The Deception Ch. 01


Holly almost rushed out of her last class of the day, glad to be out of the constraints of school for another day. She was now in her final senior year and wished that she could escape school but she knew there was only a few more months and she could wait that long. It was a pretty humid afternoon so her rather strict school uniform was all out of place, a few of her teachers had given her sideways glances as she left the school but the prowess of a senior was not to be messed with, and Holly was definitely a girl not to get on the wrong side of.

Modesty was not Holly’s forte. With her dirty blonde hair uncombed and messy attire Holly walked down the sidewalk as if she owned it, giving a sly smile to a few cute guys occasionally, glaring at anyone who gave a disapproving look at her standard of dress.

Holly even did the fingers and said a, “Fuck you!” to one older woman who had whispered “Tramp” as she passed by the 18 year old.

Moving further down the street she saw in the distance her latest conquest. You see, Holly is an incredible lover, she may look like a dirty slut and something you probably wouldn’t do twice for decent reputation’s sake; but she can seduce the pants off of any man between the ages of 18 and 50 (and probably older if she had wanted to). Lately she had been interested in an attractive man who lived down the street from her. He was attractive and back in his hay-day he was quite the bachelor and in fact almost the equivalent of Holly; the only difference being that he got an admired reputation. Which brings me to the second chief character…

Jason Littleton.

Jason was reaching his mid 30’s and during the 90’s might as well have been a sex god. When he went to bars he could pull almost any girl he wanted. On numerous occasions he had made money betting that he could even pull a happily married woman. Now at 33 while still being very attractive and his body still in good shape he was beginning to think of settling down. He was dating a woman a few years younger than him and he had even thought of asking to marry her. He was also doing very well in his work.

After spending his 20’s as a successful theatre actor he had just began composing and directing his very own musicals. He had just finished a 9-month tour of his latest adaptation of the musical ‘The Sound Of Music’; 9 months of pure work; he had directed, made the alterations on the music and also played a few minor parts when some of the actors had fallen sick. He was well celebrated around the country and was beginning to make a name for himself as a director and as a musical director. He was now taking a 3-month break before taking on the job of a University music lecturer. He was hoping to get married in that time and maybe finally get a bit of security. This life was definitely better than the one of a penniless, jobless actor.

However secure in his life, Jason was not prepared for meeting bahis firmaları the seductive, clever nasty young blonde. His tanned skin and well-chiselled muscles had already taken her fancy. He had lived in her neighbourhood about 2 years now and he had seen enough of her to know that she got what she wanted. He had once seen a friend of his take her out for a classy dinner “what a waste for a fuck” he had said at the time. However sharp he was though, he never figured out he was next on her list.

Holly was now walking past Jason’s classy small home as he sunbathed, shirtless with only a pair of casual track pants, he lay splayed out on a fold out chair in his front yard. As the blonde temptress passed his home he looked up just as a blast of sunlight hit her gorgeous figure. Noting the young high schoolers figure that passed him, watching specifically the half unbuttoned shirt with the lace white bra that was clearly seen underneath he licked his lips. She turned her face to him and gave him a flash of her beautiful smile; her teeth gleamed with her glossy pink lips slightly parted as his jaw dropped. “Fuck!” he thought as he realised whom he had been admiring. She delighted in his response and gave a slight wink as she put a swivel to her walk. He watched her shapely ass shake with her hips in her short grey skirt for a good half a minute before forcing himself to stare away.

Pleased with yet another opportunity to see the handsome older man shirtless in this hot summer, she walked on through the street with a devilish grin on her face. She knew exactly where she was going. Turning down a few alleyways she finally made her way to a pretty average looking house; knocking on the door she waited patiently for someone to answer it. After waiting about 2 minutes a man appeared at the door wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a tired face. She smiled at him and he rolled his eyes, she then grinned and gave him a fake pout, “oh but baby, you know how I get when I’m horny” he got out of her way and she walked in kicking off her worn down black dress shoes.

She ran her fingers through her hair and placed herself on a couch in the living room. A few half smoked joints were sitting on the coffee table and she picked one up, she looked through her back pack for a moment before pulling out a lighter; lighting the end of the joint as she inhaled. As she took a few more drags the young man came into the living room, she held out the J and smiled at him “drag Matt?” she asked licking her lips. He took it and took a few drags while she unbuttoned the rest of her shirt slipping it off, her tits pressing against the fabric of her white lace bra. Matt’s eyes narrowed as he admired her well-endowed breasts and he stubbed the joint out in the ashtray.

“I’m guessing you want it rough then huh?” He said almost casually as he undid the button on his pants, unzipping them shortly after and letting kaçak iddaa them fall to the floor revealing a pair of tight white boxer-briefs a large semi-hard cock inside straining against the tight fabric.

Holly had met Matt when she was 16; an older friend of hers who said that he was an incredible fuck (and sold excellent pot) introduced them. He was 21 then and enjoyed the fact that a 16 held such an interest in him. Now she had been his most regular customer since, and although he enjoyed the money that came in from her buying his stuff and also the fact that she was a great little fuck he couldn’t help but find her annoying on most occasions.

This worked out just fine for Holly; she loved to be treated with such indifference. It made her hot thinking that the only thing he was interested in was a decent fuck. He was like an addiction for her and she was glad to know that he was there whenever she needed it.

She licked her lips as she watched him take off his pants and she stood up and undid the buttons on her skirt, letting it slip down her legs, revealing a white lace thong. He watched her do this as he slipped off his tight briefs his cock literally thudded against his thigh as he watched her slip off her bra slowly, her large breasts spilling out in there glory and now he licked his lips. She turned around and bent over as she slipped her thong down her legs. Before the thong had even hit the floor she felt his hands grab her hips. He moved a hand over her bare, smooth ass and gave it a slap “mmm, so who’s made you all hot and bothered this time huh?” he asked moving his hand lower and teasing her slit with a single finger up and down.

She shuddered slightly and her warm pink lips opened as she tried to respond, “that guy, the guy that does all those musical’s you know?” She responded in breaths as he slid a second finger inside of her and started moving them in and around her soaked pussy. She moaned and responded to his fingering by pushing her hips into his hand, his fingers working there way deeper inside of her and he reached out with his other hand and began massaging her breasts, his fingers kneading her breasts with expertise, pulling at her nipples as she moaned.

Matt grinned to himself and shoved a third finger roughly into her as she yelped, “him again huh? You haven’t been able to pull him; you the great ‘temptress’?” He asked in a teasing fashion as she increasingly pushed her body against him writhing against his hand as she hungrily moaned.

“Just fuck me…please Matt…I need it.” However annoying she could be, these words always brought a smile to Matt’s face.

He pulled his hand out of her, which brought a disappointed sigh from her. It was soon replaced with a loud moan as he slid his cock slowly into her wet pussy, pushing his thick long length down her, he grabbed her tits with both hands, roughly massaging them as he whispered in her ear, “maybe kaçak bahis you need to change your image…maybe he’s sick of blonde sluts like you coming onto him” he sneered into her ear as he moved his length in and out of her from behind. She continued to moan and whimper as he said this. While it was meant as a cruel joke from his part, it struck a chord with Holly and she realised that what he was saying made perfect sense. He continued to slide his thick hard cock in and out of her, she responded with her hips bucking against his, her moans steadily getting louder as he fucked her harder.

Matt continued to bang the young blonde harder and pushed her closer to the wall, as they neared it Holly’s hands flattened against it and he began to bang her harder as they pushed against the wall. He gave her ass another slap and rammed his hard long cock into her faster, causing a new rush of pain and pleasure to enter Holly as she moaned and squealed in response.

“Oh God, harder Matt…fucking harder” she moaned as he kept moving in and out of her damp cunt, thrusting himself harder at her against the wall as she screamed and whimpered in ecstasy. He felt a tightening of her pussy contracting around his hard cock and he groaned in pleasure as she felt her cum all over his dick and then banged one last time into her with his long thick shaft.

“Oh yeah, that’s it slut, take it all” he cried as he felt the tightening of his balls then a rush of his cum splashing inside of her, the sides of her pussy leaking with his and her liquid; white streams of it pouring down her thighs as he continued to thrust a few more times inside of her, grunting as he did.

As Matt felt the last of his cum dripping into her soaked pussy he slowly withdrew from her breathing heavily as he walked back to the centre of the room. She remained with her hands against the wall panting for a few moments longer before moving him. Matt had re-lit the join and handed it to Holly.

She took a few drags of the J and turned to him, he was just sliding his jeans back on as she grinned at him. He gave her an annoyed look, “you know I hate it if you hang around afterwards Holl…” he said as he did up his jeans, the outline of his semi-hard cock apparent.

She shook her head, “no I just wanted to thank you…I think your little idea might get that which I desire most” she said sliding her finger along her thigh; covering it in a thin layer of cum and then sucking on it till it was clean. As she watched Matt’s eyes follow her actions she swallowed and grinned.

He rolled his eyes and through her underwear at her. “Get home before your mum starts to wonder where you are,” he said coldly as he flicked on the TV and stretched out on the couch. She smirked, chucked the spent J into an ashtray and started to slip her messy uniform back on.

On her way out she picked up a 50 bag lying on the coffee table, she gave him a sweet innocent look and a quick “I’ll owe you”. He shrugged, she was always good for it, and he couldn’t care less at the moment. She hurried out the door and he heard the door slam shut as she wondered back down the street.

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