Tales of a Hustler—Foot Patrol


Tales of a Hustler—Foot PatrolTales of a Hustler—Foot PatrolSummer is finally back—and it finally stopped raining. I dragged all the bois out of bed at NOON, ya, fuckin noon. Calisthenics, weights, breakfast, showers,—lol, put them in a bad mood making them work and all. Good ! Now hit the fuckn streets—and don’t come back without cash. The bois were a little resistant==too much partying and dope the night before. Decided it was time to break that cycle. Spending more money than they were bringing in wasn’t going to cut it anymore.It was about 4:00 in the afternoon now. Decided I would go out for some foot patrol—see what’s going on. It’s only 2 blocks from the secret hide out, but I decided to drive my jeep over to the parking lot anyway—maybe show out some myself. Topless and topless usually got some attention. I drive down the back alley, and center up in the back of the parking lot. I see Kyle there on the corner, (traditionally my spot) leaning on the wall, with his right foot propped back on it. He was lookin pretty good–besides myself, prolly the more muscular of the bois. I toot my horn, and as he looks over at me, I motion for him to take his shirt off. He grins back at me, and slowly peels out of his sweat soaked tank. I kick back in the jeep, letting my hairy left leg hang out the side, and resting my sz 13 foot on the nurf bar, light up a joint. I grab a bar above me on the roll cage, exposing my bushy pit. I sat there just soaking in the scene, teasing Kyle as I blow my smoke out towards him. He flips me a bird, and playfully grabs his junk. I suck down about half the joint, and give the little monster a couple of pats to wake him up 🙂 “Time to go to work little buddy” Course little —he was not. How big ur dick was out on the street was the most important thing. I had donned a pr of cut-offs , a jock, for safe storage of my junk— and a pr of Nikes—no socks. The typical ‘hustler’ uniform. Finally stuffing my tank top in my left back pocket. NOW there is some code to that, but it’s complicated, so we’ll get into that in a later chapter. So I walk across the parking lot, and stop for a moment to get a report from Kyle. I put the joint up to his mouth for a quick pull. “Suck me homeboi, suck me” I say in a playfull manner. He hits the joint hard, and says it’s been kinda slow, and I told him that they weren’t working—they were just hanging out. There was plenty of traffic today, and every one of them should have a dick in their mouth’s or ass holes by now. I told him to take off his shirt, and pat his dick up some—show it off. SELL ITI round the corner and proceed down the street. I see Tommy next—hanging on the wall in front of the deli. They made awesome gyros buy the way. I walk up to him and asked if he had any bizz and he reports no. So I tell him, like Kyle, to loose the shirt—bunch up ur junk, and go hang on the parking meter. Show some pit hair, and keep those abs tite. Slim tite bods sold—show it off. On down the street, crossing over to the next block, I go in the book store. This was the preferred spot for older men that didn’t want to be seen out on the street talking to the bois. Most feared someone would recognize their car or something, lol. It was on the corner, and parking in the back, with a fence around it. There weren’t a lot of booths in the back—maybe about 15 or so. I just walk through the curtain into the dark room and holler out “yo”. Knowing my deep voice was all that was necessary for one of my bois to recognize it was me. Ricky hollers back with ‘Im here’. I boldly ask him what’s he doing. He responds with “suckin dick yo—what else”? I kinda chuckle and tell him “ get them off good home boi” He simply responded with “yes sir” The smell of dope was strong. Back out on the street I see Cole leaning into a car. Well, at least somebody is working. I walk up to him and put my arm around his shoulder. It kinda surprised him a bit, but he just turned his head and said “hows it going boss” I reply it’s good, and then lean in the window with him, bunching our shoulders together. It’s a man and a woman in the car. I spit out a “How are ya’ll today”? A little taken back as well, they respond that they too were good. “That’s great ya’ll—so you like my boi Cole here “? They still a little nervous, said that they did. I continue with the hard sell–”Got some hard abs huh? ( smack Cole on the belly a few times—causing him to tighten up the abs) He got a nice big dick as well, and shoots really thick goo” They all kinda blush, and Cole pokes me in the rib-cage with his elbow. “Ya, they was lookin for two dudes to put the sweat on Mrs. here—while Mr. just kicks back and watches”. I respond with “wow—that is fuckin great ! Your a great hubby yo . SO you tell them about ur big bro yet ?” “Na—I was just getting to it boss” The Mr pipes up with “so you got a brother out here “? Cole shoots a big smile and just says “ya, and just a bit bigger—he comes in at an even 9” Mrs. responds with a “oooo that’s exciting. So which one is older”? Cole flashes another pretty smile, and real coy like says “Cody is the older one, I think it illegal bahis was like 5 minutes or somepin” “Oh my god—you mean you bois are twins”? Mrs. is about to cream her panties now. To be honest, I was too the first time I laid eyes on them. So, jumping back in on the hard sell; “Well that’s great—where is he anyway” ? Cole was still be a bit nervous, so I stared him down, right between the eyes. “I think he ‘s down at the bookstore, boss” “I see—well, why don’t you chat up Mr. and Mrs. here, give um a little peek of ur stuff, and I’ll go find Cody for ya” “OK, ya boss” Cole goes to rubbing on his dick, to make it swell up. I walk back down to the bookstore, just took a few minutes. Heading to the back, as before, and holler out for Ricky again. “Yo Rick” “Ya man” “You still back there suckin dick”? “Ya boss, almost done ““Aight—get the nut yo—you got work waiting on ya. Meet ya outside” “Cool boss, getting the cream now” I walk back to the entrance of the back room, but rather than leave as I said, I just hang there. An older dude across the way appears to be checking me out, so I grab my junk to give it a little adjustment. About that time, I hear the sqeaking of a door, and out comes Ricky, and starts walking toward me. I just motion with my thumb for him to go outside. As I stand there, it took a couple of minutes, but just as I had guessed, here came Cody now, out the same booth. He stopped dead in his tracks—so fast that his kicks squeeked on the concrete floor. He knew he was caught, and the shit was about to hit the fan. He slowly walks toward me, hangin his head. As he nears , I said to him “ suckin dick, or gettin high”? He replied with “just getting a buzz, yo” As he got in front of me I reached up and slapped him up side the head. The shock on his face told him that he had fucked up. “Buzz my hairy ass—it’s been 20 minutes since I was in here—that ain’t no fuckin buzz. You two reek of dope. Com’on. I shoved him through the door pretty hard, and as we exited the store, I grab his left shoulder, and put the squeeze to it. Wrapping my other arm around his neck, and resting it on his right shoulder, and breathing hard down his neck, I point down the street. “See ur twin” ? “Yes sir” “He’s workin a deal while you and fuck head here are fuckin off. You thinkin I might be a little pissed “? “Yes sir, boss” . You get ur fuckin dick hard, get ur cute little ass down there, and you better not come back empty handed—got me”? “I got ya” Cody jumped like a toy soldier—and jogged down the street. I watched him long enough to see him lean in the car window with his bro. Seeing either of the twins on the street was some of the best eye candy in a square mile. There is no description as to their hotness. Each one packed literally the same pound of yung viral meat–USDA choice, lol. Men would empty their bank accounts for a roll with one of them. And then they discover there’s TWO of them ! I then look at Rick—”Ur with me, punk” He didn’t say anything, but just followed me back up the street. He knew as well, that he was in some shit. As we rounded the corner back at the parking lot, Kyle is still there. I motion with my thumb again, and told him there was a dirty old man down at the bookstore looking for some hard young cock. “Go give it to him” Like the others he said “yes sir”Rick and me get to the jeep and jump in. I fire it up, and romp on the glass packs a couple of times. Damm that made my dick hard 🙂 Rick hangs his right leg out the doorway, with his foot resting on the nurf bar just as I did. He grabs the cross bar of the roll cage just above his head, and lites up a smoke just as I take off. I head out front, just so I could look down the street to see that everyone was where they belonged.As we get back to the crib and enter, I head for the fridge and snatch up a beer. Rick follows, but stops at the end of the island countertop. I turn around and lean my butt against the counter, taking a few long swigs of my beer, and pushing my junk around in my jock a bit. Rick is obviously nervous, and I intended to take full advantage of his momentary fear.“So—working on your cocksucking skills huh”? “Yes sir” “ur homeboi says ya’ll was getting high” Even more nervous now, Ricki responds with “Well ya, we was doin that too, I guess” I laugh at him and reply “You guess? Are you not sure “? Rick, shaking now “ Ya Taz, we was getting high. They wasn’t nobody in there, and it was slow outside, so we just decided to take a break and get some buzz on” “And suck some dick—right ?” Agitated now Rick continues with “Ya, the dope was makin Cody bone up, so I told him I would get him off” Now Im agitated–” So, you get high and suck some dick—ain’t that what you sposed to be doin with a customer, FOR PAY”?Rick is really worked up now, but goes on, pretty upset. —”Well, ya Taz, I guess—but it was slow, and fuck man, Cody got such a hot dick and all, I just wanted to see if I could get him all down, that’s all. Nobody busted—we still got our juice—-oh fuck man, please don’t beat me up–(starts crying) –plase don’t fuck me up bro”I couldn’ help but chuckle illegal bahis siteleri on the inside—I had this poor fuck scared shitless. Rick was still pretty new, and had not experienced any ‘disaplin’ yet. I didn’t usually follow the ‘teach um young, teach um hard’ philosophy, but as the summer was kicking in, he needed to learn some rules. As I lean against the main counter top, still, I unzip my cutoffs and let them fall to the floor. Now, with my junk bunched in my tite jock, I look at Kyle, right in his eyes, and say very seriously “So how bout you come over here, and drop, and show me how ur cocksucking skills are progressing “? He does as told, without hesitation. On his knees, he grabs my jock, and yanks it down to my knees. He then takes hold of my cock and stuffs it in his mouth. He plunges straight to the bottom, sucking in like it was his last dick. Boi was pretty good actually. After a few moments, he had me pretty boned up. The veins were poppin out on my shaft, and my big mushroom head was swelling up. I knocked his fist off my dick, and grabbing him by his hair, began a slow deep probe of his throat. I guessed that Rick had not sucked too many really big dicks. His throat was super tite on my head, and as he looked up at me I could tell he was having a hard time taking it. Of course those puppy dog eyes just turned me on more. Tightening my grip on his hair, I continued slowly fuckin his throat, plunging down until my pubes were up in his nose. I held it there, to see how long he could hold it. About 10 seconds go by, and his throat starts to buck up, trying to expel my 11” of jock cock now cutting off his air. It truly is a big dick. I just give an evil grin, and tears start coming from the corners of his eyes. I let go of my grip on his hair, and quickly move my left hand around to the back of his head. I pull back out till my cock head was just behind his teeth–”open wide” was all I said to him. As his eyes widened in fear, I unloaded the first spurt down the back of his throat. Holding his head hard, I resumed plowing the depths of his throat, while squirting shot after shot of my hot jock juice down his throat. My abs tighten up, and my thighs start to tremble, and as I pull back up again, I slam back into Ricks throat for the final few shots of my thick sweet juice. I empty my balls into the young cocksucking mouth. As I subside, and my dick shrinks down to it’s normal 8” hang, I flash another evil grin at Rick. Still on my dick, he starts shaking his head back and forth, pleading to not get what was coming next. I look down and see that he had not even dropped his shorts, but had an obvious boner. Suddenly, I release my grip from Ricks head. I stuff my dick back in my jock, then told him to loose his shorts, and get up. He jumped up, and and shucked out of his shorts at the same time. I grab his dick and balls, and give them a hard squeez. He was boned up pretty good. Wearing a jock, like me, he was straining to get out. Still looking him str8 in the eyes, I just mutter “save it —for later”I bend down to pick up my shorts. As I round the corner to head for the bathroom I bark out some orders: “Get some cleaning stuff—I want every window, every ceiling fan, every baseboard, and the whole bathroom squeeky clean. You don’t stop, you don’t eat, you don’t shit, and you don’t even think about bed before your done. You got me punk“?? “Yes sir, I got you”, still trembling and fear in his eyes. Rick went straight too work. He looked cute running around in his cut-offs, no shoes, no shirt. I decided to start some supper—it was about 6:00. When all the bois were out, they would just kinda come in when they had time and scarf up some grub. I tried to have it ready for them. Hmmmm, nachos sounded pretty good.Kyle came in first—it was about 7:30 now. Guess he finished up the old dude in the bookstore pretty quick. He took a bar stool at the island, and I served him up a big plate of nachos. I had some tamales too if he wanted. So he reports that the old dude actually, didn’t want to suck some young dick, but instead wanted to watch as the young str8 boi got on his knees to suck his dick. Kyle says he bargened with the dude to give him head, but he had to nut on the floor. Said he wasn’t taking some old fucks juice in his mouth. They settled on a hundred, with the up bid that the dude could shoot on Kyle’s chest instead of wasting it on the floor, and Kyle had to wear. He finished up his grub in about 15 minutes, headed for the bathroom for a piss, and to wash the old dudes cum off his chest. Comming out, he heads for the living area, and pops down on the couch, grabbing the remote. I holler at him from the kitchen, “uh uh homeboi—aint happening” Kyle looks at me dumb founded–”huh”? “get ur ass up—it’s still way early—back out for you”. Kyle responds with a “ahhh man”, but does as ordered. Kyle had been around now long enough to know that when it was ‘fucked up day’ it was best to not argue with me. “And give me a ring if you see Tommy—it’s been a while”As Kyle hits the door, I decide that is is time for me to have a break. I hit the canlı bahis siteleri couch myself, lol. Chips and some cheese dip would be good for a while. Ricky crosses the common, having finished up the three rooms on the right—still 4 to go. He looks over and asks if I would like another beer. I tell him sure, and he could suck my dick again, but it wouldn’t get him out of work. Couple of hours go by, and somebody’s finally hitting the door. It’s Kyle, and he had Tommy with him. “So what’s up” Kyle, grinning, reports that he and Tommy had scored. “Good deal” I exclaim. “So what did you get”? “That old dude, that I had to blow off—fuck yo, he was still there. SO tommy in there on the wall right? I kinda get on him, on ur behalf boss, lol and asked had he tried to work up the old man. He says naa, but a drunk dude just left that did suck his dick. Get this yo, so Tommy says to the drunk dude he’s about to junk, right” Drunk dude don’t say anything, so Tommy just pisses down his throat, LMAO. Dude says that was good, and throws Tommy a bill, right. SO kewl—he didn’t even get hard, let alone loose his nut. So anyway===so out he comes from then booth, and me and him are just there in the back corner. We just chattin about shit ok. Checking each other out, fixing each other junk, and shit, ok. SO here come old dude right. I thnk he was a little fucked up too, cause he didn’t seem to remember me from just three hours ago, lol. So, dude walks over to us in the corner, right. Asks us are we chicken. I looks at him, and tear my shirt off, and say “i dunno dude, what do you think” “ya, you real fuckin skinny—I like um like that” So, I says back to him–”My buddy here even more skinny than me, dude” So with that, Tommy comes out of his shirt too, right.” Dude says ya, we was sweet—was we queer for each other. Ha ha, so I say ya, we luved faggin out. So then he says—“how bout we all go in the big booth here, and I watch you two suck each other” So me and Tommy both says OK. So we go in, and I fire up a joint. We both hit it a couple of times, then start rubbin up. Dude drops like a whole roll of quarters in the machine. Then he asks us which one is bigger. So I tell him I am, right. Then he says ok, he wants to watch Tommy get down on me. So Im like kewl, but we need a few dollars for some grub later, ok. So—dude pulls out his wallet, and it’s fuckin dark right. He pulls out a bill, and says here’s a twenty. SO Im thinking—aight, that’s a start. We just gonna do this dude a la cart, lol. So—Tommy gets down on his knees right—and swallows me down. Im Tellin ya’ll, (Rick has now paused, listening to the story), Tommy can suck a dick ! OK so drunk dude is like swaying back n forth, right, SO he’s deffinately fucked up. So, I just pretend Im nuttin, right. Tommy gulps down a couple of spots of spit, like he’s getting my junk. He stands up, and I zip it. So dude says that was great, would I lick Tommy’s ass ! SO Im like sure dude, but for some breakfast money. So dude pulls out another bill and hands it to me—I just stuff it in my pocket. So Tommy turns around and drops his shorts right. I get down, and pull his ass open, and dude, zero down on his hole. Im kinda wanting to tease him a bit, so Im really diggin my tongue, up deep. Tommy is totally diggin it, and let me tell ya—that’s bois hole is fuckin sweet !!So we do that for about 5 minutes, and I ask dude is that good. He says ya, thanx for the show. Then he says How much did he owe us. Can u believe it. I tells him a hundred. He says wow, but ok, but one has to piss on the other. Damm dude, Im like, simple enough. So Tommy pulls it out, and bamm—check me out dudes, soaked. So drunk dude laughs, and calls us a bunch of fags, right. I say, yes sir, and were sorry—so we better go home and fuck each others butts. He say good deal, how much did he owe us. Dude—Im trippin right. SO I tell him again—a hundred. He says that’s a lot, could he taste my ass hole. Im like sure dude, but that’s another 50–and I was pretty nasty from this morning, lol. He says OK, and Im like freakin on this drunk ass. so I turn around and drop my pants. He puts his nose up my hole right—he’s like that’s a lot of ass hair for a 16 yo, and ur kinda slimy. I just laugh cause like, where did he get that—he never asks us how old we were. So he eats me out for about five minutes—he so drunk he got no since of time. So—I pull up and turn around, and start pissin all over the dude. Dude puks, lol. SO Tommy and me bail. So here we are, and guess what boss—everytime that dude handed me a bill—it was a hundred. I think that’s all he had. I think he just spent his whole paycheck on us. So finally, I say “and that’s how much”?Kyle hauls out the haul, and lays it on the countertop. Holy fuck—600 bucks. Damm. Good job guys. So—if I was following the story right—one of ya’ll owes the other a nut, lol.So they dissapear—I guess they figure they earned some free time. Rick finally finished up with his cleaning chores. The twins were still out, and it was about 2:00 AM now. Guess they’re gonna pull an all- nighter—hope they get paid well. I tell Rick he can get something to eat, and when he got done, he can come crawl in the bed with me- raw. And when I wake up in the morning, we will check out his ass, and see how he handles this 11” monster. He presses his lips together, but does as he was told.

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