The Blue Life Ch. 18: Little Mistress


The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading.

This story picks up where Chapter 17 left off. Bobby has been adding to his stable of submissives. There is now his mother and father, Mrs. Sally Whitehall (his mother’s best friend), Terri Whitehall (Sally’s eighteen year old daughter), and Sondra Gutierrez (an owner of a Lingerie Shop in her late twenties).


I entered Dressing Room

in the Lace Boudoir to find my youngest submissive, the eighteen year old Terri Whitehall, on her hands and knees. She was topless, wearing only a pleated, plaid miniskirt, knee highs, brown penny loafers, oh, and a thin, white dog collar around her neck. She was looking at herself in the mirror, with one hand between her legs, inside her panties, stroking her pussy. Her massive tits hung down, and swung underneath her as she stroked.

“Terri,” I asked, “what the hell are you doing?”

“I was getting bored, Bobby. So I thought I might rub one out. You got me excited earlier and then left me hanging. So, I thought I would take matters into my own hands.”

“Is that why you’ve been acting like a bitch to Sophie?” Sophie had been trying to help fit Terri with a new bra.

“She was a bitch to me first. She’s supposed to be finding me like a bra and panties to wear to work here at the lingerie shop. She measured me, and then she brought me that crap! I can’t wear that!” Terri’s voice went up an octave into a piercing whine.

I looked at the bras that were on the table. They were fine. There was a black lace bra, and a white plain one. They were very similar to ones Sally, Terri’s mother, had bought the day before at The Lace Boudoir. Conservative, but sexy. I said, “What is wrong with these bras? They are very sexy and nice. Your Mom got bras like these here just yesterday. Don’t you think she looks hot?”

“Mom is super-sexy. And the bras she got here are fine. But I don’t want to look like my mother! Geez, Bobby!”

I grabbed a chair and sat down. “Pussycat, come here,” I commanded, “across my lap, now!”

Terri stood, and sassed, “Oh, you want me to sit your lap again, so you can press that cock of yours against my butt-cheeks, Bobby?” She turned and flipped up her skirt, giving me a peek at her full, muscular, perfectly round ass.

“No, Kitten. We are going to play a game. You are going to lie down across my lap. And you are going to get to whine about whatever you want. But for each thing you whine about, I will spank your ass a number of times.”

“You can’t do that, Bobby,” Terri sniped.

“I can and I will, and I will consider that your first whine. You want to be your Mother’s Mistress, well, then you need to learn what it means to be a good little submissive. Get your belly over my lap now, you dirty little slut, before I walk out of this room and decide that your training isn’t going to be worth the effort. I didn’t want to take you on as one of my Kittens. Mistress Sunny talked me into this, saying you were so cute, and you really wanted to learn, that really needed training. That’s why you are wearing that collar. Because you are a submissive slut, and you need training.”

She walked slowly toward me, covering her breasts with one arm. She said, “Yes, Bobby.”

“No,” I said firmly, “you are about to be disciplined, Pussycat. You say, “Yes, Sir; yes, Master; or yes, Daddy!”

She looked scared. She looked in my eyes. She looked at her own bra and shirt on the table. She looked at the door. Finally, she said, “Yes, Daddy.” And she laid herself over my lap.

“Pull off your panties, Slut!”

Terri didn’t hesitate. She immediately said, “Yes, Daddy,” and reached under her skirt to pull her panties off.

“You obeyed right away, Kitten. Is that because you got your pussy worked up, and you think I’m going to give it some attention now?”

“I was hoping, Sir.”

“Lift up your skirt, show me your ass!” She did. “You have the finest ass I’ve ever fucking seen, Kitten. It is big and round and firm. I could bounce quarters off your ass! I’m going to enjoy spanking you now. And one day soon, I’m going to enjoy spreading your ass cheeks and drilling my cock into your backdoor. I know you’re a virgin now, Terri. But you know what I’m talking about.”

“Thank you, Bobby. I’m very proud that you like my ass so much.”

I spanked her ass, hard. “That was for calling me, Bobby.” I waited a second. “When getting a spanking, you should say, ‘Thank you, Sir, or Daddy or Master.’ Then if I’ve told you, you are getting spanked five or ten or twenty-five times, you will also be expected to keep count.”

She said, “Thank you, Daddy. That was one. How many spankings am I getting?”

I spanked her again, harder on her other butt cheek. “That was for being slow to obey.”

“Thank you, Daddy. That çankaya escort was two.”

My hand came down on her upper thighs, right at the crease between leg and butt. “That was for being a little bitch to Sophie when she’s trying to help you.”

“She was a bitch to me first,” Terri whined.

I spanked her two more times hard. “Ow! I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you, Daddy. I think we are up to five now. And I was the one being the bitch.”

I started to gently rub my hand over where I had spanked her. I could feel the warmth coming off her ass. If you gently rub, it short circuits the pain messages getting sent from the area, and is quite pleasing, comforting, and can be very arousing. “Spread your legs, Kitten. Wider.” My hand traveled down her thigh and back up her inner thigh to brush lightly over her pussy. Terri moaned and whimpered a bit. Just the tips of my fingers grazed her pussy lips. “All right, now we are going to start our game. You whine, and then get what is coming to you. Start now.”

“Yes, Daddy. I don’t like the bras Sophie brought in. They look too much like my Mom’s. And I love my Mom and think she is hot as Hell. But I don’t want to look like her.” Terri steeled herself for another swat. Instead, two fingers plunged into her wet cunt. “Fuck, Daddy! Yes! But, I thought I was going to get spanked.”

I twisted my fingers inside her, curving them down to put pressure on her G-spot. “Are you disappointed, Kitten?”

“No, Daddy. Oh, fuuuck, what are you doing? I’m not, fuuuhhck, disappointed. I just don’t fucking understand.”

“I agree with you. Those bras aren’t right for you, Pussycat. You want something more young and hip, more punk, something with more style and edge.”

“Exactly, that’s what I thought!”

“Did you tell Sophia that?”

Terri looked puzzled. “No.”

I quickly withdrew my fingers and slapped her butt-cheeks again twice.

“Holy fu-I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you, Daddy. I’ve lost count, Sir.”

“Sophie can’t help you find what you want if you just bitch at her about what you don’t like. You’ve got to tell her what you do want. By the way, she thinks you have a smoking hot, tight body.”

“She didn’t tell you that.”

“She said you have a body…let me think…out of a Lesbian Pornographer’s Wet Dreams.”

“Do you think she’s Lesbian?”

“Yeah. Mostly,” I said. “So what else has you feeling bitchy?”

“I don’t want to be left alone.”

I caressed Terri’s ass. “I can’t be with you all the time, Kitten.”

“Mmm. No, Sir. I mean, you’ve got Sondra. I get that she’s special. And your Dad has your Mom. And my Mom is going out with that foot-guy, Dennis.”

“Let’s just call him Dennis, or Bookstore Dennis, so we don’t accidentally slip up when we meet him.”

“Are there guys that really get off on touching feet?”

“Yep. It not that weird. Really. It’s just another sexy part of you. If a guy thinks your feet are sexy, just say, thank you. By the way, I think your feet are very sexy. Don’t tell her I said this, but your feet are even sexier than your Mom’s.”

Terri looked up at me. She kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes in her argyle socks. “Do you want to jack off onto my feet, like Mistress Sunny was talking about?”

“I would love to cum on lots of parts of your body, Pussycat. Your feet aren’t at the top of my list, but they aren’t at the bottom either. We will get there eventually.”

Terri kicked off her shoes, raised her feet in her black, knee-high, socks, and wiggled her toes. “Anyway, everybody has somebody tonight, and I’m like the one left out.”

I gently patted Terri’s butt. “Stand up, Kitten.” I looked at her up and down, five feet of teen, punk, sex goddess. Blue hair, shaved on one side. Pierced nipples. And an incredible hourglass figure with giant breasts, tiny waist, and a full hips. Terri’s body was built like a thrill ride. “Goddamn, woman! You are stacked and packed in ways that just make my mouth water. Come sit on my lap for real.”

Terri lifted up the front of her skirt, and straddled the chair facing me. She lowered herself, until her bare pussy was grinding on my cock through my pants. She gave me an innocent pout, and said, “Like this, Daddy? I bet I could rub one out like this, maybe for the both of us. Oh, is that hard cock in your pants for me? Did I do that, Sir?”

It was so wanton, and innocent at the same time. I grabbed her hips and guided her dry humping of me. Well, for me it was dry. Terri was putting a wet spot on the front of my slacks. “Oh Terri-Kitten,” I groaned, “you are so fucking sexy.”

Terri kissed me, “Not fucking sexy yet, Daddy. I’m still a tight, little virgin! Do you want to fuck me right now? I’m on the Pill. And you don’t have to wear a condom. You don’t have any diseases. I trust you. You can just unzip your pants, right now, and slip your cock up inside me! I’m ready, Daddy.”

I kissed Terri, and my tongue entered her mouth. But then, I lifted her off my escort çankaya lap, and stood up. “Pussycat, you make my teeth ache with the desire to fuck you. But, everyone gets tested for STDs tomorrow. And I’m going to have you the night of your school semi-formal dance. How many days away is that?”

“Twelve days. But I’m so horny now, Bobby,” she caught herself, “I mean, Daddy! You don’t have to spank me.” Terri covered her ass cheeks with her hands.

“We have a job to do: find you some bras and panties today, so you can start work here tomorrow. Look, do you want to stay and have dinner with me, Sondra and Sophie? There has been talk of naked Reindeer Games happening after dinner.”

“Is Sophie your Slut now too now, Daddy?”

“No. But she was feeling left out and horny, just like you. And I think you two might get along.”

“Can I tie her up, and force her to eat my cunt?”

“Why don’t you suggest a back-rub first, followed by a make-out session, and then maybe some mutual pussy appreciation?”

“You said, she likes me? Like, she really thinks I’m sexy? Like in a Lesbian way?”

“Yes. And she’s cute too! And she’s an older woman. You like older women. Your mom is an older woman,” I reminded Terri.

“So is yours,” Terri said.

“Yes. But I have a thing for younger women too.” I kissed Terri. “I’m going to tell Sophie what you want, and then check up on my Dad and Sondra. When Sophie gets back in here, be nice to her, please. I think she has a crush on you. And she is the one buying dinner.”

Terri giggled. “OK, Daddy. I will behave.”

I left the dressing room, and found Sophie out in the shop. She was folding merchandise and arranging it on a table. I was feeling bold. So I hugged Sophie from behind. “I’ve got good news,” I said.

Sophie commented, “Wow! Somebody’s happy to see me!” I realized that she could feel my erection pressed against her butt-cheek. I blushed. She was smiling. She looked down and then reached and touched the wet spot on my pants, feeling my cock in the process. “Looks like somebody was getting a lap-dance from a horny, little High School Girl!”

“Uh, yeah. Sorta. Sorry.” I was really blushing now.

“You are really cute when you’re embarrassed,” Sophie gave my bulge one more squeeze, and then went back to folding camisoles like nothing happened. “You said, there was good news?”

“Oh, yeah. Can Terri join us for dinner? There will be Reindeer Games! I promise. And you can pick whether you want to start with Terri or Sondra,” I offered.

Sophie said, “That is good news. But, I might want to start with you, Bobby!” She flirting with me! It was the first time she had called me, “Bobby.” She asked, “What about the bra diva? What was her problem?”

“The bras you brought her were nice. But they were too much like the bras her mother bought here, yesterday. She doesn’t want to look like her Mom. Bring her something edgy, punk, bold, funny or sassy. The brasher the better.”

“That’s not very subtle.”

“We are talking about a girl with pierced nipples, blue hair, with a Mohawk on one side.”

Sophie chuckled. “Yeah, OK, I was bringing her the wrong kinds of bras. I think I know what she wants now.”

“Did I mention that Terri is a virgin? And her pubic hair is blue too? Oh, and her clit is pierced, just like her nipples.”

“And you still think Terri is a virgin?” Sophie grinned and shook her head.

“I didn’t say she was innocent, just virginal.”

“Give me fifteen minutes. And then your High School Virgin will be ready for a fashion show,” Sophie said.

I went back to Sondra’s office. When I had left, my father had seemed very confused and despondent about his future, especially concerning his alternate, female personality, Jillian. I opened the door quietly. I didn’t want to disturb Sondra and Dad if she was trying to comfort him, or if they were sharing a tender moment.

They were sharing all right. But the moment wasn’t tender. Dad had his shoes, pants underwear and jacket off. He was standing in his socks, shirt and vest, with his feet spread. Kneeling between his legs was my girlfriend, Sondra! Her sweatshirt was missing, so she was topless, but still wearing her yoga pants and cross-trainer athletic shoes. She was sucking my Dad’s cock like a woman possessed. One hand gripped the base of his shaft. The other was pulling on his balls.

My Dad had fistfuls of Sondra’s hair in his hands, and he was brutally fucking her mouth. Dad was shouting, “That’s right, you Vixen Bitch! Suck that monster cock. Take it! Take all of it. Back into your fucking throat! I’m going to empty my balls right into your fucking belly, you Vixen Slut.”

“Wow.” The word just slipped out of my mouth. The scene in front of me both excited and shocked me.

My Dad turned to me and said, “Don’t just stand there like an idiot with your mouth open, Bobby. Close the fucking door and get in here. I’ve been holding off from cumming until you got back, çankaya escort bayan and I can’t hold back much longer. Kneel on the floor behind me, Bobby. You’ve got an amazing vixen whore here, Son! I’m so damned proud of you. She’s such a good cock-sucking slut! I hope we get to double team her later. You can have her pussy. I’m in love with this mouth on my cock! Fuck! So good. That’s right, Bobby. On your knees, Son.” Like a man in a dream, I knelt behind my father. I had never seen him so Dominant and commanding. “Good boy. Now lick Foxxy’s dark hole, Son. Yes. Fucking spread my cheeks and tongue me where y are going to fuck me later. Fuck. Yes! Get ready whore. Feel my balls tighten. I’m about to cum! Tongue my ass, Bobby. Tongue fuck me. Eat me like you mean it!”

I felt Sondra’s hand come down and caress my package through my pants. I’m sure she felt the wet stain that Terri had left there too. I didn’t care. I was spreading my Dad’s ass cheeks, try to stab my tongue past his sphincter.

My father bellowed, “That’s it! That’s right! Oh fuck. I’m fucking coming. Drink it like a good slut. Yessss! Wait! Pull off, Slut, let me turn around!” Sondra backed off my father’s cock. Dad was holding his cock, pinching it at the base. Dad turned and put his cock right in my face. “Open up, Son. Suck my cock! I want to finish in your fucking mouth!”

I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to be the Master, the Dominant! Dad was supposed to suck and clean MY cock! My girlfriend was looking right at me with eyes of love, lust, and anticipation. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. Dad shoved his cock in my mouth, and I choked for a second. Then Dad pulled back so the head of his thin, uncircumcised cock was on the flat of my tongue, and he released his cock at the base. Dad’s cock spasmed again. Two or three small spurts of jism squirted into my mouth.

My dad lost his balance and had to brace himself on the desk. “So good. So fucking good. Welcome to the family, Sondra. That was wonderful. Bobby, thank you for tonguing your old man’s asshole and letting me finish in my son’s mouth. That was so beautiful and nasty.”

Sondra was smiling and panting. Her nipples stood up at least a half inch from her A cup breasts. I leaned forward and kissed her. I had saved some of Red’s jism in my mouth to “snowball,” to pass to Sondra in the kiss. It was a fetish of mine. Our lips met, and our mouths opened to each other’s passion. And I found Sondra’s kiss to be at least as sloppy as mine. She had done the same thing! Sondra swallowed, giggled and smiled. “You kinky bastard!! I guess great minds think alike.”

I leaned in toward her and whispered, “What the heck just happened?”

Sondra gave me a sly grin, and shrugged. She whispered, “I don’t know. But I want more.” Then in a full voice, “That was amazing, Foxxy-Sir. I’m going to love being one of your vixens.” Sondra stood and kissed my Dad’s lips. My Dad seemed cheerful and powerful. His whole demeanor had changed.

I was still on my knees in front of him. “Red, what got into you?”

“I’m sorry, Bobby. I decided to Red-card your plan to punish your mother. It’s a bad plan, so I changed it. Suddenly, I felt like celebrating. Thank you, Sondra. You are a delight in every way.”

“Red. You can’t just change my plans.” I stood up, confused by the situation. “Mom disobeyed her Master, she needs to be punished, broken, and trained.”

“Bobby,” Dad began, “Sondra is more important than any of that. She’s your future. She’s amazing.”

Sondra quickly kissed my Dad’s lips. I realized I was jealous. “Thank you, Foxxy. You are too,” she said. She grabbed the cut-off sweatshirt she had been wearing and put it on. “I need to quick get changed, and pack. I can’t wait!” She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me forward, quickly kissing me before running out the door.

“Dad, what the hell is going on?”

“I’m sorry, Bobby. Sondra and I got carried away. She is so sexy and eager. She showed me that I didn’t have to let you make such a huge mistake.”

“Dad, I have to punish and train Mom. I’m her Master.”

“Yes, you are, Bobby. And you’re still my Master too. But you love Sondra.”

“Yeah. I’ve only known her a day, but I feel like my whole life is starting with her. She’s going to live with me, once the house is built.”

“Does she know that yet?”

“No. But I’m her Master now.”

“Bobby, that Master stuff is just a game. The love is real. She’ll say, yes. But she will resent you assuming her answer, or commanding her to take such a big step.” Dad finished putting on his underwear and pants.

“OK, I can see that. But you just can’t change your Master’s plans.”

Dad laughed and shook his head. “Just watch me, Master,” he simply said. “You were going to introduce your mother to your girlfriend by shunning Marjorie and cutting her off from sex. Why? Because she seduced her best friend and made her our beautiful submissive slut! Bobby, your mother would resent you for years, and she might hate Sondra if you pulled a stunt like that.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“We’re going to celebrate! We’ll get a bottle of champagne. We are going to introduce Sondra and Marjorie. Then, we can go out to dinner and later fuck. Or maybe we will skip dinner and just all fuck.”

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