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Tease those GuysOk Ok Ok I know my tits are big and I love to have them sucked ALOT. So what I would do is wear tight tops very tight so you can see my entire contour of my breast nipples and all. I love to see the actions of men when they see me. My ass is nice also but it’s the breast that get me in trouble. It was a Thursday I wanted to get a massage and only Derrick knew how give great breast massages. I called Derrick he was at work it was 10 am and I was anticipating my massage that wouldn’t happen until 6pm. I turned on my computer and showed a few guys my breast and all 3 jerked off watching me 2 of them had very hard orgasms. I laid there and played with myself I came one time rubbing my clit with my middle finger. The doorbell rings and YESSSS Derrick stood there looking at me with such lust. To my surprise he had his friend from work Frank with him. Frank pants were always too tight I could see his bulge. He didn’t disappoint that bulge was slight larger as he put his hand on it and walked inside. I knew this night was going to be interesting.We smoked a joint and laughed I asked Frank to see his cock. He was shocked but I could see his cock swelling in his pants that he was enjoying his view of my tits. I had on a low cut button down sweater and Victoria’s Secret bra. Derrick and Frank sat next canlı bahis to me on the couch. Kind of surrounding me I knew that Derrick hands and mouth has gotten me naked and on my back more than once. Derrick told Frank to get the lotion he brought. The lotion Derrick puts on my body well he doesn’t get any further than my breast with the lotion. He pulled his shirt off and Frank help pull mine off. I help Frank cock swell up just be my submissive actions that made him feel like a MAN. He opened the lotion bottle my tithes were so ready to be touched. Frank poured some in Derricks hands big hands covered my breast. He had that touch. He rubbed my tits with my nipples going thru this fingers and my pussy was tingling. Frank watched he opened his pants and seductively pulled out his cock it was Thick and about 9 inches. Frank said to me he wanted to cum on my tits as he stroked his cock up and down slowly look like he was massaging it. I told him I know his tool fixes a lot of ladies. He stroked a little faster as he look at my tits being massage by Derrick. Frank mumbled as he stroked his dick “I would fuck the shit out that pussy, titties all big need some dick between them.”As he stroke and stare at my tits. He said A lot of nasty words and things to me on got me wetter. He asked me if he could fuck bahis siteleri me for 5 mins. He promised to cum quick and make me cum at the same time. I was curious on how his dick would feel inside me so I knew me being submissive would make him more of an a****l when he got inside me. Derrick whispered in my ear “You want to get fucked by both of us?” I just shook my head faintly YES. I was in ecstasy big hand rubbing a squeezing my tits and nipples so softly and strong. I had my eyes open but barely and my pants were being pulled off by frank while his dick stood angrily hard and every vain popping out. Pants off my thongs are on. His dick is shinny and inviting. I asked Derrick could I give mr. Fat dick stroking to me a small lap dance with my panties on only. He said sure get over there and give him you pussy. Those words were like a won the lottery. I was weak Derrick had to push me off of his lap that I laid in while he massaged me. Derrick helped me up to sit on Franks lap. They pulled my panties off and placed me on top of Frank shaft so I can rub across it with my wetness. Frank went straight for my tits His cock felt like a silky thick hot with a fat juicy HEAD that my clit kept finding. I felt a tongue running over my nipples as his teeth nibbled my nipples and aerola area. Sucking and licking güvenilir bahis all over them and squeezing them making love to my tits. I only made it easier for Frank to get his 5 mins’ which he whispered in my ear. As he arched his back and his dick aimed at my pussy looking like it want to fight my pussy. AND IT DID. He fucked me hard and fast for 4 mins. That’s when I felt my body get hot and my pussy made a unexpected motion and I was cumin on his cock he fucked me harder. I was screaming I didn’t know it but I was told I was extremely loud. The last 20 Hard strokes did something to me it was another feeling was drove me crazy he was hitting a spot in me and I felt him about to burst. He was whispering to me How he was going to pullout and drench my tits. I was happy and ready, but his stroking and talking made me squirt and have an orgasim different from cumin. Last 5 strokes he squirted inside me I thought he wanted to shoot on my tits. All his cum INSIDE ME. All mine around his dick. Frank was sucking my tits at the same time I didn’t know it but after Frank came I felt my tits being teased and sucked. Frank passed me to Derrick literary and Derrick fucked my tits and aimed at my mouth chin cheeks and nipples. Derrick made love to my tits like no other man with his hands and Dick. He shot his load on my tits rubbing it in with his dick head. My eyes were closed and I was happy. I love DICK I want to please a man everyday at least 4 times a day different guys online. I want to milk dicks and take away energy.

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