Telling The Twins Apart


I’m not sure how to write up stories like this but I guess I’ll start with telling you about the people involved. Let me start with my husband and me.

I’m Diane, hubby is Ron, I work as a mortgage loan officer for a local credit union, Ron is a project engineer for a commercial construction company.

We met in college, he was a year older than me and a year ahead. I’m now thirty-one, so he’s thirty-two. He’s six-one, one-eighty and it’s mostly solid, and one of the aspects of my hubby that I appreciate highly is his cock, seven and a little more, also pretty solid and nice and thick around. Wavy brown hair, hazel eyes and nipples that get really hard, just like mine, when sucked. So does his cock, of course.

I’m five-five, one-twenty-two, blond hair past my shoulders, often in a ponytail, blue-gray eyes, one dimple on my left cheek, nice, curvy figure, breasts (You guys have been waiting, haven’t you?) are 36-C and have large and puffy pink nipples which really sprout when sucked. Nice, smooth, bare pussy that hubby gets all nice and wet then shaves. Guess how he gets me wet there? Right. I love it.

So, that’s hubby and me. There are others in this story. There’s Kristen, my sister, she’s older, just turned forty, her husband, Jack, is forty-two and they have two boys, twins, Jeff and Ryan, who are eighteen and just starting college this fall. They’re both six feet even, nicely solid young men, each with short brown hair, and hazel eyes. Also identical twins.

This latter point, as with many idents, they’ve had a lot of fun with over the years though they did try to dress differently in middle school, each with a different hairstyle, Jeff, long, Ryan short, as I recall.

They’re also really cute, well, now more, good looking, handsome and each, their mother tells me, is eagerly pursued by girls throughout high school. I can see why, they’re pretty nice.

Now, I would never be called shy or bashful, never have been. Always pretty much able to get whatever I’ve wanted and very confident about myself and my looks. I’m very attractive and, while I don’t try to push the fact in people’s faces, I do look good and enjoy looking good. Am I a bit of a tease? Yes, most definitely.

The time I want to tell you about is the weekend where I learned how to tell the difference between my twin nephews. It was near the end of summer, they would start classes in just a few weeks, their parents were in Europe for two weeks celebrating their twentieth anniversary and their sons were staying with us.

It was Saturday, right after lunch and I went out to our pool in a yellow bikini I bought this summer, one that really left little to one’s imagination, even a small landing patch of pubic hair probably would have shown. I can tell you, I looked so good.

Jeff and Ryan were already out there in shorts and as I walked over to my chaise lounge, I got whistles from both. That felt pretty good.

“Like what you see, boys? Your auntie’s not such an old lady after all, huh?”

“Oh, Aunt Diane, you’re hotter than any of the girls we go to school with. I just love that bikini, is it new?” asked Jeff, I think.

“Yeah, Ryan’s right, you’re hotter than any girl we know.”

Ah, it was Ryan, not Jeff. Impossible to tell.

“Well, thanks, guys, it’s nice the younger set still appreciates an older woman. How about joining me for a swim?”

“These aren’t swim trunks, we’d need to change,” one of them said.

“Well, if you want to wear trunks, then go change, I’ll be right here,” I said, naughtily hoping they would just strip off and join me in the pool.

Ron had come out a minute before and watched as both our nephews ran into the house to change.

“Gee, hon, if it were me, I would have just stripped naked and jumped in.”

“Well, I had my hopes,” I replied with a grin.

“I think you’ve got some naughty plans for your nephews, Diane.”

“Well, I just might. They’re sure looking good to their auntie.”

“Hey, it’s fine with me, I can hardly keep up with you as it is. Maybe between Jeff and Ryan and me, we can make you kartal escort a happy, happy, girl.”

“Why not leave me alone with them, go on in the house for now, let me see what I can get going?” and he bent down and kissed me.

“What a woman I have, you’re so hot,” and copped a boob-feel then went inside just as my two nephews were coming back outside, now in swim trunks.

“Okay guys, remember, the sun’s really hot. I’d be glad to put sunscreen on you two hunks, even let you put it on me, I need some,” I suggested saucily as I tossed the bottle to them as they scrambled to catch it.

I laid down on the chaise and reached back and untied my top.

“You each want to do a side?” I asked as they came over to my chair. I lay there as I felt the cool gel hit my back then the boys’ hands begin to smear around my back and arms and shoulders gliding smoothly across my skin. It did feel sexy, I must admit. I’m sure it did to them, oh, for sure.

They spread more sunscreen along my legs, even on my butt cheeks which, in this thong suit were mostly on display. I was hoping a hand might dip down along my inner thighs but it wasn’t happening so I moaned and spread open hoping one or both of them would get the hint.

But, alas, it still didn’t happen.

“Thanks, boys, that should so it,” I said and they went back into the pool swimming and splashing around.

I figured, ‘what the hell,’ and got up, walked over to the pool and dove in, glancing in their direction as I did. Their eyes were glued to my tits as I arced into the water.

As I came up, I took a few strokes and stood up. I was just deep enough that my breasts looked like they were floating on the water’s surface, right at nipple height with the bright sunlight glinting off the droplets adhering to my breasts.

My nephews began wading toward me, their eyes hungry. Well, they just didn’t know their Aunt Diane well enough, did they? So I wiggled up the ladder and out of the water. As I stood there dripping with water, I did a little dance for them shaking my boobs.

“Oh, take it off, Aunt Diane, come on, show us your stuff,” yelled one of them.

The other, shouted, “Yeah, let’s see your pussy, come on.”

I moved back to the chaise, took the sunscreen and smoothed it all down the front of my legs, all around my middle and stomach, then, looking straight at them, squirted some in my hands and began rubbing it all over my breasts. I thought their eyes would pop out as I rolled my nipples between my fingers.

“Mmm, nice and hard, just the way I like ’em. Bet they’re not the only things that are nice and hard, right boys? Maybe I should take this off,” I told them as I lifted up a string tying my bottom thong together.

“No, I guess I won’t, too bad you guys have to wear those stupid swim trunks,” I taunted.

“So, you two want some sunscreen?” I asked and they were immediately up out of the water, standing next to me, trying not to be too obvious about staring at my boobs.

So I started on their backs as the stood in front of me, then arms.

“Turn around, guys, um, which one are you?” I asked the one on my left.

“I’m the good looking-one, that makes him Jeff,” he answered.

I put some more sunscreen on my hands and, standing in front of them, began rubbing my hands on their chests and down onto their stomachs. I just kept going and pushed each hand down into each swimsuit in front of me and, lo and behold, ran right over two erect cocks which I gripped.

Oh, my.

Ryan was on my left, Jeff was on my right. What a difference.

Jeff’s cock was just what I expected, about six inches or so and hard as a rock. Ryan, oh, Ryan, my, my, it had to be at least eight, maybe more, inches in length and, standing there with each boy’s cock in my grip, oh, yes, Ryan was not only longer but thicker around. Very, very nice.

At last I had a way to tell them apart. A way that, perhaps, I wouldn’t share with their mother, my sister, but just keep to myself.

I pulled my hands up out of their trunks, took Ryan’s by the lower hem and maltepe escort bayan pulled them to the concrete. His cock flopped right into my face. Smiling up at him as both boys stood there rather astonished, I opened my mouth, and leaned forward taking him in and sucking him as I smiled up at my nephew, Ryan.

Then I backed-off, gripping his cock and licking all around the head.

“Mmm, god, that’s good,” he moaned. I took in more of him and soon, he tensed, threw his hips forward and I felt the spurts of his cum splattering at the back of my mouth.

I pulled off him, turned to his brother Jeff, pulled his trunks down and took him in my mouth to suck, then licked all around as Ryan watched. I moved my free hand to his cock and held him as I sucked his brother.

I could take all of Jeff’s cock into my mouth and soon had him cumming. I licked the tip off, stood up and pulled them both to me as they each kissed me while their hands roved all over my body.

“Who’s your favorite aunt, now, boys?” I asked.

“Oh, you are, Aunt Diane, no question,” Ryan answered.

“Let’s go find your Uncle Ron, fellows, and we can have some more fun,” I asked them as I started pulling them toward the house by their cocks.

“Geez, is he still home? I figured he went out somewhere,” Ryan asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, guys, he knows I’m a naughty girl. He doesn’t mind at all as long as I let him in on the fun, come on,” and we went upstairs to our bedroom where Ron had been watching from the window.

As we went in our bedroom, Ron said, “You three have been having fun, I was watching from up here. It’s fun being adults now, right, guys?”

“Oh, it sure is when we have an aunt like this one,” Jeff said.

“You’ll find out soon just how much fun she is, right hon?” my sweet hubby told them.

“Oh, yeah,” I said as I pulled the bed covers down, pulled off my thong and got up on the bed, legs wide. “Jeff, wanna be first?” I asked as I patted my pussy, all freshly shaven for the day’s fun.

“Omigod, we’re really doing this, wow,” as he got up between my legs as I asked him, “I love to be eaten first, Jeffie-boy,” and he dipped his head down and began licking and sucking and tonguing me making me think that he’s done this before.

I lay back as my nephew ate me out and motioned his twin to move closer so I could stroke his cock. Ron came over to the other side of the bed, his big cock swinging from side to side and I reached out for him as well. Here I was, on my bed naked, legs spread wide getting eaten out while I jacked his cock back and forth.

“Mmm, nice, Jeffie, come fuck your Auntie Diane, now,” I asked and he lifted his wet face up smiling as he crawled up, gripping his cock as he put it to my wet slit and pushed right in. He pressed in until he was fully inside me then drew back, keeping up the rhythm as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the first of my nephews fucking me.

I just loved the hardness of his cock as it slid in and out of me. I was, by now, so horny, so aroused that I was moaning, getting closer with each stroke as Ron and Ryan watched, each one unable to leave their own cocks alone.

Jeff had his head down sucking a nipple as I began to spiral upwards into a very nice climax.

“UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, mmm, mmm, oh, Jeffie, mmm, that was lovely,” I groaned, happy with his hard cock inside me.

Right then, he shoved hard into me as I felt the spurts deep inside of me.

“Oh, OH, UH, UH, oh, Aunt Diane, oh, so good, yeah, mmm, mmm,” and he dropped down on me kissing me as I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him tight into me.

“That was wonderful, you are the hottest woman there is,” he mumbled.

“Well, Ryan, looks like you’re next, guy,” my hubby offered as Jeff pulled out of me and got up off the bed. Now, my other nephew waggled up onto the bed and, like the wonderful nephew that he is, lowered down to give his aunt some lovely oral stimulation, then, raised back up, gripped his nice, long, thick cock and pushed it in through my labia, then, with another shove, all the escort pendik way in where he began to stroke in and out.

Oh, he was bigger than my hubby, Ron; it felt so good. He was looking down at me, his hands massaging my boobs, smiling, knowing he had a great cock that I was enjoying so intently. And, it was not just big, Ryan was skilled in using it. I raised my legs up over him and moved my hips around as he went back and forth. It was so good.

I pulled his head down and whispered, “Now I know how to tell you two apart and it feels so good.”

He raised back up and smiled as he took long, slow strokes, knowing what I had discovered about my twin nephews. He bent back down to my ear, “Any time you want it, Aunt Diane, it’s all yours. I can’t believe how tight you are. Any time, remember that,” and he kissed me, sliding his tongue in as I did the same. He was a great fuck.

Ryan got me off so wonderfully, it was just the best and I did my hip-wiggling that always gets a guy’s cum deposited quickly when I do it. Then, I knew Ron was ready to add his semen to all the rest as he swapped places with Ryan and pushed right up inside and began pumping me good.

He was up over me stroking his cock in and out of my boy-cum-filled pussy as I looked over at my nephews who were jacking back and forth.

“Come suck a boob, you two,” and they went to each side of the bed and sat leaning over to suck my nipples. Like the good aunt I am I took each of their cocks and began jacking for them.

I lay there entertaining three hard cocks, just enjoying every possible second. Ron was also rubbing my clit like the good man that he is, oh, this was wonderful, so hot.

Ron got me off but good and then had a suggestion to make.

“Why don’t you just let your nephews fuck you until they can’t get it up any more. Let’s see, you’ve had three fucks already. What do you think guys? Hon, you up for that?”

We all agreed and for the rest of the afternoon and evening, I had one or the other of my nephews fucking me, with Ron taking the occasional turn himself. We had four towels under me to catch the overflow.

Now, I love to be fucked and these two horny young nephews were giving me orgasms over and over, just never getting soft. They gleefully fucked their auntie over and over and over.

I kept changing positions, going from on my back, to doggie, to on my side, upper leg lifted. I love the angle that one gets in my pussy. It’s a fast, hard cum every time.

Then, I got up out of bed, widened my stance, bent over and gripped my ankles as they each took turns fucking me from behind. I had rivulets of cum drizzling down my legs.

Then, all of us exhausted, we went out to the hot tub and had a lovely soak as we groped each other. The boys ended up fucking me as water splashed over the side as each thrust created it’s own tsunami of wave after wave.

It finally got late and we all went upstairs and the boys wanted one more go which I let them have and then Ron and I crawled under the covers and they tucked us in. I was fucked-out.

I was still dead asleep when I felt the bed move and a body with a very hard cock press in behind me. I knew it was Ryan, the cock was hard and big and long.

“What do you want, Ryan?” I asked over my shoulder as Ron moved up on his elbow.

“You know what I want, Aunt Diane, here,” and he shoved his cock at my backside.

“Oh, come on, my horny little nephew wants some of Auntie Diane’s pussy, does he? Didn’t get enough last night?” About that time, his twin, Jeff came in the room, also with his hard dick looking for me.

“You’ll just have to wait, Jeff,” I said now easily knowing which was which. I rolled on my back and Ryan got up between my legs and shoved right up into me. They seemed used to Ron allowing me to do what I wanted as Ryan began pumping away while his twin brother watched and slowly stroked himself waiting his turn.

So, with a week and a half before their parents came back, I got fucked countless times, really countless. Not only were the twins just as horny as one would expect at their age, the whole situation had Ron wanting his fair share as well. I had hundreds of semen-injections, I’m sure.

And, guess what?

They’re skipping Spring Break and coming here for a week. Guess they know where the sex is the best. I’m already wet. See?

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