The Booty Inspector of the Old West (pt. 6)

The Booty Inspector of the Old West (pt. 6)The Booty Inspector pt. 6“The Guerilla Widows of Russia”by markfayerDick and junior woke up first the next day in their “Shanghai Bed & Breakfast Inn” Suite and were just eating some French toast and orange Juice and lounging around in fluffy Bathroom Slippers and soft-pink Bathrobes, when finally Fong-Wen was roused awake.She stretched out her torso and strained in pleasure and, like a yawned like a sleepy cat on a sunny afternoon –she had a HUGE grin on her face—smiling from ear-to-ear. “g’morning boys!” she said enticingly.“’Mornin’ miss” they said in unison, staring at her with fondness and admiration as they abstractedly nibbled on their toast.Fong-wen continued –“I had a little dream about both you muther-fukkers last night”, she teased as she bit her knuckle and winked slyly at them.Two “THUMP!”s could suddenly be heard hitting the underside of the breakfast table, sounded like Salami sticks hitting a woodshed.“Dick and Junior tried to gulp down the lumps, immediately present in both their throats.“Well, miss, we outta be headin’ out purdee soon, we’ve got other business to attend to, you understand. Duty calls, and all that, y’know.”“What I do know, is that before you leave both of you are going to come over here and give me a kiss and show me some affection. It only seems fitting, wouldn’t you say?”“Y-y-y—yes m-m-m-Maa’m”, stuttered out Junior.So Dick and Junior laid their affections on Fong-Wen and gave her what she wanted: Kisses, boob-touches, pussy-rubs, ass jiggles—“The Works”, as she put it.. She said “I want you to give me The Works”After all that was done, Dick and Junior hopped aboard the first Siberian Express train into Russia, where they’d caught wind of a possible Mafia-related Underground-Ring of High-class, big-Bootied Russian Courtesans who were in need of a proper Booty Inspection.They said they’re proper goodbyes to Fong-Wen and her gal-pal, Shen-wong, and off they steamed towards the grass-covered Steppes of Siberian Russia, in search of fine, busty, Russian Babes.Along about 20 hours into their trip, the train seemed to be experiencing delay, Dick and Jr. noted, as they lounged in their Private Express Car.They decided to check out the situation and see what was the matter, so they walked up full length of the vast aisles of the train, up to the conductors Compartment.As they entered, they saw the Conductor and his Relief—his 2nd in command—standing with their hands raised and surrounded in Semi-circle by Seven heavily-armed Russian Peasant women.Middle-aged though they were, these busty Russian peasant women were good-looking, large-breasted, typical Middle-aged MILFs and they had fierce looks on their faces.They were demanding money & supplies and also made a bid for able-bodied men to come and help them out on their farms.After further deliberation, Dick was able to comprehend the crude translation by the Train Conductor, as he related the situation: that the 7 women were part of a Communist Farm Cooperative in this isolated part of rural western Russia and that their small town canlı kaçak iddaa had been “harvested” by the Government only 8 monthes back—the men and young boys of the village had all been drafted and forced to join the Russian Communist army and go fight for the USSR’s forces in the Rusko-Japanese War, and her in the village “Smirnsk” all the widows and young girls were left as widows with no men or boys, and they had to fend for themselves and grow their own crops.Apparently it was not working out because 10 of the 18 grown women that were in the village had already been overcome by smallpox, fatigue, starvation and Disease and were now rotting corpses.The remaining 7 of the widows decide to take up arms and rob, plunder and pillage to make their way—and now they were here hijacking the trans-Siberian Express train-route and “they were going to have their Supplies and Men, goddamnit or they’d have the Conductor’s HEAD!”Reluctantly, he agreed to give them “the two Americans”, as he spit a wad of tobacco at our feet. It was tradition, you understand.So off we marched, with AK-47s poking g into our back’s and our hands above our heads, into the little rural village of Smirnsk with 7 husband-less, and presumably irrate, horny and sexually-frustrated middle-aged women. They had us. We were theirs to do with us as they pleased.That night found us holed up in their Temporary village “Gulag” which was little more than a ramshackle, wooden Shack with a couple of windows made of decrepit, rotting iron bars. It was an unsavory condition at best.So dick finally coaxed the Busty woman “Stoya”, guarding us, to let us out into the main Den and Communal Gathering Hall where the rest of the Guerilla Widows were getting wasted on Vodka, cheap Cigars and Russian Beer which they’d hijacked from the train Shipments.As we entered the Communal House, the place was in CHAOS!”, Dick recalled at a later recounting.Albeit there were only 7 husband-less wives in that room, it was nevertheless a madhouse, with a brawl between two of the women, another couple further in were randomly shooting pistols against a hay-stack in the corner, while yet another was swinging upside-down from a chandelier, her huge Double-F cup breasts swinging out, like hanging watermelons in sacks, swaying in the wind for all to see—The last pair of Women were in the corner “necking” while a large black Communist Dildo ran up the length of the 1st one’s Pussy-hole and it trailed-out over into the 2nd one’s butt-hole, and they humped back and forth standing up in full view of everybody, doing a Pussy-to-Ass dildo-Fuck and slobbering wet tongue kisses all over each other’s faces—all while the FINAL widow stood above them, pouring down a huge bottle of Vodka so it went streaming over their Naked bodies and down onto their massive juggs.Not only were Dick and Junior a bit frightened at the bizarre behavior of these supposedly docile and hard-working peasant mid-wives of rural Russia, but they were extremely turned-on. Here were these women, in the prime of their Sexual attractiveness and Lust –in canlı kaçak bahis their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s – with HUGE Russian melons-for-tits. Kind-of on the chunky side, as Russian peasants women will be, but in a desirable, voluptuous way that made Dick and Junior’s dicks harder, and harder, and harder—the veins were well-nigh about to burst out of their cocks and spray penis-juice and internal fluids all over, such was the intensity of their boners from witnessing this scene of complete lascivious abandon.As luck would have it, the lead widow, a robust woman about 42 yrs, decided her ladies needed some sexual release from all the tension they’d been under, without having had any cocks in the village to fuck for the past 8 monthes. She ordered Dick and Junior to strip down and stroke their cocks onstage , while the rest of the women watched the strip-tease.As they pulled off their clothes and stroked their engorged Members, the drunken “Merry Wives Of Windsor” whistled, shot pistols into the air, fingered their throbbing Pussies, spit out streams of Vodka onto the men, and just all around reveled in their lusty debauchery.Then 2 of the women who decided they wanted to fuck, approached Dick and Junior at the foot of the “stage” –a makeshift stage comprised of 2-3 wooden tables squished together—The ladies, one to each Man, took the long swaying Penises in their hands and began to suck the cock-tips hanging down in front of their faces.As they each licked a long Cock, they eye-balled each other in a sort-of “who’s better?” contest. And then they went FULL-ON!—lustfully sucking, licking, spitting up wads of saliva, swallowing balls whole, squeezing the cocks as hard as they could and giving their ALL, as they rubbed their nipples up into the men’s junks, seeing who could get a hot load of Cum sprayed out onto their face first!Well, it happened this time that the woman on the right, stroking Jr’s cock turned out to be the winner of this particular “speed” contest this night…and junior gave her a SHOWER! Out of his Long, pink Meat-hose came a veritable blast of thick, luscious Cum—like a pressurized hose it sprayed in “Svoyetka’s” face—and she LOVED IT!—OH! This cum was delicious to her. She’d not had any cock in almost a year and damn was she thirsty! She sprayed that that white, gooey stream of sex-cream into her face and her cheeks bulged-out as it filled up her mouth. She gargled it, spewed it out in a stream, she licked around her mouth and lips with the white goop all over her tongue. OH!, how she delighted in the salty-creamy facial.The other lady couldn’t take it anymore, she was jealous of Svoyetka’s long spewing cock and her mouthful of salty, creamy Cum-dessert, so she went over, rubbed her big melon-tits up against the cum-gargling woman and she stuck her tongue into Svoyetka’s mouth and swirled it around in the thick white goo, and did a tongue-wrestling match with her while the cum just kept pouring down their faces –it dripped down their necks onto their breasts and down their torsos as they embraced in a passionate lesbian MILF bahis siteleri canlı kiss—enough to make anybody cum just by watching it.And sure enough, 2 of the other MILFs in the audience who’d been watching and rubbing their own pussies in excited anticipation of the Men’s cocks, were now lying down on their backs, quivering and shaking as the Orgasm-spasms wracked their naked bodies and they screamed out-loud, in the tension-release of their heightened sexual Climax!Dick, however, was still off on the left-side of the stage working on his own cock as all this took place, and the other 3 busty MILFs in the room noticed that he might be needing some help—or rather—that maybe they should jump up there and fuck his brains out, whether he wanted them to or not.So they did—Svetlana, Malenka & Anya waddled over to the stage, hoisted themselves up next to Dick’s hulking physique and his huge, swinging, 9-inch Cock and they began: “The Fucking Of The Booty Inspector” They pulled him down to the stage-top. They made him suck-out their pussies until all their clitorises were sore from so much cumming. They rode his dick like cowgirls until he’d had 3 explosive-geysers of Cum spraying out into their mouths and all over their tits. Then they made him fuck them anally whilst they licked each other’s pussies and cum-swapped his penis-cum into each other’s mouths. They went for hours and hours, just getting their Pussies torn apart by Dick’s massive 9-Incher. This kept up all night until nobody could stay awake anymore. The entire room was a mess! –-cum-puddles, splotches of Pussy-juice and Vodka, bullet-holes, broken & dangling chandeliers, boobs hanging out here, sagging pussies and spread open legs there, snoring Russian peasant MILFs, large dangling cocks laying over the faces of sleeping women, bodies laid-out and intertwined –some even fell asleep with their hands up in the other women’s pussy-holes! It was a Bordello of Debauchery through-and-through.And the women could not have been happier.It was finally a release from all the starvation and tension and thinking they wouldn’t survive without men, for almost a year.They finally had gotten to celebrate with these two Men and indulge their sexuality by engaging in this mass-Orgy and they could now move forward in their lives and maybe keep it up for another year or so, before the pressure got too much and they had to k**nap some more men and fuck their brains out and have another wild Night of de-bauched celebratory Sexual release.Dick and Junior decided to sneak out at the first light of Dawn while all the Russian MILFs were sprawled out all over the place, snoring their heads off in deep sleep.They decided they’d better somehow make their way back to America and back to the Old west and back to their Booty inspectin’ duties, because that was their home.So they got back o the Trans-Siberian express train heading back towards China and away from these lovely, busty Russian women who’d shown them the night of their Lives.As fate would have it, Dick was about to make an unexpected detour back in China and run into their old friend “Fong-Wen once more—but what would be in store for them?”[Tune in tomorrow Evening for the Final and Conclusive Chapter in the “BOOTY INSPECTOR of the OLD WEST” saga](next up- “the Booty Inspector pt. 6 – “Where East meets West”)

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