The Beginning


The BeginningJason checked into the hotel room and quickly fired up his computer. Checking his email he saw that Chuck had replied to him. Chuck would be free in about an hour. Smiling, Jason quickly prepared.It’d been a several months since Jason had met Chuck online. That quick encounter had resulted in swapping blow jobs. Over the next few months Jason and Chuck had exchanged several emails and the next meeting was going to be a lot more fun than just the taste of cock and cum.Jason stepped out of the shower and toweled off a few minutes before Chuck was due to arrive. Padding naked into the room he pulled on a pair of tight red boxer briefs, and then sat at his computer cruising some porn sites, getting horny as he anticipated the fun that he and Chuck would soon be having.Within minutes there was a knock at the door and Jason hurried over to let Chuck in, his cock chubbing in his underwear. Opening the door Jason grinned as Chuck smiled at the near naked figure who would soon be Chuck’s personal slut for the afternoon. Chuck hurriedly set his helmet and bag down on the bed then grabbed Jason and pulled the slut to him, hungrily kissing him, penetrating Jason’s mouth with his tongue as Chuck roamed his hands over Jason’s body. Jason moaned as Chuck tongue fucked his mouth while his hands twisted his nipples and roamed over his underwear bakırköy escort covered ass, groping and pulling. Breaking away Chuck smiled at his toy. “On your knees cock whore and hold your hands out in front of you.”Jason quickly dropped to his knees and extended his hands, his mouth partly open, licking his cock sucking lips in anticipation. Chuck opened his bag and emptied it on to the bed. Jason moaned as he saw the vibrator, handcuffs, shackles and other toys spill onto the bed. Grabbing the handcuffs Chuck quickly handcuffed Jason’s outstretched hands in front of him as the slut knelt before him. Grabbing a coke Chuck looked down at the manacled slut; “Stand up cock whore and hold your hands above your head, legs spread.”Standing with only his underwear on, now tented in excitement, his hands raised above his head Jason watched as Chuck approached him. Chuck stood in front of Jason playing with his nipples, fondling his cock through the underwear, listening to his slut moan. Chuck then walked behind Jason, his eyes feasting on the tight ass that would soon be his. Sliding his hand into the underwear and roaming over Jason’s crack Chuck smiled as his fingers came in contact with the cool lotion that Jason had already lubed his cunt with, “Very nice slut, I think it’s time the real fun began.”Chuck took beşiktaş escort a collar from the bed and attached it to Jason’s neck, and then he led Jason into the bathroom. “Stand in the tub, hands above your head slut.” Jason complied, standing in the tub, tight red boxer briefs, his cock clearly outlined. Chuck standing, still fully clothed, smiling at the submissive bitch in the tub.”Piss yourself slut!” Jason’s breath started getting ragged and Chuck could see Jason’s cock growing in his underwear then suddenly a wet spot appeared spreading rapidly through the underwear, then piss pouring down Jason’s leg as the slut pissed all over himself. Chuck walked over and cupped the slut’s cock in his hand as it pissed, then raised his fingers to the slut’s lips. Jason immediately started licking and sucking Chuck’s fingers, tasting his own hot piss. Jason continued to lick and suck Chuck’s fingers until Jason’s piss stream slowed to a halt, his legs covered in piss, his underwear soaked, his cock visible though the wet briefs.Chuck pulled his fingers from Jason’s mouth, “On your knees bitch!” Jason quickly dropped to his knees, now kneeling in his own piss. “You want my cock don’t you slut?” Jason nodded yes. “Take it out boy.” Chuck smiled as Jason fumbled with his handcuffed hands to unbutton Chuck’s jeans, beylikdüzü escort then fish his cock out of the underwear but soon Jason was holding Chuck’s semi-hard cock in his manacled hands inches from his face. Chuck looked down at his slut, seeing the slut staring at Chuck’s cockhead, mouth open, licking his lips.Chuck released a stream of piss that hit Jason between the eyes, then all over his head and face, hot clear piss splashing into the moaning slut’s mouth and running down his chest. Jason was soon covered from head to toe in piss as Chuck’s stream slowly stopped. “Take it in your mouth boy!” Jason quickly wrapped his lips around Chucks cock head and immediately felt another stream of piss fill his mouth then stop. Jason started licking and sucking Chuck’s cock, moaning as Chuck ran his hands through Jason’s piss covered hair. Chuck’s cock was soon fully erect as the slut sucked and licked, the slut’s own cock hard and straining in his soaked underwear.Chuck pulled his cock out of Jason’s mouth, rubbing it over the slut’s face, streaking it with precum. Grinning down at his slut, Chuck said “Get naked bitch.” Jason pulled his underwear down with his manacled hands as Chuck watched. The piss soaked underwear now lying in a pool of piss in the tub. Chuck smiled as he picked them up, “Open wide cock whore.” Jason quickly opened his mouth, moaning as Chuck gagged him with his piss soaked briefs.His breathing now heavy, Chuck looked down at his toy. “Take off my clothes slut.” Jason fumbled with his manacled hands taking off Chuck’s shirt and then his pants, finally sliding down Chuck’s underwear until Chuck’s cock sprang free.

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