The Best Kind of Rehab 4

Big Dicks

The Best Kind of Rehab 4Another hot night of fucking. Spent the night fucking Mary while she made her husband watch and then clean up my cum in and on her. She’s as fucking wild as June only older and a lot more freaky, has no problem getting caught fucking or being seen naked in public even in her own neighbors.I got home around seven in the morning. I walk into my house and there on my sofa is June naked on my sofa naked and playing with herself and I can see that she is in the middle of a orgasm. When she finished she looked up at me and said that she started without me. I told her no problem. I told her about my night and thought it was wild and sounded like fun. She said she was on her way to work, but needed to stop and get a quick ride on my cock, so get naked and lay on the floor. As soon as I did, she climbed on and started fucking me like a mad woman. She knew what she knew what she wanted and was going to get it. After about twenty minutes I was filling up her tight wet cunt and she flooded me with he cum. She got off me fast Then bent down to get a fast taste of our mixed cum, gave me a kiss.

Then she told me that she would be out of town for a few days so be ready for me when I get back. I promised I would. She quickly dressed with my cum still in her cunt and ran out the door. I laid down for my needed rest. It was about eight at night when I woke up. I was all most relieved that I had nothing to do tonight and could actually just set out to exercise my knee and hopefully my dick out of someones mouth, pussy or ass.I go through my regular routine, get in truck, get naked and drive to the park. When I get there, their is no doubt about what to do next. I put a long shirt, naked underneath and head out. Even if I get stopped by a different cop, I will be protect by June.I am feeling good about my new found freedom to walk around all most naked. I finished one time around and half way around and just my luck my sexy runner Jamie is coming my way. I hope I don’t get hard looking at her because it will be impossible to she is as beautiful as ever and sexy to boot. I do anything to see her naked. We sit on a bench and talk for awhile when she asks me how is the knee. I tell her it hurts but I am sure halkalı escort that it’s supposed too. She asks to look at it and I start to panic. When she touches my leg, I know I am going to get hard and then she will be gone forever. She starts feeling around my knee and says it feel swollen, so you need to take it easy. She asks me if I might want to meet her for lunch tomorrow, she will have a treatment plan to help with that knee. Of course I said yes and we pick a place to meet. As she starts to run off, she stops and says put you will need to put pants on, And I like what i saw. And off she goes leaving me in shock.I get back to my truck, take my shirt off and use it as a towel. As soon as I start my truck, my phone rings and it is Mary. She asked me if I could come by tonight. As much as I wanted to say no, my mind is controlled by my dick. I said yes but I will have to go home and get dressed. she no comes as you are. I told her I was nude and she said all the better. Twenty minutes latter I parked in her driveway. I call her to let her know I am here and told to come in, the door is open and come up to the bedroom. When I get into the door the first thing I see is her husband dressed in just a robe cleaning the house, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. I told him to crawl over her and suck my cock and get it ready to for me so I can fuck his wife. His mouth felt good on my cock and watching him blow me was hot, I might have to fuck him one day. I pulled out of his mouth and walked up the stairs and when I walked in the bedroom I Mary in a 69 with another woman. Because they were so buried into each others pussy, they didn’t even know I was there. I stood and stroked my cock watching them. I was about five minutes before they realized I was there. Mary looked up with her face covered in her friends cum.She said hello lover, I was so horny we started without you but it looks like you are more than ready. I told her how I made her bitch suck to get me hard and be ready for you. And who is this? She says this is my neighbor Lucy, she saw us coming in last night naked and she had to find out what was going on. She came over this morning for coffee nişantaşı escort and I had to tell her everything, as she listened to the more I said I could tell she was getting hot, I could see her nipple getting hard under her top.She continued to say how telling her about the night, it was getting her hot also so she put one hand in her panties and the other playing with her nipples Then she told her to come up to the bedroom, neither of us have ever been with a woman but that changed.I said but why is she here now. Then I told the mystery that I am sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude. She is about the same age as Mary. Also very pretty with long brown hair. Her body was a little fuller than Mary’s and her tits were huge and had the biggest nipples I have ever seen, They had to be over an inch long and a inch thick. Her pussy was bare, just the way I like it. While staring at my cock she hi, I have heard a lot about you and Mary understated it, I saw you last night and didn’t realize your cock was so big any yummy looking, I beg Mary to let me play with it, I hope you don’t mind. I told her of course not and that she just caught me off guard. Mary said come over and lay between us. I squeezed my self between the two naked women and as soon as I did, they were all over me. Mary said baby lay back and relax, you give us this monster. Each of them took a nipple in their mouth and one grabbed my hardening and the other got a handful of my full huge black nuts. Mary whispers into my ear that Mary has never had a BBC and I want you to make her crave it as much as I do. Mary tells Lucy to suck my cock, it tastes like candy. Lucy wasted no time in taking my cock in her mouth trying to swallow it, but it’s hard to do because I am so big. Mary told her to stop playing with it and suck it bitch and then she pushed then she pushed her head down on me causing her to gag. She tears in her eyes but she didn’t give up. Mary let go of her head and she toke to my cock like a pro, Mary was cheering her on. Mary told her it was time to get a hard black cock in her white cunt, climb on it so you can control how fast it fits into you. Lucy straddled me and while looking at me, şişli escort rubbed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy and then slowly pushed it in herself and slowly lowered herself all the way down to my balls, when she bottomed out she looked at Mary and said Holy fuck I have never been so full of cock in my life. Mary told to wait till it’s in your fat ass. Lucy is going crazy on my dick and then Mary comes up and takes one of her huge nipples in her mouth and that send Lucy over the edge, she starts screaming that she is cumming and man does she ever. I find out now that she is a major squirter. Her cum is shooting all over me. When she finally come back down to earth, Mary told her to get off, it my turn. As quick as she rolls off of me Mary jumps on and tell me that she wants me her ass and she slides all the way down on me and fucks the hell out my dick with her tight white ass. Lucy finally get herself together and looks on in awe watching Mary ride my cock deep in her ass. She ask Mary how did you fit that monster in your ass, she told if you want it you take it. Mary bends over to kiss me while riding my dick. She says that she loves watching me fuck Lucy. Now I want you to fill my ass with your cum. I couldn’t hold out anymore and started filling her ass with my hot cum, feeling it causes her to have a big orgasm. She stays on me until my dick slips out and as soon as it did, Lucy took it into her mouth and sucked it clean.For the next hour I fucked both woman over and over. By the time I was done they were happy and full of my cum. I thanked them for a wonderful night and headed out the door, still naked and headed home to get some rest before my lunch date with Jamie.I slept like a baby. I hopped into the shower to was all of the girls cum off of me. I found something nice and casual to wear for my lunch date. I get to were we decided on, got a table out of the way and waited for Jamie arrived. Shortly later, she came through the door and as she walked my way I said to myself HOLY FUCK she’s even more beautiful and than ever. She had her short dark hair good. She was wearing a tight red skirt that was just high enough to make you hard, but low enough to be classy. Her top was one of ones that have a low front that make you wait for her tits to fall out. She was made up to look a fashion model. As she got closer I stood to great her. She moved in to get a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. I could tell that she didn’t have a bra on. I was in love and she is going to be my future wife, well that’s what I am saying now.

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