That Tartan Skirt Pt. 02


We’d not seen each other since the night out in the club and the passion on the college grounds. We’d messaged a little bit but she was still seeing her boyfriend and wasn’t looking for a repeat performance. She wanted to see if we could be friends.

She called me to say that her parents would be out of town that weekend and that I could come over and watch a film. We wouldn’t have to explain how we knew each other to anyone, we could just get to know each other better.

I said yes, I took at her word that it was just as friends. I thought about our previous night together but we’d both been drinking and had lost control. This time it would be different. I got the bus through to her town and had a return ticket for later that night.

She opened the door and greeted me with a soft hug and that same grin that had me hooked. We sat in the lounge on separate sofas, her literally putting distance between us. There was a huge collection of DVDs to choose from but we never got to watch one. We just started talking, and hours passed.

I looked at the clock and told her I had to go, the last bus would be leaving soon. She told bahis firmaları me I could stay the night. The spare room was already made up and she’d enjoyed talking. I thought nothing of it, and I didn’t really fancy walking back into the town centre to get the bus.

We talked for hours and hours more. This time on the same sofa. A little closer, but nothing to indicate what would later happen. Or perhaps I was just oblivious. Finally, we were both yawning and decided to turn in. She showed me the spare room and where the bathroom was and told me she would get ready for bed and then come see me to say good night.

I got myself ready for bed, and sat on the bench at the end of the bed. When she came back in she was wearing a thin light top and I could see immediately that her nipples were hard and some satin short shorts and nothing else.

She sat beside me on the bench and cuddled me. I told her she looked amazing, and she looked as if she might be a little excited. She quickly denied it and I told her that I was and that her nipples were telling a different story.

I lifted her top up and reached down and squeezed kaçak iddaa her tit. She looked up at me with her jaw dropping, and I moved in for a kiss. She kissed me back and held me closer. I pulled her top off over her head. Then straight away pulled those little shorts off. I reached into my trousers and pulled my cock out for her to suck on. She wasted no time taking it right into her mouth and seeing how much of it would fit.

I let her suck for 30 seconds before I lifted her on to the bed. She was on her back and I lifted her knees up. I slid my cock into her wet pussy, but only to lube it up a bit. It wasn’t long before I slid it out and pressed it against her asshole. This would be her second time ever.

She moaned as I inched in slowly. I gave her time to get used to the girth and length and started to build a rhythm. She was getting into it and I increased the pace and the depth. Fucking her ass the way I wanted to behind the college.

I flipped her over so I could fuck her doggy style and pushed myself back into her ass again. She was really moaning now. I spun her around and pushed her face down on my cock. She took kaçak bahis it all the way to the back of her throat and her head bopped up and down on my hard dick.

I pushed her onto back again and slid right up her ass. She was really getting used to my cock being there. I held her down and fucked her until I could feel my orgasm building. When I knew I was close I lifted her off the bed on to her knees on the floor and came in her mouth and over her face. She licked my cock, and then complained I had got cum in her hair.

She grinned at me again and said she would get a shower. I smacked her ass on her way out the door and lay back on the bed satisfied and ready to sleep. I think I did drift off before she made it back from the shower. This time she was topless with little panties on and she clambered on to the bed and cuddled into me.

The next morning she came in again, she must have gone to her own bed at some point in the night. I was still tired and a little confused. I didn’t want to make a habit of fucking her while she was in a relationship but it had been great. But, I made my excuses and left for the bus home.

I only ever saw her again from across the street. I never found out what happened to the boyfriend. I spotted her on Tinder years later and always swiped yes, hoping that maybe one day we could reminisce or even recreate.

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