That Night At Seema Lodge


That Night At Seema Lodgedeleteddeleted”Okay madam…this is the place.”I peered out of the window at the nondescript four storey building. The street wasn’t too well lit, so with my sunglasses on at midnight, I couldn’t see much. I took them off and got a better look. Wooden letters above the entrance said SEEMA LODGE. This was indeed the place.I handed the cabbie a 500 rupee note and picked up my handbag.”Keep the change.” I said.”One minute madam.” the cabbie said just as I was about to open the door. He was staring at the note.”What happened? Is it not enough?” I asked.”Madam…..maybe it’s none of my business but… have given me a 300 rupee tip. So you’re clearly not in need of money. You sound and act like an educated lady from a good family.”I looked at him in confusion. He turned around, an expression of concern and compassion on his wrinkled old face.”Madam….you’re my daughter’s age. Why are you going to such a place? I know what sort of things happen here. I can understand someone doing it for money but…””You’re right. It’s none of your business.” I said opening the door and stepping out.He poked his head out the window.”Are you in some sort of trouble? Can I help in some way? I know people…””WILL YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS?”He was taken aback. I looked at the worried face and felt a surge of appreciation for his decency and kind spirit. It wasn’t his fault.”I am….I am sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled.” I said. “But please, I have to go.”I turned around and walked up the steps to the entrance. There was a mountain of a man standing at the entrance. Security and bouncer I guessed. He looked at me with a blank expression. I tried to walk past him, but he held out his log like arm.”Who are you with?””Excuse me?””Never seen you before. And I wasn’t told there’s gonna be a new girl. Are you with Tahir? Sridhar? Giri?””I…I don’t understand. I am here for a….meeting.””I know what kind of a meeting you’re here for, raand!” he growled. Did he just call me a whore? Well, I suppose that was one perspective. But how did he know?”Listen….I….”That’s when a couple came out through the entrance. A middle aged man with his arm around a woman dressed in a miniskirt and garish make-up. They giggled as they walked past us. The woman gave me an almost territorial look before walking by.Shit! That’s why the cabbie was so worried. Motherfucker Goyal had chosen a whorehouse? I had half a mind to turn around and go home. If only I could.The guard was still looking at me menacingly. That’s when another man came out. He was wearing a cheap looking ill fitting suit. Looked like a hotel manager.”Oh….you must be the guest of Mr. Sebi?””Sebi? Oh….yes yes. Yes. I am.””Let her through.” he said to the guard who moved away.The hotel lobby was dimly lit and garish. There were half a dozen ladies of the night sitting on various couches and chairs. A couple of men were on their cellphones. Presumably their pimps or customers.The manager escorted me to the lift.”Third floor.” he said and pushed a button.I stood there wordlessly. He was scrutinizing my face. Or what little of it was visible. I was wearing my biggest pair of sunglasses, covering half my forehead and my cheeks. And I had a scarf wrapped around my head and neck like a hijaab.”Have we met before?” he asked.”No.””There’s something very familiar about you. I know you’re not one of the working girls. But….I have seen you somewhere.””I don’t think so.”I had always hated doing those interviews with news channels as the “face” of the company. And appearing on magazine covers. It didn’t exactly make me a celebrity but did make me recognizable to people who watched the news regularly. Which this manager fella probably did.Maybe I should’ve worn a burqa. Thankfully the lift door opened and I walked in.”Mr. Sebi is in room 304.”Even through my utter loathing and revulsion for Goyal, I couldn’t help but smile at his sense of irony in picking a fake name. Sebi…or rather SEBI. Securities and Exchange Board of India.”You leave me no choice. I have to go to SEBI then.” Goyal got up from the chair in my office. This was in the middle of the day a week ago.”Wait! SIT!” I said in a raised voice. He complied.”Don’t yell at me.” he said brusquely. “You can’t play boss lady in this situation anymore.””Come on, Goyal! Be reasonable! I have already agreed to give you the money.””And I appreciate that you didn’t haggle with me about that.””That’s enough money for you and your next few generations to live on. In fact….I will double it!””That’s very gracious of you, but my original demand stands. You can’t negotiate or threaten your way out of this. Maybe you’d like to watch the clip again.””No, I don’t…”But he swiped his phone screen and started that damn video again. From the party.”You’re k**ding!” Hirani said.”I am not. It’s almost a done deal.” my dad responded, downing what must have been his eighth scotch of the night. “The Germans will be signing the contract on Thursday. We’re doing it hush hush in Goa.””Your company’s stock is going to go through the roof!””That’s the hope! But you have to keep this to yourself, Hiru.””My lips are sealed. I still remember the trouble you had two years ago.”My stupid stupid dad. Smart in so many ways, but dumb dumb dumb when it came to this stuff. And he hadn’t learned! Even after all the lawyer’s fees and bribes and deals we had to make to keep him from a criminal conviction that time.And of all the people he could have blabbed to, it had to be that sleazebag Hirani. He had absolutely no scruples.Sure enough, next day a collection of several investors picked up a lot of stocks for our company. Hirani knew how to cover his tracks. But after seeing this video, I knew it had to be him.”I love this video! I could watch it all day!” Goyal said and grinned.I sat in silence. The fight almost went out of me. I tried to appeal to his conscience. If he even had one.”Please Goyal uncle….””Uncle!” he said and cackled.”I am a married woman. And I am willing to give you as much money as I have. Please just don’t…”He got up. Put the phone in his pocket.”We are going in circles. You have my terms. They are not negotiable. If you want to keep your father from being finally jailed for insider trading, you know what you have to do. The SEBI has been trying to nab him for years. I am sure I will get a very generous reward either way.”I stared at the desk, sighed and nodded.”Consider this my resignation from the company. You will get an email about the next steps.”I stood outside the door of room 304 for a fool two minutes before I knocked on it. It opened, but only a a little crack.”Give me your bag.” Goyal’s voice said.”What kind of a shady hotel….””GIVE IT TO ME!”I turned over my handbag to him. The door closed. It opened a minute later.”Frisk her. But outside.””What?” I asked as a big burly brute almost seven feet tall stepped out from behind Goyal. He was taller than even the bouncer outside. “What the hell, Goyal?””I need to make sure you don’t have any weapons.”The brute ran his hands all over my body. But didn’t cop a feel. Even when he ran his hands up the inside of my thigh and checked my crotch over the fabric of my jeans, there was a strictly professional air to it. “She’s clean.” he said after frisking me “Okay. Stand guard outside. One hand on your gun.”That’s when I noticed that the brute had a gun holstered on his waist. Goyal beckoned me in. I took a deep breath and followed him.”This whole cloak and dagger routine is unnecessary.” I said as I examined the room. It was a lot nicer than I had expected, given how shady the rest of the place was.”Yeah right! Goyal walked to the window, pushed the curtain aside and examined the street outside. “For all I know, your father has already hired multiple hitmen.””You watch too many movies!” I said, taking a slip of paper out of my handbag. I also felt relieved that I had resisted the urge to take my gun along. It would’ve made for an even more unpleasant situation.Goyal looked at me and smiled. He was wearing a white bathrobe that displayed the thick gray hair on his chest. And the thick hair on his legs. I had to fight off an urge to vomit as I contemplate what lay ahead.”Either you’re being willfully ignorant or you don’t know what your father has done in the past to some of his enemies. But I know. I quite literally know where the skeletons are buried.”I ignored the implication and handed him the paper. He looked at it. Then he took out a cellphone.”Have a seat, madam.” I sat on a swivel chair next to a desk as he called the bank in Switzerland and confirmed the details. Then he told them the details of a different account to transfer the money to. He then called the other bank. But before speaking to them, he said”Sorry madam, I am going to have to go into the bathroom. Can’t have you overhearing all the account numbers and passwords. Your memory is legendary.”I shrugged. When he was inside the bathroom, I took the scarf and the sunglasses off. I checked inside my handbag and made sure the condoms were there. The minutes crawled by. I just sat in the chair, repeating to myself that all this was necessary to save my father. To save the company. To save the family. “You look gorgeous as always, madam.” Goyal stepped out of the bathroom. “But I wish you had dressed up a bit.”I was wearing mommy jeans and a plain black button down shirt.”What the fuck do you think this is? A date?” Goyal smiled and approached me. I shivered with disgust as he put a hand on my cheeks.”So soft!”He bent down and kissed me. The stench of tobacco filled my nostrils. I was passive in the kiss as his tongue poked inside my mouth for a minute or so and deposited a few ounces of his spit inside.He then got on his knees next to the swivel chair. His grubby hairy fingers reached for my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. My white bra slowly came into view as each button gave way. He left the bottom two buttons alone and put his hands on my boobs.”I can’t tell you how many times I have jacked off imagining how these tits must look. Especially when you show a hint of cleavage.”I sat passively, my arms hanging on the side as he put his face in my cleavage and shook it sideways. His bald head rubbed against my chin.”I have always wondered if your nipples are pink or brown. My bet is on pink.”He shoved his fingers inside my bra and scooped my boobs out.”I knew it!”He stuck his tongue out of his mouth, looked into my eyes and wagged it sideways suggestively with a wink. I looked away. A second later, I felt the tip of his tongue flick my left nipple. I shivered. I had always been sensitive to the touch of a tongue on my nipples. And even this disgusting tongue attached to this revolting face drew a response. I hated myself. His tongue then move to the right nipple. He also bit it gently. I was staring at the wall, wondering when all this would be over.”I still remember the first time I noticed your big tits. Around ten years ago when you came for the company picnic. You were on vacation from your college in America. And bahis firmaları you were dressed in a tank top. It was the first time I had seen you since you were in your mid-teens. You really filled out late, didn’t you?”I didn’t say anything.”Actually, some of us in the company speculated if you had gotten a boob job in America. After all, your mom doesn’t have big boobs. But now that I can touch them and see them up close…..and bite them…””Ouch!””They are clearly 100% natural. I envy your husband.””I could do without the commentary, Goyal.” I said. “Especially if it is going to involve my mom and my husband.””Your mom is a pretty lady too.” Goyal ignored my request almost pointedly. “I’ve jacked off to her image for decades. But you……there’s something just dick-shakingly delicious about you.”For the next few minutes, Goyal’s fingers, tongue, and teeth played with my tits. He eventually unbuttoned the shirt completely and took it off, leaving me with my tits hanging out of my bra. “Get up!” he grabbed my left arm and pulled me out of the chair.He then took off his robe. Underneath it, he was wearing only a pair of blue boxers which had a tent forming in them. There was a thick mat of gray and black hair all over his torso. His paunch looked a little less massive than usual when it was straining against his shirt.He pulled me into an embrace. His bald head rubbed against my lips. I was about 6 inches taller than him. As he hugged me tight, he ran his rough hands all over my back and bit my shoulder and kissed my neck. His erection rubbed against my thigh. It didn’t seem too big. His fingers struggled with the hooks of my bra for about 30 seconds before he took it off. I moved my arms only to allow him to take the bra off. Other than that, my arms were hanging by my side. I wasn’t going to move a muscle to make a participatory gesture. I wasn’t going to resist him. I couldn’t. But if he expected me to enthusiastically participate in this travesty as if he was my lover, he had another thing coming. “They should put velcro on bras.” he took a break between making out with me to editorialize.Holding me in his embrace, rubbing his chest against my boobs and grinding his erection against my thighs, he started slowly moving me to the bed. He slipped his fingers down my jeans and his nails scratched my ass. His fingers poked into and traced the length of my ass crack making me feel even more violated. I hated it when someone did that. He eventually pushed me, making me fall on the bed sideways. Instantly, he jumped on the bed like an orangutan in heat. He straddled my chest until his crotch was a few inches in front of my face. And then he slid his shorts down, revealing an erect dick about 5 inches long surrounded by a thick bush of salt and pepper pubic hair. His dick slapped against my chin.”Well?” he said.”What?” I grimaced.”Suck it!””No fucking way!””Come on, madam! Don’t make me remind you what’s at stake here. Do you want your father to spend his remaining years in jail?”He stared into my eyes. I stared back. He had a point. But I felt like I needed to draw a line somewhere.”Listen, Goyal. The deal was, you get to have sex with me. And I am here. I am not obligated to pleasure you in every way you want.””You are not in a position to dictate terms!””Do whatever you want. I am not putting THAT in my mouth.”Honestly, it was a bluff. If he had pressed the issue, I would have had no choice. He stared at me for a few seconds. Then he smiled. “You are eager to get straight to the fucking.””That’s not true.”He unbuttoned my jeans. Then he dug his fingers into the waistband of my jeans and panties and pulled them off. Leaving me completely naked. I instinctively closed my legs. He put his hands on my knees and pried them apart.”Oh wow! What a beautiful pussy!”He put his right hand on my pussy mound and played with the hair. I had shaved down there a week ago so my pubic hair were short. He pinched my labia, poked around, and felt the opening.”Dry!” he noted with disappointment.I looked at at ugly sight of his balding face and his hairy paunch between my legs. And I looked away. Of course I was dry. I expected him to stick his dick inside me anyway. It was a lot smaller and thinner than my husband’s so I did not anticipate much discomfort. Instead he let go of my knees, put his elbows on the bed under my thighs and lowered his head.”Nooo! No!” I tried to push his head away. But he grabbed my naked waist and ignored my flailing.I shuddered as his tongue found my clit instantly.A pulse of pleasure surged up my spine, making me convulse as Goyal’s thick raspy tongue started flicking my clit around.”Goyal!!” I said, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. “What the fuck are you doing?”I tried to sit up and push him away. But his tongue play made me stretch backwards.”FUCK!!!” I closed my eyes and screamed. It had been over a year since my husband went down on me. And even when he did, he wasn’t really great at it. He gave me cunnilingus almost as an obligation, not as something he enjoyed. He was a big handsome guy with a big thick dick. A stud in every way imaginable. And studs never really had to work extra hard at such things. So the oral play I got from my husband usually consisted of him gently and lovingly running his tongue all around my labia without making any effort to stick to THE spot. He’d put in about five minutes of that and then I’d ask him to enter me. Of course, even that hadn’t happened in a while.Goyal on the other hand, seemed an expert at pleasing a woman with his tongue. And fingers too. A minute or so after he started playing with my clit, he slowly poked a finger at my cunt. He noticed, as did I, that it wasn’t as dry anymore. I wasn’t totally wet, but there certainly was moistness. I winced as he inserted a centimeter of his finger inside my cunt.”You have a tasty pussy, madam. I could go down on it all day.”By now I had given up trying to push him away. I put my hands in my hair, closed my eyes, and tried to imagine that it was my husband between my legs. But I couldn’t shake the reality. The reality that here I was, naked with my legs spread on the bed of a trashy hotel. And between my legs was a fat slob who used to be an accountant in my father’s company. A man who had seen me grow up. A man whose leery eyes always bothered me, but whose tongue I never in my wildest dreams imagine would feel so good on my clit.Goyal was now working my clit with his tongue even faster. I could sense that he was tracing the alphabet. By the time he reached T, I was close to an orgasm. By now, his entire finger was able to penetrate my cunt. I was waiting for release when suddenly, he raised his head. I groaned in disappointment, opened my eyes and saw that he was back on his knees between my legs. He slid his knees forward and parted my thighs. Soon his dick was positioned against my cunt. “Look at me!” Goyal commanded.I looked into his eyes. There was an angry lust in them. I felt ashamed. I felt defeated. Here I was, fully nude and my legs parted as this disgusting git’s dick head was brushing against my cunt. And my sex-starved body, despite my reluctance, seemed to be waiting for it.”Say it!” he said.”Huh?” “Ask me to fuck you.”This random demand out of the blue made all the arousal flow out of me.”Go fuck yourself, Goyal!” I said and spat at him. The spit only landed on his belly and made a few of his torso hair wet. He looked at the spit and then looked at me. He pushed my thighs towards my stomach and thrust his hips forward. His dick started invading my pussy.”AAAHHHHHHHRRRHHH!”That was Goyal. He made an a****listic guttural sound as his modest dick slipped inside me. I didn’t utter a sound, although I did reflexively inhale. His dick was completely inside me. His balls rested against my ass. His paunch rested on my stomach. And then he let go of my thighs and put his elbows next to my shoulders. His upper body descended until his face was right in front of mine. His man boobs rubbed against my big tits. With his right hand, he grabbed my hair. With his left hand, he grabbed my right wrist and pinned it against the bed. And he started fucking me in rapid strokes.Goyal’s tobacco breath filled my senses again as his dick kept going in and out of my cunt. Our torsos rubbed against each other. I wasn’t feeling pleasure…..or indeed much of anything. I kept my eyes closed for a while. Then I started looking around the room letting my mind wander. Goyal slipped his hands under my shoulder blades and pulled me up slightly.”Having fun, madam?”I shook my head. He did not seem to like my response. He started fucking me even harder and the sound of our thighs slapping filled the room. At this tempo, my body finally started taking note of his assault. but only slightly. I looked at the TV. It was off. I wish he had kept it on so I had something to distract me. Then my eye fell on my handbag.”Shit!!!” I said. “Goyal, wait!””I’m…not………a…..mood….to….” he said breathlessly as his dick kept hammering my cunt. The copious fat on his arms and shoulders and chest jiggled. From the position he was holding me in, I could look down and see his hairy ass also jiggling.”Please Goyal…..condom!!! I forgot to..”I started to fight him off. With my legs, I tried to push his hips away. But he was in the zone. He moved his hands to my waist and kept be attached to him. His hips bucked even faster. His belly pressed into mine. And then he bit my shoulder really hard.”AAAAAAAAAAAHHH…..” I screamed….from the pain of his bite.”URRHHHHHHHH” he screamed from pleasure.And I felt it. A warm sticky stream filling up my insides. His thighs kept slapping against mine as he pumped me full of his semen. “You motherfucker!!!” I tried to push him as he kept going.”URXXXXGHH” he screamed out as he deposited the last few drops of his juice inside me.And then he collapsed on top of me. My ribs creaked as his fat hulk landed on them. “Get off me!” I said, my lungs under duress.Goyal lazily rolled off my body. I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom. Goyal’s disgusting cum was streaking down the inside of my thigh as I stood in front of the faucet. I scooped out as much of the sticky goo as I could from my cunt and threw it in the bathroom sink. I sprayed water down there using the hand-held shower head. Even as I was doing it, my brain kept telling me – this is pointless. whatever damage could be done has been done. Just get a test tomorrow. The point was medically and scientifically correct. But still I kept cleaning myself. I think it was more psychological than medical.Before I walked out the bathroom, I picked up a robe hanging there and tied it around me. When I stepped out, Goyal was sitting on the bed with a bottle of scotch in his hand. “You son of a bitch!””Hey, it’s not entirely my fault! You forgot about the condom too.” he said, pouring the drink in two glasses. “But I told you to stop.””Your timing could not have been worse.” he smiled and took a sip from a glass. He offered me the other one. I shook my head.”You’re kaçak iddaa just an asshole. A total and complete asshole.” I started gathering my clothes from the bed.”What do you think you’re doing?” Goyal asked me.”Getting dressed.””Why? That robe highlights your ass nicely. And does a good job of your cleavage too.””I’m leaving.””No you’re not!” he said in a stern voice.My shoulders slumped and I turned around to face him.”Please, just let me go. You wanted to fuck me. You fucked me.”Goyal got up and came close to me. He slipped a hand inside my robe and grabbed my left breast.”For someone with a perfect memory, you aren’t remembering things right. I said I wanted you to spend a night with me. And the night has just begun.”I stood there, using all my willpower to make sure tears didn’t spring to my eyes. I always considered tears a sign of weakness. And I did NOT want to cry in front of this cretin. “Remember….I still have the video….and your dad will…””Yeah yeah, fine.” I sat on the bed, defeated. “How long are you going to hold this over my head?Am I supposed to be your mistress from now on?””Ahhh….if only! That would be a dream come true. You warming my bed every night.” he came over and opened my robe. “Fucking you morning, noon, and night.” he started running his hands up and down my thighs. “Looking into those pretty gray eyes….biting those full luscious lips….all along knowing that I am fucking a woman who also has the biggest brains of anyone I know….but alas, that cannot happen.”I looked at him.”I want to live. Live long enough to enjoy all the money you have generously given me. I don’t want to constantly look over my shoulders. If I stay here, even if I am able to keep fucking you every night, you or your dad will have me killed. Don’t give me that look. You know I’m right.””I should’ve killed you the moment you came to me last week.” I muttered.”Hahaha, you do take after your dad.” Goyal patted my pussy. “Well, you didn’t. And here you are. But I don’t want to push my luck. So….I have a flight late in the morning. I will be on that flight. And you will never hear from me ever again.””Where are you going?” I said, trying to sound nonchalant.”Nice try. I don’t want your hitmen following me around the globe. And don’t try to bribe your customs stooges. I have a new passport, a new identity.””I don’t give a shit.””Maybe not. But anyway, I expect you to be my plaything until I leave. That’s just one night. And then you’re free to go your way.”Goyal made me turn on my side so my ass was visible to him. He lay down behind me, one hand holding the scotch, the other hand fondling my ass. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was somewhere else.”I really am sorry about the condom.” Goyal said as he lightly spanked my naked ass. “I got caught up in the moment.””Whatever.””Also I just assumed you’re on the pill. Aren’t you?””No.””Your handsome husband wears a condom every time you fuck?””I am not discussing my husband with you.””You’re worried that I might have made you pregnant?” Goyal pulled me to face him. There was an almost gleeful look in his eyes.”I am not.” I honestly answered.”So what’s with the condom obsession?””Diseases…”He looked offended. Took his hands off my ass and stood up to get a refill of scotch.”Diseases? What kind of a man do you think I am, madam? You think I go to brothels? Or does your elitist mind assume that just because I look the way I do, I am by default dirty, carrying germs?””I don’t care.” A look of anger flashed through his eyes. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to the floor between his legs.”You think my dick is so dirty, you snooty bitch? Now you get to clean it. Open your mouth!”I shook my head and tried to pry his grip from my hair.”I am serious, madam. I gave you a reprieve earlier because we were just getting started. But you are going to suck my dick!””NO!” My struggle knocked the glass of scotch from his other hand and the drink spilled all over the floor. I got up from the floor, closed my robe, and took a step back, expecting him to lunge at me again. Instead he just sat back and wiped the drops of scotch from his body. “I was hoping not to keep reminding you of this. It gets tedious.” He reached for his phone.”I have a message composed and ready. All I have to do is hit send and the video goes to SEBI, Economic Times, CNBC, NDTV Profit…..and pretty much every business media outlet in the country.”A few seconds later, I was on the floor between his legs. He offered me scotch again. This time I took it. I chugged down about two pegs to steel myself for the ignominy that lay ahead.He leaned back with his hands on the bed. I sat on the floor on folded knees, my robe soaking up some of the scotch I had spilled earlier. His dick was semi-erect just at the sight of having me between his legs. I just sat there motionless for a few seconds. So Goyal leaned forward, grabbed my head and pulled it forward.”Open.” he commanded.I opened my mouth but closed my eyes. And fought back the urge to heave as his smelly dick hit my lips, then my teeth, and then rested on my tongue inside my mouth.Goyal’s dick sat lazily inside my mouth. I kept my mouth partially open, doing my best to not start crying or to start puking. The dick tasted bitter and musky. A mix of his leftover urine, his ejaculate, and I suppose my own juices. Plus my mouth also had the aftertaste of the scotch I had chugged down. For a couple of seconds, I opened my eyes. His hairy paunch loomed above me, There was a lot of lint in his belly button. His pubic hair was brushing against my cheeks. I closed my eyes again. Kept my hands on my lap.Then I felt his hands increase the pressure on my head. He started moving my head back and forth. I did nothing with my tongue or lips, but the warmth of my mouth started coaxing his dick towards an erection. Saliva streamed down the side of my mouth as his dick got almost fully hard and started scr****g against my teeth. I opened my mouth wider. He didn’t like that. With one hand he forced my jaw closed. “Press your lips around my dick!” I did as I was told. My lips were wrapped around his dick. And my tongue started moving around. I wasn’t consciously deciding to do it. But once his dick had spent some time in my mouth, my natural blowjob technique started kicking in. His hands were still moving my head back and forth. A teardrop finally slipped out of my right eye and streamed down my cheek, making me feel enraged. My frustration expressed itself my my mouth closing harder around his dick.”MMMMMMMM!”He liked it. His dick throbbed, down fully erect, as it was snugly ensconced in my mouth, and my head was being moved back and forth. Soon, Goyal started reducing the pressure on my head. But the inertia kept my head moving back and forth. And soon I realized that I was the one moving my head. Voluntarily. His hands were just playing with my hair. Oh my god! I was voluntarily giving this man a blowjob!Goyal slipped his right hand down and parted the front of my robe.He grabbed my left breast and started massaging it. Then his other hand moved to my other breast. And his hands started mauling my tits. To readjust my balance, I moved my hands to his thighs. From there, I had no idea when my right hand moved to his hairy balls. He moaned in delight as I massaged his balls even as my mouth kept pleasuring his dick. My mind, which had gone completely blank, suddenly embarked on a journey of introspection. I was a rich, smart, educated, well-regarded business woman from a well known family. My net worth was more than I could spend in a thousand years. A week ago, I was flying high, having personally brokered a deal that would take our company to heights never seen before. I had the world ahead of me. And instead, here I was, getting my boobs felt up as I gave a blowjob to a disgusting old man who was my dad’s lowly underling. How could this be happening?Maybe because you have been craving something like this, another part of me answered. “Okay okay…..OKAY!” Goyal said in a high pitched voice.He pushed my head away and his dick popped out of my mouth. I spat away a couple of his pubic hair and looked at him. In my mouth, I had felt his dick start that final journey. When I start giving a blowjob in the earnest, few men can last too long. Goyal was no exception. In fact, parallel to my introspection, I had been hoping that my sucking his dick would make him cum. So I would be spared another actual fucking. At least for a while. But no such luck.Goyal pushed the robe off my shoulders and it fell to the floor around my butt. He then put his feet on the bed and slid back. As he did so, I got a most disgusting view of his balls dangling over his flabby, hairy, dimpled inner thighs. He put his head on a pillow, and then straightened his legs in a V formation. He was lying absolutely flat, with only his hard 5 incher pointing upwards and the mountain of his enormous belly jiggling ever so gradually.He gestured with his fingers for me to join him on the bed. I threw my robe aside and got on the bed on my knees, again fully naked. It struck me how normal that seemed now. Being completely naked in front of this dirty old man. A week ago, he only fantasize about how I looked. Now he was getting to see my tits jiggle, my ass convulse, and my neck sweat from close quarters.”What?” I asked him.”On top!””Excuse me?””Get on top and put my dick inside your cunt, madam.””You expect me to ride you?” I snorted derisively despite the situation. “I think you might be watching too much porn.””Are you telling me you never ride your husband?””I do…..but he’s my husband. You’re a sleazy blackmailer. You want to fuck me? Do the work yourself!” I said and plonked myself on my ass on the bed.Goyal got up. He put his hands under my shoulder and entered me easily. I was somehow still wet down there. He fucked me lie before for a few seconds. Then he moved his hands lower until they were wrapped around my lower back. And then he rolled over.The sneaky motherfucker! He got me on top anyway! He held my body pinned to his, my boobs feeling every single one of his raspy chest hair, as he continued fucking me by thrusting his hips upwards. In line with my policy of non-cooperation, I just lay on top of him, letting him do all the work. But a couple of minutes later, my body started responding. Maybe it was the angle. But I was actually liking how his dick was feeling inside me.Goyal moved his hands to my ass, grabbed it, and started thrusting his dick upwards into my cunt. My hips, as if on autopilot, started moving back and forth as they usually did when I rode a man. My head was resting on his shoulder, my boobs pressed against his chest, as our fucking continued at gentle pace for a couple of minutes. His vertical motion combined with the horizontal motion of my hips was producing a trajectory for his dick that felt really nice inside my cunt. It had been a while since I had been fucked. And my body started relishing the experience.A few minutes later, I realized that Goyal had stopped kaçak bahis his upward thrusts completely. In fact he was completely motionless except for his hands which kept massaging my ass and his lips that kept planting gentle kisses on my cheeks and my head. I realized that I was the one doing all the work. It was my hips that were now moving horizontally as well as vertically. And I was the one controlling the tempo of the fucking. It was my vaginal muscles that were contracted in longing, enveloping his dick. “Wow madam, this is amazing. You are very talented.” “Shut up!” I angrily said. I was not entirely happy that this cretin was the source of the pleasure my body was feeling.Goyal obediently stayed silent, letting out occasional groans as I continued fucking him on top. He moved his hands to my shoulders and pushed me upwards so my tits were only partially resting on his hairy chest. His hands then moved to my boobs and his fingers started playing with my sensitive nipples. That only added to the pleasure. I put my hands under his armpits and stepped up the pace of the fucking. I looked into his eyes and at his ugly face as I realized that an orgasm was within my reach. Whenever I was on top, I knew exactly how to reach it. I had not even thought about doing it with this disgusting old fart. But by now, my body was too committed to the notion to not go through with it.I closed my eyes to get his sick face out of my sight and increased the tempo a bit more. My crotch was grinding into his and my thighs were feeling warm from the friction as I went through the necessary motions. Usually, with my husband or my ex-boyfriends, I would have cu a lot sooner. But Goyal’s dick was comparatively smaller, so I had to adjust my technique accordingly.Whatever I was doing was also making him very happy. I could feel that his dick inside me was rock hard, harder than it had been all night. It felt like a small but sturdy piece of wood inside me as the motion of my hips made it touch all the right spots inside me at all the correct angles. I was thinking of only one thing. The orgasm which should be here in a minute or two.”Madam!” Goyal throatily said.”I told you to shut up!” I hoarsely said as I moved my hands to his shoulders and thrust my hips even harder against his crotch.”But madam…””SHUT UP!!!””…the condom…”SHIT! I instantly stopped moving.I opened my eyes and looked into his. His face wore a sincere look even as his hands grabbed on to my tits.”The condom you….””FUCK!” I jumped off his body, making his dick slide out. I walked to the edge of the bed on my knees, got off it, and sprinted to my purse. I bent down hunt for the condoms in there and took one out, partly mindful of the fact that I must have given Goyal quite a view at my ass and pussy in that posture. I scurried back to the bed with the plastic square in my hand. As I put one knee on the bed, I ripped the packet open with my teeth. Goyal was smiling, presumably amused at the purposeful urgency with which I had been moving. As I slipped the condom on his dick, my eyes fell on his huge hairy belly and once again, a part of me chastised itself for being in this situation. But that was a very small part of me. Most of me wanted to get back to the fucking which had been strangely enjoyable. Within seconds, I was on top of him and his dick was inside me, this time a condom separating us. I noted how weird it felt. It had literally been years since I had used a condom during sex.Starting to ride him again, I recognized that the orgasm wasn’t as near as it was a few moments ago. I would have to build up to that place again. And maybe change my technique slightly. I pressed my thighs against his sides and my vaginal muscles gripped his dick even harder. I sat up absolutely straight and started playing with my boobs and nipples myself. If I wanted to get to the promised land, I couldn’t afford to let his amateurish fat fingers muddle their way around them. His hands, having nothing to do, found their way to my waist which they gripped as it rose and fell rapidly.The next day, I wondered about this portion of the night. I wondered what had suddenly turned me from a reluctant blackmailed woman doing the bare minimum for the sake of her family to an earnest enthusiastic participant. Part of the reason was of course that I hadn’t had sex in a while because of the problems my husband and I were having. So when my body got a taste of what it had been missing, my primal instincts took over. But I decided that there was more to it. It was just part of my mental make-up which made up my overall personality. Once I decide to do something, once I commit to it, I give it my all. It’s not really a matter of choice. Call it being ultra competitive or goal oriented or a type A personality. And be it a tennis match or a poker game or a college degree or a business project or a marriage or even this sleazy deal. So it was inevitable that sooner rather than later, I would be an equal partner in this. It was almost as if I felt I owed it to sex. But back to the moment. Once the condom was on and I was set on my goal, I threw caution to the winds. I had not made a peep that night until then by the way of moans or sighs because I didn’t want to give my blackmailer the satisfaction. But now, all bets were off. I made my usual noises. The moans, the groans, the curse words, the sighs, the throwing back of the neck, the motions with the hands….the whole nine yards. “YES!! FUCK YEAH!!! DRILL ME HARD LIKE THAT!!!”I heard myself screaming as Goyal, clearly turned on by my transformation, started thrusting his dick upwards into my cunt. Combined with my motions, it created a delightful effect.Just how much I had committed myself to this act of depravity showed itself next in two ways.One, I would occasionally bend down, rub his chest hair, lick his chest hair and (ugh….in hindsight) kiss his passionately on the lips like with my husband. Two, I said nothing when he moved one hand from my waist to my ass and then to my ass crack and then to my asshole and pressed it tentatively. Or rather, I just made a grunting sound of pleasure. And I grunted some more when he inserted his index finger into my ass half an inch just as the finish line of my orgasm was in sight.The next minute or so was packed with activity and different sounds. Me grinding my hips into the final sequence of motions with his finger still in my ass. My mouth screaming obscenities and uttering sounds that can’t be spelled. Me biting his shoulder hard as my orgasm hit. Him inserting another inch of his finger in my ass as his left hand grabbed my right ass cheek and he started cumming. His own awkward throaty grunts as he had, what I can only presume, the best orgasm of his life. The 8-9 seconds when we were both cumming together, our limbs and torsos thrashing against each other. And then the final sighs from both of us when it was all over.I rolled off Goyal’s flabby body, breathless and naked, the dying embers of a fire in my loins. As my breath and my endorphin levels returned to normal, there was a surge of guilt and shame. I fought it off. Goyal was still wheezing loudly. I couldn’t bear to look at him. I slid off the bed, picked up the robe, and went to the bathroom. I didn’t need to pee or anything. I just needed some time alone. Once I was done cleaning up the sweat and the residual body fluids, I walked out. Fortunately, Goyal was not naked anymore. He was dressed in his robe again and was holding two glasses of scotch in his hand as he leaned against some pillows on the headboard. I took one glass and sat on the edge of the bed, a couple of feet away from him.”Madam, that was…..””Please don’t!” I looked in his eyes and begged.He smiled and nodded. We sipped the scotch in silence for a couple of minutes.”There’s some trouble between you and your husband isn’t there?””Goyal, I told you I don’t want to talk to you about my husband.””Madam, please! I am just asking out of concern and curiosity.””Shove it up your ass.”He just smiled sadly and took a couple more sips.”Madam, I am serious. I am just talking. There have been enough signs.””Signs?” I asked.”He hasn’t been around as much. Even at parties and press conferences. And when he is around……it’s clear that you two are not the lovey dovey couple you used to be.”I chugged the remaining drink and poured myself a new one.”Why do you care, Goyal?””Because you two… two are so perfect. If you can’t work it out….””Who said we can’t work it out?””So there is some trouble.”He’d got me.”It’s….it’s complicated. I really REALLY don’t want to talk about it. Especially since….” and I poured extra scorn into the next part “you might just blackmail me over it.”Goyal’s face went dark. And sad.”Madam, I know you think I am a monster. And maybe I am. But given the opportunity I got……can you really blame me?””You really want to know my opinion?””Yes.””I don’t blame you for extorting cash out of me. My dad has done some stupid and downright wrong things in the past and it was only a matter of time before we had to pay more people off for this.””So then?””Well, this….my being here…..this is a really sleazy crappy shit move on your part. Preying on a daughter’s love for her father to…..”I couldn’t say anything else. Goyal looked genuinely conflicted too. He sipped on his drink for a while before speaking again.”You don’t get it madam. You just don’t.””What don’t I get?””That tonight was about more than just me getting my rocks off. I mean of course, I am having the best fucking night of my life. But it is so much more. The sort of woman you are. The sort of man I am. What I did…..even if no one finds out about it….and no one will I promise… was about more than just me.””I don’t get it.” I really didn’t.”You won’t.”We sat and finished a couple more drinks in silence. I was expecting Goyal to leap at me any minute for another round. But he didn’t. After the bottle of scotch was emptied, he got up and went to the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later.”Please stand up and take your robe off.” he said.I did and stood naked in front of him.”Please turn around……now please walk to the table and put your hands on it and bend over.”I did as I was told, expecting that he’d come and take me from behind right away. When he didn’t approach me, I looked back to make sure he wasn’t taking a picture or something. He was just standing there, a tent in his bathrobe. “Now if you don’t mind, stay bent over, and with your hands, please part your ass cheeks.”I blushed as I gave him the most intimate look a woman can give anyone. He walked until he was a couple of feet away from me and stared for a minute or so. “Now please get down on the floor on all fours…..yes….like that…..umm…..”I stayed on all four for a couple of minutes until I finally felt him move behind me. He took off his robe and got on his knees. He put one thumb each on my ass cheeks, grabbed my buttons with the remaining fingers and pulled me back. He then let go of my left ass cheek and with his left hand grabbed his dick.And positioned it against my asshole. I shuddered.”Madam….this is the last thing, I promise. After this, we are done.”And I felt the head of his modest dick thrust into my asshole.

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