The Bellman


He was tall, and in uniform. I know it doesn’t make a difference that he was a bellman, but tall and lean and very very hot.

We were staying in a cottage at a resort on the Gulf coast, and our TV was on the fritz. My husband called the front desk, who said they would send someone over to fix it, since this problem had happened before.

“If it’s happened before, why isn’t it fixed?” asked my husband.

“He’ll be there in a minute,” the front desk promised.

My husband decided to hop in the shower, so I was assigned the task of opening the door. Tim was tall, taller than my husband, and had a dazzling smile. I felt my stomach hit the floor.

“I know where it is…” he said, and I realized he had asked me a question. I moved aside so he could get it.

I watched his ass under his uniform. Nice, small. And broad strong shoulders. I thought I made out a tattoo under his shirt, on his back. I felt a small stirring in my crotch. It had been a while.

As he bent over the TV, I just sat and watched. He asked me some basic questions, and then *plink*, the TV worked. He smiled again, and was gone.

My husband came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Quite pleased to see the TV was working again, he patted my ass and walked back into the bedroom to get dressed. It was almost happy hour at the bar, and he didn’t want to miss the 2 for 1 drinks.

Four hours later, and the husband and I are staggering home. I had only had 2 drinks, which gave me a nice buzz. He had 6, which made him drunk. I helped him into bed, where he started to snore soundly.

Since it was a warm night, I decided to go for a walk on the beach. It was quiet, since spring break hadn’t started yet, and I had the beach to myself. Or, almost to myself.

Walking along the shore, carrying my shoes in my hand and trailing my feet in the water, I jumped when I heard “How’s the TV?”

My heart pumping, I searched for the voice. Sitting on one of the chaise lounge under a straw umbrella, was Tim. He jumped up, put his hand on my arm, and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you…”

“I’m fine, really. I just didn’t see anyone else out here so I thought I was alone.”

“Most nights around now, no one else comes out here. That’s why I have lunch on the chair over there. It’s nice and quiet.”

His piercing brown eyes felt like they were looking into my soul. I was still aware of where his hand had been on my arm, still felt the warmth from it. Large hands. Large shoulders. Beautiful smile.

We talked for a while, illegal bahis very comfortably, until he realized the time and had to get back to work. I bade him goodnight, and walked quietly back to my room. My husband hadn’t moved, and I undressed and crawled in to sleep next to him.

The next afternoon, I was playing tennis, and having one of my best games yet. My tennis outfit was a light lavender, showing off my legs and my 36C breasts. I aced my next serve, and won the game. Shaking hands with my opponent, I heard “Wow, you’re quite good.” Tim was standing near the court, dressed for work in his uniform again. I could see that he wasn’t just looking at me, but studying me. And I could also feel that he was resisting moving his eyes off my face. I knew my shirt front was soaked with sweat, and that my nipples were getting hard from the cooler air now that I wasn’t playing.

“Thanks. I like to play.”

“That’s quite obvious.”

I looked at him sideways, trying to tell if there was a double meaning in his words. His look told me that he wasn’t just talking about tennis, mainly cause he was looking at my ass.

“Will you be having lunch again tonight on the beach? It seems like a nice place to escape to.”

“I’m going to try to. I normally eat around 10, feel free to come by, if you’re not doing anything.”

My husband was again heading for the bar. I begged off, citing my hard tennis workout that afternoon, and saying I just wanted to sit in the whirlpool tub. He shrugged and headed out the door.

I did hop in the tub, and did enjoy the jets of hot water on my muscles. I had strained my right shoulder, and ducked down so the water could massage it. As I was lying there, I watched my breasts float on the water. Again, the colder air made the nipples hard. Thinking back to the tennis court earlier, and thinking about Tim, made them harder. What’s under that uniform? Imagining it, I started to move my hand under the water, closer and closer to my clit. Before I got there, I thought better of it, and stood up and reached for my towel. It was time to get ready.

Walking on the beach is one of my favorite pasttimes. I love the water and the sand. Going down to the beach that night was exciting as well. There was a sliver of a moon, just enough for me to see where I was going. Most of the lights along the beach had been turned off.

I walked up to the chaise where I remembered Tim sitting the night before. His back was to me, with a sandwich on his lap.

“Hey there,” I called.

It was his turn to jump.

“Oh, illegal bahis siteleri I’m sorry!” I laughed. I put my hand on his arm to comfort him, and felt his smooth, strong skin under my hand.

“It’s okay,” he said, flashing that smile. I felt my stomach flip. “It was your turn to get me.”

Oh, and I intend to, I thought…

We laughed and chatted comfortably in the warm air. My white gauzy dress was blowing in the light breeze. He kept taking side glances at my tan legs, which I tastefully acted like I didn’t see. I saw a shell on the sand and reached off the chaise where I was sitting to pick it up. Realizing he had a clear view down my dress to my braless chest, I took a little longer to pick up the shell than I needed to.

“This is a pretty one…”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” he said, looking meaningfully into my eyes.

I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned over and slowly, softly, kissed his sweet lips. He responded happily, softly, eagerly. I moved onto his chaise, and we continued to kiss, my mouth opening slowly, his tongue waiting, inviting. His skin was getting warmer; I could feel it through his shirt. Moving my hands slowly over his chest, it was muscular, but not too hard. His hands moved to my back, encircling me, drawing me closer. Our tongues started to dart around, as I got more and more excited. As we shifted in on the chaise, I felt his penis hard, poking, and all I wanted was to take it in my mouth. I broke the embrace, kneeled on the warm sand, and unzipped his pants. His hard on popped out, nice and long, just the right thickness, with a little pre-cum on the head.

A good blowjob starts slowly. A little blowing of air, some licking, massaging of the balls. I did the best I could, which was good, if his reactions were anything to go by. His eyes were closed for a moment, then he looked down at me. Lying back on the chaise, his eyes looking into mine hungrily. I gently ran my tongue along his shaft, tasting him and loving every second of it. Sucking gently, working my tongue under the rim of his head, he started to moan softly. He hadn’t taken his eyes off me, and I hadn’t stopped looking into his. My hand moved up under his shirt, to feel the chest I had been thinking of for a while. It was everything I had hoped, plus a little more. His nipple was pierced. I started to play gently with his nipple ring, which elicited a smile and heavier breathing. As I was rubbing the muscle under his balls, he pulled me off him, and I dove to his mouth again. He sucked on my tongue again, canlı bahis siteleri moving his strong hands all over my back, my ass, my legs, under my skirt.

His hands found my sweet spot. Warm, wet, it wasn’t hard to find. I felt a finger enter me, and my hips started to move with the finger. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my dress, and my breasts were in his mouth in a flash. He nibbled the nipples, causing waves of pleasure in my pussy, that I knew he could feel. We couldn’t wait any longer. I was longing to ride him.

I stood, and pulled off my panties. Moving the skirt away, he got a flash of my smooth, hairless pussy, and, amazingly, the hunger in his eyes became more intense. I straddled him, and slowly moved my hips down over his. His penis, standing straight, met me perfectly and he started to enter me with slow, short strokes.

He was larger than my husband, which was such a wonderful, filling feeling. It only took a few strokes to get him in comfortably, since I was so wet. We fit perfectly. His hands on my hips, my breasts in his mouth, I started to ride him slowly, smoothly. I wanted to savor every moment of this. His ministrations on my nipples started to increase, and his hands had moved from my hips to my ass. One of his fingers pushed gently on my asshole, and I moaned softly. He slowly entered me with his finger, filling me to completion. I looked down at him, and collapsed onto his mouth again. He was an incredible lover. His mouth knew what I wanted, before I did. I started to break free, to mouth his long, strong neck. It was an incredible neck, and I couldn’t help myself. I was nibbling, licking, feeling it. Smooth, salty skin. His hands moving on me. He shifted slightly, and I could feel that he was hitting my spot. My mouth on his neck started to work more, and my breathing increased. He could feel it everywhere as well, and started to move faster, and deeper, if that was possible. I heard a rushing sound in my ears, and I could feel the waves getting closer. I started to whimper, and then the waves started. He held me up, since I went limp, and made sure that every wave came through and was felt.

His penis was jumping inside me, and the muscles in his chest and arms were getting tighter. I happily sat up, and started to ride him, as deep as I could. His hands were on my breasts, rubbing, pinching. My wet pussy was eating him alive. I saw a look in his eyes, and his hips started to push, and I rode him like a banshee. Speeding up, I felt him go tight, and then felt his warm cum inside me, shooting out.

I laid down on his chest, and he again held me in his arms, kissing my face and lips. His lips tasted like sugar to me. I felt addicted.

“My lunch break is over. But I get off at midnight.”

“Yes,” I said. “You will.”

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