Taking the Lead


He called. She scurried over to the bedroom and laid down, happy to speak to him again. Always happy to speak to him.

He told her to strip but she refused since her uncle was in the next room, only half asleep. He didn’t make a point of it, but instead asked her to fondle her nipples. She teased them lightly with her fingertips and without being asked flicked her sharp nails sending pleasant tingles through her chest and down to her cunt. She then pinched them lightly and stretched them, pleasure mingling with pain and resulting in moans. He told her to moan for him, but her being herself naturally bratted back. He told her to stick her hand down her trousers and rub her clit. Without any coaxing she obeyed and found her pussy soaking wet and swollen. Her clit was so sensitive to touch her whole body shivered delightfully. She proceeded to tap it gently sending shock waves of pleasure through her. When he told her to stick a finger into her pussy it slipped in easily and she gasped at the apparent ease, not being used to touching herself that way.

Without realizing it she started to slide it in and out of her cunt moaning softly. When he asked her to do just that she blushed to herself feeling cheap and wanton.

Overwhelmed by the sexual casino şirketleri arousal she felt it difficult to focus and concentrate on what he was saying. Each time she had to confirm, yes, she was his sub. Yes, she belonged to him. Yes, she was his property. Somehow she managed to crawl out of her pants and panties, feeling them snug around her ankles, not quite connecting the dots to take them all the way off. Soon she had two fingers pumping in and out of her soaked pussy, exploring it, every single millimeter, shuddering and groaning when she stroked against the g-spot.

He asked if she was close to coming and stubbornly she declined. He told her to rub against the g-spot gently, and soon after to stroke her swollen clit with her thumb at the same time. She closed her eyes and felt the ecstasy roll over her, mist gathering behind her eyes, the ground opening up. She begged for release. He didn’t even decline. He just repeated his questions.

Who’s girl are you? Who do you belong to? Who’s whore are you?

Finally she was allowed her release. On the count of three. She had a hard time holding back. She had to. The only thing on her mind was the pending orgasm. Three. “Oh my god, please let me come”. Two. “Why does he count casino firmaları so slow? Is it him or the world in slow motion?” She couldn’t hold it in and exclaimed one, one, one. Finally he let her come and she exploded. Suns and moons and stars filling her head, and ebbing out ever so slowly. He demanded her to say something, but the words refused to register in her mind.

He let her rest for a while, the thoughts crashing in as well as the feelings. She realized how much she had missed him. Missed his words, his actions. How she had not enjoyed a single orgasm since he had given her one last time. She marvelled at how smooth her pussy felt. How slick and wet it was. How puffy and swollen. Her clit felt huge to the touch. The walls of her cunt were like silk. It felt awesome to the touch, and it smelled wonderful.

Soon he asked her to come again. She just knew she couldn’t. She felt sated. Relaxed. Spent. Totally satisfied with the cum and the sound of his caring yet firm voice in her ear.

He then told her to rub off again. It felt amazing but she just knew she couldn’t cum again. She tapped the poor swollen clit with her finger until she cringed, thoroughly enjoying the stab of delicious pain each tap shot through her.

He güvenilir casino made her stick a finger in her ass. She lubed it up a bit with her juices and swooned when her fingertip slid into the tight hole. She felt her ass adjust and clench tightly on her finger. She groaned and started moving her finger ever so slightly in and out, without being asked to, without asking permission. It just felt right, and her ass felt greedy. It was sucking the finger in, and feeling the greedy hole made her horny again.

He told her to rub her clit again and she did, shyly, feeling submissive and naughty for fingering her own ass and enjoying it. The final blow came, as she had feared. Are you enjoying it little one? Complete answers are the only answers accepted, and preferably repeated a few times to really hammer it in. Yes, I enjoy fucking my ass with my finger for your pleasure Master.

Every time she said it she felt a jolt through her cunt. Every time she said it she felt herself awaken and get wet again. Soon she was ready to come, she rubbed her clit and begged. Begged for his cock in her tight ass. Begged to cum. This time he didn’t make her wait as long. He was kind, gentle, loving and told her to come, she did. By now she knew her uncle was awake and she struggled hard to stay quiet. She felt herself getting so very wet suddenly, as usual, and just smiled, relaxing back in the pillows.

He told her to stay in her dirty slutty state and just pull up her panties. Lazily she did, and they hung up.

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