TeensStory 1Lately I started to hang out with a new group of friends. In those times it was all about fun: bars and pubs, concerts, heavy drinking and everything else. Naturally, we soon formed 2 couples, Marry and Alex, Chris and me. So, let’s talk about how it all started between Chris and me:Chris was the kind of a “good guy” that didn’t want to seem like that. Somehow, I decided to f**k him, almost out of boredom, something like “let’s show the guy what a good f**k means”.We were at his place, watching movies and waiting for the rest of the gang to show up, but they were running late. It was a hot summer afternoon, and I was dressed pretty sexy, as I could’ve guessed from his eyes running all over my body: a short black top through you could’ve easily guess my pointy nipples, some jean shorts and my all time heavy, high heeled rockysh boots. I was so bored and so horny, I decided to take hold of the situation. Chris would soon see me stand up from the couch and as I was walking at the computer he was almost counting my steps, running his eyes from my ass to my feet, and from my feet to my ass. I paused the movie and sat on the desk, crossing feet. The guy was puzzled, so I smiled. “We’ve got plenty of time. Wanna have fun, babe?” He just shook his head. “Then come here.” And he got so close to me, like he wanted to hold me in his arms. I smiled again thinking “that wasn’t my idea of come here” so I said “Not that close!” and he made two steps back, again, puzzled. Now it was my time to analyze him: dark long hair, nice face, tall and slim, and mostly, so eager to do anything bahis firmaları for me. I thought “let’s see how far can we go…” “Now, take my boots off, Chris!” He was a few years older than me, but he sure wasn’t so experienced, so it was really easy to mess with his mind, I guess. He got on his knees, as I raised a foot in the air. He open the zipper of my leather boots and then slowly took them off. “Kiss me!” he raised his eyes surprised. “You like it like that?” “Yes.” I lowered my voice. He took a foot and started to kiss it, and suck on my toes, every single last of them, and licked in between them and moved to my soles, caressing them with his tounge. It was such a thrill, such a turn on. “Step back!” I told him, pushing a bit with my feet. “Now, turn around.” Again, he was puzzled, but he did what I said, so I slowly started to undress him. He was trying to peek at what I was doing and that was annoying. He HAD to play my game. “Eyes in front!” I almost ordered. I was now taking off my top and my shorts. I guess he could see my shorts falling on the floor, but not for long, as I used my black top to blindfold him. He was inspiring my scent and I could see his dick rising. I rubed my tits over his back and down his ass, as I was slowly squeezing and caressing his balls. Then, with the steps of a cat, I walked a circle around him, enjoying the view of. Chris was now all naked and blindfolded in the middle of his almost empty room. He was so disorientated, trying to guess where am I. When I reached in front of him, I just slowly touched his cheeks and kaçak iddaa neck with the tip of my tongue. He tasted so good that I decided to continue, down his chest, on his nipples, on his belly. Then I stopped. “Has ever a girl done that to you?” He nodded, so I ran my hands over his chest, as I vio****ly pushed him almost over the desk. I started to kiss and tease the top of his dick, and then, going even further, I licked it, and sucked it deep, while caressing his balls, until I got to feel the taste of his precum on my tounge, but I soon stopped, as I wanted to play with him a little more. I pushed his shoulders, making him kneel. “Open your mouth!” and he did so. I took the vodka we had on the desk and as I put my foot in his mouth, I started to spill the vodka from my foot in his mouth. He wasn’t expecting this, so he chocked. You couldn’t tell if he likes it or not. I was rubbing my soles on his face, letting him lick it good. I was all wet and horny. I drank a bit from the bottle and said: “On your all fours! I will now let you feel what you so much wanted to see!” And as he stood on his hands and knees, I sat on his back, making sure he feels how wet my pussy was. “Now take me to the bed!” I told him as I took hold of his blindfold, mostly to guide his way. I drank a bit more as he was walking me around the room. He was so unsure, so confused, so sweet. When we reached the bed, I got off his back, and sat on the edge of the bed. Chris was still on his all fours, so I grabbed his hair and pushed his head towards my pussy. “Please me!” was all I could moan. kaçak bahis And he did so! God! It felt wonderful. He was gently licking my clit first, then a bit faster, running his tongue up and down, and sucking, and even fucking me with his tongue a bit. He would soon make me cum, but I wanted it to last a bit longer so I spilled a bit more vodka from my belly on my pussy, right in his mouth, again, enjoying his reaction. It was a burning feeling, the alcohol on my pussy, but that would only make me more aroused. So as I climbed with my feet on his shoulders, I made him continue kissing and teasing, and licking until my wetness increased and I came, letting him taste my juices. It felt so releasing. Then, I took the fur blanket he had on the bed, and sensually half covered my naked body. After, I untied his blindfold, as he was still standing on his knees. He had that “what to do now” look in his eyes and wanted to say something but I ran my finger over his lips, silencing him. I was sitting on my hands, with my legs opened, but making sure the blanket doesn’t let him see anything. “Look at me.” I said starring in his eyes. “Now stroke for me!” I whispered. He was so puzzled, but he submitted. Meanwhile, I slowly started to uncover myself until I got all naked, kind of caressing my body. As he was stroking, I was just teasing him, getting my pussy close to his dick, then getting back to keep a distance. Never touched him. I liked to see how aroused he was, to his how he strokes faster and faster, running crazy on my tease. Soon, I could see he was about to cum, so I slowly rubbed my feet on the top of his dick, letting him cover my feet with his hot white cum. I kissed the lips that were still wearing my taste. He was dazed and confused, sitting on his knees, with his dick still in his hand. I left.

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