The bar’s pick-up


The bar’s pick-upIt was a usual Saturday night at the local tavern. I had gone up for a few beverages just to get away from the wife if nothing else, I wasn’t even thinking of trying to pick someone up. The night started as usual with my pulling up a stool to the bar, buying a drink and saying “hi” to a few friends. I sat there drinking my second beer when Kelly walked in the door. She is a regular and to tell the truth quite easy to take home from what my friends had told me. Kelly is 5’3¨, around 140 pounds with blond hair that just covers her shoulders. She isn’t a knock out by any means but has a nice set of tits and a butt a little large for my taste.Kelly was 35 at the time, about the same age as me and we had talked before so we weren’t strangers. She knew I was married and I never had a thought of asking her if she wanted to go somewhere secluded.She grabbed the only open stool at the bar, a couple seats down from me and we exchanged hello’s. I was rolling dice with my friends for beer rounds and she asked if she could join in. We didn’t object, and hoped she would end up buying her fair share. We rolled and Kelly lost and had to buy the round halkalı escort of beers, not bad, I think 4 of us were rolling so the cost was under 8$ for each round. All of us continued to drink and roll for beers till about 10pm. Kelly didn’t fair too well and I think she ended up buying 3 of the 5 rounds.We rolled once more and once again Kelly’s luck ran bad, she lost again. Pulling her billfold out of her purse I could see from the look on her face that she was almost broke and offered to buy this round due to the fact that I hadn’t had to buy a round yet. The other guys agreed and Kelly thanked me as she moved down the bar to an open stool beside me. When she sat down I jokingly told her that she could trade the beers out later, she laughed and again thanked me for buying the last round.The bar was beginning to slow down and the crowd began to thin out. By 11pm there was only 4 people in the bar including the bartender. My friend took a final drink from his can and announced he was leaving. I told him good-bye and turned to look around the bar seeing only Kelly and the taksim escort bartender, I decided to have one more before leaving myself. The bartender mentioned that she had to clean up the back room and told us to holler if we wanted another drink. Kelly and I both nodded and she walked into the back room.Kelly looked at me and again thanked me for buying that round and I told her it wasn’t a problem. Surprising me she slid her hand along my leg and told me that she was very thankful. In my half-drunk state I smiled and asked how thankful? Kelly responded by sliding her hand up my leg to my crotch and grabbing my cock. All I could do was moan and smile as she continued to rub my cock, my cock responded by beginning to stiffen at her touch.Kelly smiled back at me and asked if she could repay me. I nodded and was in wonder as she quickly unbuttoned my jeans and reached in with a warm hand and stroked my cock. Precum began to leak from my cockhead and she rubbed her thumb over the slit and smeared my pre all over my cock head. She then took her fingers and swiped some precum from my cock and brought it to her mouth. Moaning şişli escort she tasted it and smiled. Kelly stood up and turned my stool toward her. She then leaned in and took my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven as she began sucking on my cock, taking more and more of it with every stroke.I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up pulling my jeans and underwear to my knees. Kelly didn’t miss the hint and got to her knees continuing to suck my cock. She was a wonderful cock-sucker and I was brought to climax quickly. I reached for her hair and grabbing it in each hand I began to face fuck her. Kelly responded by moaning louder and swallowing my cock deep into her throat.Finally, I felt the rush and knew my cum was boiling toward the tip. With one final thrust I shot my load into her mouth, my cock was so deep in her mouth that I knew she couldn’t taste it because I was shooting into her throat. Kelly moaned as the cum shot into her mouth and pulled off enough to get the final squirts on her tongue with the last one landing on her lips. She just smiled and licked her lips clean.I pulled my jeans up and slumped into the barstool, totally drained, in more than one way. Kelly stood up, straighten her top and jeans and told me that was just a partial payment and to look her up again if I wanted another payment, then she walked out the front door. All I could do was nod and smile knowing that I would do just that, find her again and see what other wild things she had in mind.

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