The BBC in the neighborhood part 3


The BBC in the neighborhood part 3I woke up about eleven to a knock at my door, it better not be the room service girls. I put on a robe and went to answer it. I was very surprised to see that it was Gina standing there. I said well hello, please come in. She said she came by so she could again apologize for the stupidity of her husband yesterday. I told their was no need, I just took is as his age and blew it off and Gina said just the same I am sorry. i told her to please excuse me for a minute, I need to use the bathroom, she asked if I needed any help, I told her maybe next time.When I got back to the front room, there was Gina naked as the day she was born. Gina is about about 65, 5’4″, about 160 pounds, nice DD tits and a round ass, also a pretty lady with sexy blue eyes, I am a sucker for a woman with sexy eyes. She walked over to me, opened my robe was happy to see that I was naked. She said that yesterday she just knew I had a big dick, but not a monster like this. As she grabbed it, she said that I am the first black man she has ever fucked and she is going to love it, also my cock is the biggest the will be in her cunt, I am more that twice the size of her tiny husbands dick.She pushed the robe to the floor and squeezes her body against mine and I can feel her big tits and hard nipples against me,Then she reached down between us to rub my cock against her wet pussy, Some how she was able to angle it to slide it into her cunt and started fucking me. After a bit she said take me to bed daddy and fuck me properly. She bent over the bed with her wide ass. I rubbed the fat head of my cock against her asshole, she said not this time daddy I need you to fill me with your big black cock, I want your hot cum. When I am buried all the way to my big full balls, she moaned out holy fuck daddy you are so fucking big, I won’t be able to feel my bitch of a husband little dick if I ever let him fuck me again. Fuck me daddy fuck me hard, I want to feel it in my gut, mmmm, more, harder oh fuck yes. Daddy let me lay on the bed, She did and I started fucking her as hard as I can, her old cunt is tight and hot this slut knows how to fuck. Every time I slam my cock into her she gasps and her big tits giggle, her eyes are rolled back into her head. Daddy let me ride you please. She squirms from under me, pushes me down and quickly and climbs on and waste no time in bouncing up and down on my hard black cock and moaning in a sound I never head before. She said fuck this is what I have been missing, why did I wait so long to get my first BBC. Daddy you have turned me into a black cock whore. The whole time she id fucking me her wet cunt is gripping my dick on the way up. It’s not long before I ready to cum and asks her where does she want it. Daddy I want it in my cunt, fill me up with that big load, fuck I wish you could give me a black baby. Man she is a dirty talking tramp. It’s all I can’t take it anymore, on her next slid down I held her in place and started shooting in her and this triggered a big orgasm in her. It hit her so hard she passed out and fell on me, she came to in a few seconds. We started kissing she kept saying thank you, this was the best sex of my life, my friends have no idea istanbul escort what they are missing out on, daddy do you mind if I tell them about this, I told her yes. Daddy next time I am going to give you my fat ass and might even make my bitch husband watch how I should be fucked. Reluctantly she get up to get dressed. I asked her how was she going to explain making a two hour delivery, she said she’s not or she might tell him that she got fucked with a big black cock and her cunt full of black man cum. She looks down at me still naked with a semi hard cock covered with both of our cum and say I can’t leave you that way, I always clean up behind myself. with that she climbs on the bed and starts cleaning our mixed cum off my cock, balls and body. Then she take my cock in her mouth because see wants to make sure she got every drop. And then leaves.I get to my house and Barbara is there and fuck she looks good. A low cut white almost sheer top with a red bra with lace around the top. A red skirt that really shows off her hot ass and red 4″ heels. I told that she is lucky that I am not a jealous husband because that outfit would cause problems. She told me baby, I sold two house because of this outfit. She pulls me into her fucking hot body and gives me a loving kiss. She said come on baby lets take a walk around our new home so you can see what I am doing with it. I can see that the lower level is calming out like we planned. We go out to the back yard and it looks great. We walked over to where the spa is going to be. Barbara was standing in front of explaining the details, so I has a close up and personal view of her gorgeous ass, I couldn’t help but to step up behind, put my hand around her waist and pull her against my semi hard dick. She said ohhhh and wiggled her ass on me. I told her to please continue on telling me about the spa. As she was trying to talk, I was grinding my hardening cock into her ass and I could tell it was causing her not to focus on what she was saying. Just to make it worse, I put my hand on her tits and pulled her even tighter to me, she couldn’t handle anymore. She pulled away and turned around and put her arms around my neck and gave me a sensual kiss that only a wife could give. She told that it’s not nice to tease your new bride like that and of course I had to say why. She said because when we get home I may return the favor and with that she grounded her crotch on my now hard dick and mmm is that for me. I said of course baby this is your cock. She stepped back, reached into my pants and grabbed my dick and said yummy my big boy is already hard for my pussy and I told her it get that way when I think about her.She stood up leaned against the wall, pulled up her tight skirt exposing her almost a non existent thong. I asked her does she have to flash that to help get the sale done. She gave me a wink and said never I am a married women. I told her I love her and understand that she has to do what she has to do. She said OK, but now get over and fuck me baby but don’t cum, I want to have the first time we both have orgasms here is when we move in. I agreed. She’s playing this fake marriage thing avcılar escort to the end. But if I wanted to get married it would be to her, she is the total package.I shoved my cock deep in her and fucking her hard, She was moaning yesss baby fuck your married pussy. Not long into it we felt like we were going to cum, so as hard as it was I pulled out and she pulled her skirt back down. WE walked through the rest of the house looking at what has be accomplished, but to honest the only thing that was on my mind was getting to her house and getting her naked. When we were done we decided to leave my truck here and go in her car.On the way the way to her house, I had to tease her so I pulled my pants to my knees and started playing with my dick. She called me a bastard, told me that I will pay and then reached over and played my cock all the way to her house. I had to stop her twice because she almost made me cum and I wasn’t wasting a load to a hand job that should be in her pussy, ass or mouth.We pull up to her house and it is beautiful almost as big as mine. She pulls into her garage and I pull my pants back up and followed her into the house. It wasn’t overly feminine but doubt designed by someone who knew what they were doing. If my house comes out half as nice as this, it’s going to be nice. As I am in the living room waiting for here she comes out with to micro beers, two glasses and a bottle of high end tequila and sit just short of sitting in my lap which would be OK with me. Also I couldn’t miss that she had opened to more buttons on her blouse.I told her that I figured her to be a wine and champagne kind of girl. She said I am, but tonight I have an alternative motive. And what may that be ? She said that she want to get her new husband drunk so she can fuck the hell out of me. I asked her, what if you get drunk first. She told me that if that happens look out because she become the craziest sex craving whore you have ever seen. I said I can only hope. We are trading shot for shot and it starts to feel warm, in here, I know it is just the booze. I asked if it was OK if I took off my shirt, she said you’re my hubby you don’t have to ask and do whatever you please. So I remove my shirt and she gets wide eyed and then removes her blouse and it looks like her tits are going to pop out of her sexy red bra. As I looked at her with lust in my eyes, I told her, no wonder why you are so good at your job. I asked her, how is that you’re not married. She said I am to you. She went on to say that most men are threatened by all this meaning my home, my career and being strong willed and an absolute a****l in bed intimidates them. Well their lose is my gain. Even if I didn’t have all of this money I’d want to be with and not just in bed, I know we will have fun even if it doesn’t in sex. I hope you don’t divorce me when my house is done. She said it’ going to take a lot more than that to get rid of me. She said this skirt of killing me, I am going to go put on something else, be right back.She comes back a few minutes later wearing a while low open sided tank top and loose gym shorts. I told her that she didn’t have to get over dressed for me. She laughed and şirinevler escort said honestly this is the way I dress when done with work for the day very loose and un restrictive not usually an issue because I am here alone, that was before we got married, but my dear new husbands, if my walking around the house almost being almost nude is uncomfortable I’ll put more on. I told her, that is not. As long as the way I dress when I get home for the day is ok with you, I stood stripped the rest of my clothes off and sat back down on her sofa. She said I was lying and I said no really and now that I am retired, I can walk around my house naked whenever I want. She said that is nice to know baby.We sat on the couch and continued drinking, laughing and having a good time. I am surprised that we have been able to keep our hands or any other body part on us. That didn’t last long, Barbara took a shot and then put my cock in her mouth. fuck it felt good. She start sucking up and down with a mouth full of cock and tequila. I think it was as good for her as it was for me. It was hot watching her blow me, every time she rose up a tit would fall out and back in. This was great but I wasn’t going to let her make me cum yet. I pushed her off my dick and she gave me a what look. I told her baby it’s your turn. I laid her back on the onto the sofa. As I was pulling off her shorts she lifted her hot ass to help me get them off. Every time I see her naked body, she looks even hotter. We had almost two days together and I plan on making the best of every minute of it, to not get fucked out in ten hours. I spread her long legs , I slowly kissed and licked my way to her hot pussy, it was driving her crazy. Just before I went in for my prize I reached for the bottle of tequila opened her pussy and poured some in and before it leaked out I covered her pussy with my mouth and started sucking the drink out of her cunt. I was eating her lick it was my last meal, she was cumming over and over until she begged me to stop.She climbed up on my lap with my cock rubbing up against her wet pussy and hard clit. She pulled her shirt off so we were both nude. She put her arms around my neck, kissing me and said thanks for that baby, you’re the best husband in the world, I am such a lucky wife. Her tits felt good against my bare chest. She said come on baby, I need fucked hard and long in every hole. she pushed me down on the bed, climbed on and was fucking me with all her might. She got up to turn around only this time she slid my cock in her perfect ass and fucked me just as hard, fuck this lady loves my dick. After bouncing on my ass, she laid on her back and spread those legs wide and said come fuck me hard, I want your baby. As hard as I pounded her the more she was begging for and then she had another hard orgasm. I don’t know how I was able to last but I was ready now. I said honey I am going to cum. She said fill my cunt with your baby maker juice, make me pregnant with a beautiful black baby. When she felt the first shot of my load it sent her over the edge again. I came so hard I was to tired to move off of her and I didn’t mind because we could feel each others heart beat. When I was able to roll off of her, we laid in each others arm still in a glow. She said baby, when we start again I want you make love to me, we have plenty of time to fuck ourselves silly, but I really just want to feel every inch of your body against me and every inch of you dick sliding slowly in and out of me. I smiled and kisses her and said of course.

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