The Doctor’s Magic Tea


The Doctor’s Magic TeaAuthor’s Note: I hope this tale excites you. I have a deep fetish regarding female domination, and I enjoy being a toy. I enjoy exchanging explicit email and photos, too. Let’s talk dirty. I’d love to know how this story affects you or what I could write for future chapters. Please email at: Enjoy!The Doctor’s Magic TeaBy Peter WilcumChapter 1After a year of celibacy, Roy Morris’ wife Victoria finally told him she didn’t desire him sexually anymore.Victoria is a truly stunning woman at age 35, with 36 D breasts, a trim, fit shape, a delightfully full and pear-shaped ass and a beautiful face framed with blonde shoulder-length hair. She is also very fastidious about keeping her pussy hairs trimmed short.After several months of not seeing those short hairs, one night while they were watching TV Victoria told Roy she had found a marriage counselor who could help them. She had made an appointment. Roy immediately agreed. Anything that would get his cock sliding back into his beautiful wife.He leaned over to kiss her, and she kissed him back. Roy’s hand fondled Victoria’s breast and he felt his cock growing in his pants. It throbbed dully, making a tent there. Victoria opened her legs and Roy began to rub her through her slacks. Her breathing got deeper and faster.“Oh yeah, Roy keep rubbing me like that.”Roy could feel his cock sliding against the material of his underwear and a wet spot growing there from his precum. Roy’s mouth found her raised nipple under her blouse, and he sucked it through the material. He rubbed my wife’s cunt in a circle with his hand, and soon her own wet spot appeared through her slacks. “Oh. Oh, ohhhhhh…” she moaned in ecstasy as she shook in climax.“Let’s go to bed and we can really have some fun,” Roy said, breathing hard. His entire body was aflame with desire, his cock heavily engorged with blood and tingling. Victoria reached out and smoothed his pants over his cock with her open palm, pressing against it and driving him insane with lust.“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Roy,” she said, still pressing his enflamed cock against his pelvis with slow rubs. Roy’s hips jerked wildly upward every time she rubbed his sensitive dick, his face twisted with desire.“We should wait until we see the counselor first.” Victoria withdrew her hand from his cock, which was left trapped and lurching in his pants without release.“Please. Let’s please go to bed and I promise, I will make love to you like never before!” Roy pleaded.“No, we’d better wait,” Victoria said. “I just don’t feel horny to have sex with you right now, Roy, and if you love me you will understand that.”Roy’s dick had already begun to shrivel but it was still sending electric thrills through his pelvis like he was going to get to use it. He became angry.“This is not fair!” I said. “You got to cum but I didn’t!”Victoria had collected herself from her cum. She was again cool and calm.“Roy, you know you can go in the bathroom anytime you want and jack off and cum. You do it all the time.”“I don’t want that! The only reason I do it is because you won’t have sex!’“Well, meet me at the doctor’s office Wednesday and we’ll see what happens.”Roy’s dick wilted in disappointment.They arrived in separate cars for the appointment with Dr. Lisa Mansfield, because it had been set for 5:30 p.m., just after they got off work.Once they were ushered into the counselor’s office by a stunning receptionist, Roy found himself somewhat surprised by his wife’s choice of ther****t.Dr. Mansfield was a complete knockout – a very sophisticated appearing woman, wearing a dark business skirt with a peach blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned very far down the front, revealing the swells of her large tits. He full lips were glossed in a peach color matching her blouse. Her shapely, long legs were encased in sheer black nylon. Dr. Mansfield shook hands with each of them gently, and motioned to a couch and chair nearby. They sat on the couch. She faced them in the chair.“Maria, would you bring in some tea?” she asked the young and shapely receptionist, who was so voluptuous she seemed ready to burst out of her white blouse and tight rider slacks. “Now, how can I help?” Dr. Mansfield said.Victoria jumped right in.“I just don’t want to have sex with Roy anymore, doctor.”“Is that so?” Dr. Mansfield said, making a quick note on the pad she held in her lap. Her legs were crossed, and the combination of her black nylons and her black high heel bobbing up and down as she swung her leg seemed hypnotic to Roy, it had been so long since he had had sex. He felt his cock begin to stir.“Roy, what do you have to say?”He roused himself from his stupor at the mention of his name. His face reddened with embarrassment.“It’s true, doctor. She won’t have sex with me anymore.”Maria interrupted them with tea. There were two teapots on the tray she left behind. Dr. Mansfield poured a generous cup for Roy from one, then two other cups from the other. She handed Roy his cup and Victoria hers.“Drink your tea, Roy. Drink it all up. It is part of the therapy.”He did. It was incredibly delicious.“Now then, Roy, as we were discussing: You mean she won’t FUCK you, don’t you, Roy?” The doctor was looking at Roy very directly. Roy was beginning to feel strangely inside, and he grew embarrassed at hearing that word. Yet he also began to feel that the two women in that room, Victoria and Dr. Mansfield, were the most gorgeous women he had ever seen, and he must do everything they said.“Does that surprise you, Roy that I used that word – FUCK?” “I – I suppose so, doctor.”“And why is that, Roy?” The doctor switched one perfect nylon-covered leg for the other and began to bob the stiletto high heel on the other foot up and down. Roy felt himself drawn to her and to his expectantly watching wife. He felt as though he would do anything sexual for them, they were so beautiful, so superior. He wished they would tell him what would sexually please them. His cock stiffened into a solid rod.“Roy?” Dr. Mansfield said in a superior tone. “You are not answering me. I wonder why your wife won’t fuck you, Roy, and I wonder why you don’t demand to fuck her? She’s a beautiful woman, Roy! Look at her!”Roy turned and saw Victoria’s face turning pink with embarrassment at Dr. Mansfield’s compliment. Yet at the same time, he saw that she had an almost predatory look on her face and was watching intently what was happening.Dr. Mansfield shifted in her chair, sending thrills through Roy’s body.“Roy, do you have any physical problems?”He looked at Dr. Mansfield, and she ran her right hand along the material at the V of her blouse. Despite Roy’s efforts to keep the meeting professional, wild fantasies began to arise in his mind and his insistent cockhead pulsed in his pants. He reddened more at the thoughts he was thinking.“N-no, doctor,” Roy said. “Everything works.”“I see. However, I would like to examine things for myself. Please stand up and come over here.”Roy became beet read, he was so humiliated. He knew that if he stood up Dr. Mansfield would see the big, hard, lewd lump in his pants.“Oh Roy, just stand up and do what the doctor says,” Victoria said.Roy stood and walked over to Dr. Mansfield, his trousers tenting out. Dr. Mansfield immediately reached out and began to squeeze and massage his cock through the material. Roy’s knees went weak, and she stopped.“Let’s have a look. Please lower your trousers and underwear, Roy.”Roy’s heart was pounding wildly. They had been in the ther****t’s office less than 15 minutes and she was asking him to take off his pants!“Do it now, Roy! I don’t like to repeat myself. Display your cock to us.”Roy felt his hands undoing his belt. He looked at his wife, who was leaning forward expectantly, and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.“That’s good. Let your hands fall to your sides and leave them there. Excellent! Now Roy, why do you have hard-on right now?”“I suppose it is because I am so embarrassed!” he blurted out. His cock was rigid and throbbing. It had not been this hard for years. Roy was now standing in front of Dr. Mansfield with his cock fully exposed to the first woman who had seen it besides his wife since they married.“You see, Victoria, the tea makes any man or woman very compliant,” Dr. Mansfield said. “When taken over a two-week period, the tea boosts hormones and pliability. They become so aroused they will agree to almost any sexual act or demand in order to have a release. They also become very open to sexual suggestions that can be implanted, changing their behavior over time.”Dr. Mansfield reached out her hand as if to grab Roy’s cock, then quickly slapped it hard side to side three times. His dick wobbled obscenely back and forth as his hips arched out to thrust it forward.“That’s it, Roy,” she purred. “Did you like that?”Roy found himself nodding yes.“That’s good, boy. It’s good to do that before we measure, to bring your cock fully erect. Victoria, here is a ruler. See what we have here, would you?”With an exultant look, Victoria placed the plastic ruler against Roy’s cock.“Seven inches, doctor.”And width?”“Almost two inches.”“Well, there’s part of the problem, Roy. Your cock is so tiny that it doesn’t satisfy a woman like she wants to be satisified. I am sure Victoria has been very frustrated all these years, haven’t you dear.”“Oh yes, doctor.”“And what do you want to see happen out of our little session today, Victoria?”Victoria smiled and Roy was stunned to see it was more of a leer.“I want to have total control of Roy sexually,” Victoria said.Roy blushed deeply and his cock lurched as he realized he wanted that, too.“OK,” Dr. Mansfield said. “Victoria, you can see we are in total control right now. While we are fully clothed, Roy has his cock exposed for us and he will do as we say. Won’t you, Roy?”His face deeply red, Roy nodded and whispered, “Yes.”“Roy, you must understand that you are not getting any sex because you do not show your cock to Victoria enough. From now on, whenever Victoria asks you to expose you cock, you must do it immediately. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with. When she asks you to show your penis, you will do so without question, no matter how you feel about it, because Victoria is superior to you and her needs and wishes come first. Do you understand?”As Roy nodded like a young boy, totally infatuated with the superior women who controlled him, Victoria said, “This is awesome.”“Oh, there’s more,” Dr. Mansfield said. “Roy, I want to teach you how to jack off for Victoria. Use only your thumb and forefinger. Just two fingers. Show us.”Roy instantly began to jack off his loaded cock with two fingers, moving the skin of the shaft back and forth.“Yes, that’s it, Roy. You see, Victoria, that provides just a bit of stimulation but not enough to make him shoot,” Dr. Mansfield said. “Roy, you won’t cum, ever, unless you are allowed to.”“Ahhhh… Yes, doctor.”“Good boy. Now Victoria, do you find yourself horny and wet watching Roy do whatever we want him to?”“Oh yes, doctor, very much so!”“Good. Did you wear the special nylons I asked you to?”“Yes!”“Then get up on my desk here and show Roy.”Victoria hopped on the desktop, raised her skirt and spread her legs. The panties she had on had a large open hole where her cunt was, its moist and swollen lips protruding.“Perfect,” Dr. Mansfield said. “Now Roy, you are not to cum without permission doing this next part of therapy. When you get to where you feel you cannot avoid cumming, you are to let me know in advance. Understand?”“Yes.”“Step closer to Victoria, so your cock is just touching her pussy. Oh yes, that’s perfect! Now Victoria, tell Roy what you want him to do.”Dr. Mansfield was standing very close, and Roy saw that her nipples were poking through her blouse. Noticing that he noticed, she reached up and pinched one of them, leering at him.“Roy!” Victoria said. “Ohhhhh… Slide just the tip of your cock in me. Ohhh yesss…”Roy began to move just the head of his cock in and out of Victoria’s gushing slot.“Now more, Roy! More! Slide it in slowly, all the way! Ohhhh fuck yeah…”Roy’s cock dived into the depths of Victoria’s hot molten cunt, and he felt her heat surround his shaft until her pelvis slammed up against his. It had been so long…“Now fuck me, Roy. That’s it, fuck me! Slam that god damned cock into me!”Instantly on her command, Roy jackhammered his ramrod into her cunt in rapid succession.“Oooh, yeah, fuck me, do me, pound me!” Victoria chanted. “Fuck me hard, slave boy!”Roy pounded her mercilessly, and Victoria’s pussy let loose.“OOOOH FUCK!!! I AM CUMMING!!! JESUS, I’m CUMMING!”Victoria’s body shook all over with her triumph and her victory over Roy as he pistoned in and out of her. “Ohhhh, I’m getting ready to cum!” Roy yelled. “I can feel it building up!”Standing right next to the gyrating couple, Dr. Mansfield moved to also hop atop her desk, next to Victoria, raising her skirt to show a beautifully trimmed naked bush and glistening gash.“Roy! Roy!” she commanded. “Pull out of your wife and come here!”Roy did as he was told, positioning himself between Dr. Mansfield’s outspread legs. He was breathing heavily. “Jack yourself off all over my pussy hairs, Roy! Do it now!”Roy immediately began whacking his cock with two fingers as the doctor wreathed beneath him.“Use your whole hand, Roy!”He encased his cock in his fist for two pumps.“Now cum, Roy! CUM!!!”ARRRRGH!” Roy’s mind exploded in white light as his loins pumped out shot after shot of baby batter, his hand aiming his cock so that the cum landed in Dr. Mansfield’s trimmed bush. When his wild spewing had subsided to a few weak dribbles, Dr. Mansfield took charge.“What the fuck is this mess, Roy?” she said harshly as Victoria looked on in interest. “I haven’t known you for 30 minutes, and you cum all over me?”“But – but you said –” Roy stammered, embarrassed.“Get down there and lick up your mess!” Dr. Mansfield shouted. “Now, Roy!”Roy obediently fell to his knees and began to lick up his cum from Dr. Mansfield’s bush.“Ahhhhh… That’s it, Roy! Lick up all your cock snot!”Dr. Mansfield was breathing heavily and moaning as Roy lapped at the goo on her cunt.“You see, Victoria, how well the tea works with beta men like Roy! Make him drink it every night when he gets home. Ahhh…. Be sure he does. Then teach him to obey what you want. Ohhh fuck… I will see you again in two weeks! Ahhh! That’s it, lick my clit! Get over here, Victoria, and help to push Roy’s head into my cunt so I can hump his face… Yeessss, push it in there, dominate this wimp! Oh my God, I am CUMMINNG…”Chapter 2After three days of drinking the tea under her supervision and being trained to obey her every sexual command, Roy was becoming the servile sex toy Victoria had always wanted him to be. She was eager to try out her new power over him with someone else involved. A mid-20s couple had moved in across the street, and Victoria had noticed that Roy often arranged to be outside “doing chores” whenever the long-blonde haired, nubile, well-endowed new neighbor woman was outside.Victoria knew what Roy was feeling, as she had been ogling the handsome, athletic man of that house, as well.On the fourth day, Victoria spied the young neighbor girl outdoors. She went out the back door and walked across to talk to her.“Hi. You’re new, here, aren’t you?”“Why, yes! I’m Laura.”“Good to meet you. I’m Victoria. Can you come by a little later, maybe just before noon, for some tea and sandwiches? We can get to know each other.”“Sure, that would be great!” said the bubbly, bouncy young thing. “See you then!”Laura was dressed in a white casual blouse, athletic bra and yellow shorts as she sat in Victoria’s kitchen, which adjoined the great room as one big room in the home. On the table were two teapots, and Victoria poured Laura a cup from the red one. “Oh, try this tea. It’s something new I’ve gotten.” She poured herself a cup from the blue teapot, and smiled as she saw the perky woman across from her take a large gulp. Soon Laura’s cup was empty. “That was delicious!” Laura said, and as she said it she realized Victoria was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She suddenly hoped they would be very intimate friends, and wondered how she could please Victoria to help that along.It was almost noon. The back door rattled and in came Roy for his lunch hour from work. He was surprised to see Laura sitting at the table.“Oh, hi Roy!” Victoria said. “This is Laura, our new neighbor.”“Hi Roy!” Laura said, and Roy felt his cock lurch as he said hi.“We’re just talking girl talk,” Victoria said. “Why don’t you get your sandwich I made from the fridge and sit on the couch there? Here, have some of this tea.”With Roy sitting on the couch and leaning back, Victoria could already see a small tent in the front of his pants. He gulped at his tea and chewed his sandwich, watching the women intently. Victoria turned to Laura.“You know, Laura,” she said breathily, “Roy has been ogling you every chance he gets! My husband can’t seem to keep his eyes off your perky tits and beautiful ass!”Laura turned crimson with humiliation, even as her mou th and pussy moistened and her cunt throbbed. She suddenly had an intense desire to be fucked.“Why – I – I didn’t know that,” Laura stammered.“Oh yes!” Victoria said. “He’s horny as hell for you right now! Aren’t you, Roy. Show her, Roy. Show her how horny you are.”At this prompt, Roy put his sandwich plate aside, unfastened his belt and slid his pants and underwear to the floor, removing them and setting them aside. Laura’s face was bright red with embarrassment but she focused on Roy’s rock-rigid seven-inch cock, sticking out in front of him as he hunched his hips forward on the couch to display it. It was about an inch and a half or two inches thick, Laura thought, and she suddenly very much wanted to play with it.“That’s it, Roy. Display your cock for us. See how hard he is for you, Laura?”“Y-yes,” Laura said, unable to tear her eyes away from the staff being displayed as she felt pussy lips swell and her juices flow.“Come on,” Victoria said, taking the younger woman by the hand. “Let’s go over there closer to Roy.”When they were standing before Roy, Victoria said, “Why don’t you show Roy what he’s so excited about, Laura?”She thrilled when she saw Laura begin to disrobe, revealing creamy white tits with large dark nipples, fully erect and jutting, and a beautiful blonde bush that was well trimmed.“That’s it,” Victoria said. “Why not kneel down so you can get a closer look at Roy’s cock. He’d like that. Wouldn’t you, Roy?”Nodding, Roy was totally humiliated and ashamed but he could not control his desire to have his cock close to the nubile young woman. Victoria pushed down on Laura’s shoulders, and she kneeled. “Yes, crawl in closer so you are right there between his legs, close to it.”When Laura was positioned, Victoria said, “Jerk your little dick for her, Roy.”Laura watched spellbound as Roy jerked the skin back and forth on his cock using only his thumb and forefinger. Both of Laura’s nice tits were resting on Roy’s thighs, she was so close to his genitals.“Roy gets more and more excited when he jerks off this way but he cannot cum,” Victoria said, cupping Laura’s tits with her hands from behind her and pinching the nipples. “Would you like to make him cum?”Deeply embarrassed, Laura nodded.“Well, why don’t we get you up here and you can ride him? Saddle up, cowgirl,” Victoria said, helping Laura to straddle Roy’s cock as he continued to work it. “There, now just sit down on it very slowly, oh that’s a good girl.”Humiliated at her inability to do anything but what Victoria told her, Laura sank down and felt Roy’s cock split her open and stretch her. Oh, but it did feel good. A moan escaped her lips.“Don’t you dare cum, Roy!” Victoria hissed. “That’s it, Laura, ride his little cock, up and down, yes that’s it.”Before long, obscene wet slapping sounds filled the room, as Laura plunged herself down onto Roy’s fuck pole with incredible desire and force, while Roy swiveled his hips up to meet her every thrust. The faces of both of them were as red as beets with embarrassment and exertion.“Don’t you cum inside her, Roy!” Victoria warned again, excited by the scene she had directed. “You’d better warn me when you’re going to cum!”Laura threw her head back with abandon and rode Roy, as Victoria cruelly pawed, pinched and twisted her tits and nipples.“Ahhh, you like this don’t you bitch? Yessss, you like it! What the fuck do you think you’re doing, you whore, fucking my husband like this! And you, Roy, look at you, humping up into this cum slut. How disgusting!”Both Laura and Roy found themselves dying of humiliation, but they were powerless to stop their genitals from crashing over and over again into each other. Roy’s pole poked up into her hot fuck furnace over and over as Laura ground herself against him.“Ohhhh,” Laura moaned. “Ohhh God. Oh God. Oh God, I’m going to cum…. OH FUCK I’m CUMMING!”She slammed her gash down on Roy’s impaler with gusto, moaning incoherently.“Ooooh,” Roy yelped. “OOOOO… I’m getting ready to shoot! I’m gonna shoot my cum!”Victoria quickly dismounted the young woman from his lap and kneeled down herself in front of Roy’s throbbing pole.“Jack him off on my tits, NOW!” she commanded Laura, who grabbed Roy’s cock and pumped, using the copious goo already on it from her cunt.“CUM ROY! CUM NOW!” Victoria commended, and a giant geyser of silvery white cum ejaculated out of the end of Roy’s cock, showering her tits with hot fuck snot. Each shot felt like liquid electricity to Roy, the most pleasurable orgasm he had ever had. He was moaning and screaming as Victoria watched the hole in his cockhead fly open to release shot after shot of batter, a new blast every time Laura stroked and a new height of orgasmic relief for Roy’s overburdened balls. Finally, the shots began to lessen to dribbles and Roy was spent.“So, I invite you into my house and you fuck my husband and jack him off on my tits, is that it, Laura?” Victoria said, suddenly yanking the young woman by the arm she had been using to jack off Roy. “You had better get over here and use that tongue of yours to clean up this mess!”Deeply chagrined and yet not in pendik escort control of herself, Laura began to lick and slurp at the sheen of baby batter Roy had deposited on Victoria’s tits. “Ahhh,” Victoria moaned as Laura tongued her nipple, working until all the semen was cleaned off her voluptuous tits. “That’s better. Roy, get down there and lick my cunt.”Roy took up his spot, licking and slurping, using his tongue and lips on Victoria’s clit.“Oh yeah, that’s it, that’s it!” Victoria cried as they worked on her. “Laura, help me push his head in now so I can ride it. Yes, yes, push it into me harder. Ooooh yeah, I’m fucking rubbing off on his face! AHHHHH! AHHHH! I’m cumming!”With Victoria grabbing and pulling his head and Laura pushing it, Roy was forced to gulp air when he could. Victoria rode herself up and down his face as she came, slamming her gash up against his nose and mouth.When Victoria had had her mighty cum and her two sex objects were dressing, Roy catching his breath from being smothered, the dominant woman looked at her two subjects, both of whom were so embarrassed over what they had done they could not look at each other or her. Still naked, Victoria looked at Roy.“Get back to work or you’ll be late from your lunch hour!” Then she turned to Laura.“Well, Laura, since you have taken advantage of my husband today, I suppose I will have to take advantage of yours on Saturday. Bring him over Saturday night for a little introduction, will you?”“Yes ma’am,” Laura said, meekly buttoning her blouse as Roy left to go back to work. “One more thing…”“Yes, Victoria?” Laura said, looking up at her.“Suck this nipple, she wants it,” Victoria said, and Laura immediately lowered her head and sucked. Victoria thrilled at the electric sensations and her new powers.“Oh yeah, suck it, Laura! I’m not done with you yet.”Chapter 3“Before Roy goes out to cook our steaks, why don’t we have some of the new tea I bought?’ Victoria suggested.“Oh yes, Jon, you have to try it!” said Laura, the nubile neighbor wife. “I’ve never tasted anything better.”Victoria smiled and took in her handsome, 27-year-old male neighbor. Extremely athletic, Jon was 6’2” with a weightlifter’s body, brown hair and a promising bump in his trousers. She could tell he had a high testosterone level, which she was responding to. His butt was to die for, Victoria thought, as she steeped an extra strong batch of tea for her guests.They were making small talk when she returned to the living room with the tea, as always taking hers from a separate teapot. She had no sooner handed them theirs when Roy and Laura started to drink it heartily.Jon was slower, sipping at his cup. But Victoria knew that if he drank most of the strong brew, he’d be hers for the night. Her pussy tingled engorged with the thought of what she would do to him.“Roy, be a dear and go cook the steaks,” Victoria said, and Roy did.As he sat sipping his tea, Jon could not help but think it indeed was some of the best tea he had ever tasted. He was not a tea drinker, but he could drink this tea a lot if he had the chance. He looked at his hostess and suddenly was overcome with how strikingly beautiful she was. He felt his cock lurch when she looked directly at him. It was growing, expanding in his pants.“What kind of tea is this?” he asked. “It’s delicious!”“Oh, it’s just something a friend of mine found,” Victoria said, pushing her breasts out at him.Jon was embarrassed at how openly the wife of his neighbor was flirting with him while Roy was away, and his face turned pink. Still he could not stop himself from ogling the firm tits pointing his way, their nipples jutting out from under Victoria’s low-cut blouse.Just then, Roy came back in with the steaks.They ate and made small talk at the small kitchen table, everyone aware of the growing heat of sexual tension arising among them, all waiting for their dominatrix to order them how to satisfy it.The meal over, Victoria smiled broadly at her husband and her guests.“The steak was lovely but my mind is on a different kind of meat,” Victoria said. “Roy and Jon, stand up and show us your cocks.”Both men stood, their faces flushed with embarrassment, and Victoria looked at Jon’s crotch as he began to unzip his zipper. Soon, she would see her prize. Two cocks flopped out and hardened instantly in the cool air. “Ahhh, Jon, that is a nice one,” Victoria said. “Come here so I can inspect it.”Jon moved to her side and Victoria captured the head between her thumb and forefinger, moving the dully glistening rod left and right as she inspected it. She could feel his pulse throbbing in the heavily veined eight-inch tool, and his body twitched and jerked as she manipulated his penis. It’s a bit narrower than Roy’s, Victoria thought. But it will be one helluva ride! Laura looked on raptly as her husband’s dick was fondled by another woman. Several drops of precum appeared as Victoria maneuvered Jon’s bulging fuck pole.The suddenly, whap, whap, whap! Victoria slapped Jon’s hardon hard, and it wobbled obscenely atop a pair of balls that were the size of small oranges. “I suppose this little tiny thing will do,” Victoria said to her audience of Roy and Laura. Jon’s face was beet red with humiliation and he was unsteady a moment after the cock abuse, but he was absolutely compelled to do everything Victoria said.“Let’s all go to the bedroom and get naked,” Victoria ordered, and her willing sex toys all did.“That’s great,” said Victoria as she lay back on the bed with her butt at its edge and spread her legs wide.“Jon, have you ever had sex while people watched?”Jon’s face was burning with his embarrassment, but that fabulous tea and his own high sex drive were urging him to fuck.“No,” he said, and his dick lurched mightily.“Ah, well your cock says you’d like that,” Victoria said. “Get over here between my legs. Roy, you and Laura get on either side. That’s it. Now Roy, you can jerk yourself with two fingers but do NOT cum! Do you hear me?”Roy nodded in humility. He was so sex-starved that any amount of sexual activity would be welcome.“Laura, pinch your nipples and fondle your clit for starters but also do NOT cum!”Red-faced because she was allowing her husband to be controlled and soon fucked by another woman in her full view, Laura was castigating herself because she had brought him here. Yet her hand began to move between her legs and the other one was cupping and kneading her tit, as ordered.Victoria’s cunt was oozing a copious flow of juices as she turned her attention to the hunk of man-flesh poised at its entrance.“Oooo yeah, Jon, now move just a little forward so the head of your cock is just at my entrance.”Victoria felt the intense electric rush of contact.“Ooo, yeah, that’s it, stop right there,” she moaned. “Now use your hand to move it up and down along my slit. Oh my god yes, that is so wonderful.”Victoria watched intently as the head of the rod slid up and down her slit, gathering a small pool of her juices as it slid up. Soon, her ooze covered the entire shaft and her clit stood out like an erection of its own.“Ahhhh, now Jon. Now! Slam your little dicky into me and see if you can make me cum!”Jon seemed to leap forward, burying his gland to the hilt in Victoria’s well-lubed pussy.“Yesssss… Yesssss… Fuck me, Jon! Fuck me!”In and out, in and out, Jon slammed his pecker. He grunted with pleasure, grabbing both of Victoria’s knees and spreading them even further apart, his muscled body trying to jam more of his cock into her with every powerful thrust. His pelvis rammed against her.Watching from his close-up vantage point, Roy was frigging the skin of his shaft back and forth as it was trapped between his thumb and forefinger only. He felt his sexual desire climbing and climbing, even as he could not achieve his release.Laura was pinching her nipples and sawing her other hand back and forth across her clit. Both were obviously highly embarrassed to be watching their spouses fuck openly before them, but the compulsion to diddle themselves was too strong. Their mouths hung open and they panted and leered. On the bed, Victoria felt the nerve endings of her invaded cunt begin to spasm. Soon. Oh, so very soon.“Yeah, Jon, fuck me! Fuck me harder. HARDER!”Jon redoubled his efforts, the vicious humping of his hips so intense it was rocking the bed sideways. With each withdrawal, Victoria’s pelvis would hump forward, ready for another assault.“Oh, fuck, here it comes, Jon! I am going to cum! Oh my god, I am… I am… I am CUMMING! Oh, I am cumming around your cock, Jon! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!”Victoria’s body twitched and jerked as she came, and her eyes rolled back for a moment as she went through a near out of body experience with the athletic man poking her rapidly.“Ok, Jon, I want you to cum now! Yes, Jon, cum in my pussy!”Jon groaned and inside her, Victoria felt his cock expand, the head releasing the first jet of rich, salty goo.“Now, pull out and shoot it all over my pussy, Jon! Let me see you cumming all over me!” The eight inches withdrew and Jon strangled it with his fist, shooting jet after jet of his jizz all over Victoria’s pussy. She watched with satisfaction, sated after her amazing cum, as he blasted her well-manicured pussy hairs.Jon was having the most intense orgasm of his life, after feeling her cunt grab hold of his cock in a way he had never felt before and now watching himself pumping out magnificent geysers of his juice onto her pussy. Electric fireworks were going off in his head until, finally, his spewing cock was reduced to mere dribbles.“Ahhh Jon, now squeeze it out! Squeeze out all the rest of your jizz onto my pussy,” Victoria breathed, as Jon ran his fingers tightly along his cock, producing several more pearls of his shiny cum to land on her.“Now, step away, Jon,” Victoria said, breathing deeply. “Step up between my legs, Laura.”Laura moved into position.“Now kneel down.”She kneeled.“Now, lick and suck all your husband’s goo! Clean off up the mess he made on my pussy! Do it NOW!”Laura leaned forward, her pink tongue extended and began to slather up all the fuck slop and cunt juices left over from her husband fucking Victoria. Her work left her pussy and ass completely exposed, and Roy had fixated on the beautiful rounds of her ass and the dark folds between her legs. He was still rubbing his cock with two fingers, his hips randomly jerking forward as he did.“Uuuuuhhhh, “Victoria moaned as Laura’s tongue worked her over and cleaned her up. “Ahhhh, Roy, now mount her from behind and help me hold her head to my pussy!”Roy instantly stepped up behind Laura and plunged his seven inches slowly into her cunt. He was so keyed up, he began jackhammering into her immediately. Her mouth in Victoria’s slit, Laura moaned, and the moan sent waves of pleasure through Victoria.Victoria grabbed Laura’s head and held it tightly. “Help me, Roy, help me!Roy placed a hand on the back of Laura’s head and pushed it forward, deeper into Victoria’s sopping gash. Victoria began to hump forward, jamming more and more of her super-stimulated cunt into Laura’s head, running her slit along Laura’s busily working mouth and nose, feeling Laura fight and struggle for every chance to breathe on the backstroke.“Ahhh, you fucking bitch, yesss…”Standing nearby, Jon leered at the scene, and he had developed another insistent, raging hardon, a fact that was also evident to Victoria.“Yesss… Ah, yes, Jon, I am riding your wife’s face as she eats your cum, you fuck toy! Oooooh, I am so close to cumming, Jon, so close!”Jon’s hand moved to his cock.“Don’t you touch that!” Victoria demanded, and his hand fell to his side.“Ahhh, Jon, do you want me to cum riding your wife’s face?” Victoria humped violently into Laura, holding her head down as Roy helped, skewering her powerfully.“Do you want me to cum riding your wife’s face, Jon, do you?” Victoria panted. “Just say it, Jon. SAY IT!”Jon was near purple with humiliation, being asked by a near stranger whether he wanted to see her cum by riding his wife’s face and nearly smothering her. But there was nothing he could do. “Yes! Yes, cum Victoria! CUM!”“Oh my fucking god! Ooooooooo!!!!” Victoria fell back on the bed, overcome with the intensity of the waves of pleasure crashing through her body. She had grabbed Laura by the hair and was hunching rapidly into her face. “OOOO…. I AM CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!!!”As the last jerks of her rocket ship orgasm began to subside, Victoria opened her eyes to half lidded and saw Roy still pumping like a jack rabbit into Laura, who began to jerk and twitch in a powerful cum of her own. Victoria pulled Laura’s head up, looking direct into her eyes.“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH fuck oh my god yesssss!” Laura moaned, deliriously tossing her head back and forth. “Turn her over, Roy, and get ready to shoot on her face!” Victoria ordered, releasing her grip on the young woman’s head.Roy withdrew and powerfully flipped Laura over onto her back on the bed as Victoria crabbed backward to create room. He raked Laura’s head to the side of the bed and positioned his purple cockhead over her face.“Oh yeah, baby, I’m gonna cum all over you! Yessss!” Roy grunted, his cock having taken over completely.Laura was trying to catch her breath and mentally trying to catch up with this new position from the fog of her cum. She looked up to see the massive tube of Roy’s cock above her face.“Jack it off, Roy!” Victoria ordered. “Use your whole fist to cum all over her!”At Victoria’s order, Roy gripped his rod and pumped, feeling his balls give a massive hitch. Ahhh, the pressure was building. One pump, two, then – Roy’s mind exploded with pleasure as a white-hot stream of shiny semen coated Laura’s face. She closed her eyes and moaned. Roy pumped furiously, white sparks going off in his head, his entire cock a pleasure pole that was finally firing off after all the frustration and denial. The jets of his baby batter were almost continuous as he whacked his dick, nearly out of his mind with how good it felt.Finally, Roy released his cock and then shook it off in Laura’s face. Her tongue was coming out of her mouth, pink and flashing, as she licked at Roy’s semen.“Save some of that for Jon!” Victoria laughed. “Get over there, lover boy, and clean my husband’s cum off your wife’s pretty face!”Jon had become incredibly turned on watching Roy pump out a load over Laura’s face, at the same time he was incredibly humiliated that he enjoyed it. Now, to be asked to lick up another man’s cum? He hesitated a moment. But that was why Victoria had brewed an extra strong batch of tea. Jon could not resist, and soon he was lapping up all of Roy’s juice from Laura’s face, enjoying the taste of Roy’s wad as he did, his erection wobbling around as he worked.Roy and Victoria watched the performance.“Well, that was a pretty good cleanup job, huh, Roy?” Victoria said. Roy nodded. “I think Jon deserves a reward,” she said, and Roy felt a foreboding.“Here, lie down on the bed, Jon.” And he did, his pole sticking up mightily.Turning to Roy, Victoria said, “Suck him off.”Countless thoughts were running through Roy’s head. He was NOT gay! This had to stop now. He could never suck off another man. It was deeply humiliating, and his face glowed red. But even as these thoughts cascaded through his mind, Roy was stepping into position and lowering his head to Jon’s cock. Just a little taste, a voice in the back of his mind told him.His mouth was an inch from Jon’s throbbing cockhead when Victoria forced his head down and it was suddenly in there. “That’s it, beta boy, suck that fucking dick!” Victoria said triumphantly, her hand entwined in Roy’s hair as she forced more and more of Jon’s hard meat into his mouth.Jon, too, had had his reservations about this turn of events. He wasn’t gay! His face was crimson from the embarrassment. But once the warm, smooth vacuum of Roy’s sucking mouth engulfed his dick, Jon’s mind turned to the singular goal of pleasure and cumming. He began to jerk his hips forward to meet Roy’s descending head.“Here, Jon, you grab Roy’s head and fuck his face,” Victoria said. Jon did so.Victoria motioned Laura over on the bed, where they watched Roy suck off Jon from very close by. At times the two men touched one or the other of the women as they worked to complete this new act.Taking Laura’s head into her hands, Victoria kissed her deeply, hungrily, her tongue snaking into Laura. As their husbands rocked the bed with their carnal act, Laura and Victoria’s eyes were locked on each other, and Laura’s tongue reached out as well.“Oh yeah, Roy, I am gonna cum now. Yeahhhh!” Jon hissed, pushing an increasing and impressive amount of his dick into Roy’s throat each time he jammed the other man’s head into his groin. The two women turned their attention to Jon. “That’s it, Jon! Shoot your cream into my husband’s mouth!” Victoria hissed.“Oh yeah, baby, cum!” encouraged Laura.“Ahhhh, oh FUCK!” Jon cried, and his cock visibly expanded, forcing a huge shot of goo down Roy’s throat. Jon rammed Roy’s head down again, Roy fighting for air, his throat spasming, and that sent Jon over the edge again.“I am CUMMING!” Jon cried as he fired another heavy load into Roy. Roy felt like a garden hose had been forced down his throat. Then on the upstroke of Roy’s head, Jon pulled it off his cock entirely, grabbing his spewing dick with his other fist.Shot after shot of milky white cum began to coat Roy’s face as Jon held him by his hair just above his splattering firehose. “Oh, fuck. Fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah….”Jon pushed Roy’s head down again so he could wipe his dribbling cock off on Roy’s slack lips as Roy tried to get back his breath.“Wow, that was great! Good boys!” Victoria crooned. Both women were beaming as Victoria handed Roy a towel. Chapter 4Victoria smiled down at a naked Roy, his arms and chest Saran-wrapped to the massage table in the spare bedroom. He had drunk a brimming cup of tea every day under Victoria’s careful watch. And now with two days left until their return appointment with Dr. Mansfield, look at what he had become. She watched as his erect cock jutted upward from his hips, swaying with his pulse. “Look at your tiny dickie, Roy,” Victoria said derisively. “It’s hard all the time now. Disgusting.”Roy blushed but his cock lurched at her words. Now to undress and extract her pleasures from the sex toy she had turned him into. As she reached for her blouse buttons, the doorbell rang.“Shit. I’ll be right back, Roy. Your cock will remain hard the entire time I am gone, do you understand?”He nodded meekly and his penis gave another large lurch.Opening the front door, Victoria was surprised to find Gina Smallwood, the gorgeous blonde 17-year-old cheerleader from down the block. Gina was dressed in a tight-fitting Girl Scout uniform.“Good morning, Mrs. Morris,” she said. “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”“Sure, Gina,” Victoria said, motioning her into the living room. “Just let me get my purse.”As Gina stood in the living room waiting, she heard a plaintive male voice.“Victoria! Please comeback in here. Victoria! Please!”Curious, Gina followed the voice into a bedroom. Entering, she saw Roy Morris naked and Saran-wrapped to a massage table, his exposed cock rising from his hips like a skysc****r.“Oh noooo….” Roy moaned when he saw his young neighbor Gina, his face blushing crimson. “Oh no, Gina…”After her initial surprise, Gina smiled broadly at Roy’s predicament. She had always thought he was handsome, and had fantasized about having sex with the older man many times.“Hi, Mr. Morris!” Gina said brightly, smiling and clasping her hands behind her back so that her pert 36-inch tits stuck out. She walked toward Roy on the table, swinging herself side to side so he would get a good look. She came up right beside Roy’s head, so that he would have to look up and across the tight cloth expanse covering her tits to see her face.“Gee, it looks like you’re all tied up right now, Mr. Morris,” Gina said in her sweetest little girl voice, giggling.Roy moaned and his cock got even harder. The young teen was so close, he smelled her perfume. “Um, Gina is everything OK?” Victoria said, appearing at the doorway. “I mean we –” “No need to explain, Mrs. Morris,” Gina said softly. “I can see what you’re, umm, up to!”Roy’s cock lurched again as the women watched. Victoria crossed the room and came up behind Gina.“Have you ever seen a naked cock before, Gina?” Victoria asked.“Oh sure. My older brother Jimmy’s. We watch porn together and play around a lot,” Gina said. Leering at Roy’s hardon.“I see,” Victoria said.“Yeah, Jimmy is such a shy guy, he never has any girlfriends,” Gina said. “I caught him jerking off watching mistresses dominating guys online once, and then I showed him how much better it is when a girl is doing those things to you, instead of just beating off to it. For about a year, we’ve done lots of stuff. He’s really all mine for now, until he goes off to college.”Victoria put her hands atop Gina’s shoulders, and the young girl took a step back so she could feel Victoria’s tits pressing into her back and the older woman’s loins against her prominent butt.“Mmmm… That feels good,” Gina moaned. “Has Mr. Morris ever seen how firm and beautiful a young girl’s tits are? Have you Mr. Morris? Would you like to see mine?”Stunned and mute from these developments, Roy nodded, blushing. He felt as though his cock would burst from his body, the head so sensitive now that just the air currents in the room gave him new and fleeting thrills.“Yes, I’m sure he’d like that,” Victoria said. The girl stepping back and pressing into her had lit a fire in her cunt, and she reached around to begin to undo the top buttons of Gina’s tight, tan uniform blouse. Victoria lowered her lips to Gina’s neck and kissed her softly there as she opened the blouse.Removed, the blouse revealed a lacy black bra. Roy watched as Victoria undid the clasp at its center, and two luscious firm tits piled out just inches from his face. He focused on the small, tannish nipples as they came to rest. He groaned, his cock doing a dance of lust.“I am shocked, Mr. Morris, that you would ogle my tits this way!” Gina said, smiling as her hand slid along Roy’s body to his pelvis. “I am not even 18 yet!”Roy kağıthane escort continued to blush deeply. Gina’s hand stopped at Roy’s cock, sliding along his pelvis until his tube was in the slot between her thumb and forefinger. She pressed down now on his pelvis, making his cock rise straight up, glistening dully.“It’s perverted, Mr. Morris, looking at me like you are! I think you should pay!”Swiftly, her other hand slapped his cock to the side, then she slapped it hard as it swayed. Slap, slap, slap, slap, from side to side, and the bound Roy could do nothing but take the assault on his cock. His body writhed and he moaned, throwing his head from side to side, yet always watching the pair of young tits wiggling from Gina’s exertions in front of his face.Finally, after what seemed like a long time, Gina was satisfied and triumphantly released his reddened cock. Her pussy was wild with lust, her fluids wetting her black silk panties. Controlling boys and men always did this to her. She shucked off her uniform skirt, breathing heavily.“Do you have any sex toys?” she asked Victoria. “Do you have a cock leash?”“Toys? Why no,” Victoria said. Her own cunt was crying out to be serviced, after she witnessed the way in which the young nubile teen had dominated her husband.“How about a thin belt, like you wear with your slacks?” Gina breathed, now astraddle Roy’s waist, facing his cock.“Sure.” Victoria rummaged in a closet a moment and produced a thin black belt. Gina looped the belt through the buckle, then slid the loop around Roy’s cock and balls. Pulling up roughly, she cinched his genitals in the tightening loop.“Ohhhh…” Roy moaned.“Now, Roy, I am gonna sit on your face!” Gina lowered her cunt onto Roy’s mouth. “Lick me, you pervert! Lick me good!”As Gina said that, she began to pull and release on the belt she had turned into a cock and ball leash. Roy’s cock and balls jerked and swayed wildly with each harsh tug, each one sending new pleasure to his brain.“Ooooooahhhhh…” Roy moaned, sending thrilling vibrations along Gina’s cunt lips as his tongue probed her fuck hole. She rode back and forth on him, pushing herself down onto his mouth and nose.“AHHHHH…. You fucking pervert!” Gina moaned. “Get your clothes off Mrs. M., and join me!”Victoria had been spellbound, watching and pawing her pussy through her slacks as the commanding young girl had ravished her husband.Now, as she slipped out of the last of her clothes, she saw Gina lift up from Roy’s face and swap ends, her hold on the cock leash always firm and she turned around to face Roy’s head. Her dripping snatch was now positioned directly over Roy’s purple cockhead.“Oh, come over here, Mrs. M., yes come right over here,” Gina breathed heavily. “Grab his cock tight and guide it into me, Mrs. M., yessss….”Victoria held the throbbing prong by its base, guiding it as Gina lowered her gash to it. Roy groaned with pent up pleasure as the head entered the soft, warm confines of the young girl’s tight twat. Gina lowered herself the full length, and Roy could feel her tight teenage muscles clutching at his abused dick.“Oh my god, oh god, that feels so good!” Roy chanted.“Shut the fuck up,” Gina said, centering herself on Roy’s pole, feeling the length and girth of it filling her up, satisfying her need.“Oh yeah, now Mrs. M., get up here and ride his face so we don’t have to hear from him anymore.”Gina helped Victoria up until she was perched atop Roy’s mouth. Pulling roughly on Roy’s cock and ball leash, which sent jerking motions pleasantly through her cunt, Gina said, “You had better do a good job of licking her, you dirty old man!”Roy began to slurp Victoria’s copious flow and Gina raised and lowered herself gently on his cock. He could feel Gina’s pace and intensity increasing, faster, faster, faster, and his tongue licked at Victoria’s cunt with abandon. Because he was having to catch a few breaths whenever he could, he felt lightheaded. Victoria closed her eyes and rode Roy’s face with abandon. Every time her clit slid over his lips and nose, it sent out a new wave of pleasure. Then she felt a new sensation. She opened her eyes to see Gina suckling at her left tit, cupping it in her hand as she did. That was all it took.“Ooooooooh fuck yessss! I am cumming!” Victoria’s cunt contracted over Roy’s slathering tongue and face.Pulling back, Gina impaled herself with abandon on Roy’s cock, slamming her gushing cunt down on him, feeling his meat poking and poking at her, until she too joined Victoria.“Ahhh, you fucking perverted asshole, you’re making me CUMMMMM!” Gina yelled, slamming her sopping slit down on Roy’s dick.“Ahhhhh,” Gina moaned as she and Victoria wound down the other side of their well-deserved cums. “Ahhhhh…”“Mmmmm! FFffflggghhhh!” Roy mewled from under Victoria. Gina felt his cock lurch deep inside her.“Ahhh, he’s going to shoot!” she exclaimed. “Ahhh, Victoria, stay on top of his face and do what I say! Ooooooo!”Still woozy after her big cum, Victoria watched the lithe girl pull herself off Roy’s cock, slide down to sit on his legs and take the throbbing fuck stick into her hands, jerking it rapidly.“Oh, Victoria, get ready. Now CUM, Roy! Cum for Gina!!!”Roy’s trapped hips lurched upward under her and Gina screamed, “Now, Victoria, smother his face!”Suddenly, Roy’s oxygen was shut off, and he fought under the pressure of Victoria’s cunt, which had sealed itself against his face like a gasket. At the same time his heart was pounding wildly, his cock contracted massively, propelling a long string of cum juice into Gina’s waiting hand as she jacked him off with abandon.“That’s it, give me your cum, you piece of shit! Give me it! All of it! It’s mine!” Gina shouted.Roy felt his asshole pucker up tightly as he tried to jerk his trapped hips upward. He had never cum this hard before. It consumed his being. Everything he could give was pouring out the end of his dick, his pleasure all that mattered in the world. He was totally under the control of these two women, and his lungs fought for new breath. Gina rode his legs, watching his purple cockhead emerge from her fist again and again, the slit in its center opening up to propel geysers of white, warm cum into her waiting hand. Finally, the strength of Roy’s jets weakened.“Get up off him,” Gina said, and Victoria did. Roy took ragged gasping breaths, the fresh air a godsend as Gina continued to whack out the last dribbles of his juice. Then she ran her fingers along his cock, milking out the final droplets into her hand.“Well, that was fun,” Gina said, holding out her hand so Victoria could inspect the large puddle of pearly fluid in it from where she stood at the side of the massage table. Gina touched her finger quickly to the cum puddle, then raised it to Victoria’s mouth. Victoria sucked it in eagerly.“Now, open your mouth, Mr. Morris, you perverted c***d abuser!”Roy hesitated, and Gina slapped him across the face. “I said open your mouth, asshole.”His mouth opened and Gina poured the contents of her palm into it as she and Victoria watched in triumph as Roy’s face flushed in humiliation.“Swallow,” Gina said, and he did. “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? It was almost fun, right? I had fun! Did you, Mrs. M.?”Victoria smiled and nodded.“Great!” Gina enthusiastically said from, her perch atop Victoria’s husband. “I’ll have to bring Jimmy over sometime and we can have some fun. Please buy some sex toys! Now, can I put you down for six boxes of Thin Mints?”Victoria laughed.“Sure. And I have some new tea I want to give you. If you make Jimmy drink it, it will help you have more fun.”Chapter 5Victoria and Roy sat in Dr. Mansfield’s office as the lovely receptionist poured their tea, this time one pot for he and Victoria, and a separate one for Dr. Mansfield. The receptionist’s long dark hair fell over her shoulders as she poured, and Roy could smell her scent. Roy was captivated by the long, shapely legs that emerged from her ultra-short black skirt. He tried not to look down the deep V of her light green blouse at the set of promising mounds arising there, but he found he could not resist.“Thank you, Rebecca,” Dr. Mansfield said as the receptionist replaced the teapot on the tray. “I think Roy has enjoyed watching you pour.”Roy immediately blushed as he gulped two-thirds of his tea, and a wave of deep pleasure washed over the sexy doctor, who herself was dressed in a very short black business skirt and a blue blouse with its own deep V neckline.“Yes, Dr. Mansfield, he was looking down my blouse the whole time,” Rebecca replied, smiling sweetly at Roy as he reddened more. “But I know pathetic males do that, so I let him look a good long time.” Roy looked down in shame, noticing when he did that his trousers were tented with a solid rod of tingling meat.“I can see he appreciated you,” Dr. Mansfield said. “Thanks again, and I’ll call if I need you.”“Yes ma’am,” the receptionist said. “Such a pathetic little man.” She reached over to Roy’s downcast face and stroked it gently before leaving the room. “Look at me, Roy. I said, LOOK AT ME!” Dr. Mansfield ordered. Roy’s head jerked upward as his cock lurched again in his pants.“So,” Dr. Mansfield continued. “How have things been going?”“They’ve been going great!” said Victoria, triumphantly filling in Dr. Mansfield on all of the things they had been doing and the intimate details of the progress of Roy’s deepening humiliation and subjugation to her will. Roy felt his ears burning with shame, and especially when she recounted the homosexual episode. He could feel that cock ramming into his throat as she described it in tiny detail. Meanwhile as the story went on, his own prick, turncoat that it was, was lurching and jerking in his pants, straining to get out, alive with electric sensations.When Victoria described their tryst with the young girl Gina, Dr. Mansfield looked Roy directly in the eyes as she heard every detail. He was brimming with shame.“So Roy, you are a pervert, is that right?” Dr. Mansfield asked mildly, making a note on the pad she held.“N– Nooo,” Roy said, hanging his head.“Look at me, Roy!”He sat up and looked at the doctor. “I’m going to ask you again, Roy,” Dr. Mansfield said pleasantly. “First, drink up the rest of your tea.”Roy obediently gulped it.“That’s a good boy. Now, Roy, look at me.”Roy’s gaze fell to Dr. Mansfield’s hands as they began to unbutton her blouse.“Would you like to see my tits, Roy, hmmm?” she crooned.His breath quickened. He nodded. He licked his lips as she removed her blouse and unfastened the center clasp of her bra. His cock danced in his pants, tingling as the fabric of his underwear rubbed it.Dr. Mansfield opened the middle of her bra just a little as Roy stared and Victoria looked on, her hand pinching her nipple through her own blouse.“But first, Roy, tell me: Are you a perverted faggot, hmm?”“Y–y–yes!” Roy cried, beside himself with desire to see her tits.“That’s what I thought. You like to suck dicks and fuck little girls at the direction of your lovely wife, don’t you?” Dr. Mansfield opened the bra a little more, and Roy could see the swells of her tits.“Yes, doctor, yes!”Dr. Mansfield quickly closed and snapped her bra. Roy’s face fell. His storming dick relaxed a bit.“That’s what I thought, Roy. We already knew it, of course, because we are superior to you. But it’s good you said it out loud, Roy. That’s real progress.”Dr. Mansfield turned her gaze to Victoria, whose nipples were poking out of the fabric of her blouse from where she’d been abusing them with her fingers.“Now, Victoria, would you like to watch Roy learn his next lessons? I am sure you will find it very – satisfying.”“Yes, doctor,” Victoria breathed, her pussy contracting with a wave of pleasure at the word “satisfying.” She felt that wave wash over her whole body.“Very well. Finish your tea, please.” Dr. Mansfield put down her pad and reached for the intercom nearby. “Are we ready, Rebecca?” she said.“Oh yes, doctor,” Rebecca replied through the device.“Then please, let’s have our fun.”The door opened and Rebecca, dressed now in a super-short nurse’s uniform, wheeled in a recliner style chair with some sort of apparatus attached to it.“Hello again, pervert,” Rebecca said to Roy as Victoria leered at them with interest. “Please undress and sit in this chair.”After Roy had disrobed, humiliated at the demeaning comments the women made about his rigid member, he sat in the chair. The headrest was barely wider than his head, and he noticed the headrest was moveable so that his head could be raised and lowered independently of the rest of his torso. Likewise, his legs rested on separate pads that could be moved independently.“That’s very good, beta boy,” Rebecca said, allowing him to look down her blouse as she strapped his arms, legs and forehead into the chair. As he was being strapped in, Roy tore his eyes from Rebecca’s nubile breasts to see his wife plunging her hand up under her skirt as she watched raptly.“He’s ours now,” Rebecca said as she snapped the last snap. She took a remote control from her uniform pocket and the naked and rock-hard Roy was soon reclined on his back, his legs spread far apart from each other. Rebecca walked in between Roy’s legs.“Now then, Victoria, please take off your blouse and bra and show us those wonderful breasts,” Dr. Mansfield said, walking over to sit on the couch next to Roy’s entranced wife as she frigged herself. Roy watched as Victoria complied, licking his lips.WHAM! A mighty knee was jammed into Roy’s balls.“AAAAOOOoooow!” he said contracting against his restraints.“Did I say to watch her?” Nurse Rebecca said.“N–no.”“No WHO?”“No, Rebecca.”WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Nurse Rebecca gave it all she had as she slapped the hard cock before her. As she suspected, Roy’s hips simply lurched forward as if asking for more abuse.“That’s Nurse Rebecca to you!”“Ow!! Yes, Nurse Rebecca!” “That’s better! Now watch your sweet wife and Dr. Mansfield while I attach the equipment for today’s treatment.”Roy turned his head as best he could to the couch, where Dr. Mansfield was licking and sucking Victoria’s enormous tits.“Yesss,” Dr. Mansfield hissed. “I have wanted to suck on these since that first day!”“Oooohhhhh yes, Dr. Mansfield, please suck and lick my tits! Oh please!” cried Victoria, her hand working rapidly at her open pussy through the hole in her specially designed pantyhose, up under her skirt.Reaching out to open a drawer in the nightstand nearby, Dr. Mansfield withdrew a huge black dildo, easily 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. Roy’s eyes widened as she slathered gooey lube on the massive plastic phallus.“Here you go, Victoria! This will satisfy you much better!”“Yes, Dr. Mansfield!” Victoria said, transfixed by the black schlong. “Hold up your dress! Here it comes!” And as Roy watched, Victoria primly held up her dress, and Dr. Mansfield positioned the giant fake cock at Victoria’s entrance and pushed.Meanwhile, while Roy was watching the other show, Nurse Rebecca had taken a black pouch-like rubber device and slipped his cock through its hole. Then she had gathered his balls and snapped the tight-fitting rubber sack over them.Roy had been so transfixed, he had hardly noticed what Rebecca was doing, but he noticed her next move, as she shoved a lubricated six-inch bullet dildo up his ass. “WHOA– Errrrgggaaaaahhhh!” Roy exclaimed at the intrusion into his virgin ass.Wires were protruding from the cock and ball sack and the dildo, and Nurse Rebecca attached them to the machine at the side of the chair.Meanwhile, Dr. Mansfield was jamming seven or eight inches of dildo into Roy’s happily convulsing wife, and Roy watched as she begged for more.“Oh yesss, oh yessss, fill me up, oh my god, fill me up, oh I’m gonna cum, yesss…” the delirious Victoria chanted. Roy’s frustrated fuck pole had never been harder in his life as he watched the lewd display.“You’re god damned right, you’re going to cum, you oversexed whore!” Dr. Mansfield urged, poking more and more of the huge fake dick in and out of Victoria.“OOOOO FUCK YESSS! I AM CUMMING! CUMMING! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!!”Victoria wreathed as Dr. Mansfield poked the dildo rapidly in and out of her.Nurse Rebecca stood at the machine at Roy’s side, smiling. “So, you like what you’re seeing, bitch boy?”She turned a knob. Suddenly, Roy’s balls were warm, waves of electricity playing all over his scrotum, which expanded and contracted at each wave. His cock lurched upward as the intensity increased and then down, then up, then down.“Oh, that looks so hot,” the well-endowed nurse said. “Don’t you DARE cum, though. I’m not done with you.”She bent and took the head of his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue over it. Roy thought he would explode with pleasure, between the electricity and her sucking, warm mouth.“AHHH! OHHH! AAAAHHHH!” he cried.But as much as he felt like he could shoot a gallon of cum any second, Roy was under the control of a superior woman and did not cum. Nurse Rebecca released his cock and stood back up, smiling.“How does it feel, wimp?” she said coldly. “You are now my little bitch. I control when you cum. Not you.”On the couch, Dr. Mansfield had withdrawn the enormous dildo from Victoria’s now gaping cunt, and Victoria was demurely smoothing the front of her skirt down again over her legs.“Did you enjoy that?” Dr. Mansfield said.“Oh yes, doctor!” Victoria cried.“Good. I wanted to be sure you were fucked out so you could concentrate on what we’re doing to Roy, and learn.”Victoria leered at her bound-down husband, jerking and thrusting against his restraints as Nurse Rebecca slowly increased the voltage to his balls.“Oh yes, nurse!” Victoria hissed. “Show that sissy who’s in charge!”Rebecca smiled broadly at the women on the couch. “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” she said.Dr. Mansfield rose and went to a nearby closet. Opening the door, she exposed a video camera and monitor set up precisely to video the area where Roy was undergoing the ministrations of Nurse Rebecca. She pressed a switch and a red light came on. Recording.Moving to the intercom, she softly said, “Danny, you can come in now.”Into the room stepped a young boy of 14 or 15, naked and handsome in his boyish way. Victoria ran her eyes over him and felt lust arising in her, a lust that pounded with awesome intensity when she saw his 10-inch, fully erect cock. It was surrounded by a sparse patch of trimmed black public hair.“This is Rebecca’s nephew, Danny,” Dr. Mansfield said. “We’ve been working with him on discipline therapies for about a year now, ever since his mother said he was jacking off too much and she couldn’t control it.”Nurse Rebecca laughed.“She knows how to control it now!” she exclaimed, eyeing her nephew’s huge cock. “Danny, you know where that little dickie belongs, so why not shove it in there?”Danny smiled and walked to the head of the recliner, easily stepping over Roy and straddling the headrest, as Nurse Rebecca pressed a button. While Danny straddled his chest, Roy’s head slowly raised until he was face to face with an enormous cockhead. Again, embarrassment and humiliation reddened Roy’s face as he realized what he was about to be forced to do. He struggled mightily against the restraints, but he was held fast.“Tell him, Victoria,” Nurse Rebecca said. “Tell him to open his mouth and suck it.”Danny pressed the head of his cock forward until it touched Roy’s lips, holding it with his hand as it pressed harder and harder against Roy’s clenched teeth.“Open your mouth, Roy! You know you want to!” Victoria breathed. “Open your mouth and suck his COCK!”As much as Roy’s mind screamed to resist, on orders from his dominant wife, he felt his mouth flood with saliva and he began to hunger for the tool. He opened his clenched teeth and allowed the young boy to ram the first two or three inches of it into his mouth.As the cock entered Roy’s lips, Nurse Rebecca turned up the electricity to his balls ever so slightly and his cock gave a huge lurch of pleasure in response. The wimp already was at one of the highest levels of electricity she’d ever applied to a patient, and she was trying for a record.Danny threw his head back and grunted in pleasure as his cock thrust unimpeded into Roy’s mouth. In and out the young boy pistoned, deeper and deeper, until he was jamming six or seven inches of his fuck stick into the man’s throat. “Ooooo!!! AHHHHH!!!” Danny mumbled as he sawed at Roy. On the couch, Victoria was engrossed in the show, hardly realizing when Dr. Mansfield began to finger her.Nurse Rebecca thrilled to see her nephew performing like he was! It had taken months of breaking him down and reconstructing him, with the eventual help of his mother, for Danny to know his place. Now she watched as he commandingly forced his member down Roy’s mewling throat.“That’s it, Danny!” she said, encouraging him. “Fuck it into him!”“Ooooo…” Danny breathed, feeling his balls swelling with the heavy load he knew he must squirt. He focused on that task, his cock deeply plunging over and over into Roy’s moist, smooth, contracting throat.“Oh yes, auntie! Ooooo YESSS… I am cumming! I’M CUMMING!” Nurse Rebecca saw Roy’s throat bulge with the first blast of liquid snot from Danny’s dick. Her hand went to the knob on the machine. Danny withdrew and readied to plunge in again to fire off into Roy’s stomach. Just as he did, Rebecca turned the knob.Roy felt a tremendous jolt of electrical pleasure explode from his anus and envelop his entire pelvis as the k**’s ramming cockhead fired off another large spurt into his throat. Nurse Rebecca relentlessly turned both knobs on the machine, and Roy’s cock gave a tremendous lurch before spraying a geyser of cum six feet into the air!Victoria, watching, felt Dr. Mansfield’s fingers probing insistently at her cunt as Roy spewed cum shot after cum shot high in the air. Nurse Rebecca leered, watching her nephew plant his cum in Roy’s mouth at the same time she extracted it from Roy’s cock. A new record high for voltage!Breathing heavily, Rebecca felt her pelvis tingling as she saw Danny withdraw his giant hose from Roy’s mouth and quietly leave the room to get cleaned up. His mother would be picking him up soon.Roy continued to fuck his cock maltepe escort into the air, even though his last cum had been expelled. Nurse Rebecca turned off the machine and he collapsed in the recliner, trying to catch his breath and moaning softly.Now she moved away from Roy and toward the couch, where Dr. Mansfield was watching her approach with much appreciation, still working at Victoria’s cunt with her hand.Nurse Rebecca removed her uniform and her large tits spilled forth in front of Dr. Mansfield’s eyes. Dr. Mansfield reached out to cup and squeeze one, drawing it to her lips. She withdrew her hand from Victoria, causing Victoria to pay more attention to what was happening with the other two women.Nurse Rebecca shucked off the girdle she wore under her uniform, and up sprang a nine-inch cock, fully erect and ready for business!“Ah yeah, get ready for it, doctor!” Nurse Rebecca demanded, and Dr. Mansfield slid her ass to the edge of the couch. Grabbing her cock, Nurse Rebecca inserted it into Dr. Mansfield in a swift and powerful stroke. Victoria reached down to her pussy, shoving three fingers into it and riding her hand as Nurse Rebecca pounded the good doctor, who promptly orgasmed.“Oh fucking Christ, I AM CUMMING!” Dr. Mansfield ranted. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck MMMEEEEEE!”Nurse Rebecca’s powerful thrusts met her demands. Rebecca grunted each time her cock met bottom in Dr. Mansfield’s clingy cunt. Then Nurse Rebecca felt her own balls tighten suddenly.“Get your head over here bitch, and take my cum!” she shouted at Victoria, who was riding on her own hand. On order, Victoria complied, throwing herself down next to Dr. Mansfield’s leg.Nurse Rebecca suddenly pulled her cock out of Dr. Mansfield and moved over to Victoria. A huge jet of hot semen hit Victoria’s cheek before her mouth and throat was stuffed with five of Nurse Rebecca’s nine inches, and her stomach received the load of goo. Rebecca steadily moaned and pumped her cum into Victoria’s mouth. Finally sated, she pulled out with a soft plop. Victoria tasted the cum in her mouth, licking her lips in satisfaction.All three collapsed on the couch together, breathing heavily and eyeing the exhausted Roy on the recliner nearby.“Well,” Dr. Mansfield said after a while, getting up to turn off the recording equipment. “I’d call this therapy session a success!”Chapter 6Earlier in the day, Victoria had watched Roy drink a cup of extra strong tea, to make sure he was as compliant as he could be. Then they had taken a drive. Now they were inside the place Victoria called her “personal store,” Victoria’s Secret.“Why are we here?” Roy said docilely, surrounded by frills and lace and silk in myriad colors.She looked into his eyes.“We are going to find you something pretty to wear when we play, Roy. Wouldn’t you like something soft and silky to wear?”“Yes,” he said on cue.A sales girl came over. With long raven hair, she was trim and looked to be in her late 20s. Roy’s eyes feasted on her ample breasts, barely concealed behind a wide and deeply diving neckline.“I’m Sally. Can I help you?”“Yes, you can. He needs some panties.”Roy blushed deeply at how matter-of-factly Victoria had told a total stranger why they were there.“Oh,” the clerk said, eyeing him appraisingly. The tips of Roy’s ears burned. He was so embarrassed at her open gaze that he kept his eyes downcast but he felt his cock lurch. “Right over here.”“Yes, these will be perfect!” Victoria said, as they came to the display. “He’s a 38 waist.”The two women dove in, looking for his size.“We’d really like a couple of pairs, and they must be sheer, so we have a chance to see his tiny little dick when he wears them.”Roy burned in humiliation. Shortly, the two women found a black pair and a red pair in his size.“Why don’t we just try them on?” the clerk said perkily, gesturing to dressing rooms. As Victoria ushered Roy into one, Sally said, “If I can help you in any way, I’m happy to do so.”“How about you just come in here with us, Sally?” Victoria said. “You can help us decide if they fit.”Roy was deep pink by this time. Sally entered the small dressing room and closed the door behind her.“Well Roy, what are you waiting for, get those pants off!” Victoria demanded. Roy stripped out of his slacks and whitie tighties. Humiliated beyond belief, Roy could do nothing to stop his hard seven-inch cock from springing up as he removed his underwear.“Oh dear,” Sally said. “That is a small one, isn’t it?” The two women laughed as Roy tried on the black sheer panties. They were a bikini style, so the head of his engorged cock stuck up from the waistband.“Push that nasty thing down in there, Roy,” Victoria ordered. The women laughed again as Roy adjusted his cock so the head was in the panties, making them bulge outward. The room was so small, he’d barely had the room to put the panties on, and he could feel the heat of the two women. His turgid cock leaped with every heartbeat, and Roy’s heart was hammering.“So, is he a wimp or is he a sissy?” Sally asked.Roy could not believe what he was hearing.“I guess right now, he’s a wimp,” Victoria said.“Has he sucked a cock yet?” Sally asked. Roy was consumed with shame at that question.“Oh yes, he had a nice one in his mouth just recently, Sally,” Victoria said.The two women were standing side by side, and Roy saw Victoria put her arm around Sally.“Has he had a cock up his ass?”“Not yet, but he’s enjoying butt plugs.”Sally’s arm was around Victoria now, too, and Roy was absolutely beside himself to hear the pair talking about his deepest sexual humiliations so casually. “Well then,” Sally said. “He’s almost a sissy. It won’t take much, once you get some panties on him.”Victoria leered at Roy.“Why don’t you take those off, Roy, and try on the red ones?”In the tight confines, he managed to do it, stuffing his rigid dick into them to the delight of the watching women.“I like the black ones better,” Sally said.“Take those off, Roy,” Victoria said, and in a moment, he stood naked before them, so very close to their luscious female bodies. Humiliated and frustrated, but full of the tea he had drank, Roy was consumed with lust. His unattended cockhead was nearly purple as it pulsed.“Victoria, would you care if I had a little feel?” Sally asked.“Sure, Sally, why not?”Sally withdrew a small tube of lube from her pocket and squirted some on her hand.“I always carry this around, just in case. Clasp your hands behind your back, Roy. That’s it. Ohhh yesss,” she hissed as she surveyed his submission and her hand clamped around his member. “Yes, this is what you want, isn’t it?”Sally’s hand began a slow frig up and down his shaft. Roy noticed Victoria’s right hand slipping into Sally’s blouse to cup and squeeze her tits. Sally wiggled as she stroked.“That feels so good, Victoria!”Sally’s hand picked up its pace. It was rubbing up and down at a fast clip, and Roy was feeling the pressure build in his balls as his hips jerked forward. With his hands clasped behind his back, Roy was completely submissive to Sally’s ministrations. It was as though she controlled him on a string, the string being his cock. He panted and puffed as his excitement built.“Ahhh. You know, Victoria, I am having a friend or two over tonight,” Sally breathed. “Would you like to come over?”Roy felt her hand pounding his shaft, all the way deep into his pelvis and all the way back out to the glistening head. Oh, it felt so good…. So good.“That’s a great idea!” Victoria said, squeezing Sally’s nipples under the blouse. “Sure, we’ll be there.”Roy was so close. He was forcing his cock out with his hips, jamming it into her flying hand. Any second now… oh God, it felt wonderful. So very close. He closed his eyes and prepared to shoot.Suddenly, the jerking was replaced with slaps, his cock being brutally tortured by Sally’s hard hand, swaying obscenely back and forth as she tattooed it with smacks. “Owww!” Roy exclaimed, jerking his hips back, his penis already shrinking away from the pain.Sally laughed as she slapped it.“Now Roy, if you’re coming over to play tonight, then we can’t have you squirting off right now, can we?” With a reddened face and a reddened cock, Roy watched as Sally quit her assault and turned to take Victoria in her arms. They kissed deeply, rubbing their wonderful breasts against each other as they did so. Victoria’s hand cupped Sally’s ass.“We’ll take two pairs of the black ones,” Victoria breathed when they broke their embrace. “I’m glad I met you today, Sally. Oh, and when I come over tonight, I have a wonderful tea I would like to serve your guests.”“Fabulous!” Sally said.It was as if the women had totally forgotten that Roy was standing right in front of them, naked and with his reddened cock at half-mast. They exited the dressing room door, and only then did Victoria turn back to get the panties Roy had tried on.“Get dressed and meet me at the counter,” she said. “Don’t you dare touch your little dickie.”Roy nodded, and Victoria knew he’d obey her. The power of the tea insured it.Just before she knocked on the door, Victoria told Roy, “You’ve been a very good boy today. I hope you enjoy this as much as I think I’m going to.”Roy smiled and nodded, but he was in inner turmoil. He had no idea what to expect. Added to that, his entire pelvis had ached ever since the store incident, because he’d been so very close to cumming and then had been denied. Anything could happen tonight. As Victoria knocked, Roy felt his dick lurch.“Hey, I’m so glad to see you.” It was Sally, in a black see-through blouse that showed her large nipples on big, well rounded breasts. She and Victoria embraced and kissed. Roy watched their tongues explore each other’s mouths, and again his cock jumped.“What’s that Roy’s carrying?”“Oh, the tea. I brewed it at home. It’s still warm.”“Great!” Sally ushered them into the living room, where another couple in their late 20s were on the sofa. The woman was also dressed in a black see-through, opened all the way down. Roy averted his eyes. The man was naked, dog collar around his neck, leash in her hand. His hard 10-inch cock jutted out obscenely. There were clothespins on his balls.“Victoria and Roy, this is Madeline and Zack. We’ve been having a bit of fun. Happy to have you join in.”“Hello,” Madeline said, eyeing Roy. Zack’s eyes were downcast, and he said nothing. Madeline turned her attention to Victoria.“This is Zack the faggot,” she said. “He’ll tell you over and over that he is not one, but he never has been able to please me, though he tries, the pathetic thing. He seems to like cocks better. Still, he’s a fun toy to have around, sometimes. He’s quite oral.”Zack averted his eyes but his face reddened.“Hi,” Victoria said. “This is Roy. He’s still in training but he’s tasted a big dick. He’s so bad in bed, I used to never let him fuck me. But then I found a tea that helps him to do whatever I want. I suspect he’s a fag, too, like Zack. They say the ones who are queer are the ones who protest about it too loudly.”The woman laughed.“Roy, set those Thermoses down and take off your clothes.”Roy set the Thermoses next to a package of Saran Wrap on the coffee table, one red and one blue. He disrobed, his seven-incher springing forward when released.“Do you mind?” Madeline asked.“Not at all,” Victoria said.“Come here, boy.” Roy stepped in front of her. She poked and prodded and felt his cock and balls, all the way around to his asshole. She grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed.“It is a small cock, isn’t it?” The superior females laughed. “Zack, bring me clothespins and the cat-o-nine.”Instantly, Zack served her. Madeline fastened the pins to Roy’s sack. He winced with each one.“Now Roy, just stand there like you are in front of me, Hands clasped behind your back, please. Let’s see if we can make this a little bigger.”Breathing deeply, Roy complied. The first strokes were gentle, but then Madeline built up a rhythm and they became harsher. Soon it was all Roy could do to keep from shrinking back from her lashes, but then the pain was replaced by something else – lust. He began to swivel forward to meet the regular strokes.“OK, that’s enough, you are enjoying it too much,” Madeline said, to more laughter. “Zack, pump him up.”Zack produced a penis pump, fitted it over Roy’s cock and began pumping. Roy had never experienced one, and he watched his cock inflate to a bigger size. The thing felt as if it was trying to suck his cock right off him.As he was being pumped, Roy watched Victoria pour two cups of tea from the blue Thermos and three from the red one. She had shed almost all her clothing and was wearing only black panties.“That’s good, Zack, now set him free like a good faggot boy,” Madeline said. “Tea is served.”After the first sip, Zack nearly guzzled his tea.“This is so good!”Victoria smiled. “Please, have some more.”Suddenly the women in the room were the most attractive women ever to Roy and Zack, and all they wanted to do was be told what was required to please their mistresses. The three women laughed at the goofy faces the men had on. All three of them were feeling each other up, running their hands over each other’s luscious bodies. Sally bent her head down and sucked on Victoria’s dark nipples. Victoria sighed.The two men stood compliantly, watching this display with their rock-hard cocks jerking and swaying.Sally looked up at the pulsing penises.“I think it’s Saran Wrap time!” she said, and Madeline smiled and nodded.“They’re ready.”Sally grabbed the wrap and moved to Zack, who meekly put his arms at his sides. She began to wrap it around and around Zack’s body until his arms were held fast.“Now you, Roy.”Roy held his arms as Zack had, and felt himself tightly wrapped. He now had no way to reach out. Next, Sally attached cuffs to their ankles that were connect by a short chain. They now could not kick or run.Breaking a deep French kiss with Victoria, Madeline said, “Oh, that’s just perfect, isn’t it?”Sally returned to the couch, where the horny submissive men were displayed before their three naked superiors.“Get over here, boys,” Madeline said. “Kneel before us.”The women laughed and pointed at the difficulty the bound men had in kneeling without the aid of their hands. They eventually did.“Sally’s our hostess, so she gets licked first. Get to work, Roy.”Roy crawled over to Sally’s well-trimmed black bush and buried his head in it.“Zack, this is Victoria’s first time with us. Lick her now!”Zack moved over and stuck his face into Victoria’s short-trimmed pubes.“Ahhh, yes, oh my God!” Sally moaned as Roy’s tongue rasped at her tunnel.“That’s it, fuck me with your face!” Victoria hissed as Zack lashed away at her pussy.Madeline got up from the couch and walked behind the men.“Ooooh, fuck yes. Fuck yes, I am ready!” Sally yelled. Instantly, Madeline stepped behind Roy and placed both her hands on the back of his head. “Fuck his face, Sally! That’s it Roy, you worthless piece of shit!”Roy felt his head forced deep into Sally’s gash, so deep he had to hold what breath he had, as she rammed her pelvis forward onto his mouth and nose. Sally was hunching herself up and down his face as Madeline jammed his head into her.“Oh, fuck yes, Roy, make me cum! Make me cum!!!” Sally ranted.Roy was out of air, and he was forced to try to get some more. He opened his mouth in a gag reflex as his lungs and throat and nose searched for air. It was exactly what Sally was waiting for.“AHHHHH! Jesus, I am cumming! Cumming!!!”She ruthlessly slid her slash up and down Roy’s face. Every once in a while, Roy’s nose would be exposed and he would fight to breathe. His convulsions sent Sally higher and higher.Victoria had been watching all this as Zack lashed at her little pleasure button.“Oh, ahhh, yes, use that tongue, slave!”Once Sally was winding down, Madeline stepped behind Zack. Victoria’s humping had taken on new urgency.“Oh yess! YESS! Oh God, I am gonna CUM!”Madeline slammed Zack’s face tightly into Victoria’s clutching cunt. She could feel his nose and mouth, and she humped off against them. It felt like a cock but Zack’s slathering lips and tongue added a new dimension. Soon, he too was running out of air, and his struggles to find some more as Madeline rammed his face into her drove Victoria over the edge into a nearly three-dimensional cum.“Oh yes, you worthless scum, eat me out, ahhh, fuck I’m CUMMING!!!”Victoria whipped her cunt up and down on Zack’s face, oblivious to all else. Soon, she was past the peak and slowed down. Madeline released Zack’s head. He fell back, coughing and breathing heavily. The two men sat on the floor, catching their breath as the two women basked in the afterglow.Victoria said, “But Madeline, you didn’t get to cum.”Madeline smiled. “Oh, I will. I will.”She reached out for Roy, pulling him to standing.“Get the fuck up, faggot!”Then it was Zack’s turn.“You, too, homo.”The two glowing ladies on the couch watched as Madeline faced the men off to each other, a foot apart. Her hands snaked down to quickly stroke each cock, bringing moans from the men.Facing Zack, Roy saw that Zack’s face and neck were crimson with humiliation, and Zack wore a dejected expression.“Zack, are you a faggot?” Madeline asked. Zack shook his head no.“Answer me!”“No, mistress.”“How about you, Roy? Do you like hard cock?”“No, mistress.” Roy said, shaking his head.“So, you’re both ladies’ men, huh? Well, we’ll see about that! Step closer to each other!”Now it was Roy’s turn to turn red-faced as they took a step closer. They could not resist, having consumed the tea. Their cocks were almost touching. Madeline ran her hands up and down the two penises, paying special attention to the sensitive heads. Both men’s cocks responded to the frottage, lurching and swelling even harder. Then she stopped.“Here’s the deal, boy toys. This is a little cock fight for your mistresses. Whichever one of you can manage not to cum will be the true ladies’ man, and I’m going to ride the fuck out of you as the prize.”Two dicks lurched. “Step closer,” and Madeline forced the men into contact, very close to each other, their cocks hard and rubbing. She reached for lube on the table and grabbed the two dicks in one hand, lubing them up well and frigging them up and down. Both Roy and Zack tensed.“That’s it, boys. I thought you said you weren’t faggots? You sure do like having your dicks rubbed together.”All the women laughed, and the men, despite their humiliation, were getting into it as they felt the cum rise inside them. They were moving, bumping against each other as Madeline frigged. Faster and faster, she jacked off the two cocks held together in her hand.Both men’s eyes were downcast, so as not to look at each other. The women were cheering wildly, urging them on. Roy stole a look at Zack, whose face was red but blissful. He figured he could outlast Zack, and set his mind toward resisting the oncoming cum shot rush that was advancing in his frustrated loins. Tremendous pressure was being exerted to squirt his insides out.“That’s it, that’s it!” Madeline urged as she swiped up and down their cocks. She always thrilled at this game, watching the greasy dick heads pop up from her fist again and again as she stroked. And she knew that, in the end, it was she who would be the real winner. Her eyes were riveted on those cockheads.She could feel both men moving, thrusting against each other, but she had the control. Both penises were engorging, swelling up with the opportunity to shoot. Madeline’s cunt was dripping, engorged with the prospect of riding the one who won.“Ahhhhh…. Ahhhhh….” Zack cried.“Ooooo…. Oooh fuck…” Roy moaned.Each ground his penis up against the other, in the velvet grip of their mistress. Then, a final cry of submission and pleasure. As Madeline watched, the end of Zack’s distended cockhead sprang open and shot a massive silvery-white stream. She instantly let go of the cocks, as Zack continued to blast Roy’s lower belly with spurts in a ruined orgasm. All the women were heaping Zack with scorn as he spent.“What a loser!” Victoria cried, laughing.Roy, so very near the edge himself, watched the fluids landing warmly on his groin and stomach. Zack’s spurts eventually died back to a dribble, then stopped.“Now we know who the faggot here is, ladies!” Madeline crowed. “Get down there, faggot, and clean up your mess!”Awkwardly, stumbling some, Zack got down and licked his cum off Roy’s belly and pubes as Madeline supervised.“You missed a spot!” Zack’s tongue shot out and he licked it up.She pulled Zack back to his feet.“Well, Mr. Winner, are you in for something nice!” Madeline rubbed her body full length against Roy, who in the Saran Wrap was at her command. He reveled in the pressure of her advance, feeling her tits flatten into him.“Go get in that recliner.”Roy sat in the recliner as Madeline eased him back prone. She looked at Roy’s hard-on.“I need this firmer before I mount my pony. Zack, get over here.”She forced him down on his knees and pressed his head toward Roy’s fuckpole.“Suck him up a good one!”Zack took Roy in his tight mouth and sucked down his twitching cock. Madeline pressed his head further, and Zack gagged. It was all Roy could do not to fire down Zack’s throat. After pumping Zack’s head down a few times, she released it and with a disgusted look, Zack moved slightly out of her way as best he could.“Now,” Madeline said as she arranged her pussy over Roy’s dick. “Ride ’em cowboy!”She slammed her hot twat down on him in one vicious stroke, almost violently working up and down on his dick, smashing into his pubis. “AHHH! Get over here, ladies, and suck my tits!”Victoria and Sally each took a side of the recliner and licked and suckled Madeline’s large orbs as she crashed down on Roy.“Oh my fucking God, I am cumming!” Madeline cried, slamming herself down and grinding against Roy.“Ahhh! Arrrgh! Ahhhhh!” Roy shouted as the extreme pressure of a day filled with frustration burst the dam inside him.Feeling his first fiery shot inside her as she came down off her peak, Madeline raised up from Roy and grabbed the hair of Zack, jamming his mouth down on Roy’s spewing cockhead. Roy moaned with welcome relief and pleasure as he steadily pumped out his thick seed, filling Zack’s mouth faster than he could swallow. Some leaked out the sides. Finally when it was over, they all lay in various states of collapse. “Oh, that was so good,” Victoria said.“Was?” Sally asked. “This was just the warm-up. We’ve got a whole night of fun ahead with these two stooges. They have no idea!”The three women laughed, eyeing their boy toys, each with her own dark desire.

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