Tempted by brother (Part 5 out of 8)


Tempted by brother (Part 5 out of 8)This seemed like a completely ordinary day. I was trying to concentrate on my homework, my brother was on the phone with our mom. Apparently our parents would come home late tonight so they were calling to advise us now, there was some late celebration at the restaurant that they own. And they were offered some trip tickets for two, by possible franchise owners, they were in no position to refuse and they will be packing immediately, or more specifically they asked us to pack for them. Like I said everything was ordinary, except for how excited I was to stay with my brother alone for a whole two weeks. In which one of them was a spring break vacation. Life couldn’t get better than this.So I dropped my homework and my brother and I went to pack for our parents. My brother was going through the list of the things to pack, that our mother left for us on her dresser, when suddenly he turned red.-What is it?- I asked surprised by my brother’s reaction. -She wants me to pack this.- he said showing me the list.I looked at where his finger was pointing.“In the bottom dresser, where your father’s underwear is, there is a purple box of condoms, make sure you don’t forget it, it’s very important.”My face turned red as well. I had no clue our parents were still going at it. They were barely home to begin with. But then again, I must get my kurtköy escort horny genes from somewhere. Although that was more information, than I wanted to know. By the weird look on my brother’s face I concluded he thought the same.In a couple of hours we were done packing. A perfectly well packed suitcases were standing in the hallway, all thanks to our teamwork, my brother and I.This felt good. Soon I will be asking for chores, as long as I get to do them with my brother. I get to spent so little time with him with this damn school already. Although I am lucky we are even going to the same college and on Mondays and Thursdays our classes are right next to each other.I was back to studying, when suddenly I heard my brother call me. I ran to our room, to see what it was about. It’s so rare that he calls me, plus his voices really sounded weirded out. When I barged in, in our room, I got the explanation. There were sheets everywhere, he has taken off the bed sheets and pillow cases in order to do laundry. And now he was standing in front of my bed, holding his gray shirt that I was sniffing that time, when playing with myself. I put it under my pillows then and completely forgot about it. No wonder I have been having wet dreams more often than usual, with his body smell so close to mine.But now I was busted, I had no clue how to explain this. maltepe escort Here came the inevitable question:-What is my shirt doing under your pillow?-I don’t know how it got there.He was looking at me persistently with squinting eyes, this was hard to take. My face started to heat up. But weirdly enough, he easily gave up:-Fine, never mind.That was weird. But then again, I got away with it, was I in any position to protest. However, I had uneasy feeling throughout the whole day.This evening we both went to bed early. I can’t speak for my brother, but I didn’t feel like seeing my parents and have a bunch of things to do while they’re away. But I was happy that he was there with me.We were both laying down in the dark, neither of us sleeping.-What are you thinking about?- I asked suddenly, not able to keep the silence.-Nothing- he quickly blurted and then added sarcastically.-Why your empty head doesn’t have its own thoughts to think about?Here we go, again with the teasing. Just because I was born a blonde like our dad he constantly makes fun of it. And he’s lucky, he got dark brown hair from our mother. -Whatever.- I said and turned to the wall, trying to resist the urge to stare at him, which was quite hard. Soon I fell asleep. I was dreaming about a jungle, I was running through a forest. When suddenly I saw very beautiful open kartal escort gates. I walked through them, and continued to walk on some path amongst wild flowers. Then I heard water nearby and I made it to the waterfall and a clear beautiful lake, in which stood my brother, fully naked, only steam from the lake covering him slightly. He was washing himself and it seem like he couldn’t see me. So I kept watching him. His hands roaming on his body. Suddenly he saw me and teleported in front of me. In the next second we were both in the lake. He bend me over silently and covered my back in kisses, while cupping my breasts. His hands then slid down, holding my waist and then one reached between my legs. He then stopped kissing my back and penetrated me from behind. What happened next was amazing, I kept feeling his hands all over my body, while my body arched in pleasure with each penetration. And then I woke up…He was standing in front of me, shaking my shoulder. -What’s wrong?- I asked in a scratchy voice from my sleep.-You looked like you were in pain, you kept moaning and twitching. Did you have another nightmare?My brother is really clueless, but I am so glad. -Yes. I did.- I lied.-Would you sit next to me for awhile?-Sure. What did you dream about?-Long snakes and tsunamis.-I said and closed my eyes, while holding his hand. I couldn’t even look at him. I was so horny. It was his fault he woke me up. He shouldn’t have. But now that he has, I wanted him, the real him, the one that is sitting on the edge of my bed. My body was burning with desire, but my mind wanted that dream to continue, and soon I drifted off again into my fantasies.

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