THE CREATURE WITHIN 19: BOUND BY TRUSTCHAPTER 19: BOUND BY TRUSTWhile talking on the way back to the harbor, we were congregated on the bridge with Strong. I had spent days training with these guys wearing nothing but this tiny bikini, although it had been both pieces. This last day, though, was spent completely naked with the intention of drawing attention to myself for an additional surprise effect on the target’s guards. It had worked well and for the rest of the mission and immediately afterwards, I forgot all about it. Now, standing casually on the deck of the boat with these guys going back to the harbor, I felt not only comfortable while being essentially naked, but also expectant.The guys laughed and joked about banal things, as if the dangerous experience they had just been through hadn’t happened at all. I watched, not from a distance, but in the midst of them. I was a part of the group and it was assumed. If I had moved away from them to give them space, I suspected they would, as a group, coax me back to being with them. You hear about what happens to men … people … as the result of being together in prolonged, intense situations. For these men, it had become their job, something they seem to turn on, turn off. They have complete and unwavering trust in each other. It is something only people like this can truly experience and know in their souls.The conversation isn’t all banal, however. Perhaps that was a tension reliever, initially. After a short period, the bridge went quiet but for the roar of the inboard motors propelling the boat toward the mainland and the harbor. There were expressions of concern and support for Prof, who was luckily the only one wounded. They were all still wearing short wet-suits from the mission. Their shoulders, arms and legs were visible and I could now see evidence on most of them where wounds had healed. The mission went well, almost perfectly except for Prof at the end, and they all expressed relief for it.I put a finger on a rough scar over the shoulder of Able, finding more on legs and arms of the others. “It looks like you have all experienced the same thing as Prof.”Able turned to my touch and seemed to immediately remember the moment. “It’s the unfortunate part of our job, I guess. It would be delusional to think this job can be done without someday your luck running out.” He looked at his team, “Like Prof, though, we’ve always survived.” They each fist-bumped, an unspoken recognition of the dangers and fortune they have shared.Frog turned the attention back to me. He touched a couple of my scars, one on my chest above my right breast and another on the right side of my stomach. There were others on my leg and arms, most from the jungle and the interesting way I left that plane. “What about you, Cat? Something told us pretty early on that you weren’t just a pretty face who could shoot a bow. It looks like you have survived your share of experiences, too.”I smiled and blushed, again. It was still interesting to me how I react. As much as I love being naked, as much as I love the feeling of exhibitionism, I can still have a feeling of exposure and vulnerability. Perhaps, it is the reason I enjoy exposure so much. The rush of the feeling of being seen, the feeling that comes from being the only one naked, or the only one having sex in front of others. In this case, their attention was brought back to my nearly naked body. The two scars he touched and drew attention to, surrounded my breasts. I was very aware of the change occurring in me and wondered what they thought as my nipples hardened in front of their gaze.I touched them, too. “Yes … I’ve had a few violent, near-death experiences myself.” I looked up and found them all, even Strong who was navigating the boat, gazing into my eyes, perhaps wondering if I would share more. In an effort to change the subject, “You said, ‘the unfortunate part’ so there must be a fortunate part of what you do.”Able reached across the console in front of Strong and powered the engines all the way down. The boat went from racing over the ocean surface. to gliding, to drifting in moments.“We can’t dare to speak about the mission or anything about what we do once we reach the harbor, not even in our rooms. This is Columbia. We don’t know that they might not still suspect us, but we can’t let anyone have a reason to think we are anything but what our cover story says: a group of fun-loving divers looking for dolphins who have included their charter captain in their fun.” I nodded. I could see that the little speech was for my benefit. “There is something we need to say and want to say.” The others nodded and became quite serious, making me nervous. “The fortunate part … is what few others could possibly know or understand. Along with Prof, we are bound to each other in a way few people could ever experience. We are bound by trust, a trust that doesn’t come easily or trivially, but a trust that has been forged in the fire of combat.” He looked at me in a way that held my eyes in his. I knew he was talking not only to me for my ears to hear, but to me for my soul to feel. “But, not just combat, not just any combat. No, what we feel, the trust we are bound by, comes from being in a situation when your life is on the line and your brother … or sister … never hesitates, never flinches or questions, but moves decisively and effectively to your defense. That is what we have all experienced with each other.” He looked the other men in the eyes and I followed his gaze, each one nodded quietly their agreement. But, as their eyes turned to focus on mine, I had the deep sense they weren’t agreeing with just those words, they were also agreeing, encouraging, and endorsing, the words that were still to come. The tension building inside me was intense and consuming. What he was saying reminded me of how Sam and I were bound to each other after the jungle; the trust between us was immeasurable and unquestionable. The tension I felt was palpable enough that my arms involuntarily crossed over my chest as if I was trying to hold myself together. I looked down at the deck, seeing the bare feet, but also, again, recognizing that I was nearly naked among them and it felt so natural, so comfortable. I felt safe with them, even in this vulnerable condition. I opened my mouth to try to express that, but I was stopped before I got going.Able took my left hand in his and extended it into the group’s tight semi-circle around Strong. “Cat, what I was saying about this team being bound by trust because of what we have experienced together is, in a way, something that is sacred, a kind of warrior’s bond that is everlasting. If we were separated now, then brought back together several years later, that trust we are bound by now would be everlasting and immediate when we were reunited. Can you imagine such a thing?”I looked at them all, seeking eye contact with each one individually. “Yes … as a matter-of-fact, I can.”With my hand still held out by Able, the others put their hands on top and he said, “We thought so. Cat, we feel that way about you now. Prof went down and Bart became vulnerable because he wasn’t going to leave Prof behind. We were already underwater with the target, the situation had every right to be a very bad. But, it didn’t. It didn’t because of you. You didn’t hesitate; you charged into the gap to give them the cover they needed to reach safety. And, impressively, you did it with the only weapon you had.” Heads were nodding and four pairs of hands had mine completely encased. “We didn’t see a use for those exploding arrows, but you didn’t question it. You saw the option and used it.”Their hands came apart, but Bart took mine into his. “You very likely saved the two of us in those split seconds. That’s how we became bound, instantly.”I smiled, trying to relax the situation. “All for one and one for all …”He laughed, “Yeah, something like that.”Able took over, again. “What that means is, we would gladly go into any situation with you at our sides.”I smiled and looked down, again, before returning their gazes. “Remember when I said I was glad we were spending the night? This is why. This is the way I was already feeling about you guys. I didn’t want to give up that feeling so quickly. I didn’t realize you might feel the same way about me. Being professionals and all …”“Well, being professionals, as you call it, is why it is so important to us.”I got hugs from each of them and the feelings that were piling on over me began to be overwhelming. I knew then, if I had anything to say about this last night, it was going to be a long one … Strong brought the boat into the little harbor and guided it backward into its slot on the dock as if he had done it most of his life. I was watching the whole operation from the pilot deck as the others prepared to secure lines. I was standing next to Strong with my hand on his shoulder for balance when he turned around quickly and half stood to check his position on the other side. His face bumped into my breast and he flinched back embarrassed.“Sorry, Cat, I …”I stroked his shoulder, “My fault, Strong! I was standing too close while you were working. I’m the one who should be sorry.”He quickly looked at the position of the boat and cut the engines as it slid into the slot. He looked back and up to me, his eyes stopping at my breasts for a split-second. “I really didn’t mind …” He winked at me and looked directly at my nearest breast and nipple. For a moment, I thought he might actually reach up and kiss it, but he just smiled. I gave him a playful swat on the arm and turned to someone calling to me.It was Able, “I don’t know what you two are doing up there, but you might want to wrap this around yourself, Cat.” Over the railing from the back came a large beach towel. I looked back at Strong and we laughed. As I stood on the upper deck in front of the world we just returned to, I wrapped the towel around my nearly naked body with the thought that it might not be as hard as I thought for the team to go from fighters to lovers …The guys grabbed the little bit of gear we had, mostly consisting of diving equipment and a cooler, then led the way up the dock and down one block into the town and another to the right to the entrance of the hotel. I saw immediately, the sign prohibiting the wearing of swim attire in the hotel lobby. The guys stopped just short of the door while Able went to the desk for information on a good restaurant. While he had them distracted, I was led through the lobby surrounded by the others. I noticed a gift shop as we past with tee-shirts and tank tops. I filed that away as Able quickly joined our group at the elevators.Their rooms were adjoining and I noticed that everyone entered one door and the adjoining room door was propped open. They dropped the dive gear in a pile under the hangers that served as a closet. Bart went to the mini-frig and took out five beers, replacing those with more from a case on the floor next to it. The room was a single large room with a king bed on one wall and a sitting area at the other with a dresser with a TV on it separating the two. The bathroom was to the left and the little closet area to the right. The adjoining door was to the right. We stood in a group, opening the beer bottles, and putting the necks together in a gesture of salute. I watched as they all gulped down about half of the bottle. Frog turned and squeezed past me to open the sliding door to the little balcony. In the process, his body tugged at my towel and it came loose, dropping to the floor around my feet before any of us knew what was happening. The group got quiet for a moment, but I didn’t move to pick it up or to become embarrassed. The truth was that I had loosed the fold holding it around me. I only met these guys a few days ago, when the mission moved into the stage of final training and rehearsal. But, I was a long way from still being that reserved, self-conscious, and insecure girl I was in Arizona. When I didn’t react, they all relaxed, smiles appearing on several faces as I moved comfortably to the balcony and stood against the railing to look out over the street below from the fifth floor. Soon, there were two guys on either side of me at the railing.Frog spoke up, finally. “So, what’s the plan, boss?”Able, standing on my left, considered it. “Well, you heard the lady. Give her a good dinner and she’ll give us the scoop about her tatts and how she got the dolphins to cooperate.” He turned his head to me without otherwise moving, “Something tells me there is more to those stories than we might imagine.” I smiled at him. “There is a nice restaurant three blocks from here where casual attire is acceptable. We have reservations for 1900 hours, which gives us some time. But, Cat needs something to cover up with while we take her to find something more suited to wear to dinner. What do you suggest, Cat?”I turned so my bare back was to the railing. I pushed off and stepped to the hotel wall and turned to face them. I was still aware that they still treated Able as their commander and they probably always did whether on duty or not. But, I was also aware that the situation had shifted from duty to off-duty with an air of anticipation, if not even expectation. It was in that awareness that I faced them, fully conscious of how naked I was as the situation shifted.“We all need showers, as the first thing. I noticed a gift shop downstairs that has tank tops and flip-flops. One of you can go down for an x-large tank and cheap flip-flops, which will get me to a dress shop.” They pushed off the railing, but I put up my hand to stop them. “If I am breaking some kind of Navy Seal rule or something, tell me … but, I don’t want this night to end with dinner. For me, it would be a horrible let-down to cap the entire experience.”They looked at me with more expectation, then turned to Able. He must have felt their attention on him because he never took his eyes from me. “What are you saying, Cat? You’ve earned our full respect and confidence. We’re not going presume something that causes us to demean you.”I smiled at each of them down the line. “I appreciate that and it is why I feel this way. As you can tell, when istanbul escort I feel safe, I can be an exhibitionist. I enjoy the sensual feeling it gives me. No surprise to you, guys.” They all smiled, but they weren’t going to interrupt my train of thought. “When I share my stories about these tatts and the dolphins, you’ll understand more about me. If you also want this evening to be more, play along with me.” They nodded, still not wanting to interrupt but to give me encouragement. “I want you to decide on the dress I wear and influence what we do.” I could see some nervousness, so I smiled and stepped up to Able, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you wondering.” I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I then did the same for the others.I turned, entered the room, put my fingers to the sides of my hips and pulled the strings holding the bottoms in place. My bikini bottom fell to the floor as I walked bare ass to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Behind me I heard someone say, “Holy, shit … am I dreaming?” There was only hushed chatter, which I couldn’t make out. I smiled to myself as I entered the bathroom and closed the door.I had just gotten into the shower, washing my hair for what I assumed would be just the first time to remove all the salt that had collected in it when the door opened. Bart’s voice came through the frosted glass door, “Cat, do you want any makeup or something?”I chuckled. Like he could pick out some makeup for me. “No, nothing. I’ll go natural tonight.”He chuckled, “Natural, I don’t think they will let you in the restaurant that way.”I laughed back, knowing the whole time that he was watching the foggy shape of my naked body through the glass. “You know what I mean.” I smiled at the tingling feeling sweeping over my body and it wasn’t the hot water beating down on me. Transitioning wasn’t hard for them, after all. We were walking from the hotel to the blocks of tourist shops along the parkway that followed the shoreline. Dressed in only an x-large tank top meant for one of these big men and flip flops, I quickly became very aware of my exposure. I was careful when we came upon families with c***dren, but there was only so much I could do. I concentrated on keeping the hem at the bottom in place by holding my hands at my sides. Of course, that meant my breast were still free to bounce and sway with my steps. When we were away from the eyes of youngsters, the guys would stop at gift shops and have me reach high or low for items to inspect. Reaching my arms up, exposed the very large openings at the sides and exposed the sides of my breasts, not to mention pulling the bottom hem up to expose the bottoms of my ass. When I went down for something on a lower shelf, I was careful to crouch with my knees together, but I still knew that the top did little to hide the fact that my ass was exposed below me.This was going to be short-lived, I knew, but it had the effect of guaranteeing the comfort of them with my body. The display was turning me on and I was confident it was having the same effect on them as they continued to play the situations. I saw a clothing shop that looked promising and I stopped the troop and entered. They hadn’t forgotten my entreaty to decide on the dress for me. The shop wasn’t large, but it was exclusively for women with a good selection of dresses and casual wear. There was a section for lingerie for day and night.The guys split up into different parts of the shop, checking out what options they had. There appeared to be one woman working the shop and she watched the five of us entering with curiosity. I told her that we were looking for something for me to wear to dinner and I had offered them to decide what it should be. She looked at me with wonder.“You’re letting them decide?” She asked what size I was and led me to some dresses she thought they might like. She was showing me several that were nice. Some showed plenty of cleavage, some were nearly backless, and others were quite short. I heard my name being called. The woman and I turned at once to find Frog holding something on a hanger and admiring it. Bart was nearby and was admiring it, too. From the other side of the shop, Able and Strong turned and watched. They were looking at various high heeled shoe styles.The woman next to me muttered just loud enough for me to hear, “That’s the lingerie area. That can’t be more than a slip.”I turned my head to her and, as that comment sank in, a smile grew on my face. What was he thinking and what was I thinking for even allowing the thought?He called me, again, and that drew the entire gang to him, including the woman working the shop. He held the garment up by the hanger, “What do you think, Cat?”The shop proprietor said, “That’s a slip. It is meant to be worn UNDER a dress.”Bart just looked at her, “So?” Then he looked back at me. “What do you think? It sure would be sexy …”I took it from his hand and held it up so I could look at it better. “You aren’t suggesting that I wear a slip as a dress?” He nodded. Yes, apparently, he was. The woman standing next me exclaimed, “You’re not serious. You can almost see through that. It’s meant as a layer underneath a dress that’s also filmy.”I wasn’t listening to the woman, though. The other three guys were now standing behind Bart, watching to see what I might do with the challenge to abide by my statement that they could decide what I wore. Their positioning behind Bart was an obvious reinforcement. They weren’t either challenging him or giving me a way out. I held the garment toward the shop window, the other woman alongside me was seeing the same thing I was. The bodice was lace, but the rest was smooth fabric that wasn’t quite sheer, but the outside light did shine through it easily.Bart was the one I was dealing with; the others were observers. “Underwear?”He shook his head and the others looked at each other, probably thinking he was pushing his luck. They knew me as a strong woman, not someone who would be pushed around into doing something I didn’t want to do. I could see it in their faces, this might be more than I would want to do. But, they also knew I was a professed exhibitionist, so …Bart spoke up, “I considered it, Cat. But, I’m just thinking of you. You’re right, this is flimsy and I figured underwear would be too visible underneath, it would just make it more obvious.”I took steps to close the distance between us. I leaned into him and kissed him on the cheek. “Oooohhh, how sweet … you’re only thinking of what’s good for me.”The guys promised to buy me some real clothes before we left in the morning, but tonight was different. I left the tank top and flip flops in the shop. I also picked out a pair of high heeled sandals. The ‘dress’ I was now wearing as we walked the blocks to the restaurant gave only slightly more support for my breasts than the tank top did (which had zero support). What I was wearing was cream colored, a deep cleavage cut, almost no back, and the hem stopped a mere 6 inches from the bottom of my ass cheeks. Walking down the sidewalks with 4 big guys and dressed like this drew a lot of stares. When a police car slowed down as it passed, I was afraid we had pushed our luck. But, nothing happened and we soon found ourselves at the restaurant and close enough to our reservation time to be seated with little additional wait.We were seated at a round table near a large window overlooking another harbor. After only a short time at the table, I realized it was futile to control the dress. Every little movement caused the hem to shift more and soon I found myself sitting bare assed on the chair. There was little I was going to be able to do about it unless I left. And, I didn’t want to that, so I gave up and went with it.We enjoyed a drink before ordering and Able took the moment to toast the team without saying too much about it. It got quiet as Able raised his glass a second time, “To Prof and a speedy recovery.” The emotion, the tenderness shown on the faces of these four strong and sometimes violent men was evident. One of their own had been hurt, not seriously, thankfully. Even for men in such an obviously dangerous job, it is not taken for granted. For someone who had never been in the military where danger was an immediate and constant companion, this impressed me immensely.We ordered dinner and after the waiter left the table, Frog pressed, “Cat, it’s time for your stories.”I looked around the table and considered how much I should really share. But, I wondered, could I possibly share too much with these men who I had just successfully fought with? I didn’t think so, but I needed to protect myself.“I said it before, but it is important to me: whatever you hear or experience tonight must remain only with us. If that is acceptable, I will explain the tattoos.” They all nodded and agreed to the terms. I started very simply by just answering the question, ‘what do the tattoos mean?’ I felt I needed to gage their reaction to the basics of who I was at a base level. If they couldn’t handle that, the night was over and the rest was untold.I looked around the room, removed the strap over my left shoulder and allowed the bodice on that side to sag. I touched each of the tattoos over my left breast. “Simply put, these signify a****ls I have mated with.” I looked around the table for their reaction. I decided the best way to start was to blurt it out. Their reactions were universally the same: surprise, but not shock or disgust. I waited for a moment and allowed them to share looks around the table. Smiles grew on their faces as their eyes returned to me with rapt attention. “I won’t go into the entire story, but suffice it to say it all started long ago with friends in Arizona. I then found myself with a woman who knew of a tribe in the Brazilian jungle with similar interests as mine. The women of this tribe have a tradition of mating with a****ls as a kind of tribute to the jungle that sustains them. I won’t go into details of who or where these people live for their protection. Understandably, the security of their culture is very fragile. I was able to spend weeks with them, learning their ways and techniques.”I was more than pleased and becoming more excited. They weren’t turned-off. They had probably seen a lot of things, but this still had to be different for them. Frog, sitting on my right, turned and reached across my body to touch the paw print. “Dogs?”I nodded. “Their society fell into a hierarchy of a****l involvement. The women were tattooed by their level of participation. Most every woman I encountered in the several villages making up the tribe, had at least the paw print. It was given after the first dog. The dots around it indicate the number of separate dogs, not times, a woman has mated with, but a maximum of four dots.”Bart, sitting across from me, “I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that four doesn’t nearly cover the dogs you have been with.”I blushed, again, and nodded. “Guilty.” I went through the rest of it and drew exclamations at the identification of the a****ls I was mated with while in the jungle. The panther tatt drew a lot of curiosity. I explained how that came about and that I still had him back home.Able leaned into the table, “We don’t normally go into combat with someone we don’t know. Our lives depend on everyone’s response. You ended up proving yourself, but we were more than concerned. We were ordered to accept you. Agency insisted that you were the right person. Why were they so sure? You aren’t one of theirs, even if you have spent some time there. And, you aren’t military.”I told them the story of leaving by the plane and it being shot out of the sky, my discovery by Sam, and our escape from the jungle. I explained about the concern expressed by friends and Sam about ‘changes’ in me and testing to determine the cause. “I’m not entirely human.” Confusion was written across their faces, but those looks turned to fascination as I described the changes we discovered.Strong looked at me, then around the room and back to me, “You’re serious? You’re not pulling our legs? Cross-species?”“Anyone watching us?” I watched them as they each scanned the room. Each could easily scan a different section of the room. I put my hands flat on the table near the center. When they indicated it was okay, they looked at me, then my hands. I extended the claws quickly.“Shit! Look at that!” Able swatted Bart’s arm, “Well, now they are looking.” But, I had retracted them just as quickly. He looked at me, intently. “So … the dolphins … you enticed them with …”I nodded. “There also seems to be some kind of ‘sixth-sense’ thing that I don’t understand, but sometimes it works to communicate.”“You think that worked in with the dolphins?”I nodded. “Somehow. I think it was what Agency was counting on. I thought it was a gamble, but they convinced me it was the best gamble they had.”They all nodded in thought. I figured part of their thoughts were the conditions of the mission and it had hinged on a woman to get a****ls to cooperate. I figured another part of their thoughts was just the complexity that was me.If I had any remaining concerns about their reaction to me and my story, it was immediately dispelled. Able signed the receipt and everyone stood. Frog put his arm out and I slipped mine into his. Able had his reassuring hand on my shoulder as they led me out of the restaurant into the dark, but still warm night. We passed a bar with music pouring out of it and a dance floor visible from the sidewalk. Frog started for the door with me in tow, until I stopped abruptly.He turned to me, glancing at the others, “Cat, we agree with you … we’re not willing to let the night end so quickly.”The slip I was wearing as a dress hung loosely over me. So, when Strong brushed up against me, his arm gently pulling at the strap, it fell down my arm, my right breast almost completely exposed. I looked down at it as the others did, also. I looked up at them, checking in with each pair of eyes. Although we were grouped on the sidewalk, they had me enclosed. Demurely, I shrugged my shoulder. It was a slight action, but it was all that was avcılar escort required for the bodice to fall completely off that breast, exposing not only the breast but an erect nipple. I stepped up to each of them in turn, giving each a kiss on the lips, the strap hanging from my elbow, my breast exposed.“I don’t intend to let the night end, but … not with dancing.” Quick glances were exchanged as if they needed verification that my implication was heard by all. It was. I slipped a thumb under the hanging strap and replaced it over my shoulder, turned on my heels and started for the hotel. Bart ran to catch up with me, took my hand, spun me around, and led me in the other direction.“Wrong way to the hotel. No reason to take the long way …” I giggled and grasped his arm, slipping my other one inside Able’s as we took over the width of the sidewalk. I am sure we presented quite a sight, a single woman obscenely dressed in the company of four rough looking men. But, that was nothing compared to the image I was creating in my head.Entering the hotel lobby, Able turned for the hotel’s bar and we followed. Inside, he ordered five bourbons straight up. Once they were delivered, I raised my glass to them with a devilish smile which was returned by each of them and a clink of our glasses. Able explained the diversion, “I thought it might be a good idea to understand your preference, Cat.”“My preference … simple … we have fun, don’t be bashful, but stop if I say so. As you can guess from what you have learned tonight, I have some … experiences. I am adventurous and sensual. So …” I lifted the last of my drink to them, “we have fun.”Our drinks were gone in the next large swallow, the strong liquor burning down my throat. I took a deep breath and left the table with four guys following behind. I pushed the elevator button and found myself engulfed by the guys, hands on my shoulders, back and hips. I stepped into the opening elevator, taking a position against the back wall. As they stepped in after me, I hooked my thumbs under the straps on the slip and pulled them off my shoulders, the garment pooling around my feet. I stood before them naked, again, except for the heels. I held out my arms to Able who took me into his arms, kissing me while his hands roamed over my bare back and ass. I went from one to the other, soon having my breasts fondled during the kiss. When the elevator dinged and the door opened, we found ourselves on the fourth floor and a startled middle-aged couple gawking at the scene. I heard the man mumble something that sounded like they would wait for the next elevator. As the door closed, we all laughed.With the next ding, I playfully extricated myself from Frog and moved to the opening door, not considering picking up the slip lying on the floor. I walked to the door down the hall, the four men following behind me. I made sure my hips moved with some extra sway, my breasts bouncing with each exaggerated step. I turned to face the door as Able moved to insert the room keycard into the slot. I stroked his back and I felt someone begin stroking mine, another hand on my ass. Able pushed into the room and I followed, kicking my heels into the alcove of the closet. I walked to the sitting area, turned around near the open balcony door, and the guys formed a loose half circle in front of me.My hands went to my bare stomach, sliding up to my breasts, which I fondled before their hungry eyes, eyes that watched in detail what my hands were doing. I turned to Frog on my right, stepped up to him, and kissed him urgently on the mouth. I then moved around the half-circle until I reached Strong on my left. I then pulled Strong’s shirt over his head, kissing him again before moving to the next man, removing each of their shirts in turn. I saw them shifting their weight as they pried their shoes off and kicking them out of the way. I then shifted to undoing the belt, clasp, and zipper of Frog’s slacks, pushing them and his underwear over his hips. When I had done the same to Strong, I sank to my knees, looking up into his eyes as I did. I saw his eyes following me down, but I could also feel the eyes of the other three on me.I licked the underside of his half-erect cock, then looking him in the face, I took the head into my mouth. I sucked on it, alternating licks with sucks until I was satisfied with a hard, erect cock. I shifted on my knees to the right, looked up into the eyes of Bart and licked his cock. I moved along the group until Frog, on the far right, was also hard inside my mouth.I stood, letting Frog’s hard cock fall out of my mouth as I did. I turned and backed into Strong, putting my hands back to stroke his hips and legs, pressing my ass into his hard cock, opening my body to the others. And, they didn’t let the opportunity go to waste. I had four pairs of hands and associated fingers over my body; my breasts were fondled, my erect nipples pinched, twisted, and pulled, and my wet pussy stroked and probed. I moaned and groaned unabashedly, my legs separating more to allow more fingers to probe and investigate.I spun around, pressing my body against Strong, mashing my groin into his hard, erect cock. Hands continued to stroke my body as I wrapped my arms around him, kissing his mouth, face, and neck. The choice of Strong wasn’t a choice, it was happenstance, it was because he was there at that moment in that space. I stepped back, taking his hands in mine, backing until my legs contacted the bed. Someone, or more than one, recognized the next step and moved quickly to pull the covers and top sheet from the bed. I crawled backward with Strong’s hands in mine. With him kneeling on the bed, I moved back and lay my body out, my knees bent and spread out, my arms out to him. There was no favoritism. It could have been any one of them. He crawled to me, his knees now between my splayed legs and I put my hands on his shoulders, applying pressure to pull him to me. I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he guided his cock to my opening. I was ready, eager, and needy of cock inside me. There was no need for preliminaries and he understood that from my expression and desire.I lost track of the other guys as Strong’s cock penetrated me and slid into me deeper and deeper until I felt his groin against mine. I pulled his face down to mine and we kissed, passionately, intensely, meaningfully. Then, I felt the bed shifting, first on the left and then on the right. I felt a cock touch my cheek on each side. I released Strong’s face and smiled up at the three men around me, Strong in my pussy, Frog on my right, and Bart on my left. I turned to the left and sucked on Bart’s cock. After several minutes, I let his cock slip out with an obscene slurp and turned to take in Frog’s cock on the other side. I raised my hips to the thrusting from Strong, who was indeed very strong and powerful in his fucking. I was intent on taking each of them in my pussy at least once, so sucking them was merely to keep them hard. I assumed Able would insert himself after the next shift.Strong was now holding my hips off the bed and thrusting into me with the energy of the depraved … and I loved the assault. His groin impacted mine sharply, his pelvis striking my clit repeated as he drove his cock home as far as he could manage. I was already close to my first orgasm and I hoped that he was, also. Silly, but I love when orgasms are joint. But, whether he was ready or not, I was. When my body crested and erupted, I felt my entire body react, the cock in my mouth being lost as my mouth opened in a cry with deep moans and sighs. I lifted my hips, assisting his efforts, my legs shaking from the climax taking hold of me. My pussy spasmed and clamped around the cock inside, tightening around him, clamping and relaxing through the spasm until I felt him stiffen, his cock going even more rigid, then twitching and jerking before spurting his cum into me time and again.He collapsed on top of me. The men on either side moving back, allowing us room … and time. But not too much, as it turned out. And how could I blame them, even if I was a mind to, even if there was anything to blame, because there wasn’t. I created this need by opening myself to them; I created this desire by giving myself to them. They were only reacting, driven by my desire for them as much as their own for me.As Strong raised himself to his knees, he kissed my mouth and breasts as he slowly pulled himself out of me. I put my hands on his shoulders as he moved, sliding my hands down his arms to his hands as he moved back until my hands fell to the bed. I looked around me, three more men were waiting, two I had maintained their cocks hard and ready. I looked from Frog to Bart. Who was next … and how?Frog made the move. He patted my legs and hip and I guessed his desire. I rolled to my side and rose to my hands and knees: doggy position, one of my favorites. He moved between my legs and eased his cock into my drenched pussy. I groaned as he slid deep into my pussy, which still was feeling the remnants of the last orgasm. I looked up and smiled at Able as he took his place next to my head, his cock softer than Bart’s. I moved my head and mouth to Able’s cock, engulfing it without preamble, sucking it into my mouth as if I was afraid it might be taken away. Frog was aggressive, too. He fucked his cock into me, pounding his hips into my ass with each thrust. Each strong thrust drove my body forward, my hanging breast swaying with each thrust, my mouth pushed further over the cock in my mouth.When Frog came and brought me with him, my second orgasm, I felt his cock slip out and the mixed cum leaking from my open pussy. Even before my body returned to some semblance of recovery, Bart was lying next to me on the bed and indicating that I should climb on him. Okay … cowgirl, that’s a good one, too. Hell, they were all good.I eased down on Bart’s cock and opened my eyes to find Able standing next to me, his cock held in his hand, pointed at my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put it inside. I smiled around this cock and sucked hard while straining my eyes upward to see him. He smiled down at me. I bounced up and down on Bart, using a hand to hold Able’s cock in my mouth.After Bart, I found Able lying on the bed, too. But, as I started to straddle him, he shook his head and twirled his finger around. I smiled, reverse cowgirl! Yes! I sat on his cock, easing myself down until I was sitting on his hips. He pulled my back against his chest and we fucked. The movement seemed slightly less free, but the sensation was very different. His cock rubbed against the front of my pussy and the head hit the top of inside as he pulled nearly all the way out. In the process, his cock rubbed against my g-spot, sending a jolt through me each time it happened.In some back part of my brain, it seemed to register the sound of doors closing and movement in the room, but I wasn’t caring about anything but this cock inside me. And like each before, this one was driving me to yet another climax. I would have thought that the fourth orgasm would have to take some time, but the way his cock was hitting that spot inside and his fingers tweaking, twisting, and pulling my nipples, alternating with strokes over my clit, I was being propelled to that fourth orgasm quickly. Able raised his hips into the air, lifting me with him, and I felt his entire body stiffen, his body underneath me and his cock inside me. As I felt the first of his spurts into my already filled pussy, my body erupted. I felt my legs and arms quiver. My mouth opened to shout or cry or shriek, but nothing came out. I sucked and exhaled air, panting out my release.I either passed out or dosed off after Able. I found myself under the covers and the room darkened. The door to the next room was only partially closed and I heard soft talk in the adjacent room. I slid out from under the covers and went into the bathroom. I checked myself out in the mirror and decided I didn’t look too worse for wear. I combed my hair with the comb on the counter and washed my face. I glanced at the door, took a tissue, dabbed it against my pussy, and found I was still leaking. I looked up at myself in the mirror and verbalized what I was thinking, “Small wonder, girl. Four loads.” I looked back at the door leading from the bathroom. “Ready for more?” I smiled. I knew the answer to that before even asking myself.I went to the door, turned around the corner for the adjoining room, but stopped. I went back to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I was still leaking …I stood in the now fully open door to the next room. I found the four guys with bottles of beer, lounging and comfortable in quiet talk. Able and Strong were sitting on the couch, while Bart was on the only chair in sitting area and Frog was on the desk chair pulled over from the other side of the room. They had all slipped on underwear. I was the only one naked, again. Frog spotted me first and jumped up, moving to the small wet bar area.He held up a bottle of red wine. “We seemed to remember you mentioning a fondness of red wine. Can I pour you a glass?”“Yes, thank you. Where did that come from?”“Well … while you were … occupied, I had it sent up by room service, along with more beer.” Able and Strong separated on the couch to create more room between them. They didn’t seem to be very anxious to be touching while nearly naked, but squeezing me between them didn’t bother them in the least. And, neither did I.I put my hand on Able’s knee, “How long was I out?”He chuckled, “You almost weren’t. We just got you covered up and settled in for a beer when we heard you in the bathroom. But, maybe you should stay in bed … it was a stressful, full, and long day.”I looked around the group, “For all of us, but successful and rewarding.”They raised their bottles in agreement. Able put his hand on my knee, “We’ve been curious during the short time you were out. It can’t have been easy to accept what has happened to you. What has it been like?”I smiled into my glass of wine, then looked up at them, “You’re right, it was hard. I think, initially, maybe longer than that, I was in denial. There şirinevler escort were indications of the change as early as when Sam James discovered me in the jungle: healing unbelievably fast, reflexes, endurance. They seemed to be instantaneous. They weren’t so noticeable, though. Night-sight, acute hearing and smell, my hair turning black and wild, were more noticeable but I could still allow myself to be in denial. When my body changed, though, bone density, muscle and ligament enhancements, body-fat dwindling to low single digits as I maintained weight … the claws. Those didn’t just freak me out, the woman I live with about went nuts.”“So … dwelling on ‘if only’ doesn’t help, but do you? Has it been a curse or burden?”I shook my head emphatically. “NO! Look at this body!”“Sorry, Cat, but we have been and it’s hard not to.”I laughed. “Yeah … I’ve noticed.” I smiled at them. “No, that same woman who freaked out … she also told me this has to have happened for a reason. There must be a purpose meant for me as … this. I just have to find out what that is.”Able stood and took my hand, pulling me up in front of him. Taking my glass and putting it down, he took me into his arms and hugged me … just hugged me. It felt so comforting, so safe, so secure. The next thing I knew, it was a mass group hug, all of them finding some part of me to touch and stroke.When we broke, Able held me at arm’s length, the other guys surrounding me. “We were sincere before Cat. We would gladly, eagerly go into another mission with you at our sides. In fact, we were talking. If we think the situation is right … could we request you? You have the right to decline anything, but … could we contact Agency and ask?”My eyes got wet and my lower lip quivered. How silly, huh? I mean, they were asking if it would be okay to ask me to risk my life for them some other time in the future. But it meant so much to me right then. I touched each of their arms and nodded my head. “Whatever … I’m honored, thank you.” They, of course, fussed that they were the ones who were honored and we eventually got past that and accepted that we were all honored.My emotions were strong. I wondered to myself if this intense feeling was somehow associated to the ‘lust’ element Jenna discovered about me. It couldn’t be, though; the day had been the survival of an intense military mission in which I had to kill three men. Besides, we had followed that with an early evening of exhibitionism that edged on the i*****l and followed that by an intense period of group fucking. Any one of those activities should have been sufficient to quell that ‘lust’. This must just be me, my desires and feeling of belonging and wanting. Maybe, this is where I belonged now, maybe this was the purpose behind my new being. I recognized my fatigue and the intensity of the situation, however. This was no time for critical decision making …We had been standing in that tight little clustering for only a few moments, not a word being uttered. It may have seemed longer than that to them as I came out of that introspection and uttered a slight sigh of acquiescence, not needing to think too much harder about all this.I smiled, a signal at least to myself to release all the important thoughts in my head and concentrate on the physical impulses being renewed by the presence of four hardy, longing, and ready male bodies surrounding me. I turned and headed back to the door of the other room and spoke to nobody in particular, “Time to get out of that underwear, unless you don’t have the stamina I think you do.”When I turned around to face them, I found four naked men with cocks growing in hardness and that primal hunger and desire back in their eyes. I smiled at the sight and thoughts came back into my head despite my desire to merely give into the desires. I smiled because these men were perfectly comfortable sharing their feelings about camaraderie and trust in me as an equal to them; yet, they were equally resigning to their feelings of our intimate relationship, as well. I bet this doesn’t happen often in their mission assignments.“You each did well in deciding how things happened before, now … my turn.” The looks on their faces belied nothing but willingness and acceptance. There was no way for them to lose. I had mentioned a long night being with them and this next reflected that desire. “Now, it is in pairs. Someone find some kind of oil or lotion. Someone lie down.”Again, Bart moved first. Clearly, he was the most impulsive of the group and his code name was fitting. He crawled onto the bed on his back and was comfortably compliant to await what happened next. Next, was me crawling up and straddling his already erect cock. I smiled down at him as I teased him just a bit more to be sure he was more than just hard; I wanted him and the rest straining in their hardness. I had no question in understanding my own body and knew that it had renewed its own lubrication, and that was in addition to the four loads of semen already inside me … okay, minus what had seeped out in the meantime. With my eyes focused on his, watching his face with a slight smile of recognition that I was teasing him and watching his reaction, I slid my pussy over the length of his cock. Back and forth, my pussy lubricated the length of his cock with the juices coming from my pussy opening and the mess surrounding it. Then, I grabbed it, held it vertical and slowly sat down the length, his eyes closing in response.I glanced over my shoulder to find three men with hands unabashedly stroking their straining cocks. Frog held a small bottle of oil in his other hand. Why he carried that with him in his travel kit, I didn’t know. I had not stopped moving my ass on Bart’s cock, but I pointed to the bottle in his hand, then to my ass as it continued to move. The faces of all three reflected the immediate recognition of what was to come. In my experience, this can be a brutally, abusive experience put upon one, or it can be an exceedingly intimate experience of three coming together. Ever since my early experiences in Arizona, whether a****l, human or combination, it has since been the latter or not at all. The bonding intimacy was what I desired now and it would soon be all five of us together.Since Frog was holding the bottle, he was the one to come up behind me. I felt the oil dribbled between my ass cheeks, then a finger spreading it over my puckered opening, then forced inside. A second finger joined it, sawing in and out of my tightest opening. I leaned onto Bart’s chest, squashing and rubbing my breasts into it, and stopped moving. Frog properly took that as the signal that the time for preparation was over and action to commence. I felt the bed shift as he crawled closer behind me until his thighs came into contact with mine and his cock head touched my asshole. I pushed back slightly, an effort to reassure him that I was ready. As he aligned his cock to my puckered opening, I pressed back against him, feeling my hole open slightly to the pressure. I put my face into Bart’s chest as both Frog and I pressed our bodies against each other until I felt my opening yield, my sphincter opening to the cock pressing against it. When it pushed an inch into me, I put my hand against his thigh and he stopped his pressure. He was just inside me and I needed my body to adjust to the pressure in my ass.I felt the bed shifting, again. I raised a hand to the new arrivals on the bed. I knew who they were and what they wanted, I only needed a moment more for my body to relax around the two cocks inside my two lower holes. I knew there were also two cocks waiting impatiently near my head for attention from my one remaining hole. I was filled with two cocks and I would be alternating between the two remaining.I eased my ass back toward Frog, taking more of his cock into my asshole. At the feeling of my pressing back, he pressed slowly and carefully forward, mindful of any indication from me to halt. I wasn’t giving a halt, however. I was ready and indicated it by bracing myself with one arm while capturing Able’s cock in my mouth and Strong’s in my hand. I was now the proud possessor of four cocks to satisfy, but I only wanted to fully satisfy the two that were currently struggling to develop a coordinated rhythm for fucking me. The other two I merely wanted hard and ready.The stimulation given me was tremendous. The cock in my ass and the angle of his thrusts were pressing the cock in my pussy down and as it pulled back would occasionally rub over my g-spot, sending a jolt through my body in the process. I came before either of them, but they continued their steady, driving thrusts into my two holes even as I collapsed onto Bart’s chest, thereby releasing the two cocks near my head. I didn’t move from that position as they continued to fuck me on and on. Having just recently cum, their staying power was increased, but it was Frog in my ass who was destined to give in to the inevitable sooner than Bart. His hands were on my hips, holding me as he drove in more firmly and completely than Bart could who was restricted in his movements by my body and his position. So, when the cock in my ass stiffened more and was rammed deep, I could feel each pulse as his cock shot its cum into me. It was only moments, though, that Frog pulled out and Bart rolled us over so he was on top of my immobile body. In a matter of a few more urgent thrusts, he too erupted inside me, adding yet another load of man cum to my pussy.He stayed inside me for several moments, continuing to press into me as the last of his cum seeped from his cock. I was holding onto him desperately as he ground his cock and pelvic bone into my clit. I cried out as another orgasm caught up with me, my legs wrapping around his lower back, pulling his body and groin into me tightly enough for him to grunt out from the effect.By the time I released him from my arms and legs, he quickly backed away, pulling his limp cock from my sopping pussy, much to the delight of the others. I thrust one hand between my thighs, closing them tightly as I held myself in the last throes of orgasm. My other hand was on my breast, fondling, and squeezing.After some moments, I released both parts of my body, and only then noticed the rapt attention of the four men around me. I felt a warm rush of heat flow over me as I was sure I blushed from the display, but my body was so flushed from the experience, I doubted that anyone could tell the difference.I rolled to the side, then squirmed to the edge of the bed to fling my legs over the side in an attempt to sit up. I was unsuccessful; I flopped back down on my back. My arms went out to the sides and I started giggling. I pushed myself back up and sat with my elbows resting on my knees. I shook my head lightly and chuckled as I looked up and around the room at the guys. “God, you guys are something!”Able stepped around the bed and approached me, giving me his hand to assist me up. “No, my dear, you are amazing … we’re just trying to keep up with you.”Bart spoke up, “Hey boss, I have an idea. How about we recruit Cat onto our team.”There was a lot of nodding and agreement about that idea. I chuckled and shook my head with a smile. “Thank you, but my lusty abilities are not the reason I want to be part of a team.” They got nervous, but I put that to rest. “I know, I know, just having fun with you. But, seriously, there are a number of people who might object and have their own designs for my lusty abilities.” We all laughed.I touched Able and Strong, “Are you two ready?”Strong asked the question, “Are you sure you’re up to it?”I laughed, “I didn’t think you were really that slow.” The others gave him a ribbing. “I have something in mind that I have never tried before. Are you as strong as you look?” They all assured me. “I think Able will figure this out as we get going …”I stroked his cock a few times to catch everyone attention. “I need you to hold me up while I am wrapped around you.”He looked a little confused, but I jumped up and wrapped my arms and legs around him. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up. I reached down and positioned his cock. He smiled as I lowered myself and he felt the head of his cock touch my wet pussy and he took over. Once I was seated on him, I looked over my shoulder at Able. I was right about him and he was already moving in to take his place behind me as he stroked the oil over his cock. With Strong holding me securely, Able came to me, parted my ass cheeks and pressed his cock head against my puckered hole. My mouth opened in a silent gasp as the head passed much easier into my asshole than it had when Frog had entered me. The two paused as they became fully seated inside me. Never having pursued this position before, I had no idea what the next step would be for the fucking. Strong took the initiative, however; then, I felt the assistance of Able’s hands. The two of them stood firmly and with their arm strength, they raised and lowered my body on the two cocks embedded in my body. They weren’t gentle and there was probably little way for gentleness in such a position. Motion up was dictated by their strength and the reverse was fueled by gravity and when I hit bottom, their cocks were jammed inside me, my ass filled while my pussy was jammed against pelvic bone, my clit pressed violently almost every time. I exploded, again, well before either of them. And, like the guys before, they didn’t slow or pause while my body shook in orgasm. They continued to raise and drop me on their cocks … over and over … my orgasm cresting and then re-cresting as the stimulation continued unrelentingly. My legs were tight around Strong, my arms around his neck, my breasts crushed against his chest, but nothing relented the continual rise and drop despite my hanging on for dear life. But I wasn’t complaining! I cried out, moaned, groaned, and sucked in gulps of air as my body exploded, tried to recover and exploded all over again.When we were done … when they were done … I was a mess of limp limbs, a silly smile on my face, and a constant stream of groans escaping my throat, not to mention the stream of cum from my holes. When they woke me in the morning, I tried to focus for minutes, then as I sipped the first cup of coffee in bed, my mind tried to remember how it all had ended. I couldn’t. The ending last night was all a blur. The fucking moving into fussiness, blurred. They were exceedingly attentive that morning; I guessed it was as wonderful for them …* * * CHAPTER 20: IS THIS MY NORMAL? will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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