That evil girl!

That evil girl!’Cheap flights Cam!’ Jess said over the phone to Cameron, ‘What?’ he replied, ‘Cheap flight to Thailand, Honey!’ Jess repeated. Sitting at work Cameron thought while Jess talked away, ‘She’s such a hedonist that girl!, never a dull moment in her life and there is not a chance in hell of me stopping her!’ he thought to himself, best be on this team rather than on the other side. ‘Great idea, you pay for the flights and I’ll pay for the rest!’. ‘Done’ Jess replied and hung up her phone. Since moving in together Jess and Cameron had had a whirlwind romance. Jess loved to live life to the full and certainly got a kick from taking Cameron with her. She had a very cheeky side to her which she loved to bring out when it was most unwanted. Cameron saw Jess as a person he could mold, he wanted to keep that cheeky side but really wanted the polished side of her to be there when it counted. She had other ideas. Thinking back, there was the time that he took her to that expensive fine dining restaurant for her birthday, she looked simply stunning, he was so proud of her. All was going so well until she returned from visiting the ladies room and tossed her g-string that she’d been wearing across the table at him, sitting there with a big grin on her face, the act not lost on the table next to them. Then there was the time when they were in the city in the men’s department of a high-end store and she gave him a blow job to completion in the men’s change room with people queuing outside. She really was at times over the top. But he really cared about her and would put up with almost anything to have her. So the thought of going to Thailand filled him with both excitement and worry.The flight into Bangkok was uneventful, the very early flight made it easy to catchup on a few hours sleep. Arriving in the late afternoon, Cameron was immediately struck by the number of people. Yes he lived in a big city but being from the country still made him feel uneasy around so many people. Jess of course loved it! She knew once the flights had been booked that she would need to do all the other things. Cam would just have to pay! Once negotiating Immigration and Customs they found the tourist shuttle bus to take them from the airport to their hotel. Stepping out of the airport they were met with a blast of hot, humid Bangkok air. The bus door swung open and a blast of cold air con hit them back. Stepping into the bus they found seat as the luggage was loaded for them. Cam had never been much of a traveler, preferring to work and save. Jess as expected was the opposite, originally from England she backpacked around Europe and then to Australia where she found a feeling of home. Meeting Cameron was the clincher for her. She knew the things she did at times were alittle over the top but he still enjoyed himself! she thought. ‘He didn’t seem too upset when her old girlfriend who she’d lived with in Rome stayed with them for three weeks and she gave Cameron his first threesome, hang on, his first of many, many threesomes in the three weeks she thought!’ The bus raced through the streets of Bangkok, horns beeping, driver dodging traffic and people as they made their way to each of the hotels on the route. The bus eventually made it to their hotel. It was not quiet what Cameron had in mind but, ‘Never judge a book’ Jess would say. The hotel was a smallish four-star (self rated) place. Staff rushed to grab their luggage and bring it into the reception area. A lady with a walkie-talkie in hand greeted them, ‘Welcome, please take a seat in the waiting area’, with that two went over and sat, they were offered a fresh cold glass of coconut juice while they waited. The lady then asked the booking confirmation, passports and a credit card to secure any incidentals. These were all promptly returned along with a set of two key cards to their room. ‘Your room is 210, on the second floor, you may head to your room and the kaçak iddaa porter will be by with your luggage’ the lady politely said. ‘Again, Jess was right, never judge a book!’ Cameron thought to himself and looked at Jess who seemed to read his mind and smiled.Room 210 was not a large room but was well appointed, queen sized bed, big screen TV and a clean bathroom. Their luggage arrived and the porter tipped, both Jess and Cameron were keen to freshen up and head out to explore. While Cam changed Jess flipped through all the hotels information, she knew where breakfast was served, what time the rooftop pool was open till and where to get ice. With Cameron ready they headed to reception to get a map. Cameron mentioned he was thirsty and getting hungry. Plane food did that to him! The streets around their hotel were surrounded by offices, not the Red light district like he thought Jess would have picked! As they walked a few blocks towards music that called them like a siren. It felt to Cameron like they’d hit the fringes of the Red light district. Jess holding Cameron’s hand pulled him into a bar with no dancing girls and looked like it served food. Cameron was pleased, he wanted a cold beer and a feed. The waitresses flocked to their table with menus, a bowl of peanuts and wet hand towels to wash their hands. Cameron immediately saw what he wanted and ordered, ‘Can I please have a large beer and a Beef Burger with cheese please?’ the waitress nodded and turned to Jess, ‘I’ll have a beer too and a papaya salad’. With that the waitresses left. The two cold beers arrived within minutes and the two toasted and then drank. As the cold beer began to refresh them the two began to talk about the plans for the trip. Jess had most things planned but had managed to keep Cameron in the dark as he was too focused on work. ‘Okay, so what’s the plan?’ he said. ‘When, tonight?, well I thought we’d eat, have a few drinks and get back to the hotel for an ‘early night!’, Jess said in her cheeky tone. “And for the holiday?” Cameron enquired. “Well, we’re only here in Bangkok for a couple of nights, I am going to organise a private driver for tomorrow to take us around the sights’. “After that?’ said Cameron. “Pattaya” said Jess with a big grin. Cameron couldn’t believe he had not got all of the details from Jess until now, he really did need a holiday he thought. Three large beers plus a burger and fries later Cameron was ready to head back to the hotel. Jess grabbed his hand and skipped as they headed back to the hotel. Once up in their hotel room Jess shot into the bathroom for a shower while Cameron channel surfed on the TV. Bounding out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her she jumped on the bed, ‘Your turn babe!’ flicking him on the thigh. When Cameron emerged from the bathroom he found the lights down low and a naked Jess on the bed, she looked like she’d started while he was showering. Her legs were wide open and one hand resting on her pussy. She beckoned him with her finger. ‘Come over here, by the bed’. Cameron in only his underpants walked over to the side of the bed where Jess was. As he got closer he noticed the shine of her wet pussy, ‘the dirty girl started without me!’ he thought. As she now knew she’d been caught and continued to rub herself staring at him lustfully.Cameron stood by Jess as she moved her free hand to his now bulging underpants and rubbed his swelling cock. ‘Are you ready too babe?’ she said. Watching Jess touching herself never took much asking she loved it and she knew he loved watching her. Jess now pulled down Cameron’s undies and pulled him by the cock closer to her so she could suck him while she fingered herself. This was something she really loved to do when it was just the two of them. ‘A cock in her mouth and a finger in her pussy’ she thought. Cameron was happy to let this roll. He felt lazy but the also knew she liked it this way so she sucked perabet güvenilir mi him until he came in her mouth and as his cum was being swallowed she came, not her best orgasm but a good deep one none the less. Cameron now flopped onto the bed and into her arms. The two fell asleep.After playing tourist for a couple of days around Bangkok the couple were ready to head to the coast to Pattaya, ‘Sun, sand and surf’ Cameron thought. Jess had hired a driver to take them to Pattaya. In his broken English the driver gesticulated that they’d have a ‘good time’. Cameron looked confused but Jess giggled, ‘he’s a funny guy’ said Jess to play down what he meant. The hotel Jess had chosen was off the main street in the middle of all of the ‘action’. It was a bright and breezy hotel with friendly staff. Cameron instantly noticed the number of European backpackers and Australian tourists all clad in shorts, t-shirts and thongs. Across the road from their hotel as a large bar then as series of smaller ones as the road headed to the main street. Many of the bars were closed during the day. Their hotel room was smaller than the last one in Bangkok but it had a balcony and a double shower, something that Jess wanted to put to good use! Changing into their beach-wear the two headed out to see what the place had to offer. Cameron commented to Jess, ‘There are so many bars!’. ‘Yes babe this is like a sin city’. Cameron should have known, ‘Hedonist and deviate was his Jess!’. Making their way to the footpath along the beach they walked away from the crowds, they passed a putt-putt golf place, some nice gardens and many, many hawkers selling their wares. They moved down to the sand and walked on the beach, in the late afternoon most of the bathers had headed to the comfort of the bars or the hotel pools. Turning around they headed back towards the hotel to shower and change. “Let’s find somewhere to eat dinner the other direction later babe!” Jess said. After changing into jeans, t-shirts and sneakers the pair began to head along ‘Walking Street” snapping a quick photo of each other under the big sign. The bright flashing lights and the door girls had begun to fill the street encouraging people to come into their bar over that bar. Jess mentioned she’d be interested in seeing a ‘show’ later. The pair found a touristy restaurant selling a huge variety of seafood cooked how you liked it. Deciding that they’d been pretty good so far they splurged. They ate oysters, prawns, fish, lobsters and crab. Stuffed to their limits they waddled back to the hotel burning off as much of dinner as possible. By the time they got to the hotel they were both hot and sweaty, ‘Want to go for a swim Jess?” Cameron said as they entered the foyer of the hotel. ‘Yep’, Jess replied. The rooftop pool looked so inviting, the pool was only open for another hour. An Asian couple with their two k**s were packing up as they put their towels down on the empty deck chairs. It was still quiet hot outside and both of them dived straight into the water to cool off. “So nice” said Jess as she hit the surface. “Awesome: said Cameron. Jess swam towards him and put her arms around him and kissed his cheek. ‘Are you enjoying the holiday?’ she said, ‘Yeah so far it has been great, I am glad you pushed us to go!’ he replied. Jess in her bikini began to rub her chest back and forth across Cameron’s chest as they hugged in the pool. Cameron feeling very relaxed and comfortable with Jess wrapped around him slipped both his hands into the bottoms of Jess’s bikini and fondled her ass. Jess kissed his ear and said to him ‘are you horny babe, wanna do it here?’ Cameron looked about,they had the pool to themselves, as he did Jess undid the draw-string on his board shorts and slipped her hand into his swimming trunks and found his semi-erect cock and started to feel it. Cameron slid both hand out from her bikini to her hips and perabet giriş tugged on the draw strings on both side of her bikini bottoms. The bikini pants sinking to the bottom. Jess kissed down on Cameron’s bottom lip and made a growl as she moved herself down so she could get Cameron cock inside her. He pushed her against the wall of the pool and she took his cock and aimed it straight at her pussy. Cameron began to fuck her as hard as he could in the pool. Jess had both hands around his neck saying ‘Yeah babe, do it, oh yeah!’. They kept fucking for ages but neither of them was close to cumming so they stopped. As they did a member of staff came through the door to the pool and seeing them in the pool he advised then that the pool was closing very soon. He seemed to not notice them too much or that they both had no bottoms on. With that they both laughed, grabbed their swim wear from the bottom of the pool and with their towels wrapped around themselves headed back to their hotel room. Once inside Jess headed straight to the shower and tuned on both shower heads. Dropping her towel she said the Cameron, ‘We’re not finished yet!’ She grabbed him by the towel wrapped around his waist and pulled him into the shower with her leaving the door to the shower open. She had hold of his now erect cock and stroked it, he found her pussy and pushed two fingers straight inside her and she gasped with pleasure as he forced them in. He found her clit with his thumb and rubbed it while she continued to stroke him. They both moaned with pleasure as the water cascaded over their bodies. Jess released her grip on his cock and pulled his hand from her pussy, she then turned and faced the wall with both hands on the tiles to steady herself. ‘Fuck me babe’ she told him. Cameron grabbed both hips and pushed his cock inside her it was still wet from the pool and her juices. He continued to fuck her as she moaned and groaned. Jess was getting wetter and wetter and Cameron was finding it hard to stay inside her. The next time he slipped out she grabbed his cock tight with one hand, with the free hand she put a large amount of spit on it and wiped it on his cock and the rest on her asshole, once she had finished she held is cock against her asshole and said ‘Slowly babe, do it slowly’. Although they had tried anal sex a few times when they were both really drunk it never worked well enough for them both to enjoy it. It looked so good in the movies! Cameron applied a little pressure as Jess relaxed her ass, she guided his cock into her ass, slowly it went in. She groaned deeply as the head of Cameron’s cock went past the tight muscle of her ass. As Cameron began to push in further she turned her head towards the mirror opposite the shower an could see the last part of Cameron’s cock moving into her ass. What a turn on she thought. This now felt ok she thought. She came Cameron the signal that it was ok to fuck her alittle harder. He began to pull out all the way to his knob and then push back in till his pubes crushed against Jess’s bum. He could feel his approaching orgasm in his balls. ‘I wanna cum in your ass babe’ he said. ‘Okay, but not yet, I am getting close and want to cum together’ Jess said as she felt the cock moving faster and faster inside her. Taking one had off the wall she found her clit and needed to rub it, that felt so much better and her moaning got heavier, she was gunna come soon too and it was going to be a big one. Cameron sensed she was close and steadied himself. How hot would it be to cum in her ass while she is also cumming. Jess then took two fingers and pushed them into her pussy, she pushed hard against her vaginal wall to try and feel Cameron’s cock in he ass, while not being able to the thought brought her orgasm closer as she returned her fingers to her clit. “Oh babe, I’m gunna………..cumming’ she let out and with that Cameron felt himself shoot his cum deep inside her. The two of them moaned and groaned as they both climaxed Cameron feeling Jess’s ass spasming while he emptied his balls. ‘Fuck that was awesome babe’ he said pulling his cock out of Jess. She turned and gave him a look of total satisfaction. ‘Fuck that was good’ she replied.

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