Big Tits

“You gotta smallun, don’cha?” I knew it was a question from the tone in her voice, but for the life of me, I had no idea what the question was.

Recently hired as a product sales manager, it was part of my job to periodically travel to the small stores that sold our product. These small stores were in similar small towns that I knew virtually nothing about. I had left the city early that morning and was traveling west, stopping in said towns along the way, checking displays, talking up the product and seeing how else I could help increase sales. Cruising along two lane country roads, after dark, hungry and tired was just not how I envisioned my new career starting.

The All Night Diner sign was a welcome sight as I pulled in to ease the hunger pangs. I guess they rolled the streets up after dark in this town as I was the only customer. Greeted by the chief cook/waitress with a friendly, “How do, stranger,” I ordered my meal and a beer.

The waitress went about her business, straightening up tables, filling salt and pepper shakers and such. When my cheeseburger and fries were ready, she sat them down in front of me and leaned forward across the small counter, allowing an ample shot at her full cleavage. “‘Nother beer, cowboy?” she asked. “Yes, please,” I muttered, not taking my eyes off her milky breast flesh.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t noticed her much before, but I blame the hunger and tiredness. Probably mid-30’s or so, attractive in a waitress sort of way, blondish hair, green eyes, full hips, aforementioned breasts, nice firm legs and as I noticed when she set a fresh, cold beer down, no rings on her fingers.

I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she went about doing her waitressing stuff. When she must have been finished she came back to the counter, leaned towards me again, and asked, “You gotta a smallun, don’cha?”

With a puzzled look on my face, I asked my own question, “What did you say?”

She repeated the question, “You gotta a smallun, don’cha?”

Okay, now I was really confused. Not trying to be rude, I replied, “I’m sorry, I have no idea what you mean.” “You know, a smallun, cuz’n your car.”

My confusion grew even more with that statement. I looked into the parking lot at my car. What in the world did it have to do with anything, and exactly what was she asking? I turned back to her, still puzzled, asking, “What exactly do you mean?”

“Well, it’s like this,” she started, “Daddy always tale me that guys that drive ‘dem fancy cars got smalluns.” “So, you gotta a smallun?”

Alrighty then, I made a connection between the car and something her Daddy had told her, but I still had no idea what. It dawned on me that her phrase ‘smallun’ might, somehow be two words, like ‘small one’. It was worth a shot. “Are you asking if I have a small one?” I offered.

“Yeah, that’s right, so, you gotta a smallun?” Damn, that question just wouldn’t go away.

“Do I have a small one, what?” I asked. “You know, small tallywhacker, cuz’n you drive a fancy car.” She replied, obviously not feeling any of the confusion I was. Damn, I deciphered ‘smallun’, and now she throws a new word at me.

“You know, Billie drives him an ole farm truck and he got hisself a biggun for sure, and bahis firmaları Mayor Murphy gots one of dem Caddylak’s and I seen his and it ain’t nuttin but a speck”, she said. I didn’t know Billie, or Mayor Murphy, and I sure didn’t know what the hell she was talking about, but somehow this conversation was turning into more a game than a challenge.

“So tell me, what’s your name, Ma’am?” I asked. Smiling as pretty as can be, she simply replied, “Daisy’s my name, cookin’s my game.”

“Well, Daisy let me tell you a secret,” I said as I beckoned for her to come closer across the counter. She leaned forward and I softly whispered in her ear, “I’m not from these parts, Daisy, and I hate to admit I have no idea what it is you want to know.”

In our closeness I could feel her heat rising up from her cleavage, smell the mixture of perfume and cooking grease and the softness of her blonde locks on my lips, so close to her ears.

She took a step back, looked me square in the eyes, put her hands on her hips and in mock surprise exclaimed, “you don’t know what a tallywhacker is, do ya’ now.” In all earnest I replied, “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, Daisy.”

“Well, I do declare,” her drawl sounding like something out of a bad southern movie, “Daddy tole me you city folk weren’t too smart, but I didn’t know you was that dumb!” With that little statement, I guess I was taken aback for a second and just looked into her green eyes with a bit of anger building.

It was certainly not my intention to drive all over the friggin’ place at all hours to get stuck listening to this kind of crap late at night.

“Now, now, Mister, don’t be gettin’ yur panties all in a wad, I don’t mean yur stoopid in a bad way, just different than us cuntry folks.” Daisy said softly, perhaps picking up on my new mood. “How bout’n you finish yur burger an beer an I’ll go’n show you what I been talkin’ ’bout?”

Now that was the clearest statement cute Daisy had said since I had come in her little diner. “Fair enough, Daisy,” I replied, letting the little bit of anger drain from me. As I slowly ate my meal and finished my beer, Daisy cleaned up I guess what needed cleaning and was ready to take my plate when I finished.

“Com’on with me, Mister,” Daisy said, smiling as she flipped the sign on the front window to ‘Closed’ and turned off the neon light that you could see from the passing highway. I took her outstretched hand in mine and followed her behind the counter and through the little kitchen area. For such a podunk little place, it was surprisingly clean. Next to the storage cabinets, we went through a doorway that revealed a little efficiency type apartment room.

“Welcome to the cuntry, Mister, by the way, what’s yur name?” Daisy both said and asked in one breath as she began unbuttoning her white waitress uniform.

“Um, thanks Daisy, and my name’s Richard, Richard Wolfe,” I said as my eyes followed her fingertips opening each buttonhole. It only took a few seconds for Daisy to finish and drop her outfit to the floor. Pure white bra and matching panties, how appropriate for the complete uniform.

I was beginning to feel a little overdressed just standing there as Daisy reached behind her back kaçak iddaa and unfastened her bra. As she released it, she expertly shrugged it off and her aforementioned ample breasts were in full view. “You like these big ole titties, Richard, Richard Wolfe?” she asked, making a play on how I stated my name. “Yes, Daisy, I do like your big ole titties,” What the heck was I saying. Where was my proper English?

“You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet then Richard, Richard Wolfe,” she said as she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and smoothly eased them down her long legs. So, there Daisy was in all her natural glory, pretty blonde locks, dancing green eyes, blossoming breasts, full hips with her equally blonde pubic bush and those long legs that ended right at the floor.

Now, I have to admit, as a traveling man, I have fantasized from time to time about something like this happening, but never in the back room of a country diner, but, here I was, staring at an attractive, naked woman who spoke an almost foreign language.

“Well now, Richard, Richard Wolfe, now that you done seen my goodies, I think it’d be high time I seen yurs,” Daisy said as she took the few steps toward me and began unbuttoning my shirt. It didn’t take her long to finish the shirt and move down to my belt and pants. I kicked off my loafers as she unzipped my trousers and gently let them drop. I guess maybe out of kindness or habit, she hung my trousers and shirt on a hanger looped over the doorknob.

As she turned back to me, she purred. “Alright Richard, Richard Wolfe, let’s see about that tallywhacker,” as she slowly lowered my briefs. Finally I knew what in the world a tallywhacker was, and what a wonderful way of finding out.

“Oh my,” Daisy exclaimed as my shorts came down. “That is one fine tallywhacker, that’s fur shore,” she said as she cupped my family jewels with one hand and gently squeezed my now growing cock (tallywhacker for you country folks) with her other. After staring at it grow for a minute, she expertly opened those ruby red lips and tried to engulf my manhood. I don’t know if I was proud or surprised she couldn’t take it all the first time. After hearing of truck driving Billie, I perhaps assumed she would have been a little bit more experienced.

No need to fret about Daisy, though. Within just a few minutes, she had loosened up her throat and was going to town down below. I took the liberty of reaching down between us and grabbing her swinging breasts. And what a wonderful pair of breasts they were. Full, warm and soft to the touch. Pointy red nipples just crying out for a little squeezing and pinching which from Daisy’s response was just as much fun for her as it was for me.

It didn’t take too long of Daisy’s new deepthroating before I started to feel the beginnings of my orgasm. Daisy must have known I was getting close as well, as she gave renewed vigor in her head bobbing action, taking me deep in her throat and moving her muscles around the head of my cock (tallywhacker) until I couldn’t hold back any longer. Rope after rope of hot manseed shot down her throat as she grabbed my hips and held me deep inside her mouth.

Damn, I thought I was going to pass out. I hadn’t had a blowjob like that since, well, kaçak bahis since never, it was the ultimate. I was slowly recovering as Daisy continued to softly suckle my cock, draining any remaining juices and milking my shaft for the last, elusive drop. As pleasantly surprising as the orgasm was, even more so was how Daisy managed to keep my cock hard with her warm, soft mouth.

After a few minutes of gentle sucking to make sure I was still hard, Daisy slowly eased back, grabbed my cock with her hands and backed up until she was sitting on the edge of the little bed. She continued pulling on my cock as I followed her until she could lay down and spread her legs. “You jus gotta fuck me now Richard, Richard Wolfe, please jus fuck me hard,” Daisy whimpered, holding her legs wide apart.

I could see her pussy lips splayed out before me, dripping her nectar, pulsating, anticipating entry. I slowly lowered myself down to her. She reached between us and expertly guided my cock (tallywhacker) into her waiting womanhood. Oh yeah, this is what a pussy is supposed to feel like. Liquid hot, deep, wanting more, and Daisy wasn’t shy about how she wanted it.

“Oh gawd, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard,” She literally screamed as my cock filled her. The minutes went on as I fucked Daisy the waitress as hard and as fast as I could. If not for the warm-up blowjob, I’m sure I would have been the infamous 60 second man, but this girl was getting a ride anyone would be proud of. Her moans and screams would announce each of her orgasms as she would tighten her pussy walls around my pistoning cock and keep riding like there was no tomorrow.

I glanced at the clock on the little side table and realized 45 minutes had gone by and Daisy was still crying for more cock. I slowed down a bit for both a breather and to tease her for a couple of minutes. As she caught her breath, through the orgasmic tears and sweat, she just smiled and blew me a kiss. As I began to dismount, Daisy almost cried out, but then I grabbed her hips and turned her over and pulled her hips toward me.

Doggy style, yeah, that’s where it’s at with a hot girl like Daisy. She made little whimpering sounds as I entered her from behind. From this angle, I could both hang on to her swinging titties (country slang, you know) and her hips. Not to mention, lightly slap her cunt and pinch her clit which she absolutely went crazy over. Well, doggy style does allow some of the deepest penetration during intercourse, or fucking as it was, and Daisy felt the whole amount of tallywhacker I had.

In due course, after more multiple orgasms from my sweet waitress, Daisy, the familiar tingling in my balls signaled my own, next orgasm. I grabbed Daisy’s hips like she was a sinking boat and rode that ass like a cowboy going for the gold buckle at the rodeo. From deep within, the spunk came bursting out of me like a proper eruption that it was. I filled her deeply and completely with my own guttural moans and exclamations to the exalted ones.

We collapsed together on that little bed, breathing in deeply the scent of sex and pleasure. Eventually, Daisy turned her head towards me and with a sleepy southern drawl stated, “I’ve just got to tell Daddy he was all wrong about you city boys.”

I left Daisy sleeping on her little bed as I cleaned up and let myself out of the little country diner. I put a little red “X” on my map and circled it, just in case I need to come out to these neck of the woods again.

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