The bra, sissy fagette – part 7


The bra, sissy fagette – part 7Mistress Anne takes things further…helps to have previous postings but each story can stand alone too.Joe got me home – well back to Mistress Anne’s she thanked him and we sat and chatted about my day at the club. She was impressed how the day had gone and how much cock I had taken and enjoyed. In fact she played with her own big DD sized tits and pussy while I recounted my adventures. She moaned with sexual pleasure and gushed at the final tale of lust. Slut lick my pussy and take my juices as your reward for sharing of your day. How could I not do so – she was responsible for my being where I was and the sex I was enjoying. So onto my knees and my mouth and tongue pleasured her fanny again and as her juices flowed again she held my head tightly against her clit and cunt. You are truly my slut and now whore for use by others dear girl. Your tits are developing well – show me please – Samantha took off her blouse and bra – yes dear nice C cup and growing. The nipples too are looking more ladylike – she tweaked them and Samantha melted as Mistress pinched harder – moistness between slut’s legs from her pussy developing was eminently a further sign of her feminisation getting more and more ladylike too. Yes slut your body is changing forever. It is time for you to leave home and come and work full-time for me. We shall write to your parents telling them you have found work in lieu of University studies and your future is brighter than you ever thought possible. Your legs will open and your mouth too and cock will be your desire to satisfy and all manner of kinky sex acts will be your everyday life from this day forward.However for now I have a few clients due this evening and you will come in very useful dear slut.Upstairs you will find a skimpy black satin maid dress with white satin apron with sheer black stockings, black shiny patent high heels and black satin bra-panty-garter set. Go and shower freshen your make up and dress in the outfit and return to me here within the hour dear slut.She went upstairs and enjoyed freshening herself up for the evening ahead. Applied tarty French maid make-up and did her hair bob style for the main cap to fit. The lingerie fitted her ever developing frame so well and the stockings encased her long slim sexy legs and felt divine as they were attached to the six suspender garter belt clips. Tightly held stockings and showing off her legs so sexily. They were hi-gloss and so, so, sheer. The dress was very short but full skirted with a black satin flouncy mini-petticoat bahis firmaları to help hold the short skirt out wide and full to display stocking tops without even her having to bend over. The heels were high and she tottered on them at first them adjusted her walk to take account of the high heel and angle of her slim foot almost at 90-degrees now.Having completed the look she reported for duty.When the door bells rings each time you will answer it and curtsey to the guest arriving, take their outer coat and show them into my parlour.Let the evening begin and be on your best behaviour and anything I tell you to do you must do without question sissy faggot fem-boi fag sex slave ok? Yes Mistress Anne and she did a low curtsey of respect.While we await our first guest please fix me a drink – a large G&T with ice. Maid did so and delivered the drink on a tray and did a low curtsey as she presented the drink. Excellent maid. Now go and stand in the hall and await the bell ringing – either the doorbell or this hand bell here – this one summons you to me and you will curtsey and ask how you may serve me. That is a further rule for this evening.The doorbell rang. Maid went to the door and greeted the gust – an elderly gentleman quite stocky and balding. Welcome sir, she curtseyed and took his coat and showed him into the parlour. I say Mistress Anne what a delightfully sexy young filly-maid you have – new girl? Yes Major, my latest sissy boy in training. Oh hope I may have the pleasure later. Major you behave now. Maid fix the major a scotch on the rocks and make it a large one like his cock. Oh Mistress you give the game away. Well major looking at your swelling down there maid will have seen already you pack well.Maid brought the drink and did her curtsey and major playfully patted her satin covered bottom. Certainly you know how to choose your girls Mistress. That will be all for now maid, the major and I have some things to discuss that need not concern you at this moment in time.Maid wondered what they may be going to discuss but returned to her station in the hall.The front doorbell rang again and this time it was a much younger gentleman stood there – he entered and immediately pulled maid close to his body groped her satin clad body tweaked her stockings tops squeezed her bottom and kissed her passionately. Oh my you look like such a hot maid – Mistress Anne has surpassed herself with you darling. Sir I am to show you to the parlour – she smoothed her dress and composed herself – knocked on the parlour door – enter – she took the kaçak iddaa young man in – Simon have you been misbehaving already as she could see maid’s headdress off centre – oh aunt you know I cannot resist the girls you have in service and this one is your hottest yet. Maid get him a G&T he takes after his aunt in so many ways kinky sex included. Now you naughty boy come and sit here next to me – major you can sit over there now facing me. The major moved to his new place and could see right up Mistress Anne’s flowing gown as she parted her legs showing her stockings but also her sweet open pussy as she wore no panty set this evening. The major adjusted his position as his cock got more solid in his trouser department. Maid I think the major need relief down below. Do the honours sweet maid. Maid approached the major, went down on her knees, unzipped his fly and found his hard cock bursting from his own silky pants. She tugged it loose and it was huge. Her mouth opened and surrounded his purple bulbous cock head and took her time taking him into her mouth. She sucked slowly and carefully, teased his cock with her tongue and slim fingers and painted nails. He moaned softly at her ministrations and complimented her on her oral skills. She concentrated hard on pleasing the cock and felt it throb and pulse and edge close to climax. Oh you hot bitch maid he called out. Mistress Anne smiled. The younger guest was now playing with his own cock as he watched the sweet sexy satin maid at work. The major came in a mighty gush and the young man too ejaculated all his own cream onto the floor. Mistress Anne was not amused. You dirty boy now clean that up. Surly that is why you have a maid for such tasks?Mistress Anne looked at the younger gentleman, house rules, you made the mess you clean it up darling boy, on your knees now and every drop to be gone in less than the time it takes maid to clean major’s cock post his orgasm. The race is on go for it maid clean the major, you young man clean that cum off my carpet. Maid had done as he was still trying to finish his lost drops of cream as they had covered quite an area as he did spurt froth. Oh dear now I’ll have to punish you young man. Maid fetch my cane – the whippy flexi style one. Maid found the cane and now lower his pants down maid expose his ass cheeks for me. Bend over young man head between maid’s legs. Feel that satin dress and petticoat engulfing you. Dream of fucking her while I cane your ass – one, two, three, four, five and six. Done. You can come out now young man – stop enjoying kaçak bahis that satin and petticoat and stockings too. The doorbell rang and maid went promptly to answer its call.A tall elegant lady was waiting.What kept you maid.Sorry ma’am – maid did her best curtsey.Take my wrap – careful it is priceless and my favourite – treat if with care.Maid placed it safely and showed the lady into the parlour. Oh Marjorie you came – I see the major has started without me and my nephew has been a naughty boy already – pull your trousers up – what have you to say for yourself. Sorry aunt got a little carried away – all that tart maid’s fault.Really are you sure, what say you Mistress Anne, well he is party right. How do you mean?Maid was sucking the major’s cock as I told her too and was doing quite a good job and putting on a sexy show as her sweet skimpy satin maid dress rippled as she sucked and enjoyed his cock and of course Simon here got excited seeing her in action and naturally his cock got hard as you know it does so easily where sex and satin are concerned. Yes, I see, I quite understand. So do I punish your maid for causing the upset then Mistress Anne? Well as you wish Marjorie if you feel the need to do so I shall not stop you.Marjorie was slightly older than Mistress Anne, dressed impeccably in a white satin blouse showing her jet black full cupped bra beneath its shiny material and her skirt jet black satin figure hugging with side spilt to thigh and it rippled as she moved and her heels were 6inch patent pumps like the maid’s own. Well I feel I must. Maid over that spanking stool for 6 hard hand spanks, followed by 3 whippings, and 3 firm paddle strokes. Marjorie enjoyed administering these punishments. The major got hard watching and Simon ejaculated again watching the maid and his aunt in action. Oh maid look what you have done again you have caused Simon to make another mess. So another whipping, another spanking and flogging to be your punishment. Maid’s should be seen and not heard so this ball gag wills top your moans while I administer this latest set of six of the best.Maid’s ass cheeks were rose-red when Marjorie had done, she soothed them for maid with some cream and that felt good but the insertion of a be-jewelled butt plug by Mistress Anne came as a bit of a shock – it was so cold and heavy too. The jewel was ruby red to match the colour of her ass.Another mark of you as mine as ‘Mistress Anne’ is engraved into the plug itself.Now the major has asked for you to be available for him and some important guests tomorrow at his manor house. I have agreed to lease you to him. You will travel back with him this evening in that uniform as he has outfits ready there for you. So thank you for this evening and off you go with the major……

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