The Alien a*****ion #2

The Alien a*****ion #2Many days passed since Bloom was impregnated by the blue semen. Her boobs were big, her pussy very wet and her mind foggy.Every day a robot would enter the room and give Bloom a vitamine injection to make sure she would live a long life. She wasn’t able to move since her hands were chained to the wall. Her leggs lay one the ground and her pussy was exposed and still dripping.One night Bloom was asleep. All of the sudden she woke up with a lot of pain in her belly. The pain wouldn’t stop and she felt that something was moveing around in her belly. She couldn’t use her hands and she screamed and cried as she felt the feeling moveing from her belly to her pussy.’It’s comming out!!!’ yelled Bloom as her pussy opend up and a small green creature slipped out of her pussy.Bloom just gave birth to one of the baby aliens but the green alien baby didn’t move.Then one of the walls opened up and three aliens walked in. One of them took the baby and the others looked buca escort bayan at Blooms pussy. Then the aliens walked away with the baby leaving Bloom in her room.A few hours later three aliens walked into her room again. They were acompanied by a large robot who was carried a cage. One of the aliens said to Bloom:”You gave birth to one of our young once but it seems that your body is totally useless to us for giving birth. Therefore you will be taken into this cage and sold as a pet to a alien who can use you.”Bloom didn’t know if she should be happy or not. She was not going to give birth for the next couple of years but on the other hand she would be a aliens pet.The robot grabed Bloom and threw her into the cage and took her with him.When the cage opened up Bloom was taken by the robot again and put in a big see through box. Around her there were multiple boxes containing other creatures.A few days passed until a certaint morning. Bloom was sitting in her box thinking about if anyone would miss her. But before she could think of anything else she heared a big bang. Two aliens arrived. One of them was clearly a female and a not so old one looking at her height and boobs. She could not understand them but she could tell that the female was pointing at her and she knew that this alien would most likely be her buyer. Indeed it was and soon Bloom was put back into a cage.When the cage opened again she was in a huge room. It was wonderful with lots of flower like plants and the walls had a nice, warm-feeling color witch Bloom couldn’t describe. As she looked around her the found out that she was in a house like structure. As she walked around she saw that it had stairs, doors, carpets. Just like a real house. As she opened a door she could walk out of the house and found herself surrounded by steel walls.She was a person living in the house but the house itself was just like her buca escort owned by the female alien.Then Bloom spotted the alien. Bloom looked at her and wondered what it was going to do with her. As the top of the box opened Bloom realized that she was still trapped and the alien grabed her. As the alien examined Bloom, Bloom was still to weak to resist. She hadn’t had any decent food in days and the fact that she was still naked didn’t really help her to be warm either.The alien turned Bloom around and upside-down. Looking at Blooms entire body. Then the alien began stroking Blooms boobs. It slowly moved it’s fingers over Blooms body towards her pussy. Bloom felt the big fingers touching her pussy and at the same time her pussy became wet again. Before Bloom could get excited the alien dropped her back into the box. Then the alien started talking to Bloom and said: ”You’re my new pet and i don’t take good care of my pets. You better behave and don’t cause any trouble because if you do i’ll make sure that you will be punished in a very VERY hard way”.Bloom knew that there were a lot of horrible things awaiting her.She could only hope that it would all be over very soon.

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