The day my life changed part 2

The day my life changed part 2I sat there driving in a daze, confused and excited at the same time, not really knowing what to think about what just happened. I look over at Abigail, the grin on her face, wondering what must be going through her mind. We race home and get out of the car, walk up to the door and go inside. There was still about 4 hours before anybody was home. As I shut the door behind me, Abigail quickly pushed me up against the door and began kissing me. My mind kept telling me how wrong this was but the sex we just had was so good, I wanted her again. I slid my hands up under her cum stained yellow dress and grasped her ass with my hands. She pulled herself away from me and told me to wait and follow her. I proceed as I’m told. She leads me into the bathroom and tells me we have to take a shower, “You’ve made me a very dirty girl.” She quickly gets undressed, as do I. The sight of her slim little body ordu escort has me getting harder by the second, I can’t wait any longer. With her back towards me, walking to turn on the water, I grab her from behind and push her hands on the sink counter. I pull her hair back and whisper in her ear, “I’m going to make you dirtier.” I notice her smirk in the mirror. I reach around and feel her moist pussy lips, I quickly insert 2 of my fingers, going faster, making her wetter than before. I bend her over the counter top and slide my hardened dick inside of her, making her moan with every thrust inside of her. I can’t help but watch my dick going in and out of her and watching her cum on my dick. She’s screaming at me to fill her up with my cum again. I pull her hair and thrust harder until I feel myself about to burst. “I’m gonna make you my little slut,” I tell her. I pull out and spin her around, making her get down on escort ordu her knees. I grab the back of her head and thrust inside of her mouth, gagging her in the process. I fuck her mouth harder and faster until I cum in the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow my load. I pull out to get enough on her face. She smiles and cleans it off of her face and licks my dick clean. She then proceeds to get up and get in the shower. I get in with her, knowing we still had plenty of time. She begins using the soap, cleaning herself and then me, stopping at my dick, stroking it to get it hard. Here we go again, I thought to myself. As she is stroking me, she grabs my hand and puts it on her pussy. She whispers in my ear “this is all yours”. I begin to rub her little pussy and she stops me, turning around and pressing her ass against my dick. She begins touching herself and grinding on me as she does it. Knowing I was already ordu escort bayan hard, she reached back and stroked me again, this time putting the tip of my dick right up to her ass hole. She looks back at me, smiling again, and tells me to do it. With her body pressed against the wall, she reaches back to spread her ass as I slowly penetrate it. She was in obvious pain, but told me to keep going. The tightness of her hole felt so amazing. I start with slow strokes and work my way faster and deeper. I yell at her as I spank her and force her to look back and tell me where my dick is. I eventually feel myself tensing up, knowing I was close to cumming. I pull out and stick my dick back in her wet pussy. Going as hard and fast as I can. I make her cum one last time as the feeling of her wetness makes me fill her up. At last we are both exhausted, we finished showering and got dressed. I quickly go over to the answering machine to erase the message like I promised her. I asked her if she meant what she said, that her pussy was mine and she told me anytime I want it. Little did I know, the next time I picked her up would be even more interesting..

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