The Backyard Sleepover #2

The Backyard Sleepover #2Since eddie and i had fun during our first sleepover , we decided to do it again sometime in the future. We still hung out together, we would ride our bikes to the field it had a tree line and some bushes enough to make cover so we can hide , it became a spot where we could pee together and we still got hard looking at each other dicks . So One day we started to masterbate together . Since I was the one who taught him how to masterbate this became our thing , i told him this is our secret. When eddie would be at my house , we would go to the garage to look at the dirty magazines . We would sneak in to the shed and look at the magazines and right away we would pull our dicks out and start to masterbate. We did this every chance we could. We would talk about girls , who we liked and who had nice body’s and who we wanted to have sex trabzon escort with , like if we knew what we’re talking about. We were clueless.So it was time to ask my parents if I could have a sleepover again . Again I had to beg and beg till they said yes. But this time it was just Eddie and me .So we had a date set for the sleepover. When that day came the weather was bad , it was raining. So i asked if we could be in my room. I set out a sleeping bag on the floor for eddie , i was going to sleep in my bed. So my mom saw that my room was set up right.When it was time to go to bed , mom checked on us , we were in our Pj’s ready for bed .me in my bed , Eddie in the sleeping bag on the floor. We talked for a while and waited for my parents to fall asleep. When we thought my parents were asleep i got up and locked my door. I told eddie to get in bed escort trabzon with me . I got a magazine that I hidden in my room. We were looking at the pictures and started to play with ourselves and getting hard . We had to take turns going to the bathroom to masterbate. Then I got an idea i got so papertowels for any mess we might have. When eddie and i were back in bed , we started to play with ourselves again . I’m rubbing my dick and Eddie his , then i started to rub eddie ‘s dick and he was rubbing my . Then i took off my pants and underware and then eddie took off his pants and underware too.we were both naked from the waist down . We were both playing with ourselves then we turned sideways facing each other . We started to rub our dicks against each other and we would grab each other dicks holding them in our hands rubbing and stroking trabzon escort bayan them . We would play with each other till we got so precum then we stop to clean up ourselves and then we would start all over again. We would play with each other then stop then play again this went on for a good while . We finally got tired and went to sleep still trying to hold each other dicks in our hands. Eddie fell asleep but couldn’t sleep , i stayed up trying to sleep, so I played with myself for a while. Then I started to play with eddie’s dick . Eddie would not move he was out cold he was not going to wake-up. So i said to myself go for it. So i started to go down on eddie , yes i was sucking his dick , he didn’t wake up. So i sucked it some more not to long . I stopped and now I know how it felt to suck a dick . I went to sleep and in morning we both woke up with morning wood . We got dressed and went to the restroom to masterbate. Eddie had no idea that i sucked his dick that night. He never knew that his dick was the first dick that I sucked . We would still masterbate together, it was our thing .

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