The Birth of a DOM! Pt. 01


So first a brief introduction. I have been in this lifestyle since I can remember but I just didn’t know what it was till later in life. I was always excited about women in stockings and heels. After I turned 18 my aunt came to live with us. My grandmother had passed and Eileen was adapted from alcoholic parents. She was 26 and still a virgin, very dowdy, prim and proper. My parents owned a bar and she would go to it to listen to music and have a drink, then come home early on Friday nights.

This went on for a few months when she started to dress much more sexy. Her hair was cut in a shag, she now wore makeup as well. But she also started to dress in the style of hot pants with pantyhose. I also noticed she would get home by ten but brought with her a six pack of beer and some harder liquor, usually Sambucca. Since I had broken up with my girlfriend we would talk, me drinking a beer or two but she would chug them down! After a few shots she got up from the couch and changed into her nighty, leaving on her pantyhose, then lay on the couch.

One night I was watching a movie when she came home. Seems she had already started şişli escort drinking and started to just drink the Sambucca. But instead of shots she filled a rocks glass and was downing it! She went and changed but this time a new nighty that showed her tiny nipples. She measured 32 aa but had legs to die for. When she got on the couch she started telling me how men were jerks. She then put her pantyhose covered legs and feet into my lap. “Massage them she said…” not as a request but as a command.

Excited, tipsy, and eager to please I did so. As I took my time and massaged one foot she started to grind her other into my cock and balls. I was rock hard and she knew it. Then I noticed her hand was below the covers and she was masturbating! As I massaged her foot she was moaning, then urging me on to kiss her feet! I took her foot and started to suck her toes through the nylon as she moaned. All of a sudden she came, as she did pushing her other foot into my crotch making me cum!

She then rolled over and went to sleep. I went and cleaned up myself, hoping that more fun would happen. The next day escort ankara started normal but instead of her going out with her girlfriend she stayed home. When everyone was gone she started to talk to me, telling me about her bad date. Since we were home alone and everyone else was at the bar we started to drink. Again she started with big glasses of Sambucca but instead of beer she had 2 bottles of Schlitz Red Bull Malt liquor. She had me drink one and we both got drunk. She told me she went out with Jerry the night before and he begged her for a blow job. She told me once in her mouth he came! He then said time to go home and left.

I told her what a jerk he was and she said she knew that now. She asked me if I was turned on. When I hesitated she grabbed my crotch, feeling I was hard. She told me she was going to make me her slave. First thing she had me undress and then had me shave my cock and balls clean. While doing this she was getting very drunk. She then had me put on gym shorts and she put on a nighty and pantyhose. I saw her bush was shaved. Now she told me if I did what she wanted we would both be happy.

She took ankara escor off her top and poured some Sambucca on her nipples and told me to lick it off. As I did I also started to gently bite and suck. She had me stop and get on my back and then leaned over for me to work her tiny tits. As she did this she grinded on my cock. I blew a load. She told me that I was just like Gerry when she realized that I stayed hard. She asked me if she excited me that much! Of course I said yes and went back to working her tits. All of a sudden she came very hard, I could feel her moisture and thought she had peed but she actually squirted.

She fell back and her legs were open. I was staring at her wide open cunt through her pantyhose when she told me to kiss it. I started working my way up her legs, licking and sucking till I got between her thighs. I then started to nibble on her hose when she ripped a hole. I started to lick my first cunt. I remembered from the porno movies and worked hard. She grabbed my head and screamed, cumming again. She squirted and I knew it wasn’t piss. She then pushed me back and kneeled over my head. Eat me she said…she came at least 3 more times, then had me jerkoff, coming on her tits. She then showered, had another drink and went to bed.

This became our regular Friday and Saturday thing for the next few months till I left to go to college.

End part 1

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