TEENAGE MEMORIES – Me and Auntie Sheila


TEENAGE MEMORIES – Me and Auntie SheilaAbout a month after I’d witnessed Auntie Sheila with mum and dad, my parents went out to the pub with some of their friends and Auntie Sheila came down to sit with me, in them days, 1973, c***dren couldn’t be left on their own. We were sitting on the sofa watching TV she was asking about school and stuff and we were talking chit chat.The time came up to a quarter to nine and I asked Auntie Sheila if I could watch the Sweeny, this was a hard hitting cop show in the UK in the 70s, very popular. She said “Does your mum and dad let you watch it?” “No but I watch from the top of the stairs without them knowing” and pointed in that direction.She looked and said “Do you often watch from up there” “Yes fairly often” and her face flushed. I sat looking at her she was wearing a blue top and a blue skirt. As she sat silently I observed her and my mind flashed back a few weeks I started to feel incredibly turned on and sure enough I started to get hard.Sheila turned her head and said “Were you there the other week” “Yes” “Really” “Yes you and my parents were having a real good time”, she elazığ escort blushed and mumbled “You won’t tell Ian will you” (her husband) and I replied “I’ll try not to let it slip” and I smiled. A couple more minutes passed and I leaned over her and touched her breast.She didn’t move as I fondled her breast, after a few seconds I moved closer and my right hand trailed downwards and was soon touching her knee, her head was backwards as her arms were at her side. Moving my hand up under her skirt I was soon touching thighs, as I pulled them apart she spread her legs and my fingers were at the front of her knickers.As I rubbed her slit through her gusset she moaned and after a couple of minutes she lifted up her leg and put her foot on the couch, she turned to face me and with her arm over my shoulders we simultaneously leaned towards each other and kissed, that soon lead into full blown snogging as my finger rubbed her.The harder we snogged the stronger I rubbed her the more she groaned. After a few more minutes I slipped my finger under the elastic of her knicker leg and found her to erzincan escort be soaked, I slipped a finger inside her and massaged her clitoris with my thumb she groaned more, another couple of minutes went by and I now had two fingers in her cunt.As I finger fucked her she was moaning louder and then after another couple of minutes she pulled away from my lips and squealed “Oh my GOD” as I fingered her faster. After a few seconds she put her hand on my arm as I stopped and she smiled. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down and released my teenage 6” throbbing meat.As she smiled I lifted up her legs and swung her around so she was laid full length on the sofa, pulled down her knickers and she opened her legs, I was there cock in hand between her thighs, I saw her wet shaven pussy and edged my cock into her, she groaned as she took my entire length with ease.I started slowly but as I was a teenager the motion took me over and I sped up and was soon fucking her at top speed, her face was screwed up as she took me as her groaning got incredibly louder with every second escort bayan thrust. Unfortunately for me I was feeling like I was coming too soon and slowed down a little, then I pulled out of her.Standing up I said “On your knees” she got off the sofa and knelt at the side with her arms on the cushions as I opened her thighs I was soon back inside her from behind just as dad had fucked her a few weeks before. Reaching round I fondled her tits as I shafted her not too hard but hard enough for her to warrant serious groaning.I was actually proud of myself as I was managing to fuck her hard but maintain my staying power, 5, 6 minutes and I knew I wouldn’t last too long so slowing down she said “No No faster faster” as I sped up she squeaked and then shouted “YES YES OH GOD YES YES” as I smacked my thighs on the back of hers.As she was enjoying her second orgasm I was coming also, gripping her tits and slamming my cock hard into her I gasped as I came spraying my teenage spunk deep into her, I managed a few more strokes before I went limp as she gasped. Standing up I re dressed and she turned round and sat on the sofa smiling.Taking her knickers in her hands she stood up and put them on, sitting back down she said “I can feel your seed running out of me” as I smiled I replied “I better not tell Ian that” as I smiled and went upstairs to my room, again missing a chance to see the ‘Sweeney’.

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