn’t seem to have any fight left, his arms resting weakly on her shoulders while she dicked him relentlessly.“Here I go, baby! I’m gonna give it all to you! Suck my tit while I cum inside you!” Carla demanded, her hips pumping furiously. Tommy, moaning with every thrust, put his mouth to her breast and obeyed the dominant woman. Carla’s cock erupted inside him, filling him to the brim. As her orgasm subsided, Carla looked down and saw the small puddle of cum Tommy had made on her stomach as she fucked him. She smiled and set him down on a desk, her large cock withdrawing, leaving his hole empty and leaking her sperm. Although she let him go, Tommy continued to cling to her, suckling at her breast.Carla stroked his hair and spoke softly to him, “You took my cock so well. How would you like to be my boyfriend? Then you could suck mama’s breasts and have her fill you up every day. Would you like that? So how about it, do you want to wear my bracelet?” She took a pink bracelet off her wrist and offered it to him. Tommy released her breast from his mouth, looked up into her eyes and said, “Yes, mama.” Carla smiled proudly, placing the wristband on Tommy, knowing she had fully turned out another freshman.Watching the scene before him, Jason’s cock was leaking cum inside his pants even as the size and ferocity of the girls terrified him. It dawned on him that these two girls might not be the anomaly on this campus, there might be more, lots more. Suddenly his roommate’s story, the rules about the male dorm, his RA’s comments all made sense. The tall, hot women on this campus were walking around with cocks between their legs and they wanted to use them on every male student they could.And that’s when Jason realized he had entirely lost track of time watching this strange erotic scene. He looked to the windows and was terrified to see it was full dark. Somehow he would have to cross an entire campus with horny prowling big-dicked women on Hunting Night. He ran to the exit and headed out into the darkness.Jason stepped away from the lighted entrance to the library, out onto the darkened quad, peering around anxiously. “Maybe it’s not as bad as Sam said,” Jason thought to himself, “I mean, they wouldn’t really just **** me, would they?” But the scene he had just witnessed behind the bookstacks was scorched on his memory. He kept seeing the smaller male trying to fight free escort buca of the amazon’s grasp as she slowly slid him down her immense cock. The poor freshman had been utterly taken against his will and fucked until he gave into the dominant woman’s wishes and asked to be her permanent fucktoy. Jason couldn’t help but admit the woman was beautiful and watching her impale the weaker boy had made him insanely hard. His erection was only now subsiding, now that the fear of being caught out in the open consumed him.Jason was slowly moving across the quad, going from tree to tree, stopping and listening at each one. He could hear the faint whooping and yelling of women that seemed to come from all around but perhaps mostly from the direction of the dorms, the direction he had to go. If he could only make it back to the men’s dorm he’d be safe. But to do so meant crossing the quad, going down the hill and passing by the women’s dorm before finally getting to his own.He stayed off the lighted walkways, keeping to the grass and the shadows of the trees as much as possible and although the sounds of revelry continued to echo across the quad he had yet to see anyone else. “Perhaps that scene in the library had been a one-time freak occurrence or maybe that freshman had been asking for it, teasing those older girls like they said,” Jason thought, trying to calm himself. He came to the end of the quad which was bordered by the Dining Hall, now closed, but still had far too many lights for Jason’s comfort. Just as he was about to step out into the light, he heard footfalls coming and he darted back behind the nearest tree to hide and watch.Coming from the direction of the dorms, another freshman Jason recognized from the dorms, came sprinting around the corner of the Dining Hall. He looked panicked and wild-eyed and ran down the walkway, passing within a dozen feet of Jason. As he went by, Jason saw that his face and hair appeared to be coated with cum. But that wasn’t the oddest thing about the freshman, he was also naked from the waist down, his small genitals flopping as he ran.Just as the half-naked freshman passed Jason’s hiding spot he heard female laughter and turned to see two women come around the corner in pursuit. They were both tall tanned blondes, he recognized them as members of the sports team he had seen jogging by on his first day moving onto campus. They still had their distinctive pony-tails up and bouncing as they ran. One woman was wearing the standard toga but the other had shed her clothing completely and was running naked through the night. Both women ran easily, neither breathing hard, showing off their peak physical conditioning. Jason couldn’t take his eyes off the naked woman. Her small breasts bounced lightly atop strong chest muscles, every part of her body was tight, her muscles fluidly guiding her after her prey. She reminded Jason of some great cat; all smoothness and grace hiding a predatory strength. And the most predatory part of her figure was the immense sword of flesh that jutted from her crotch, hard and bobbing with every step she ran. The women were laughing and mocking the freshman as they ran, warning him not to slow down if he wanted to stay a virgin. But even as they talked while running, Jason could tell they were closing the gap and would be upon the male before much longer.As they disappeared down the path after the fleeing freshman, Jason knew he was fooling himself to think the women wouldn’t fuck him if they caught him out tonight, whether he wanted it or not. With a sinking feeling in his stomach he moved towards the Dining Hall and down the hill towards the dorms. As he crested the hill he looked and saw the lighted path leading down the slope, straight to the girls’ dorm before starting uphill again towards the men’s dorm. From the lampposts dotting the walkway and the area in front of the women’s dorm he saw many white-clothed figures moving about: women in their togas. To walk down the path would be to admit defeat, so instead he went to the right onto the grassy hillside, away from the lights. He began to walk down the hill, parallel to the path, keeping it on his left. At the bottom of the hill to his right, he saw what looked to be the light thrown by a bonfire behind a grove of trees. As he got closer he saw that there appeared to be a steady stream of traffic of white-robes moving between the girls’ dorm on his left and the bonfire grove on his right. If he continued straight down he would run right into that traffic. He was forced to turn further to his right in an attempt to circle the bonfire.The cheering and laughing grew stronger and Jason approached the grove, but a new sound was added to the mix, the sound of moaning and grunting. Jason was afraid he knew what he would see as he passed the bonfire but he still couldn’t stop himself from getting closer for a look.The site that greeted him was unreal, like something out of the movie Caligula or Eyes Wide Shut. A huge bonfire was ringed with pairs and groups of people in different states of undress embracing, kissing and fornicating. Of course, in this sexual bacchanalia, it was the college boys who were on their backs while the women knelt between their legs pumping their hard pricks in and out of the boys’ tight holes. Almost all the men were naked, while many of the women still had their togas half-on or pulled to the side to allow their large cocks the freedom to screw the boys senseless.Surprisingly to Jason, many of the men seemed to be enjoying the attentions of the dominant women. Nearest to Jason, he saw a man was kneeling in front of an ebony amazon, a Serena Williams lookalike, straining to fit her cock into his throat as he stared adoringly up at her. His hands gently stroked her thighs or massaged her massive balls as he forced his nose into her wiry pubic hair, choking himself on her tool. She looked down at him lovingly, her fingers caressing his face and going through his hair. As Jason, watched, her grip tightened as her body tensed up and she appeared to dump her load in her lover’s throat. The kneeling man held onto her thighs for dear life, swallowing, as fast he could, what appeared to be a never-ending cumshot. Eventually, the woman relaxed and tapped her sucker on the head. He slowly pulled her enormous cock free of his throat and Jason was reminded of the end of a sword-swallowing act. Despite what she had just done to his mouth, he smiled up at her and Jason could make out that he mouthed the words, “Thank you,” to the woman who had just flooded his belly with her seed. She nodded and pointed to the ground. The man seemed to understand and, still with the look of adoration on his face, laid down on his back. The dominant dark beauty stood over him before slowly lowering her ass over his face, her huge cheeks enveloping nearly his entire head. She squirmed about until settling her ass comfortably where she wanted it and began stroking her now soft cock, bringing it slowly back to life. Jason wondered how times this pattern would be repeated tonight and how many more loads she could dump in him before he overflowed.Other men around the fire had similar looks of love and devotion on their faces as their dominant partners used their bodies for their own pleasure. A pretty pale-skinned redhead had her lover on his back, humping her hips into him. He had his legs hooked tightly around her waist pulling her inside him. His arms were locked around her neck, either gazing into her eyes or suckling at her pale freckled tits as she filled him with her cock.Another man was sitting astride a brunette who lay on her back, her hands guiding his hips as he bounced up and down on her pole. Two women stood on either side of him as he alternated sucking one and jacking off the other. He seemed far gone into a sexual trance, feasting on their hard dicks like his life depended on it.And he wasn’t the only one; many men seemed hypnotized by the sexual power of their partners. Jason was surprised to see his roommate Sam was there, bent over on all fours. Behind him on her knees, was what Jason could only assume was his girlfriend, Kelly. She was a truly striking blonde, full lips and big eyes, one perfect round breast hanging outside her toga as she steadily pumped her boyfriend. She held tightly onto his waist with her manicured hands, looking down at him lustily. Sam’s eyes were closed in concentration and his mouth formed a perfect O as the feeling of his girlfriend’s cock overpowered him.“Was it possible that being on the receiving end of these women’s cocks wasn’t as bad as it looked,” Jason wondered to himself. But even as he thought getting caught might not mean the death of him, shouts from the edge of the grove interrupted. The half-naked freshman he had seen earlier had indeed by captured by the pursuing amazons and now they had brought him back to the bonfire to claim their prize. The naked woman had the smaller male tossed over her shoulder like a bag of potatoes. With one hand she kept him balanced while the other held his testicles in a tight grip to keep him from struggling.She dumped him unceremoniously on the earth and the women not otherwise occupied laughed and clapped at the hunting prowess of the two women. He scrambled away on all fours but the naked blonde was upon him at once, pulling him back towards her throbbing member. Her still toga-wearing companion circled around the male to kneel in front of him so they could take him at both holes simultaneously. As the male struggled to avoid the cocks from behind and in front, Jason was reminded of his own peril and fled before he saw any more, his own erection confusing him. But it didn’t matter how beautiful they were,” he thought, “he couldn’t stand getting fucked like that, being taken like a girl. Besides he had his own girlfriend in California. And staying true to her meant getting back to his dorm. So he quietly circled the bonfire, sticking to the shadows, until he was past the grove and could start up the hill towards the men’s dorm and safety.He made his way slowly through the dark, the sounds of the orgy behind him growing dimmer. The entrance to the men’s dorm was well illuminated and he would be fully exposed to any wandering Huntresses before he got inside the building. He just hoped that the festivities at the bonfire had attracted the attention of most of the women on campus. He approached his building from the side, using the corner to shield himself from the lights. He inched his way along the wall and waited at the corner listening for voices and heard none. He took a deep breath and turned the corner, stepping out into the light.He felt his heart drop into his stomach as hope left him. He could now see why he hadn’t heard voices. Between him and the doors were a pair of women seated on a bench, making out with each other passionately. One was a very tall and slim brunette whose hair was so dark it was almost black. Despite her fit build, she had full DD cup breasts that hung over her lowered toga. The woman she was kissing was a much shorter Asian woman with a petite build and long straight black hair. Between the legs of each woman, knelt a man who was busily sucking and slurping on each woman’s cock.Jason stood paralyzed, knowing he was caught. “Oh shit,” was all he could say.The women broke off their kiss and smiled at the helpless freshman. The taller woman smiled hungrily at Jason, “Out a little after curfew, aren’t you? And with no escort. You’re lucky you found us, we’ll take good care of you. What’s your name?”“J-J-Jason,” he stammered.“Well let me guess, Jason, you’re a freshman aren’t you?”He nodded dumbly.“Well, my name is Morgan and I loooove freshman,” she purred. She put a hand to the back of the boy’s head who was sucking her and held him tightly to her as she slowly stood up from the bench, never letting her cock escape his mouth. Once she was standing she allowed the kneeling man to continue blowing her. Standing at her full height, she was well over 6 feet and Jason felt tiny before her. Without thinking, he took a step back towards the darkness.“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. If you run for it and make me chase you down, you’re going to interrupt my very nice blowjob here. And if you do that, I’m going to take it out on you when I catch you. And have no doubt that I will catch you.“Just come over to me now and I’ll take it nice and easy on you. We’ll go slow and you’ll be loving it before long. You’ll beg me for it. So just come over and kiss my breast. You like my breasts don’t you?”Jason nodded.“I know you do, you keep staring at them. So just come and kiss them. My nipples are so sensitive and I love having them licked. You’ll do that for me won’t you, come and make my tits feel good?”Jason felt his feet start to carry him towards the towering goddess, seemingly outside of his control. He wanted her and wanted to please her but he was terrified. She held out her arm to him, as her other kept time on the head bobbing on her cock. Jason tried to ignore the man on his knees and focus on her beautiful face and perfect tits. As he got within arm’s reach she drew him to her and pulled his head to her breast. “There you go, baby,” she cooed to him. He licked tentatively at her nipple until she pressed harder on his head and he increased his efforts, sucking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could and tonguing her nipple. Morgan sighed contentedly, holding him gently, “You just do as I say and I’ll take good care of you.”Jason felt himself melting into her taller, stronger frame, his face mashed against her breast, his own erection pressing into her hip. “I knew you wanted this,” she wolfishly grinned down at him, “we won’t be using that little dick of yours so enjoy yourself while you can. Ohhh, I’m getting close. I want you to watch me cum in his throat. You should be taking notes cause you’re next.”Her words brought the reality of the situation back to Jason. Although he loved sucking on her huge breasts she wouldn’t be satisfied with that, far from it. Keeping her breast in his mouth he looked down her long torso to the kneeling man deep-throating Morgan’s monster. Jason knew she was well hung as five inches would appear on the outstroke but he had yet to see the head of her prick. Morgan tensed up and tightened her grip on both boys, pulling Jason against her side and her sucker’s head flush against her crotch, her hips pumping out her orgasm. Jason saw the man struggling to swallow everything she poured down his throat but her offering was too much for him and soon he was choking and sputtering, cum drooling out the sides of his mouth around her prick. The kneeling man clearly couldn’t breathe and began to fight to get her prick dislodged from his throat but Morgan held him firm as she finished her deposit. “Ah ah ah, not until I’m done,” she mocked, “you should know better than to take your mouth off of me before I say so.” The poor fellow on his knees continued to struggle and began turning blue but still Morgan refused to release him from her grasp.“He can’t breathe,” Jason pleaded with her.“Fine, I’m done anyway,” Morgan replied casually as she finally pushed the choking boy off of her. He felt back to the ground, taking ragged breaths, his face a ruin of tears, saliva and cum, his color slowly returning to normal.“It’s a good thing you’re here,” Morgan laughed, “this one’s all used up. I only put three loads in him. I hope you can do better. I’ve heard a lot of guys get whiskey-dick when they drink but I get insatiable when I drink. I could fuck all night!“So let’s see how well you do on this dick. Get on your knees and get me hard again,” Morgan ordered, her tone demanding. Jason looked fearfully down at her slick half-hard tool that had just incapacitated another boy and hesitated. Morgan shoved him to his knees and barked, “One thing I won’t tolerate is disobedience. Do what I say or it will be much worse for you. Keeping me happy is your only concern now, got it?” With that she grabbed her still weighty cock and began slapping Jason in the face with it. The humiliation stung far more than the hits, being here on his knees before this cruel amazon, he was helpless to even shield his face from her cum-covered cock. What would his girlfriend think if she could see him now?“Hey, quit day-dreaming down there, virgin,” Morgan grabbed him by the hair and pressed her cockhead to his lips, “you mustn’t keep a lady waiting.” Jason looked up into buca escort bayan her eyes and saw no patience there and knew that he was in danger of making her angry, something that terrified him. So, cursing his own weakness, he reluctantly opened his lips and she pressed her meat into his mouth, hitting his throat and immediately making him choke. She pulled back letting him adjust to her presence. He could taste the residue of her cum on her soft but heavy cock. It felt smooth and spongy on his tongue and he tentatively licked around the head.“Mmmm… that’s it, I knew you wanted this. Use your tongue more, explore my whole cock with your tongue.” Her tone softened and her grip loosened as Jason complied with her demands, giving his first blowjob. Jason wanted to take her dick out of his mouth and tell her he definitely did NOT want this but instead just continued to nurse on her slowly swelling cock. He felt it growing harder in his mouth, taking up more room, threatening to choke him again.“Don’t forget to massage my balls,” she instructed. Jason gingerly handled her large balls, much bigger than his own, as her cock continued to stiffen in his mouth. Morgan grabbed his head in both hands and began to saw her now hard dick in and out of his mouth. “Since this is your first time, I thought I’d take the lead. But don’t think I’ll always do this. You’re going to learn to please this cock. I expect it of everyone in my harem.”Jason struggled to keep his lips tight around the pistoning shaft while working his tongue. He couldn’t believe this; here he was working hard to give a good blowjob! Still, as he became accustomed to her thrusting he realized that having his mouth fucked wasn’t the end of the world and even though it definitely wasn’t pleasurable he still was able to gaze up at Morgan’s full tits and beautiful face. And thankfully she wasn’t pushing fully into this throat, sparing him from gagging. As her cock slid across his tongue, coating it with the precum that was drooling from the tip, he found that he didn’t mind the taste as much as he thought he would. It was kind of sweet, kind of salty but not bitter. Most absurd of all, some part of him was feeling proud that he was able to get her dick so hard, and make cum leak out. He had to get a grip on himself!Suddenly Morgan withdrew her cock from his mouth and he found himself chasing after the dick with his open mouth before he caught himself. “What a slut,” she laughed down at him, “now get up and get naked. I’ve got to have that ass.” She pulled him up and stared expectantly at him.“Miss Morgan,” Jason begged, “I think you’re so beautiful but I’ve got a girlfriend and I can’t do this. Maybe I could just go back to what I was doing for you before. And you’re so big, you’d hurt me…”Morgan stood smiling at him, as though she expected this. “Got a girlfriend, huh? Well she should’ve given you a bracelet to mark you. But here you are, out on Hunting Night after dark, without a bracelet…so you’re fair game, baby. And I’m the one that caught you so you’re mine to do with as I choose…and I choose to fuck you. Got that? And yes it’s going to hurt you but it’s going to feel so good to me and remember it’s my pleasure you should be worrying about.“But don’t fret too much. I’ve got a magic dick. Once I get it inside you, it changes you, turns you into a cock-hungry bitch, my bitch. So I already know how this ends…the only question is how rough I have to be with you to get you there. So, I’ll say it one last time: take your clothes off.”Her confidence and sexual power were too much for Jason. She scared him and aroused him, and what choice did he have? Either way he was screwed. He started undressing, ashamed and defeated. He soon stood naked in front of her, shyly covering his privates. She stared at him hungrily, her rock-hard cock pointing straight at him, “I’m going to make you forget all about that little girlfriend,” she promised as she started towards him.Something about the way Morgan dismissed the girl Jason loved instilled new fight in him and rather than stand and meekly accept this woman’s cock he decided to make a run for it. Naked, he turned and ran for his life. And immediately crashed into another toga-d****d woman, bounced off her and hit the dirt on his butt.“Jason, is that you?” the roadblock asked, “you’ve really got to be more careful, you’re starting to make a habit of this.” He looked up to find his RA, Ashley, smiling down at him.“Ashley!” he exclaimed, clambering to his feet and rushing into her arms for protection, “will you take me inside, please?”“Not so fast,” Morgan interrupted, “I caught him outside tonight, unaccompanied and without a bracelet. He’s mine and I’m gonna have him.”Ashley had been absent-mindedly soothing the terrified Jason, while Morgan spoke, but now she looked down at him with a serious face and asked, “Is what she says true, Jason?”“Well, yeah, but..”“No buts,” Ashley cut him off, “I’m sorry but this IS Hunting Night after all, and if you didn’t want to give yourself to a girl you shouldn’t have been out late. Morgan is right, even if she is a little more aggressive than I’d like.”Jason couldn’t believe it. His last hope for rescue was delivering his ass back to this horny demon of a woman. The hopelessness of the situation overcame him and felt his eyes burning with tears.Ashley tried to calm him, “Oh Jason, it’s okay. All freshman here go through this. They’re all scared but soon learn to love it. Hasn’t your roommate Sam talked to you about this? He was scared too but now he’s happily in a relationship with Kelly. There’s no need to cry,” she bent close to his ear to whisper, “Remember what I did in your room?”He nodded, sniffling through his tears.“And you liked that didn’t you?” Jason nodded again. “That’s right, I know you did. I can make you feel good again and make it easier for you with Morgan. But only if you ask me for it.”Jason was embarrassed and muttered something. “What was that?” Ashley pressed.“Would you please make me feel good for my time with Morgan?” he finally confessed.“Of course!” Ashley brightened, “as your RA I’m happy to help you adjust to college life.” And with that, Ashley quickly spun Jason around, bent him over and had her mouth at his backdoor. That strange feeling of having his ass touched once again dominated Jason’s senses. Her strong tongue licked him only briefly before targeting his rosebud and penetrating him. Like before in his dormroom, he couldn’t contain a moan as she masterfully tongued his ass, and again he felt that sensation of submission, of being exposed. It was delightfully taboo and erotic and his cock stood at its full 6 inches.The experience was interrupted by Morgan, “Alright, enough! He’s ready. You better thank your RA, freshman, that’s way more preparation than boys usually get for me. Now show me that virgin ass.”Ashley stood back up and pulled Jason around to face her, “Just relax,” she told him, “I’ll be here with you the whole time.”Jason’s head was spinning. What Ashley had done had aroused him so intensely and now gazing up into her blue eyes he felt safe and loved. He hugged her tightly, his face pressing into the folds of her toga between her breasts. But even though she was so kind to him, she was also forcing him to accept Morgan’s big cock. He was so confused and scared and, ashamed to admit, turned on.Morgan stepped up behind him and grabbed him by the throat pulling his face back to hers, tonguing his mouth powerfully. There was nothing tender about her kiss, she mauled his mouth, while her other hand slipped between his ass cheeks, circling his hole. She pressed her finger inside his lubricated backdoor and he whimpered into her mouth. As her finger loosened him he felt the hot weight of her girlcock poking into his ass cheek, and had no idea how he could accommodate her monster. Morgan ended the kiss and pushed his face back into Ashley’s cleavage. One hand gripped him tightly by the waist while her other guided her angry cock towards his hole. He felt the pressure of her tool against him and it was so much bigger than her finger. He looked up pleadingly into Ashley’s face, his eyes imploring her to help him.She saw the fear on his face and tried to comfort him. She stroked his face and hair, whispering soothing words, “Don’t worry, Jason, I’m here, I’ve got you. I want you to be brave for me and take her cock. Can you do that for me? Can you let her big cock inside you?”“I don’t know…she’s so big,” he sniffed.“I know she is,” Ashley cooed, “but just relax your body and focus on these.” She pulled her toga down exposing her full breasts with beautiful pink nipples. Jason needed little encouragement and his mouth latched onto her left breast, sucking greedily.At that moment, Morgan pushed forward, forcing the head of her cock into Jason and making him moan around Ashley’s nipple.“Oh god yes,” Morgan exclaimed as she pushed more of herself into the boy, “this is just what I needed: a virgin freshman ass. I am going to turn you out, freshman bitch.” With that she slapped his ass and fed more of her length inside him.Jason’s moans grew louder as the invasion became more painful and intense. Ashley held him tightly to her breast with one hand while her other reached between his legs to stroke his small soft cock. Jason could barely feel her hand, as the stretching of his ass by Morgan’s spear consumed his world. Morgan’s grip on his hips tightened as she stuffed the last inches of her cock inside him, her hips coming to rest against his ass.“Oh yeah,” she exhaled, “I can feel your ass clamping down on my cock. I’m all the way inside you now. You can never go back to that girlfriend now. She’ll see it on your face that you’ve been fucked, that you took a dick balls-deep. Everyone else knows you’re a bitch, now I’m going to fuck you until you know it too.”Morgan began dragging her cock back out of him until only the head remained and slowly plunging it back in. The power of her dick and the sting of her words had Jason barely holding back tears. He held tightly to Ashley, suckling at her breast between the moans and gasped that Morgan forced from his lips. Morgan slowly built up speed, enjoying the tightness of the trapped male, fucking him to a steady rhythm. On every inthrust, when she would bottom out, Jason’s moaning would turn to a shriek. It felt like she was disemboweling him when she reached that deep. His testicles were steadily pummeled by her larger full balls that slapped into his own every time her hips collided into his ass.His only comfort was Ashley, who kept up her kind words, “That’s it Jason, you’re doing so well. You’re taking every inch of her cock. And you’re sucking my breast so nicely. I’m so proud of you.” Her hand continued to fondle his soft penis, and somehow she was able to coax some life back into it. The steady fucking he was receiving from Morgan became a less acute sensation, a more dull throbbing pressure and somewhere deep inside him, pleasure started to bloom. It was like the pleasure that Ashley had given him but more intense, more consuming. The pain from Morgan’s unrelenting dicking melted into something not quite pain nor pleasure but a hot fullness. He felt himself slipping into a trance, hypnotized by Morgan’s pistoning tool and Ashley’s tender ministrations.Both women noticed the change in the freshman. He went almost limp in Ashley’s arms, his eyes half-closed and unseeing, his dick starting to drool precum over Ashley’s hand.“I told you I would turn you out,” Morgan panted, triumphant in her conquest. Her breathing quickened, she was truly pounding him now, all the way in and out, creating an obscene slapping sound. She felt her orgasm building in her balls and fucked the poor boy as hard and fast as she could, caring only about her own pleasure. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum all the way inside you!” she promised. Her cock was impossibly hard, impossibly big inside Jason, and then she was erupting inside him. She kept pumping, using his ass to coax all her seed out, her muscles clinching and unclinching until she had finally emptied herself inside her conquered lover. When she had finally ceased cumming she continued to make small pumps in the boy’s ass enjoying the post-orgasmic sensation of the now very well lubricated hole. When her cock finally started to go limp, she pulled free of Jason’s ass, whose moans had now turned to soft whimpers.Without Morgan holding his hips, he slumped forward almost collapsing onto Ashley, who easily held him up. Jason felt d**gged, he was having trouble forming thoughts and most of his body was a warm numbness. He looked up at Ashley, not sure if he was awake or dreaming, and thought she looked like an angel. As his body rested against hers he felt a large hard protrusion from inside her toga poking him in the stomach. He knew there was a reason that should bother him but he couldn’t remember what it was. All he could remember was that he had to get back to his dorm. “Please, Ashley, please take me inside..”“Of course, sweetheart. You did so well. Let’s get you to bed. As long as Morgan doesn’t mind.”“Fine, whatever,” Morgan waved her off, “he’s used up for the night anyway. But I’ll be having him again. This one was born to ride my cock.” And with that Morgan tucked her cock back in her toga and headed back down the hill towards the bonfire.Ashley scooped Jason up and took him inside, carrying him to his room. She laid him face down on his bed and stood back up to leave before pausing, “Damn there’s that ass again,” Jason heard her say, “you must be the biggest tease in this dorm the way you keep showing me that cute butt.”She began stroking his lower back and ass cheeks, giving him a gentle massage. Jason moaned his approval. “Did you like what happened, Jason?” she asked, “your dick got nice and hard. You liked it didn’t you?”Jason was still having trouble thinking, and remembered the nice feeling from when she had licked him and nodded his head yes.“It’s made me want you so much, watching you two like that. I’m ready to burst,” she told him her voice heavy with desire, “but it’s against the rules for me to be with my residents for my pleasure. But…if you asked me to, if you wanted me to help you adjust to life here on campus…then I could help you, I could make you feel good.“So, Jason, do you want me to make you feel good? Ask me for it. Ask me to make you feel good.”Jason, still thinking about her oral attentions to his ass, groggily replied, “Please Ashley, make me feel good. Please.”“Oh I will, baby, I will,” she confided.Jason felt the bed shift with her weight as she climbed up over him. She sat on his thighs and he felt her hands rubbing and spreading his ass. But instead of her tongue he felt something bigger and harder pushing its way inside him. He started to push himself up off the bed, but his arms felt weak and his used ass offered little resistance to her assault and she was quickly all the way inside him. His arms gave out and he fell back to the bed, his face in the pillow, moaning. No sooner had Ashley buried herself in him than she was fucking him fully and deeply, her hips slapping his upturned ass cheeks.Jason felt her breasts press into his back as she laid against him, her hips humping her cock in and out, eager to cum. She used one hand to hold his neck as she licked at his ear, whispering to him, “Oh Jason, I’ll take such good care of you. Your ass is so sweet. I’ll make you feel good all the time. And you’ll ask me to, won’t you? You’ll ask me to make you feel good?”Jason wanted to tell her no, but he realized she was making him feel good. Although his ass was sore, she was hitting a spot that made his dick leak and his balls churn. Her sweet and loving manner made him feel safe, even as she penetrated him. He couldn’t believe his ears as he answered her, “Oh god, yes, Ashley, oh…oh…you’re making me feel good. Ohhh…fuck me, Ashley.”His submission to her spurred her on. She fucked him in earnest, her cock swelling before she finally starting cumming inside him, hot bursts flooding his insides. The feeling of her cock pounding him and unleashing herself inside him drove Jason over the edge and he felt his dick, untouched, shoot a huge load into his mattress. When she was spent, Ashley kissed Jason on his cheek and pulled out of his no longer virgin ass.“We’re going to have such a good time together. I’m going to make sure you’re the best prepared freshman on campus. See you soon, sweetheart.”And for the second time she left Jason in his room naked with his ass in the air and his cock spent. And as Jason felt her seed dripping down his balls he worried his blonde RA would be using his ass a lot more this semester, but what worried him even more was that he would ask her to.

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