The Dance


It was my 60th birthday and despite being so broke that I had lost all hope of ever seeing the day when my bills were less than my income, I splurged for the first time in over 20 years.

I had dreamed my entire life of visiting the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, NY. Actually, my dream began as being inducted into the hall of fame after the most sparkling pitching career in the history of baseball but that is another story.

Anyhow, I took my two weeks of vacation. I went online and booked a flight from Mobile, AL to Cooperstown, NY. I made reservations at the Lake ‘N Pines motel. I closed my checking account and got my boss to pay me in advance for the vacation since my last day of work was a pay day. I went over my credit card bills while at work and picked the two that still had over a $1000 credit remaining.

I closed the store at midnight and drove straight to Mobile since my flight was scheduled to take off at 2AM and it was almost a two hour drive to the airport in Mobile from my store.

I was completely exhausted but by 4PM on my first day of vacation I had rented a car, found the site of the hall of fame, purchased a two week visitors pass, and checked in to the motel.

I asked the clerk to give me a 6AM wake up call since the hall of fame opened it’s doors at 7AM and I wanted to be there before they opened. I had the clerk call for a pizza to be delivered to my room.

I barely had time to unpack and take a shower before the pizza arrived and after paying the delivery girl, I got their number so I could call for my own deliveries.

It smelled fantastic but I decided to lay down a few minutes to let my muscles relax a bit from my long flight without rest or sleep. It still tasted great after I woke up just before the phone rang with my wake up call.

I took a quick shower, grabbed a thermos of coffee from the lounge, and ate the pizza on my way to the hall of fame.

I never in my life dreamed the place would be as great as it was. From the time it opened at 7AM until it closed at 7PM, I was completely immersed in the history of the sport I love so much. I soon began to realize that it would take closer to two months than two weeks to see everything it had to offer but I was determined to see as much as I possibly could.

For 5 straight days, I had followed the exact same routine. I got up at 6AM, showered, went to the hall of fame, stayed until it closed, ordered a pizza, ate, and fell asleep exhausted.

Then the 6th day as I waited for the elevator to take me to my room, I heard music coming from a set of double doors across from the elevators.

Smiling, I asked the clerk what was going on. She grinned and told me that every Saturday night they had a dance for the different dance classes to meet and practice what they had learned during the week.

I told her it had been almost 40 years since the last time I had done any dancing but that I loved ballroom dancing and then I asked her if it was a private dance or was it possible for me to watch the dancers.

She smiled and told me that I could not only watch but I could also dance if I wanted to join the crowd. After giggling, she had added that she was hoping her relief came in a bit early so she could get in a couple of dances before the dance ended at 2AM.

My eyes had barely adjusted to the dim lights before my jaw dropped and I stared at the most amazing dancer I had ever seen in my life. There was a circle around her and her partner and they were the only two dancing.

I remember thinking as the song the band was playing neared it’s end that even if she had two left feet she was so beautiful she would have still been the center of attention.

She was at the very least 6 feet tall, her hair was the darkest black I had ever seen, and it was almost touching the dance floor when she was on her toes.

Despite her continuous spins and dips and gyrations, I never saw what was beneath her skimpy outfit but it left very little to the imagination. The best I could tell her skirt was a large transparent scarf tied at the hips and she wore no panties. Her top was a matching scarf that hung from a large necklace barely covering her pert breasts and was loosely tied between her shoulder blades. It was also obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She remained the center of attention as the band played song after song. One man after another danced with her and even on occasion another lady took a turn dancing with her. Occasionally her partner was adept enough to warrant a second dance and one man even had a third dance but even his skills paled in comparison to her looks and movements.

I had lost all track of time and was still mesmerized by her looks and talent when I realized as her most recent partner rejoined the circle that she was beckoning me to take his place.

To be honest, I had no idea that it was her picking her own partners until that moment and as the band played a fast paced Mamba it was all I could do to stumble canlı bahis from the circle and join her.

As I stood only a few feet from her, i was so awe struck by her beauty that the song was damn near half over before I remembered I was suppose to be dancing. I slowly closed my eyes and picked up the beat as my mind remembered the steps then I smiled and did my very best to keep up with her.

I saw her eyes look confused then fill with joy as she increased her movements and I matched her step for step. Her smile broadened and with barely a pause she spun into my arms as the Mamba ended and a Waltz began.

Most novices think that a Waltz and a Rumba are one and the same dance but they are actually two completely different dances using basically the same steps. A Waltz is choreographed movement between two partners that feed off each other’s spins and gyrations while a Rumba is the same with the addition of much more contact between partners.

The second biggest difference is in the music itself. A Waltz has much more brass with a steady drum beat while a Rumba has just the opposite sound with the brass being steady while the drum beats are highlighted.

I began learning to ballroom dance when I was barely 6 years old and for almost 15 years I had gone to balls at least twice a week and quite often even 3 or 4 times a week. I had only stopped because I had been drafted and ballroom dancing wasn’t an option in Viet Nam.

When I returned to civilian life, I had to work and just never had time to devote to my love for dance. I had been a damn good dancer and I knew I had been her best partner but I also knew I was really rusty with some of my steps and I had to think as I danced which wasn’t easy as I stared at the most beautiful young lady I had ever danced with or even seen for that matter.

I loved to Rumba above all other dances because it was like making love on a dance floor. I grinned at the shock that filled her eyes when I spun her away from my body as the dance began and didn’t release her hand as I would have if we had been doing a Waltz. She stumbled slightly, the very first mis-step I had seen her make then she nodded and smiled before cutting her spin short and returning to me with her back pressed against my chest.

She twisted her head so that it lay against my right shoulder and her lips brushed my right ear as she whispered, “My uncle is the conductor and I will have him change to my favorite Rumba song in a minute. You are a rare joy for me sir. It is so seldom that I find a partner that is as good as you seem to be. My name is jessica.”

She quickly spun away then came straight back this time facing me as she twisted her head so that her own right ear was against my lips.

Somehow I managed to stammer, “Thank you for the compliment Miss Jessica. My name is Woody. I wish I weren’t so rusty. It has been almost 40 years since I danced plus if you will forgive my frankness, I have never danced with anyone of your talent much less anyone so beautiful and sexy.”

I saw her eyes sparkling as she spun away from me then she pointed at her Uncle and held her hand in a `V? before she spun back into my arms and whispered, “That just might be the best compliment I?ve ever had Woody.”

As she spoke, the music stopped abruptly then I gasped when the band began playing my favorite Rumba music. I have never known it’s name but I loved it because of two things. First, it was the fastest of all the Rumba’s I knew and it took two highly skilled dancers to maintain it’s rhythm. Second, it was the longest Rumba ever written and took almost a full 30 minutes from start to finish.

As Jessica spun away in her first move, the lights went off and a spotlight hit her. Luckily, she had almost a full minute of movement before the spot went from her to me and I had time to recover from the shock and regain my own rhythm. By the time the spot returned to Jessica, the crowd was clapping and stomping their feet to the music and a second spot light circled the huge circle before it focused on me.

Just once in my life had I danced what I considered the perfect Rumba to this song from start to finish and that was without a spot light on me or my partner. I can’t claim I did this time either because I definitely wasn’t perfect when it first began and the surprise of the spot light on Jessica caused me to lose my step a few seconds but she was beyond a doubt perfect from start to finish and I felt like I had matched her grace after that brief blunder.

The dance ended just as it had begun with her back pressed against my chest. We were both covered with sweat and gasping for air as the spot lights went off the dance hall went completely black.

For less than a heartbeat, the overhead lights flickered on then the blackness returned. I heard muffled voices around us and from the stage between gasps for air.

I can only assume it was her Uncle that said over the microphone, “It seems that the main breaker for the lights has broken.”

After bahis siteleri a quick laugh he finished, “I guess this is the time for our first break. Hopefully the lights will be back on shortly.”

Jessica’s lips brushed my right ear as she whispered, “I just fell in love with you Woody.”

Without thinking, I slid my hands from her hips up under her scarf. She moaned softly and licked my ear as my thumbs lightly traced her huge, swollen nipples. I didn’t pinch them or grab her small breasts. Instead I slowly let my thumbs lift her giant nipples upward until they slipped off then just as slowly I pressed my thumbs down until her nipples sprang back on top of my thumbs. Over and over and over, I thumbed her nipples as she ground her firm ass back against my throbbing erection.

The lights flickered on then went right back off again. She gasped and leaned away. I thought she was ending our fondling but instead she patted my cock quickly then lifted her hair around her shoulders so that it completely covered my hands under her scarf.

When the lights again flickered on and off she thrust her ass against my cock and whispered, “Please Woody. Tell me you have a room here. My home is a 30 minute drive and I can’t wait that long to have your cock inside me.”

She ground her ass up and down my cock then said, “I know your cock wants to fuck me Woody and I pray you want that as much as I do, too.”

I didn’t answer, I just grabbed her right hand in my left and headed toward where I thought the exit was and prayed I was heading in the right direction and that we didn’t run over another spectator as we made our way out of the ballroom.

Just as I felt my right shoulder brush against someone, Jessica moved as close as she could to my left side and the night clerk opened the double doors leading to the lounge.

The bright lights blinded me but I figured it also blinded everyone else and we were only a few steps from getting out unseen except for the clerk.

I tried to guide us past the clerk but to my surprise her left hand grabbed my right hand and she pulled us through the doors and closed them then laughed as she whispered, “DAMN LITTLE SIS! I was hoping to get a couple of dances with Woody then spend the night in his room. Looks like you already stole him from me.”

As my eyes finally adjusted Jessica giggled as we got in the elevator and softly said, “From the size of his cock I’d say he had more than both of us could handle Kimberly but tonight he is all mine Sis. If he can fuck even half as good as he can dance though, you may never get a turn Kimbo. I could never share a man that wanted to spend the rest of my life making happy.”

The elevator doors opened and I stood in complete shock unable to move as Jessica said, “I’m sorry Woody. I don’t mean to scare you but I meant every damn word I just said.”

I released both their hands and turned to Kimberly. I ripped her blouse open and hungrily began sucking her huge titties as I pulled her panties down then tore them off her legs.

I plunged my cock inside her pussy and waited for her instantaneous orgasm to subside a bit then said, “Sorry Jess. I’ve wanted to do this since the day I checked in to the motel and I just had to do it once before I marry you. You see my darling as your sister will tell you when she sees you tomorrow, I fuck at least a million times better than I dance. I’ve dreamed of a wife that is exactly like you in looks and ability but never dreamed I would be lucky enough to find you. Now go get ready to marry me while I give Kimberly the maid of honor’s gift for you.”

Jessica stuck out her tongue and giggled. I’m not sure if she was about to say something or not but I think she was. Just as she giggled however the elevator doors opened and with a quick glance downward at my cock in her sister’s cunt, she licked her lips and blocked the elevator so no one could get out.

Quickly her eyes shot up and she grinned then turned her head and calmly said, “Sorry folks. My future husband is fucking my sister and I not sure they want an audience.”

She laughed and stepped inside then was gone. As that happened, Kimberly’s only reaction was to grasp my ass cheeks in both hands and try to get the rest of my cock in her tight young pussy.

Luckily, the door to my room was directly across from the elevator or we might have spent the rest of the night fucking in the hallway.

I spun her around and unlocked the door then gripped her ass in both hands and lifted her off her feet. Somehow, I managed to kick the door closed then carry her to my bed. As I eased her across it, my cock almost popped out but Kimberly quickly wrapped her long legs around my back and managed to keep my cockhead inside her body.

Gritting my teeth, I drove about half my cock into her tight cunt after I had gotten on my knees at the edge of the bed then I smiled as she knowingly wrapped her arms around my neck so I could walk on my hands and knees while carrying bahis şirketleri her until her head was between the pillows on the bed.

I saw a glint of surprise in her dark brown when instead of lowering her to the bed, I flipped us so she was on top of me. Kimberly kissed me softly then sat up with just my cockhead keeping us united.

As she removed her torn blouse she giggled then stuck out her tongue and whispered, “Guess I’ll have to call Jess to bring me something to wear before I can leave in the morning.”

I grinned and groaned as her cunt gripped my cock then whispered, “Sorry Kimberly but right now you are fulfilling a fantasy I’ve had for almost 50 years.”

She moaned as she asked, “Would you tell me about it Woody? I have never been anyone’s fantasy girl.”

I gasped when she tightened her cunt even more then after a deep breath I somehow whispered, “I’d love to Kimberly but if you keep using your fantastic cunt muscles on me, I doubt I can remember it.”

She laughed loudly and nodded then relaxed her cunt very slowly and waited so I continued, “I guess it is more like what almost happened but didn’t instead of a true fantasy. A week before my 10th birthday, my family went to the beach for a two week vacation. The morning of my birthday, my parents took my brother and sister shopping for my gifts and left me alone once I promised not to go to the ocean even to hunt seashells. I was sitting in a lounge chair eating a bowl of cereal just after they drove off wishing I could go down to the beach but settling for watching from a distance. I saw this newlywed couple arrive. It wasn’t even 7AM yet and as the husband made trip after trip from their car to their room which was right next to ours, they argued and hollered at each other non-stop. I can’t remember exactly what it was but she wanted him to go to a store before they settled in their room and I think he just wanted to fuck her. Anyhow, once the last bag was in the room he came storming back out and as he headed to the car he screamed something about getting drunk and the hell with her. At least two hours had gone by and he still hadn’t returned. Every few minutes she would either stick her head out the door or walk to the parking lot and go back to her room. I distinctly remember that twice she tried to unlock my room before realizing her mistake and going to her room. The second time I heard her say something about not being able to find her glasses and how blind she was without them.”

I paused to catch my breath then finished, “To make a really long story as short as possible, I decided to take a nap and went back to my room. I lay down and got to thinking about the young bride and of course I got an erection. I pulled off my trunks and had just started to stroke my cock when the door opened and she laughed and began taking off her blouse. I froze torn between fear and lust. When she was down to her bra and panties she giggled and walked over to the bed. She bent over my waist and slowly let her hair tickle my cock back and forth as she turned her head. As her lips passed over my cock she paused and softly blew out her hot breath until I thought I was going to cum for the very first time in my life without so much as being touched. Then, she straightened up and removed her panties before damn near jumping on the bed and straddling my hips. We still hadn’t made any body contact at all but I could feel the heat of her cunt on my cock and when she fell forward onto her extended arms I felt her hot cunt juices dripping on my cockhead. I groaned and she giggled then arched her back and buried her bra covered right breast in my open mouth. I began sucking and chewing without thinking as she moved back and forth so that I sucked both of her breasts until my saliva was dripping from her bra cups then she sat up and removed her bra and fed me her bare breasts.”

I laughed and reached out and pinched Kimberly’s rigid nipples then said, “That was pretty much the end of my story. After I had sucked her bare titties for about 5 minutes, she reached down and gripped my cock then screamed and jumped off the bed. I later learned that she was legally blind without her glasses and also a virgin but she had masturbated her husband for years and knew exactly what his cock felt like or most likely there would have been much more story to tell. She told me all that a few days later when she apologized for what happened. I think she would have fucked me looking back on it but I was too young and dumb to be sure of how to find out. My fantasy is basically that but usually involves a motel clerk or maid and they come into my room and see me sleeping. I have an erection and mesmerized they look then can’t resist kissing then finally sucking my cock before they mount me and we fuck each other into a frenzied delirium never to meet again.”

I could tell even as I was telling her that Kimberly really was fascinated by my fantasy from the way her cunt worked on my cockhead and the increased flow of her hot juices but I was still extremely surprised when she threw herself off my cock and jumped to her feet before saying, “Sorry about that Darling but if I had taken time to think I could never have made myself stop.”

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