Teenage Fantasy Cums True Ch. 02

Adria Rae

This is the second chapter of Sam and Aunt Sheela’s love story. Thank you all for reading the first chapter and sending me comments. They were so helpful in improving the quality of my writing. Please read the Chapter one of the series to get a full understanding. Story continues from the first night of Sam and Aunt Sheela makes love.


When I woke up next day, I was alone on the bed and I was naked. It was about 8 o’clock. Still I didn’t understand whether I saw a dream or that happened real. But, I was in Aunt Sheela’s bed room lying on her bed.

While I was diving in the sea of thoughts, I heard the sound of door lock opening. Aunt Sheela entered the room with a glass of water. She was wearing a red silky nightgown which clearly showed the curves of her body. It only helped me in having another rock hard boner. The smell of her perfume also was too much for me.

“Good morning sleepyhead. I thought you’d sleep whole day. You were tired after our long night. So, I didn’t wake you up.”

“Yeah. I was exhausted after it. But that was the best night I’ve had. You were a good teacher too. Thanks for that.”

She gave me the glass and sat beside me. I sipped some water. She kissed my forehead and told me, “You were an awesome lover too. With that talent, you would be able to please any woman. Surely, your wife would be a very lucky girl.”

I closed her mouth with my fingers. “I don’t need any other girl. All I want is you. Only you.”

Then we started a deep passionate kiss. I tried to push my tongue into her mouth and she responded me by opening her mouth. My tongue roamed all around her mouth while my hands roamed all over her beautiful body. Meanwhile, I started to squeeze her huge boobs over her nightgown. I couldn’t get enough of those giant milk tankers. “Aahhhhh…….”

A little moan escaped from her lips into my mouth. Then I lifted her dress and touched her pussy. She was bare down there. She was trimmed yesterday, but hadn’t shaved. That means she had shaved it today morning.

She told me, “That is for my special lover. I have never shaved it before. This is my first shave of pussy. So, I hope you like it.”

I made her lie on the bed and replied her, “Of course. Let me see it.”

She removed her nightgown and opened her legs. Even though her pussy was a bit hairy earlier, it didn’t bother me much. But this was great. Her pussy was glistening with moisture in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.

But instead, I rose towards her face and kissed her again. Then I lifted her hands towards the headboard of the bed and it opened her beautiful clean armpits for me. They were nice, clean the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I straddled her waist and gave a soft kiss to her right armpit. She seemed to be shocked by my action. But, her facial expression suggested that she liked it. Then I started to lick it slowly.

“Oh my god… No one has ever licked me there. It feels so wonderful darling. You like to lick your aunt’s armpits. Huh?”

I replied her without bothering to lift my head. “Yes aunty. This was one of my great fantasies about you. Your armpits always turned me on. They are so beautiful and clean.”

Her breathing became hard and she was fingering herself while I was licking. “Oh my boy. You are going to make me cum just by licking my armpit. Yes. Yes. Don’t stop, don’t stop”

It didn’t take long for her to climax with this new sensation. She rose a bit. Arched her back and moaned in pleasure. “Oh baby, you are making me cum….. Aahh…. Oh my god, I’m cummiiinnggggg……….”

She held my head to her armpit all the while with her free hand. It made me hard to breathe. But somehow I managed to lick her for the entire period.

Finally, she reached down from her climax. She dragged me up and gave me a deep sensual kiss. God, she was on fire! Her tongue darted into each and every corner of my mouth. Her big boobs were crushed between us. The touch of her long hard nipples poking on my chest made a tingling sensation in me.

I broke our long kiss and looked at the clock. It showed the time as 8.30 a.m. It came to my mind what would happen if Uncle comes home now and catches us like this. So, I looked at her and asked “When will Uncle Simon come home?”

She replied me in a happy mood, “Don’t worry baby. We have whole day to enjoy. He comes home in the evening.”

I felt so happy and showered kisses all over her beautiful face and big boobs. Oh my god! I wanted to be inside her more than ever. I moved her legs apart and guided my hard cock towards the ultimate prize. She knew what I wanted and spread her legs wider to accommodate my cock. But I love teasing her and making her beg for my cock. So, I moved my cock head along her pussy, but didn’t enter. She was impatient and wrapped her legs around my hips and pushed me towards her. Somehow I managed to resist.

She pleaded me, “Please baby, give it to me. I need it so badly.”

I didn’t wait kartal escort long after her plea. I pushed my hard cock deep inside her love hole which was willing to welcome my cock. She was so wet down there that my cock went all the way in with one hard thrust. She moaned louder, “Oh, my god……. This is wonderful.”

I pulled my cock back and pushed it again inside her and started to fuck her in a slow pace. She wrapped her legs around my hips and started to move her hips up matching my rhythm. All the while, she was looking into my eyes and I could see the love for me inside them. That’s why I loved missionary position during sex other than any position. I could see my gorgeous aunt’s face directly and show her my love while I could see her love for me inside those deep blue eyes.

She closed her eyes and I bent my head and kissed her lips again. Her lips felt so good on my lips and her pussy felt like velvet cushion around my cock. It felt like her pussy was gripping and milking my stiff cock. It felt too much for me to control. But I was able to control it somewhat, thanks to my aunt’s great teaching last night. I never wanted to cum before her. My sole intention was to give her more pleasure rather than enjoying myself.

I hadn’t eaten her pussy since she had shaved it. So, I stopped fucking to go down on her. She was enjoying our love making and was aware of the fact that I had pulled my cock out. She opened her eyes and gave me a quizzical look. “Why did you stop darling? It’s okay to cum inside me. You know that. You flooded my pussy with your cum last night. Didn’t you?”

“Of course aunty. I did.”

But I didn’t know whether she was on the pill or not. Last night she didn’t tell me to pull out when I was cumming. I warned her. But she needed me to cum inside her. So, I just obeyed her like a good nephew and filled her pussy with my cum whole throughout night.

“I want to have my breakfast.”

She replied, “Oh, I forgot it. I prepared breakfast for us. Let’s eat and then continue this.”

I didn’t move away. I cupped her mound with my right hand. “No, I want to eat this. I want to eat this forever.”

She giggled like a school girl. “Of course baby, it is always yours. It always feels special when tour tongue is pushed into my hole. Eat your aunty, baby. Make me cry hard and make me cum again.”

I went down on her slowly kissing her whole body starting from her lips, neck, tits, belly, navel and finally the ultimate prize, her beautiful pussy. I kissed her smooth inner thighs first and she let out a deep moan which was a sign that she was expecting a great sexual pleasure from me. But, I started to kiss her thighs and moved towards her feet and then started to suck her toes.

Everything about my aunt Sheela was perfect. So were her legs. They were long, smooth and clean. I sucked her toes for about 10 minutes and all the while she had closed her eyes and was moaning with pleasure. Then I moved again towards her pussy.

I parted her thighs fully and planted kisses all around her pussy. But didn’t kiss her there. She was impatient for a relief. She grabbed my hair and moved my face towards her pussy. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. Her pussy tasted better than yesterday and I could lick it freely without hairs sticking on my face. She kept her hands on my head in order to avoid me taking my head away. She was moaning impatiently, “Come on baby, yes, yes, tongue fuck my pussy. Make me cum……”

Then I withdrew my tongue and pushed three fingers inside her pussy. Then started to suck her clit while finger fucking her. With that, she went wild and started to grind her hips on my face. Her moaning became louder. “Oh my darling, you are going to make me cum…… Ahhhhh….. Please……. Ooohhhhh………”

I continued my assault on her pussy for some time. She was holding her climax for longer than I expected. Suddenly her body arched back. Her grip on my head tightened and I knew she was going to cum soon. I sucked her clit much harder and finger fucked her like a machine. She screamed louder, “Oh yes, I’m cumming……………. I’m cumming……………. Aaahhhhh…..”

With that she came all over my face. I drank that sweet nectar as much as I could. It tasted better than anything in the world. She came down from her climax after few minutes. Then she released my head and I came up to kiss her lips. Before I could kiss her, she hugged me tightly. But didn’t tell a word. I too wrapped my arms around her busty figure and we embraced in a tight hug.

She released me after sometime and then we exchanged passionate French kiss. Then she whispered to my ear in a sexy tone, “Fuck me again, darling. I want to ride you.”

I too wanted a relief and my cock was giving me so much pain like it was going to blast out in any moment. So, I lied down on the bed and she knelt beside me. Then she straddled my hips facing me and slowly impaled maltepe escort bayan on my cock. She took my whole length and rested a while on me. Mean time I grabbed her huge tits and squeezed it. Then I planted soft kisses all over her gorgeous tits. After that I started to suck her left boob.

I felt that she had started to move up and down on my cock. But there was no difficulty for me to suck her tits while she was riding me because they were huge 36F size tits. I kept sucking them alternatively. She started slowly and after sometime started to accelerate. She was moaning “Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your naughty aunty, cum inside me, I need your load… Oh……”

I released her tits and started to pound back at her in a rapid pace. I felt a familiar feeling from my balls. I screamed louder, “aunty……. I’m cummingggggg…………”

She screamed “I’m cumming too baby, cum with me, cum with me………. Here it cummmmms…….Aaahhhh……………”

With that her pussy tightened around my cock and I couldn’t hold it longer. I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her womb. She too came again with me and I could feel her pussy juices flowing round my cock. I rode me until her orgasm subsided and by that time my cock too had gotten soft. Then she fell over me. Both our bodies were soaked with sweat. She looked tired and sleepy with the multiple orgasms she had today morning. I too felt sleepy. So, I asked her, “Are you sleepy, my love?”

She replied in a sleepy voice, “Yes baby, I think it’s better to get some sleep before having breakfast. I’m tired. You were amazing. Thank you.”

“Never thank me again. This is my duty to keep my new girlfriend satisfied. I love you darling. Now get some sleep.”

She cuddled with me and both of us drifted to a deep sleep.


We slept till noon. I got up before her and I could feel that my bladder was full. I went to the bathroom, emptied my bladder, brushed my teeth, shaved my beard and had a long bath. Still I had anger towards Uncle Simon who had cheated on my Aunt Sheela. I wanted to make love to her in front of him to make him realize what a fine woman he has dumped for a bitch secretary. But, I didn’t know whether she would like my idea or not.

I finished my bath and entered the room. She had woken up and had put her nightgown on. She smiled at me. “Hi baby, seems like you had a nice bath. We didn’t take our breakfast, remember? I think it is still on our kitchen table. So, you can have it until I take a bath.”

I said, “No, no. I can wait till you take your bath. I want to have my lunch with my lover. I’ll be in the kitchen.”

She went to the bathroom and I put on a pair of boxer shorts and went to the kitchen. I prepared some orange juice and waited for her. She came to the kitchen after about 15 minutes. She had put on a white bathrobe and a perfume which had a very erotic smell. My cock got rock hard instantly because of that smell. She sat on a chair and said “Oh god, I’m very hungry. Won’t you join me?”

I too sat there and had our lunch. Then I poured her a glass of orange juice and one for me. We drank it and then I went to living room and sat on the sofa. Then she sat beside me and kept her head on my right shoulder. I put my arm around her and held her close to me.

After sometime I asked her, “Aunty, can I ask you some private questions? Just because of my curiosity.”

She said “Of course baby. Ask me anything.”

I asked, “Are you on the pill? I mean are you on any sort of protection. I didn’t wear a condom and I came so many times inside you. Otherwise you could get pregnant.”

“Don’t worry baby. I got my tubes tied after the birth of my second son. So, I won’t get pregnant.”

I was so relieved by her answer. “Thanks god, I feared that I might knock you up.”

“I would be glad if I could carry your child in me. But it’s sad I can’t do it.”

I kissed her softly on her lips and then asked, “If Uncle Simon doesn’t love you anymore and cheats on you, and you could have found a nice guy and have some fun with him. You are still very beautiful. Or else you could divorce him and marry again. Why didn’t you do that?”

“It’s true that he doesn’t love me anymore. But I’m not interested in a short relationship or a one night stand. I want to feel love from someone which Simon hadn’t shown me in years. I could feel that pure love from you. I’ve seen most of the men stare at me when I go to the town. I could see the lust in their eyes; they were always watching my boobs. I knew they just wanted to grab my boobs and have a quick fuck. And I didn’t divorce Simon because I have nowhere to go. My parents are dead and I have no siblings. So I have to be here.”

I was still very much curious. “That means Uncle Simon is the only man that has slept with you before me?”

“Yes, you can say so. But I had a boyfriend before escort pendik him. He wanted to have sex with me. But I wanted to remain as a virgin till my marriage. He insisted me to do it once. So, one day we went to a secluded spot away from town and he wanted to fuck me at once without ant foreplay. But I didn’t want to fuck. I wanted to get away from him. So, took his tool out and gave him a blowjob. His tool was about 5 inches long when erect. He shot his load in my mouth after about a minute. I knew he wouldn’t get it up to fuck me. Then he wanted to suck my tits. Even at the age of 18 my bra cup size was DD. As soon as I opened the blouse he jumped on to me like a hungry animal and sucked my tits. He was so good at it. It was the only good thing about him. He sucked them for about 10 minutes and he couldn’t get an erection again. So I took it to my advantage and got out from the car and caught a bus to the town. Then we broke up next day and I married your uncle after sometime.”

“He is such a loser. He couldn’t get an erection for the most beautiful woman in the town. By the way, I want to tell you something.”

“Then tell it. You can tell anything to me.”

“But first, you should promise me that you won’t get angry after hearing it.”

“OK. I promise. Now tell me.”

“I….. I want to make love to you in front of Uncle Simon. I want to show him that you are still very much desirable even for a young man.”

Her facial expressions suggested that she couldn’t believe what she just heard. After sometime she spoke. “Oh sweety, you are so naughty. But I don’t want him to see me as a desirable woman anymore. All I want is only you to see me as desirable.”

“You are always desirable to me. But, the idea of getting caught to uncle while we are fucking always turns me on.”

“What will he do after he catches us? He might inform this to your parents. Then you will be kicked out of the house.”

“We can blackmail him by telling about his affair with the secretary. Do you know her name?”

“Yeah, her name is Deepika. 26 years old. Married to a seaman. So he is out of the country for long periods of time.”

“Oh yeah, then we can surprise my uncle today or tomorrow evening. Shall we go shopping, my love?”

She asked me, “to buy what?”

Actually, I had a fantasy of getting fucked by a woman for a very long time. I had seen in some porn movies that woman fucking man’s ass with a strap-on dildo. I couldn’t hold my orgasm longer after watching the first movie of that kind. Still I didn’t know what she would tell me about my fantasy. But, I was going to do it in a way that she cannot deny my request. Most of my sexual fantasies have come true with my gorgeous aunt during last two days.

“I want to buy a special gift for you. I don’t know whether you would like it or not. So it’s better if you can come with me to the shop.”

She jumped on to me with delight. “Of course baby. It’s been a long time since someone has given me a gift. When do we leave?”

“How about now itself? I’ll be ready in 5 minutes. It’s better if you could apply your make up to its best. I want to see you as a sex goddess and that will make me proud about being the boyfriend of the hottest woman in the town.”

I ran to my house in a record time and put on a pair of denim jeans and a white T-shirt. It didn’t take me more than 3 minutes to put them on. I hurried to her house and waited in her living room for about 15 minutes. After sometime I heard her voice behind me. “How do I look like?”

My jaw dropped after seeing her. She was extremely hot. She wore a sleeveless blouse which showed a massive part of her big boobs and long cleavage and a tight pair of jeans which showed her perfect curves of the hips. She had applied dark red colored lipstick and I could feel the smell of her perfume. My body was almost out of my control after seeing her in that outfit and feeling the erotic smell of her perfume. “Oh my god! You are so hot baby. I’m out of control now. I feel like I want to fuck you right here on the sofa.”

She slapped me playfully and touched the bulge formed on my pants. “Don’t be a silly boy. I promise to take care of it after shopping. OK? Let’s go.”

I grabbed the car keys from her. “I’ll drive.”

Then I opened the car door for her to get in. Then I close the door and got in from the other side. She complemented me, “You’ve become a nice gentleman. You certainly know how to treat a lady.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

There were no sex toy shops in our town. So I had to drive to the next town to visit a toy shop. On our way she asked me, “Honey, aren’t going to tell me the name of the shop we are visiting. Why are we going past the town?”

“There are no shops in the town which we can buy your gift. So, we are going to next town.”

I could tell by her facial expressions that she was curious about the gift. I was sure that she would be shocked to see my gift. So, I’ll have to explain her about my fantasy of getting fucked by a woman.

It took us about one and half hours to reach the next town. She was constantly touching my bulge over the pants to keep me aroused. I too occasionally squeezed her boobs and she giggled like a school girl when I did that.

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