The Book of Attraction Pt. 02


So, we left it all in the basement. That morning Lucy left for her outdoors adventure with her friends and would not be back for a couple of weeks. Mom saw her off, she must have insisted not to wake me. She knew I’d be there to see her go. She didn’t want that and that is what played with my mind. The first time she had been awake. But after she neglected it for weeks. The second time was no mistake. Now she’d be away for weeks. So here I was in this situations stuck on a page in the book. Scared to turn over to the next chapter.

Normally she would text me if she was away for a while, but it had been almost two weeks already and I didn’t get anything. She was due back tomorrow and besides, I had to stay stubborn and play hard to get. If I caved now I’d show I was the weak one and she would have less respect for me. Well that’s what the book said. I found myself jerking off more often. I had built up such a sex drive and all I thought about was that night in the basement. My cock buried between her cheeks, my sisters ass, my cock. The thought alone made me explode many times and it was the image of my fantasies.

School had hit an all time low. Without Lucy around I had nothing to distract me from how poor I’d been academically. Miss Green was on my case more and more each day. When I turned up with half a project to finish my assignment I knew that was the last straw. So here I was headed over to school for after school detention. Since everyone else had seemingly submitted a full project, I would be the only one around to sit in an empty classroom alone. It was odd seeing the parking lot so empty. The school looked lifeless with no lights on or anybody inside. I walked the halls in silence. I thought I’d stop by my locker to get some things to entertain me at least while I sat at a desk for an hour or so.

Along one of the walls they had set up banners for the school dance. It was six weeks away and I did not know who I would take. It couldn’t be Lucy that would be weird. It had to be someone I knew. I thought about Jenny but the likely hood of her being allowed to come along after her having left school already was slim.

Shaking the thought from my mind I turned the door knob to Miss Green’s classroom. She was sat at her desk with her arms folded looking over some papers. She looked down her nose at me as she instructed me to take a seat. I sat in silence as Miss Green marked paper after paper. I thought about asking to go to the bathroom but I didn’t want to risk extending my detention for another hour. After what seemed like twenty minutes or so the door knob clicked and in walked Keri. I hadn’t seen her since the fight at the PoolBar. Her eyes narrowed. She was either surprised to see me, or had only just noticed the what was left of the graze above my right eye.

“Miss Belcher, you’re late. Take a seat.”Miss Green chuffed.

Instead of sitting where she usually did she sat right across from me.

“Now that the two of you are here I want you both to come up with a thousand words on why you should not miss deadlines for my projects. Let me know how you intent to fix this problem going forward as I will be eager to here your explanations.” Miss Green was hot but that did not stop her being a pain in my ass.

Miss Green resumed corrected the assignments she did have. While me and Keri sat in an awkward silence scribbling down words we did not mean. I was about half way through when she held out a piece of paper for me. The paper was scrunched up into a small ball in her hand.

I took it from her hand and noticed the delicate touch of her fingers against mine. We had to be sly. If Miss Green saw I’d never get home. I spread the paper across my desk. The creases made it difficult to read and her writing made it even worse.

“The whole school is talking about you.”

I did not understand what she meant. Why would the whole school be talking about me?

I pulled the cap off my pen and wrote back.

“Why would the whole school be talking about me?”

I made sure to pass it over when Miss Green searched for something in her bag.

Keri unfolded the paper and shook her head. She smiled as she wrote down her reply.

She tossed it over this time and I caught it silently.

“The fight you had at the PoolBar, people have been talking, you don’t seem like a dorky kid after all.”

I didn’t take offence, I was used to being known as the dorky kid in school.

I couldn’t help but smirk.

“And what is it that you think is so funny?” Miss Green had caught us for sure.

I did my best to slip the note into my jean pocket.

“Nothing Miss, Just a funny memory Miss.”

“A memory huh? Anymore of your childlike smirks Mr Thomson and I’ll be forced to give you something to memorise. I do need my shelves filled with new books for the coming semester. Perhaps you could place them in alphabetical order and memorise the names? Would you like that?”

“No Thank you, Miss Green.”

I took a daring glance over at Keri who now smirked like I did. bahis firmaları She did better to hide it behind her standing textbook.

“I thought not, make sure to get your justification complete. If I need to keep you here longer I will.”

Miss Green now stood with her back to us. Scribbling on the blackboard with a textbook in her hand.

I carefully pulled the note out my pocket and read it again before writing back.

“The PoolBar was a mistake, I only meant to get my sister and take her home.”

She caught the paper. After reading it she wrote her reply down and tossed it back.

“Mistake or not, it was cool to watch. The way you protected your sister was amazing, your going up in the high school ranking.”

When I received the note I did not know what she had meant. What ranking system? Maybe it was just a metaphor for the popular people. That was one thing I certainly wasn’t, popular.

I never had been and nor did I want to be. I suppose she was right however. I did notice more people taking the time to talk to me. Heck, only a few weeks ago she did not even know who I was.

Right about this time Mr Blevins walked in.

“Hello Marie.” Mr Blevins stopped in his tracks when he saw me and Keri sitting down writing our justifications.

It was odd to hear someone call her by her first name. She did not seem like a Marie.

Miss Green or Marie, had set down the chalk. They whispered into each other ears being careful to avoid us hearing. Me and Keri shared the same look. Where they flirting? They couldn’t be could they? Her hand rested on his arm and he smiled like a Cheshire Cat when she spoke.

“Me and Mr Blevins are having to run along to the music department for a meeting. You two better have your justifications done for me returning or tomorrow we will have a date for the same time.”

Mr Blevins and Miss Green left the room chatting away as they echoed down the hall.

“They’re lovers.” Keri said.

“I think they’re just friends.” I said.

“You dorks always try to see the good in people don’t you” she shook her head.

Keri didn’t seem so horrible, yeah she was hot and I think she knew it, but she didn’t seem so bad to talk to.

“Did you not see the way she was looking at him and how he smiled at her. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were fucking right now.”

I nearly spat out my water.

“Lucky them.” She added.

I did not get what she was hinting at. I did my best to finish my justification while Keri opted to stroll around the class room looking through Miss Greens things.

“Have you ever wondered what a teachers hides behind her desk?” She trialed a nail along the desk.

“Keri you’re gonna get us in trouble!” I warned.

“Don’t you ever break the rules once in a while?” She huffed.

“Not when it could get us expelled.”

“That’s the thrill of it babe.”

She opened cupboards and drawers on either side of the classroom. For the most part she seemed unsatisfied. She was flicking through folders and papers until she found something. She held out a picture frame and turned it towards me. It was Miss Green looking all glam with Mr Blevins.

“Told ya!” She was right.

Who knew that Mr Blevins and Miss Green we’re together? I certainly had never guessed. Miss Green was the anti social type. Someone who got up at 5am everyday and slept at 8pm she was as organised as anybody he had ever seen.

Keri put away the the frame back where it had been hidden. She continued to search through drawers. My eyes were fixed on the door so I could give her some sort of warning in the case Miss Green returned. I knew she had found something else when her eyes widened. She looked at me, with her mouth in the shape of an O and back to the desk.

“Matt… look!”

Keri held a massive purple vibrator in her hand. It had to be at least 10 inches long! It had a very realistic look to it. It’s was veiny and thick as any he had seen. Porn was not something he visited often but it was all he had to refer it to.

Keri gave it an animated wiggle and we both giggled.

“How does she even!?” Keri made gestures, pretending to insert it into herself. I laughed hard and so did she.

“Maybe she’s keeping it for Mr Blevins.” I joked.

Keri threw her head back at that one. We laughed tearing laughs for about a minute.

“Hey let’s get out of here.” Keri retreated to the back of the class where the side door exit to the opposite hall was. She turned the handle and the door clicked open. She gave me a look of expectation. At first I thought she was kidding but she looked dead serious.

“Are you coming or not?” She smirked.

God she was beautiful. What was I doing. What about Lucy? I thought. I took one look at the door Miss Green had left from and then swivelled my head back round to meet Keri’s waiting eyes.

“Fuck it.”I slipped my justification into my bag as I made for the door.

She took my hand and we ran down the empty dark hall giggling like kindergarteners. kaçak iddaa She led me all the way to the end where the school janitor was mopping the halls.

“Hey you guys are meant to be in detention! Miss Green will here about this!” He shouted. Me and Keri retreated back the way we had came but bypassed Miss Green’s classroom. At the opposite end of the hallway we burst into the gymnasium. Our feet screeched across the basket ball court as we ran.

On the court there was wheeled railing that carried balls. She gave me a mischievous look and grabbed one. She did not have a clue on how to handle it. She did bounce it a few times but her coordination was all wrong.

I snatched the ball from her hands and she chased me around the court. I bounced it towards her but it got caught underneath her feet and she fell.

Sliding across the floor she stopped at my feet. I felt like laughing but it looks sore the way she hit the ground.

I bent down to held her up.

“Here give me your hand.” I entered my open palm.

She took it and pulled herself up. She was a little shaken but she did not seem hurt. Her hair had gotten rather messy and I pointed it out. For a bout 30 seconds she messed about with it trying to straighten it out.

“Better?” She looked at me as she asked for approval.

“You looked good either way.”

The right side of her face curled into a half smile.

Suddenly at the end of the court Mr Bell the headmaster came through the fire door with a notepad in his hand. He was in the phone and far too busy to spot us.

“Quick in here!” Keri dragged me behind the bleacher benches.

“Where are Marie and Chris? They were to be at the meeting 5 minutes ago?”

Mr Bell stormed out the hall.

We huddled under the benches, there wasn’t a lot of space behind them. Metal bars seemed to stem from everywhere like a dark climbing frame. Keri has been pressed up against me. I could feel her heart beating fast, but not nearly as fast as mine.

“God Matt I can hear your heart from here, this not the type of thing you usually do?” She mocked.

It was a rhetorical question but I answered anyway.

“No.” I was still catching my breath.

“Well I bet this isn’t either.”

Keri stepped towards me. Her perfume seemed to fix my feet to the floor. She pursed her lips and planted a kiss on my own. When our lips touched I felt a tingling on the back of my neck. Her lips were full and soft, they caressed mine as we open and closed our mouths together. Her tongue escaped from her own mouth and slithered across the upper side of mine. Thankfully my cock had been tucked under my belt for she would have felt me digging into her.

Her tongue felt so smooth against mine as mines battled back with hers. Her hands ran up my now generously muscular arms to my shoulders, until she had both her hands around the back of my neck. I had never made out with another girl in school before, never mind with Keri Belcher! I was shy at first. I neglected to touch her with my hands out of respect. Her hands then clasped my own and she brought them down to her waist. We continued to kiss in a silent frenzy until she moved my hands round to her firm ass. She was being turned on by me. The dorky kid who liked Game of thrones and Star Wars. When my hands slipped from her waist to her ass as I did my best to visualise with touch what her ass looked like.

I was enjoying myself until images of Lucy popped into my head. What was I doing? I was in love with Lucy not Keri. Keri had only started speaking to me for a few days. Lucy had been there my whole life. It was at that point I knew where my loyalties resided. I felt her hand travel down my torso in approach of my crotch. It was then stopped her. My hand gripped hers firmly.

She broke our kiss with a questioning look in her eyes.

“Look Keri you are hot, insanely hot there is no disputing that, and I’ve always had an attraction for you ever since preschool, but before the PoolBar you had never spoken to me before, and besides I’ve been speaking to someone else. I feel like this is just the wrong thing for me to do.”

Keri brought her hands down from my neck and folded them in her arms. She did not look pleased nor did she look angry.

“God Matt why do you have to such a goddamn nice guy. Maybe it’s me then, maybe I’m not used to being with guys like you.” She put her head down and folded her arms.

It was obvious to me then she carried some kind of guilt. I couldn’t understand what, but it was obvious.

“Don’t get me wrong. I think you’re really nice, and since we have spoken you’ve been really nice to me. I just can’t be doing this when I’m doing it with someone else ya know?”

The tone in my voice did nothing to help me. I was flustered, I’d just been kissing the hottest girl in school and bizarrely I was putting an end to it.

“You’re a real good guy, you know that. You’re protective, and caring, mindful just to say a few. I think whoever it is you have in mind, she is very kaçak bahis lucky. Say who is it that you have in mind?” She asked.

“A girl from my part of town. You wouldn’t know her she goes to a different school.” I lied.

“Try me, I bet I would.”


“Lisa who?”

“Lisa… Mathews.” Great id just said used a pornstar to create a fake girlfriend.

“Alright Mr ladies man. If you’re so loved up then I’ll get going. See ya around.” Keri turned on a swivel and left like Mr Bell had.

Alone underneath the stands I was torn. Did Keri want me as much as I wanted my sister? It couldn’t that come at a worse time. I’d longed for this girl for so long. My mind replayed recent events and I had one thing to thank. The book.

Ever since I’d opened it, good things had been occurring. My sister and I had our first sexual encounter. Yeah we hadn’t spoken about it yet but it was definitely a change to how our relationship was before.

Now girls actually noticed me as I passed them in the hallways. Keri spoke to me for the first time. We kissed under these stands and now she hinted that she felt a little something for me. Despite how poorly I’d been in class, things were looking up for my personal and social life.

I left it another 5 minutes before leaving. I had to fix my straining erection, it had no plans on deflating anytime soon so I did my best to hide it as I left.

I had been away too long now. If I had to return to Miss Green I did not dare to think what punishment she would have set out for me. Instead I headed home. I’d finish my justification over the weekend and hope that would be enough to evade further punishment.

Lucy still hadn’t text me. I starting to believe that maybe she regretted it. Or she felt the shame as I did at the start. I felt guilty even for kissing Keri. Everything seemed to be in a whirlwind right now. School, Lucy, Keri, even the grief my family were still going through. When I got in I opted to read some of the book. Maybe it would clear my head up a little.

I’d skipped many chapters, feeling as though they were not needed when trying to seduce a relative.

Chapter 4

Once you are established as an emotional beacon, and or a route for sexual desire. Begin with exploring the basics. On step at a time. Love doesn’t hit you like a freight train, it is eased in like the change of the seasons.

Reading today’s passage I advanced a few pages. I liked to know what was a few steps ahead. The pages landed on a detailed guide. The image of a vagina and instructions on how to induce an orgasm. I marked the page with a note so that I would not forget if it ever came in handy.

The thought of me going down there on my sister was something I wouldn’t think to be true. Only in a fantasy. I hoped not. If we are to continue with how we left off then maybe we would go further than that.

Her absence teased me, tortured me in fact. I wondered if she thought about it every night as I did. I wondered if she thought of what it would be like when she came back. Would she come running through the door and leap into my arms with all the kisses in the world? Or would she wait until I was not home, and hide away in her room like she did after the night in my bed?

Sometimes my mind derailed, Keri snuck in there a few times, though not as often as Lucy. It was about time I got myself a girlfriend but Keri really? The high school future prom queen, the one all the guys were after, surely she was not the one for me. Maybe I’d found a girlfriend in my sister. Maybe she was what I needed right about now. My mind tossed and turned like a sleepless night.

As today ended and tomorrow came the anxiety built up inside me. I figured I’d get outta the house and allow her some space with my mom once she got back. Perhaps my absence would get to her and she would want to see me. I had to stop myself many times over the past few weeks from sending her a text. I followed the book and remained strong.

At around 6pm I left the house in anticipation for Lucy returning. I knew she’d return late when I overheard her talking with mom on the phone. I knew she had asked about me when my mom had said I was doing fine.

I left the house knowing exactly where I would go, the same place I always went when I wanted to hide away from the realities of life. Taking my camera I headed for the forest to snap pictures of whatever looked good. The sun was starting to set at this time of day and I wanted to get some good shots of the lake and the pine trees that surrounded it. Fisherman floated on tiny boats in the water and the sun reflected a shimmering beam of orange across the water. It was as good as scenery as any and I figured these would make for great shots.

In my bag I’d brought the book for extra background reading. But I didn’t feel the need to read when I was so at one with nature in that moment. Instead I pulled out a sandwich I had made to snack on and ate that.

I was enjoying the breeze, it came and went periodically and cooled me down from the setting sun. I heard birds chirp above me in the canopy. For a while I listened to nature and all the noises. After a while I heard the snapping of twigs behind me and the faint crunching of boots on earth.

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