Taking A Chance.

Taking A Chance.Getting out of bed these days was becoming more difficult with each passing morning. Having lost his job as an estate agent with a local firm, that had to wind down and tighten up due to the latest recession, his wife was the only breadwinner now, and this guilt weighed heavy upon him. During the first week of his unemployment, he had approached it with vigour, as a challenge, but after applying for a somewhere around thirty jobs of various kinds, from shop floor to management, he had not had one single reply, and by the following weekend his motivation had hit an all-time low.Robert glanced to the clock, watching it tick over from 9:59 to 10am, and knew he had to make that effort. Yesterday he had not risen till two in the afternoon, and that had only added to his guilt, and he had told himself then and there, that today he would get up at a reasonable hour, get on the internet, and face the challenge once more. But here now, laying there in that morning, he ignored his own orders and turned over to close his eyes once more.Josie loved it when her parents were out, loved the freedom it would bring, and there were even occasions when she would pretend they didn’t really live there, and this was her house. But not today, today she was just going to enjoy the freedom, and picking up her towel and lotion, she headed out through the lounge and patio doors to the back garden.Laying the towel out upon the grass, like she was laying a tablecloth upon a table, she pulled the edges to straighten it out and then raised herself upright to glanced around. The garden wasn’t as secluded as she would liked it to have been, but with it being a weekday and mid-morning, she felt she would be safe enough from prying eyes to do some topless sunbathing, and she wanted to take advantage of the early summer sun.Pulling her baggy t-shirt over her head and dropping it to the ground, she took one more glance around before reaching back to untie her bikini top, letting it fall free around her neck. The sudden feel of the soft breeze brushing pass her nipples felt good, and they harden a little as if excited by a lovers tongue. She had rarely had the nerve to sunbathe topless, and for a moment she felt that apprehension, but after another glance around at all the surrounding windows, making sure no one was looking, she pulled the bikini top up and over her head, dropping it to the ground to join her t-shirt.Running her hand over her small pert breasts, she felt her harden nipples and squeezed them, The soft breeze and her hot hands were turning her on, but this was no time for playing with herself, she wanted to feel the sun on her soft skin, and with that thought still running free in her mind, she stepped onto the towel to laid down.’Wow’, she thought to herself, ‘the sun was warmer than it looked.’ and turning to the ipod connected to some outdoor mini speakers, she had placed outside moments before returning for the towel and lotion, she shuffled through to find the latest Lady Gaga offering, and pressed play before leaning back and closing her eyes.’Shit’ Robert thought as he lay there sleepless, ‘how the hell am I to grab another hour or two with that racket going on.’ Turning over, he glanced to the curtained window with the morning sun highlighting it’s edges, and wished the noise away, but it had no intention of silencing and he knew it. He glanced to the clock again, and saw only ten minutes had passed, and cursed the outside interference once more. Then he threw the covers aside and lifted himself into a sitting position to rub his eyes and stretch.Stood naked by the curtains, Robert blinked as the daylight hit his eyes, and waited a moment for his pupils to adjust. Taking the edge of the thick curtain within his forefinger and thumb, he carefully pulled it back a little, acting like a curtain twitcher. He looked out to the left and saw nothing but empty gardens, the trees of which swayed a little with the light breeze. Then he looked right.His eyes were transfixed. It was the last thing he expected to see, and he just stared for a moment, his limp penis beginning to rise. The next-door neighbours daughter was there, sunbathing, topless. He had seen her nearly everyday, but always fully clothed, now she was there, laying in the back garden catching the rays, in nothing more than a small pair of bikini bottoms. And he liked what he saw.Reaching down he took his slightly erect manhood in his hand, and began to run his fingers up and down its length. Within moments it was full erect and wrapping his hand around it fully, he began to wank himself.She looked so sexy, her slim body stretched out upon the cream towel, which almost blended in with her body, and he began to wonder what it would be like to touch her soft flesh, and feel her hot breath upon his skin.Slowly he gathered a little more pace with his hand, and he gripped his cock harder, pulling back the foreskin and exposing its bulbous head. Leaning against the corner of the wall, he continued to gaze at her, and then she suddenly sat upright. With his heart missing a beat, he stepped back into the room letting go of the curtain in fear of being seen.She had ignored it the first time it rang. She didn’t want to be disturbed, but when it rang a second time, within a minute of the first attempt, she thought it might be one of her parents, and sitting up she check the screen. Upon the screen there was an icon of a telephone shaking with each ring, and the name ‘Selina’ beneath it. She sighed a little, disappointed that she had allowed herself to be disturbed unnecessarily, but thought she might as well answer the call now.’Hi Selina.’ Josie said in a slightly resigned tone, after pressing the call button and placing the mobile to her ear.’You ok?’ she asked, her voice showing some concern.’Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry.’ Josie answered, trying to offer a more upbeat tone.’Whatcha up to?”Nothing. Sunbathing in the back garden. You?’ she asked in return.’Nothing.’There was a brief pause with neither of them knowing what to say next, and with Josie wanting to get back to her sun worshipping, she considered ending the call.’Okay…’ Josie began.’You wanna do something?’ Selina interrupted.’Like?”You wanna go out?’ ‘Where?”I dunno.’ Selina pause for a moment, ‘the beach maybe?”I have the beach here, so to speak.’ Josie offered.’Uh?’Josie knew it would go over Selina’s head, ‘Don’t worry, it was a metaphor.”A meta-what?’ Selina asked and Josie smiled.’I am not sure I wanna go out. Have all I need here.’ Josie finally offered.’You don’t have cute boys.”True.”There are cute boys at the beach.’Josie smiled, she could feel herself being won over.’So you wanna come?’ Selina asked.’Okay. Give me thirty minutes and I’ll meet you at yours.’ Josie said, finally giving in.’Why so long?’ Selina questioned, ‘Just grab your stuff and come.”I wanna take a shower.”Why?”Wanna smell sweet for the cute guys.’ Josie answered with a slightly girly and witty tone.’Okay, but don’t be long.”’I won’t’ Josie assured her.’Luv ya.”Luv ya too.’ Josie just managed to say, before she heard the call die.Rising to pick up the towel to wrap around herself, Josie picked up her t-shirt and bikini top, and headed back into the house.Robert felt a little guilty at his previous actions, He had never spied on anyone before; well there were a couple of occasions as a horny teenager, but that was to be expected he reasoned. Plus she was only just out of school, and about 17, and he was a 33-year-old man who had a ten-year marriage behind him, and a reasonable stable and happy one at that. But as he descended the stairs towards the kitchen, he glanced in through the lounge and out of the glass patio doors, to see the top of Josie’s head just above the separating fence, heading into her house, and he gave a sigh, which he knew was tainted slightly with disappointment, as turned toward the kitchen.Flicking on the TV, Robert sat on the sofa, placing the mug of tea on the floor beside the end of the sofa, and with remote in hand, prepared to channel surf. There was little on the what ‘before the digital revolution’ were once the normal terrestrial channels, but he knew if dug deeper enough, into the digital world, he could find something to waste an hour or two with.After a moment the TV came to life and so began his search. There seemed to be an array of cooking programs, home improvement programs and ‘sell this and sell that’ programs on at this time of day, and he sighed saying in a low voice to no one but himself, ‘No, no, no, no, no.’ Then he heard a familiar voice, paused for a moment to then be greeted by its owner, Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs. Pleased at the choice, Robert dropped the remote to the floor and settled back.Having turned on the shower and thrown her t-shirt and bikini top upon her bed, Josie crossed to the chest-a-drawers and opened the bottom drawer. She took out a pair of freshly washed tight jeans, her favourite pair as they showed of her bum at its best, and threw them upon the bed. Turning her attention back to the chest-a-drawers again, she opened the middle drawer and after digging around for a moment or two, pulled out her Jack Daniel’s t-shirt. Rising and dropping the t-shirt upon her jeans, she opened one of the top two smaller drawers and after digging inside, she pulled out a skimpy pair of black panties, holding them up for a moment, checking them over, before adding them to the jeans and the t-shirt upon the bed. Pleased with her quick choices, she crossed to her makeshift dressing table, picked up a hair tie from its surface, and tied her hair in a bun as she turned to cross to her en-suite.Opening the door she was immersed in a cloud of hot wet steam, and as the moisture fell upon her naked skin, she felt a tingle, and it was at that moment she realized just how turned on she was, She glanced up to the shower head with a slightly naughty grin, and then reached down to run her finger over the slit of her pussy. Then she remembered her parents had had their new shower install only the previous weekend, and she had yet to try it out. It had a new double-headed çorum escort showerhead, and she wondered what it would be like to…Her slender little finger slipped within her pussy lips, and she let out a little moan as she lent against the wall. Closing her eyes, she slid the finger a little deeper, and her moan got a little louder, her excitement coursing through her veins. She wanted to feel the water upon her, and she wanted something more than a finger inside of her. And opening her eyes, removing her finger, she grabbed her sponge and towel, turned off her own shower and headed downstairs. Robert gave a sigh as his viewing pleasure interrupted by the ringing of the landline. At first he was confused, he had got so used to everyone contacting him on his mobile, that he still had to glance around the room for a moment to locate the sound. Rising and crossing to the bay window where the telephone lived on its own little stand along with a chair, he picked up the receiver and with an inquiring tone said ‘Hello”Hi Rob. It’s Jack.’ A voice announced.’Jack?’ Robert questioned.’Yeah, from next-door.”Oh right, Jack. Sorry,’ realization entering his voice, ‘so how are you?”I am okay thanks, you?’ Jack said, completing the formalities.’Well you know, things are not easy. Still try….”Look Rob,’ Jack said halting Robert’s answer, ‘sorry to interrupt, but I need you to do me a favour.”A favour?’ Robert asked ‘What kinda favour?”I need you to do something for me.”Okay,’ Robert replied, intrigue tainting his voice.’Last night I wrote up a report, and in an hour I need to present it at a meeting.”Okay.”Well like a fool, I forgot to transfer it to my laptop, so it is still there on my desktop.”So how can I help?”Well I need for you to go to mine, and send it to me via email. It might throw out the format, but at least I will have the body of it,’ Jack answered as if partly speaking to itself.’Okay.’ Robert’s tone had an unsure feel about it.As if to ignore this Jack continued. ‘You will need my password, it is Havana. The mail address should fill itself in, but if not it is j.harrison@hotmail.com. Can you do that for me?”Yeah, I err… I guess so.”Excellent, ‘Jack said the relief audible, ‘your a lifesaver.”No problem.’ Robert answered almost as if an automated response. ‘Just one question, how do I get in?’ Robert wanted pretend as if Jack’s daughter wasn’t home, and not give any clues that he might have been…. later he was to realize there would be no way Jack would have known, but in that moment, his reaction was different.’Well if Josie is out, there is a key under a stone, just to the left inside the porch way behind a flowerpot.’ Jack’s voice had a slightly more upbeat feel to it, and Robert imagined that he was smiling.’I will see what I can do then. I’ll give you a call if I have any problems.”Okay, call me on my mobile as I will be out of the office in 5 minutes.’ ‘Will do.”Thanks Rob.”No problem Jack.’ Robert replaced the receiver. ‘At least I hope it will be no problem.’ he then told himself as he headed to the lounge door.Having slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms along with his leather slippers, Robert headed up the garden path to No.28. Robert had always been slightly envious of Jack’s house, he had spent a good few thousand on it, with the porch and the attic room, and it was now worth a considerable amount more than what he paid for it. And with his wife being an interior designer, well it had a layout within worthy of a spread in one of those magazines like Hello and the alike.Locating the key exactly where Jack had told him it was, Robert thought he should knock first, just in case. Looking around for the doorbell, but not finding it, Robert took hold of the heavy sack-like black knocker, and banged it twice in quick succession. And after waiting for a moment without reply, he slipped the key into the lock and turned it.Stepping in and turning around, Josie felt the water run down her back and into the crease of her small tight bum, and then down the backs of her legs. She loved the feel of the water on her body, and she would close her eyes and pretend she was at the bottom of a waterfall in the forest of Africa.Keeping her eyes closed and her head tilted away from the spray, she turned around to feel the water on the front of her naked body. Stepping a small step further beneath the spray, to feel it directly on her breasts and small soft nipples. The force of the water excited her nipples and she ran her fingers over one of them, stopping briefly to squeeze it and pull it a little deeper into the spray. She felt her nipple harden, and bringing up her second hand, she touched her other nipple in the same way.Both nipples hardened, she slid her first hand down her body, over her flat stomach; the warm water running with it and over it, and down between her legs; and then down to her pussy, running a finger over her slit. The power of the water hitting her soft skin was turning her on, and she wanted to release that feeling. Slipping a finger into her pussy, she gave a small moan and leaned against the shower wall, just as she had done moments earlier in her own bathroom. She pushed the finger deeper, and then slowly slid it back out, and lifted it up to her lips, Licking her wetness from finger with the tip of her tongue, she tasted herself, as she had done a few times before and she wondered if other girls tasted like she did. A couple of her friends had experimented, but she had never been brave enough, however the idea did excite her a little, The lounge was large, larger than his, and well looked after. He thought that they must have a cleaner, because with all the white and cream furniture, keeping it clean and tidy, well almost immaculate from what he could see, would be a full-time job in itself. Glancing around he saw the patio windows that lead out into the garden, and crossed to look out to the spot where he had seen Josie some ten minutes earlier. The clouds were blocking the sun, and it had lost that orange tinge of life, but it still held a temporary special moment.Looking to his left he saw the kitchen, and was almost blinded by all the stainless steel. He had been here for a few dinner parties in the past, but this was the first time he had the opportunity to have a closer look, and he was impressed. Crossing the kitchen to the window, he looked out into the garden again, before crossing to the far wall. He paused for a second. He could hear water running. Listening to the wall he thought that it couldn’t be coming from there, as it was an outside wall, and it hadn’t rained to his knowledge. Glancing around, and he crossed to another wall, and listened once more, but the sound sounded further away. Then he looked up, and realized it was coming from above him.Creeping up the stairs he felt for a moment like a burglar, and this thought made his heart beat a little heavier. At the top of the stairs, he stopped and listened again, and crossed to door at the end. The sound was louder, but he could tell it was further inside the room and not directly behind the door, and that it was a shower. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but he was excited by the idea, and he reasoned that just taking a peak would be okay, so long as she didn’t see him, and no one else knew, it would do no harm. So gripping the handle tight in the palm of his hand, he turned it to the right, and carefully opened the door.The now hot steaming water was really turning her on, and she wanted more than two fingers in her sweet tight hole, and she wanted to go deeper. Looking up, she glanced to the reason she was here, in her parent’s shower, and reaching up she took a moment to figure how to disconnect the second smaller showerhead from within the main showerhead. At first she looked and felt for a clip or catch, but then with a small sigh of frustration, she gave it a quick sharp tug and out it popped from its enclosure.Holding the smaller showerhead close to her hand, she felt the hot jets hit her skin at full power and was excited even more by it, and she slowly ran the jets up along her arm and round to her body.Closing the door quietly behind him, he scanned the room and saw an open door that lead to the noise, the water falling, the shower. He glanced to the ward-drobe and saw a pair of trouser handing on a hanger, and the hanger in turn hanging from the handle. He looked across the room and saw a dressing table, its top littered with make-up, lipsticks, eyeliners, blusher and the like, as well as jewelry hanging from a skeletal jewelry tree. This all looked wrong for it to be Josie’s room, everything was too grown-up and it was obvious that two people shared this room. Robert crossed to the dressing table beside the bed, and picked up a framed picture. Turning it to face him, he saw Jack and Susan on their wedding day, and realized this was her parent’s room. Then he though that maybe it was Susan in the shower. Maybe she had come home since his peeping on Josie and the phone call calling him round. Susan was a sexy lady, he had to admit that to himself, and seeing her naked would be something he would like to see. He had seen her on the occasional summer weekend, sunbathing much like Josie had been in a bikini, and he had wondered what she would look like naked. Maybe she would spot him, and get turned on, maybe… his mind began to race and he quickly clawed it back to reality, there was no way this was gonna turn into sex, after all this was real life, not some cheap porn film. However the idea of it being Susan in the shower eased his conscience about the fact he thought it might be Josie, and he crept across towards the open door.Having used the power of will, and with a slight guilt she might have actually broken it, Josie unscrewed the shower head from the tubing, and tossed the open hose aside, it landing on the shower floor to coil up, its open end spewing out water like a tap, joining the whirlpool heading towards the drain-hole.Leaning back with the showerhead in her hands, she slid down the wet wall, her legs opening as she did so, and sat escort çorum at the base of the shower, the water pooling around her. Pushing two fingers into her sweetness, she then opened her hole, stretching it a little, and gently guided the handle of the showerhead into her pussy. It was only in an inch, but it felt good, much better than her fingers and she leant her head back as she let out a slightly controlled moan. Pulling her two fingers free, she took the showerhead with both hands, and slid it in a little further. She moaned slightly less controlled, knowing that no one would hear anyway. Replacing her two finger back on her pussy lips, she then slid the showerhead out, pushing her two fingers back in as the showerhead was freed. Playing with her pussy, she brought the end of the showerhead to her lips, to taste herself once more.Robert could not believe what he was seeing, after all he was surprised enough to see it was Josie he was watching again, but to see what she was doing with the showerhead… Okay he had to admit, he knew the ladies could do these kinds of things, after all he had in the early years of his marriage, caught his wife in the bath with the handle of the toilet scrubber, and he could still picture her face of embarrassment as he wandered in, puzzled at her enjoyment of taking a bath. And after this occasion, they had incorporated toys within their sex life, however, the showerhead was not something he had considered in the past – although when given thought he could see why it would be a good and possible option – so to see Josie using it upon herself had surprised him initially.Robert watched as Josie licked the end of the showerhead with the tip of her tongue, and that image alone was so erotic, he could have cum at that very moment. However, he controlled himself, and reached down to run the tips of his fingers along the shaft of his erect manhood.Having licked the showerhead clean, Josie brought it back down to between her legs, and leaned her head back as she slid it back inside of her. Closing her eyes, she let out a moan, as she pushed it deeper.Robert knew this was a now or never moment. He could either turn away, turn around, cross quietly to the door of the bedroom, and then leave without anyone having any knowledge of his presence, or he could do the opposite. He choose the opposite.Slipping off his slippers, he slowly, carefully, gently crept across from the safe distance of the doorway towards Josie. Her eyes were still closed, and he watched her arm mimic the slow motions of sliding the showerhead in and out of her wet pussy. Coming close to her, he held his breath, not wanting to give any indication he was there, and he hoped she was so lost within her head, that she would be completely unaware of his presence.Positioning himself opposite her, he reached forward and wrapped his hand over hers, and in that instant she opened her eyes.Josie just stared, stunned, and Robert smiled.’What?’ Josie finally managed to utter.Robert put his finger to his lips.For a moment Josie was unsure. She did know if she should be freaked out, or just plain scared.’It’s me Robert, from next-door,’ Robert said, thinking she had no idea of who he was.’ I won’t hurt you.’Josie still stared.’I was watching you earlier in the garden, and I noticed how sexy you looked.’ he was sure if that confession helped, but he hoped it would say he was cool, and interested, if she was.’You were watching me?’ she said, she seemed to relax a little as she said it.’Yeah, I got hard.”Did you?’ a slightly embarrassed smile unfolding on her lips.Robert sensed that she seemed to relax the more confessed.’Did you…?’ She asked a little slightly girly embarrassed tone. ‘Did you? You know?”Did I play with myself?’ He asked trying to clarify her question.’Yeah. Did you?’ she asked again.’Yeah I did.’Josie smiled a little more broadly, her fear completely gone.’Did you? You know?”Did I cum?”Yeah.”No.”Why not?”I was interrupted.”By who?”By you, and your phone call. I thought you saw me when you looked up.”I thought I saw the curtain move.’ Josie said as Robert looked down echoing her embarrassment, ‘and it actually excited me that you might be watching,’ Robert looked back up with a smile, ‘but then I thought it was probably the wind and my imagination.”I think you have a fantastic body.”Really?’ she asked, as her little girl innocence took hold of her expression and she looked away a little shyly.’I think you are very sexy.’Josie turned back to him with a smile.’So do you…?’ Josie began.’Do I what? Robert asked, with a desire to know.’Do you have a hard on now?”Yeah.’ Robert replied. ‘I am very hard.”Can I see it?’ she asked after a slight pause.Robert let go of Josie’s hand and stood up, loosening the tie on the front of his tracksuit bottoms, and letting them fall to the tiled floor. At the same time, Josie removed the showerhead from her pussy, and looked up to stare at his erect manhood for a moment, unsure what to say. Robert watched her for the moment, looking for a reaction.Josie glanced up to his face, ‘Can I touch it?’ she asked, as she ended the question by glanced back down to his manhood once more.Robert crossed to her, slipping his feet from his tracksuit bottoms, and knelt down within arms length of her.Josie looked up at Robert’s face again, and after a moment she reached out and tentatively touched his manhood.Seeing her hesitation, Robert took Josie’s small soft hand and placed the palm upon his shaft, cradling her fingers within his as he wrapped her fingers around its girth, and after pausing for a moment, motioned her hand up and down.’Can I put it in my mouth?’ Josie asked glancing up directly at him, their eyes locking for a moment, ‘Only if I can touch your tight little pussy.’ Robert said with a cheeky smile.Josie opened her legs wider, her offer to him obvious, and Robert reach forward as he got to his knees, and took her head within his hand, guiding her forward. Josie liked his firm, controlling touch, it was as gentle as a gentleman, but as controlling as a master, and the fact he was an older man also make this naughty, touching on taboo, even forbidden as her parents would no doubt say, and she was happy to go with the flow. As her mouth closed in on his manhood, she parted her lips slightly, and Robert felt her hot breath on the tip of his helmet. His manhood twitched, and he took his hand from hers and lifted it to the back of her head, replacing the other hand, which then transferred to the inside of her thigh, her leg flinching a little as he touched her, and slowly he traced his way deeper. Robert closed his eyes in expectation, as he felt her tongue lick the helmet of his hard cock, and he longed for her to take it into her mouth.Josie felt his tender touch making its way down her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to the entrance to her wetness. She wanted to take his cock into her mouth at the same time as he pushed hopefully two fingers into her pussy, and delaying the moment, as his finger crept closer, she licked the whole of his bulbous purple tinged helmet.Robert’s fingers finally found her pussy, and Josie quickly uttered ‘Two fingers please.’ to ensure he did as she wanted, and opened her mouth wider in preparation. Placing two fingers side by side, Robert traced the lips of her pussy, slowly pushing deeper and then within, and in that same moment, she took his hard cock into her mouth, and both in unison, let out deep moans of pleasure and satisfaction, and both sound echoed the desire of wanting more.Josie wrapped her lips around Robert’s hard cock and began to suck it, moving her head up and down, guided by his hand, and with that same lust to explore deeper, he pushed his fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out, and feeling her wetness as it soaked his fingers.The lounge was peaceful, empty of noise, and even though the wind outside had picked up, it was no more than a silent movie beyond the bay window. The telephone began to ring, and for 30 seconds it shattered the silence at regular intervals, before it fell silent once more, and the lounge returned to its peaceful state, empty of noise.Removing his cum soaked fingers from her pussy, taking a quick lick of them to see if she tasted as good as she looked, he reached forward and took her head in both his hands, and lifted her from his manhood.’I don’t wanna cum yet.’ he told her.’Was it that good?’ she asked, a little c***dlike naivety within her voice as she spoke.’It was too good,’ he replied with a smile, ‘and now I wanna lick your sweetness.’ he added.’Here?”Yeah, here within the shower.’ he smiled again, broader than before, ‘it will give a new meaning to the phrase watersports.’She laughed at his little joke, but he couldn’t help wondering if she misunderstood it, if she realized there were two types of something called watersports. But it didn’t matter, and would ruin the moment to ask, or even explain, so he ignored it.Leaning back into the corner of the shower, the water cascading down over her head and torso, down into her pelvis, running along the creases of her groin and over her pussy, Robert thought she looked like the hottest creature he had ever seem, and falling onto his hands and knees, he crawled towards her, leaning in to kiss her. Taking a chance, he kissed her on the lips, and she responded. It was a slow sensual kiss; their lips lingered for a moment, before he began to slowly make his way, with small tender kisses, down her body.Pausing at her nipples, he ran his hands up her chest to her breasts and took each of them in his hands, squeezing the nipples between his fingers, gently licking one of the nipples, and then taking it into his mouth and sucking it, before transferring his attention to the other.Josie ran her fingers through his hair, her excitement coursing through her veins, and she wanted his tongue in her pussy. So pushing gently upon his head, he took the hint and began his short journey over her folded stomach, and down between her legs. Placing his hands on her thighs, he opened her legs a little wider and lowered his head to çorum escort bayan her sweet hole and began to lick the outer lips, before pushing his tongue a bit deeper.Josie played with her nipples as she leaned her head back; closing her eyes, moan after moan being issuing from her wet and shiny lips. Reaching up with one hand, she pulled out the tie from her hair, and let it fall free over her face, as the water and steam wetted it, darkening it, and made it cling to her face.Robert licked deeper, with more hunger, and the deeper he licked the more she opened her legs, and the louder she cried her pleasure. The postman delivering the mail broke the silence, as he pushed the five envelopes through the door. And the TV that had a short while earlier entertained and occasionally amused now lay silent, its screen lifeless and just a dark partial reflection of the interior of the room. Once again as before within the house nextdoor, the telephone rang, breaking the silence with the rhythm similar to that of a train on a track. 30 seconds later it fell silent for a final time.With her desire for his tongue to be as deep in her pussy as he could get it, she had pushed her groin into his face, and was now almost laying down on her back through her efforts. Her cries were constant, rising and lowering as wave upon wave of pleasure ran through her body, out of her pussy, and down Robert’s throat.Reaching down between her legs and cupping the roughness of his slightly unshaven chin, she lifted his face to face hers and asked, ‘Will you fuck me?’He looked at her, her request seemed genuine, as if she was actually thinking he would get up, wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, and thank her before leaving.’Of course I will.’ he told her, watching her smile, ‘you are very tight.’ he added reflecting her smile.’You will be my first.”First?’ he questioned.’You sound surprised.’ she stated.’Well I am a little…’ he began before trailing off.’And?’ Josie asked encouraging more.’And I am very pleased too.’ he added smiling broadly.Josie smiled too, and Robert leant in close, kissing her on the lips, with lust and passion.’You know what would be really naughty?’ he said tempting her to question.’What?’ she asked taking the bait.’What if we were to fuck on your parents bed?’A wicked naughty grin fell upon her lips and she looked towards the door, before glancing back to Robert.’What do you think?”That would be naughty wouldn’t it?’ she asked, as if needing extra clarification.’It would be very naughty.’ he told her, ‘very naughty indeed.”Okay.’ she said with excitement, and Robert lifted himself up from her, turning off the shower as he rose to his feet.Having toweled each other down, touching each other softly as they did so, keeping that excitement coursing through their veins, offering little kisses like longtime lovers, they made their way into the bedroom, Josie climbed onto the bed first, and was quickly followed by Robert. Turning onto her back, she opened her arms, and welcomed him into her embrace, where upon they each began running their hands up and down each others bodies, caressing and groping deeply as they kissed with an equal hunger.Lifting himself up slightly, Robert ran a hand down beneath him, and down between her thighs and felt her pussy, a finger followed quickly by a second pushing inside. She was still very wet, and he knew she was ready to fuck.Rising up and opening her legs, taking his hard cock in his hand, he guided it to the entrance of her hole. Locking eyes with her, he could see her anticipation, and he smiled trying to allay her fears.’It’ll be okay,’ he whispered to her, ‘trust me.’Josie just nodded, but the anticipation remained.He opened her legs to their widest, holding one leg with one hand, propping the other with his leg. Robert glanced up at her one more time, smiled before looking down to guide his cock into her pussy. She was very tight, tighter than he imagined she would be, and he saw her grimace slightly, looking away.Putting all his weight behind him, he pushed his stiffness in a little, paused, and pulled out slightly, before pushing again, harder and deeper. He began to find that the deeper he pushed in, and slid out, the easier it became, and it wasn’t too long before he had most of his length deep inside her.Laying upon her, he released her legs as he positioned himself in the missionary position; thinking that would be the best for her, and then glancing up as she turned to face him, he saw a single tear escape her eye.’Are you okay?’ he asked.Nodding yes, she kissed him passionately, as he slowly began to side his manhood in and out of her now wet and accommodating pussy.Josie ignored the pain, which was slowly subsiding and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer to her. She breathed hot wet breaths into his ear, and slowly she began to let out little moans of pleasure. She loved the feeling of his cock deep in her pussy, and she hoped her tightness wouldn’t make him cum too quickly.Robert felt her get wetter and looser with each thrust, but yet her tightness still gripped his girth, and the knowledge of her virginity and the feeling of fresh pussy, just heighten his excitement. He wanted to give her all he had, for this could be just a one-time thing, so he lifted himself up again, and watched his thick hard manhood pushing in and pulling out of her tight shaven entrance.Josie closed her eyes and caressed her breasts, playing and squeezing her nipples as she did so. A few of her friends had done it with their boyfriends, including Selina, but they had said it was over in moments, and answered ‘it was okay’, with a shrug of the shoulders and little enthusiasm when asked what it felt like, but this felt good, too good.’Do you want me to fuck from behind?’ Robert said between heavy pants and moans.Josie opened her eyes, and within laboured breaths of her own, said ‘Anal. I don’t wanna do anal.”No,’ Robert said, the enjoyment making it hard to speak, and wishing he didn’t have to explain himself, ‘I mean doggy.’Josie had seen doggy in a few of the porn videos off the net that Selina had downloaded and they had watched together during the occasional sleepover, and it looked like fun. So smiling with the image in her minds eye, she said ‘Okay.’Robert pulled his stiffness from within her, and it glistened with her wetness in the daylight. There was no blood, which he was glad of, as he felt that might freak her out, and she might not want to continue. Turning her over, Josie fell onto her all fours and Robert got off the bed to stand behind her. Lifting her bum up level with his groin, he ran a finger over her slit, and then raised it to his mouth to taste her once more.’You taste so good,’ he told her.’Do I?’ she replied with a glance behind and a smile.’Yeah, real sweet,’ he smiled in return, and having sucked his finger clean, he lowered his hand it to his manhood, taking hold of it and guided it to her waiting hole. Finding the entrance, he pushed in again, and this time he went in deep with one thrust.Josie moaned as he entered her, lifting her head up and closing her eyes. ‘God,’ she said, ‘this feels so fucking good,’ and pushing her bum back into his groin, adding without looking round or opening her eyes ‘Fuck me Robert, fuck my virgin pussy.’Robert needed to hear no more and with that encouragement, he began to pump her harder and deeper, but still being careful not the hurt her. She looked so good, so damn hot and sexy riding his cock, and he knew he would cum soon.Josie gripped the bed sheets as she felt her excitement rise and she knew she would explode like never before soon, and she hoped they would cum at the same time. She didn’t want it to end, but she knew it would, but she knew it would be worthwhile.Robert felt his cum begin to its journey, firstly gathering at the base of his hardness and then slowly, thrust by thrust, climb his length.’I am gonna cum soon,’ he said between laboured breaths.’So am I.’ she confirmed with a smile to herself, before pushing her bum hard into his groin, causing her to moan louder, ‘any minute,’ she just managed to say.Robert could only hold on for a few more strokes and with a loud moan, and a sudden jerk, he exploded inside of her, and this trigger her to cum too. And in a chorus of pleasure and a sea of juices they came together, mixing before trickling down the inside of her thigh, and over his hanging testicles.Collapsing onto her back, wrapping his arms around her waist, he was spent, and he allowed his penis to go limp within her, before drawing it out.Josie crawled a little further onto the bed, dragging him onto it behind her, and turning around, they fell into each others arms.Having fired up the desktop, allowed it the time it required to set itself up, Robert opened up Jack’s email account. Glancing around for a moment, he located the ‘compose mail’ button, and clicked it to open a new mail.He had just begun to type a short message when the landline rang, and glancing over to the phone, he picked up the handset and held it to his ear.’Rob?’ Jack’s voice asked questioningly.’Hi Jack.’ Robert replied confirming it was him.’Where have you been? It’s been 30 minutes since we spoke,’ Jack said, concerned.’Sorry, I was…’ Robert began, his mine frantically trying to find a plausible excuse.’Nevermind.’ Jack interrupted, ‘there’s no time. Can you send it to me now?”Yeah sure. What is the name of the file?’ Jack asked relieved he didn’t have to explain his absence.Josie stood outside Selina’s house, the excitement of what had just happened with Robert still alive within her, and she felt anew, no longer a girl, but a lady now. And that change was even a noticeable one, a visible one, as she seemed to stand now with a slightly more commanding stance to before.Selina opened the door and her annoyance of having been kept waiting, was written upon her face.’Where have you been? I thought you weren’t coming. I was about to phone you.’ Selina said, barely taking a breath between questions.’You will never guess what just happened to me,’ Josie announced pushing past her,’I thought we were heading to the beach,’ Selina said confused. ‘You know to see the cute boys.’ she added with a smile.’Forget the beach,’ Josie told her. ‘Forget the cute boys.’ and with intrigue now replacing her previous annoyance, Selina closed the door.

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