The Developing of Emma Part Four

The Developing of Emma Part FourEmma awoke in the softness of her silk sheets and wondered what the day would bring; her sissy cock bulged and dribbled sticky pre-cum through the outlet of her cage as she thought of sucking Kurt’s cock; her tight little anus clenched and released at the plug, which acted like a comforter. Elaine was right, Emma was beginning to enjoy the plug and as she tried to rub her confined cock, she imagined the plug to be Kurt’s cock; how she wanted to cum! The blue pill she had been given would keep her little cock hard in the cage and make her yearn to orgasm. This would make her extra obedient and willing to please in any way; her submissive side was taking control of her, as much as Elaine was.She quivered with fear and anticipation as Elaine and one of the dominant maids came in. Emma’s anus tingled excitedly as she was made to kneel in a corner whilst the haughty Elaine inspected her bed-sheets. Elaine made sure the sissy had a good view of her buxom behind as she bent over, legs and seams rigidly straight, wicked cane under one arm. The dominant maid smiled wickedly and pointed to a small patch on the sheets.“What’s this! You naughty girl, you’ve messed on the sheets. Come and lie face down on the bed this instance. You shall have a thrashing before breakfast.” Emma did as she was told and lay prostrate on the bed. The maid lifted the sissy’s middle and a pillow was bartın escort pushed under her, lifting her sweet white cheeks invitingly, ready for the wicked bite of the cane. Before Emma could think, she heard the whoosh of the rattan and squealed with pain as her white cheeks blushed a pink and then red line across her sissy bottom. Again, Emma cried like a baby as the fiercely dominant woman delivered the stinging cane six times; oh how it hurt, and how she wanted to cum now, her sissy cock ready to explode. Elaine had Emma kneel and kiss her feet whilst she thanked her for the caning, and then the tearful sissy was taken to the wash-room by the smiling and contented maid.Washed and fed, her pills taken, Emma was led into a large room where Elaine awaited her. The room was ringed with seats which were occupied by many males, some business suited, others casually dressed, all wore masks, some simple, some distinctly sinister. The centre of the room was furnished with large futons on which maids lay casually. Emma was naked except for the chiffon negligee and a hubbub of approval reverberated from the watching males as the increasingly dainty sissy was walked to her beckoning mistress. Elaine showed the sissy a mean but pretty corset which was wrapped around Emma’s white hairless body as she knelt before her mistress and a maid. The laces were threaded through and Elaine took great pleasure escort bartın in putting her foot in Emma’s back as she pulled the corset tighter and tighter. Emma fought for breath as the corset squeezed her waist to a tiny width. The effect of the corset also accentuated her sweet bottom, making her look even more girly. At the top end, any spare soft flesh was pushed up, giving the effect of small breasts. Emma was then collared and leashed and paraded round in a circle before the males, some of whom masturbated openly as they viewed the sissy.One of the males waved a wad of notes at Elaine, who then invited him into the centre of the room as the others cheered and applauded. Emma was made to kneel before him; he dropped his trousers and pants, revealing an erect cock. Elaine stood close with her cane and Emma tingled all over as she sucked cock for the second day in succession. The male was not teasing like Kurt, and soon came as Emma’s soft lips and warm tongue massaged the aching bell-end. He grunted and shuddered as the pretty corseted sissy knelt submissively and gently sucked the cream from him. He stroked her soft face and had a squeeze of her soft bottom before re-joining the circle.The murmurs continued amongst the males as the maid painted Emma’s finger and toe-nails sissy pink, before applying make-up to her soft little face. A long flowing wig of a similar hair colour was produced bartın escort bayan and fitted. Elaine smiled triumphantly as she wheeled a full length mirror up to the sissy and had her look at her reflection. Emma gasped as she saw herself for the first time; the first part of her transformation had been achieved, she was truly effeminate now.She was still admiring her curves when a cheer went up from the males. Kurt had entered the room, naked. Elaine took a tiny key from a chain about her neck and undid the sissy’s cage. Emma was turned to face Kurt and their cocks rose in unison. Emma’s little bottom tingled as she thought of sucking that cock again. Kurt’s cock stiffened as he viewed the transformed sissy with disbelief; he would not have her suck him this time.Emma’s little cock poked upright with excitement, her pink bell-end glistening with lubrication. Kurt embraced her, put his hand down to the crack of her sweet cheeks, and eased the butt plug out from her anus. Every male in the audience now toyed with their stiff and excited cocks as they watched the spectacle unfold; a spectacle they had witnessed many times before. Emma gasped as she realised she was not to suck Kurt. Her anus, now free of the invading plug, clenched and opened with sweet anticipation of another invasion. Kurt looked at the sissy as he first sniffed the plug, and then licked it clean. His large cock dribbled as he put his hand down the cleft of her buttocks, making her tremble as he eased a finger into her soft inviting arsehole. Emma clenched on the finger and her sissy cock buzzed and pulsed as Kurt smiled wickedly at her. He was going to fuck her.

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