The Doll


If you would have asked me two days ago if I would be fucking a sex doll with another guy, I would have called you crazy or punched you in the face. Maybe both. But here we are, my buddy Mike and I railing this silicone sex doll and nearing the point of busting our nuts.

So how did it come to this?

I met Mike at one of those support groups for people dealing with loss. My wife had passed a young age of 24 due to a battle with ovarian cancer. For the past 3 years, all I did was drink and stay shut in our house, living off her life insurance and generally feeling like a sack of shit. It wasn’t until my uncle, who also went through something similar with his wife, recommended this group: Dealing With Loss. At first I thought it was a terrible idea, a bunch of old guys crying about their elderly wives. I was 27, still in my prime, and even though I basically had a whisky diet – I was still in good shape. I don’t know, I just thought it would be weird hanging around a bunch of old farts, weeping and hugging.

Then the low point came. Drunk off my ass, wanting it all to end. That’s when I found the pamphlet he left and decided it was time to talk about it.

At least it wasn’t in a church. However, it still smelled of old people and piss in the community hall, probable because this was where bingo took place every Wednesday night. That being said, I was surprised there was only one old guy there, the rest were between 20 to 50. Mike was actually the first to introduce himself to me with a pleasant smile and a stuff handshake,

“Welcome, name’s Mike.”

“Simon.” I replied, shaking his hand back. Man, whoever this dude lost? She must have been hot because Mike was the picture perfect dude. Hey, I am not gay, but I know a good looking guy when I see one.

Mike would become the guy I shared the most in common with, having a young wife that died of cancer and both coming to the edge of oblivion before finding this group. We shared tears, stories and now and then met for drinks at the local lounge, sharing an interest in wrestling and enjoying our nights at the lounge watching Monday wrestling and eating wings. In just a few weeks, Mike became more than just some sad ass at a help group, he became a friend.

It was one particular night at our favorite pizza joint and sports lounge, watching the female wrestlers on TV do their thing that would be the catalyst for the first sentences of this tale.

“Man…” Mike said between sips of his beer, “…it’s been so long since I fucked a real woman.”

“What, have you been fucking imaginary ones?” I said with a chuckle between mouthfuls of my BBQ wings.

“Naw, man. What, you don’t mean to tell me you don’t use something to help you jerk off?”

I damn near choked on that wing,

“The hell do you mean?” I asked with probably a stunned look upon my face.

“really?” Mike leaned in towards me, “Between you and me, I bought a silicone sex doll.”

“What? You mean one of those blow up dolls?”

“No. I mean a realistic one. Hold on.” Mike reached for his phone for the table and started looking something up. “Here.” He said, passing me his phone. “One of those.” Well. This was a new thing to me. Life-like, silicon fuck dolls. I looked at the pictures he had brought up and back to him. Pics, to him, at least half a dozen times before he snatched the phone from my hand. “That’s the real deal.”

“I never pictured you as the type of guy who would…ya know, do something like that.”

“Heh. It’s nothing fucked up, man. I don’t dress her up and take her out for a night on the town. I just, you know, fuck it.” He picked up his beer, took a swig and continued talking while I sat there slack-jawed. “A guy in our group told me about them, Steve.”

“Gross.” Thinking about a 400lb. Man and his sweaty ass humping away at a silicone doll turned me away from my wings.

“No, no, not that Steve. What the fuck man, that is fucked up. This Steve moved before you arrived to the group. He brought it up in the circle, it had been so long since he had sex he needed an outlet and told us all about it. I probably had the exact same expression as you do now.”

“I don’t have an expression.”

“Yes you do.” He shot back.

“Fuck off.” My clever retort. This is how I knew we were friends, we could do this and bust out laughing seconds later. However, Mike wasn’t done.

“After casino şirketleri Janine passed, I just couldn’t see myself with another woman. Not then, still not yet. So fuck it, I got curious, looked it up. After a few weeks humming and hawing, I had one made and shipped. I tell ya, man. You wouldn’t believe it but a realistic sex doll? If it could do dishes I would be set.”

Color me intrigued. I mean, sure, it was kind of weird to think about fucking a fake woman, but just like Mike I wasn’t ready to take the next step into boning a flesh and blood one and possibly face commitment – even though our waitress was cute as shit and I was for sure going to jerk off later thinking about her. Well, that was the plan until Mike brought up fuck dolls.

“Just look em up.” He said to me out in the parking lot as we waited for a cab, too tipsy to drive home. “They’re expensive, but don’t knock it till you try it is all I am sayin’.”

And I did look it up. I browsed the site, forums, and then half drunk, had my cock out jerking to videos I saw on porn sites of guys fucking their silicone sexdolls. There was just something…erotic, about it all. This girl who would not move, can be whoever you wanted her to be, dress how you want her to dress, fuck her like you have always wanted to fuck.

Of course, after I blew my load and came to my senses, I kind of laughed it off.

After next group a week later, Mike and I decided to head to our favorite pizza place once again for a few beers and food.

“So?” He asked with a grin.

“So what?”

“So are you going to order one?” He winked one of his brown eyes at me.

“Man, this again? I mean, yeah, I looked it up, thought about it, but I don’t know. That’s a lot of coin to drop on an oversized flesh light.”

“I get it, I do. But I will make you a deal.” our waitress arrived, she wasn’t as cute as the one from last week. She sat down our food and as soon as she left and I was taking the first bite of my sub sandwich, Mike went right back into his spiel. “Come over tomorrow, check her out. You can see for yourself what they look like in person. I’ll make sure she’s nice and clean.”

“Gee, thanks.” I said sarcastically.

“Oh stop your bitching. Just come by at 2 tomorrow, give it a look over and I promise you’ll be busting out that credit card to buy one of your own.”

So yes, I agreed. If anything, to shut him the fuck up about it so I could eat.

The next day came and so did 2pm. I pulled up to his house, got out of my car and saw him on the porch in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, sipping on a beer while reading a book.

“Oh, hey!” he said, standing to his feet which were clad in what I like to call, dad-sandals. “And here I thought you weren’t even gonna show up.”

“Well, I did. So, here I am!”

“Great. You want a beer? Got some cold brews in the fridge. Come on in.”

I made my way in and followed him around his house. He showed me some woodworking he did as a hobby, and the renovations he was working on. Compared to my dump, Mike lived in a palace. After he got me a cold one, he walked me down a hallway.

“Are you ready for the end of the tour?”

“Is there a prize at the end? A gold star?”

“Just shut up and follow me, okay?” Mike opened one of the doors and I walked into a bedroom, his I would have to guess. Dresser, big bed, all the usual stuff including a pile of clothes off to the side. Though, I suppose the silicone girl with the big tits and red hair in the middle of his messy bed was anything but usual. “Here she is, Emma.”

‘Emma’ was dressed in a pair of lace black panties and matching bra, and had been posed with her arms behind her head and her legs bent slightly at the knees.

“Wow, it’s like…life-sized…” I said with amazement.

“I sure as shit hope so for what I paid for her.” Mike remarked. “Go on, check her out, she doesn’t bite.”

And I did. I walked to his bed and took a good, long look at Emma, my eyes looking over every gorgeous curve of this fuck doll, even pulling down one of the cups of her bra to see nipples.

“Jesus, they really go all out on these don’t they?”

“You bet they do, Check out between her legs.” He instructed.

I sat on the bed and ran my hand down her fleshy stomach, the silicone was warm to the touch in the summer sun coming from his bedroom window. I casino firmaları pulled down her panties a little bit to be surprised by a small patch of fake pubic hair just above her opening.

“Geez, man. I can see now why they charge so much!”

“Yup. But hey, slip a finger in, try and tell me that doesn’t feel amazing.”

I felt like a teen boy at prom, trying to round the bases – I was nervous as hell as I slipped my hand between her legs and then stuck one of my fingers into that fake pussy. It was warm, fleshy, tight. Very tight.

“Is this brand new?”

“Oh fuck no!” Mike said with a laugh, sitting on the other side of the bed. “Had her for…2 years now? But I know why you asked, still tight as a virgin, right?”

“Very.” I wiggled in my finger further.

“Just coat your cock in some lube and it’s almost as good as the real thing, I swear!”

My cock was coated in something alright. Fingering this doll was starting to give me a hard on, and my stupid ass decided to wear sweat pants today.

“I bet.” Was all I could manage to say, completely taken in by this doll. My hand removed itself from between her legs and up to one of her firm tits, giving it a squeeze. “Never thought something like this would be so…”

“Hot?” Mike asked me with a grin.


“I can tell, you got yourself a chub going on there.”

“Ah shit.” My hand whipped away from Emma and I folded my arms over my lap. “Fuck, sorry man. Just, holy shit. I am amazed.”

“And hard.” He was still grinning at me.

“Yeah, yeah. So what?”

“So…” Mike said, running one of his hands along Emma’s legs, “You want a test drive before you go out and buy one?” I couldn’t reply. A lump was caught in my throat and suddenly all my brain power was sucked out of my head and into my cock. “I mean, she’s not exactly going to say no, is she?”

“I…suppose not, no.”

“Then what? Never fucked a girl in front of someone before? I can leave you two alone if you like.” I know he was mostly joking around, but I could see a bit of a bulge now in his shorts.

“N-no…” Shit, Simon. Get it together. “I mean, NO. It’s cool. She’s your doll after all. Could be fun.”

It started out so awkwardly, me pulling my cock out and stroking it while Mike got some lube to hand me. He just watched as I coated my dick in this warming liquid, stroking my length for the first time in front of another guy.

“Here…” He said, rolling Emma on her side and closer to the edge of the bed. “Try her mouth first. You’ll love it.”

Nervously I inched myself to the side of the bed and pressed my cock head against that mouth, amazed as the silicone parted and accepted my prick.

“Mm, shit…” I breathed, “Feels good.”

“Told ya, didn’t I? I like to move her head like this.” One of his hands was tangled through her hair, using her head on my cock as a I bucked my hips towards that fake mouth. His other hand drifted between his legs, stroking the bulge in his shorts. “Damn, this is really getting me worked up. Always wondered what it would be like to watch someone use her. You cool if I…you know?”

“Yeah…it’s all good.” I knew what he wanted, he was horny as fuck and needed to jerk. Who could blame him? Here I was fucking the mouth of his silicone sex doll right in front of him, just the fact that he was here was driving me wild, I couldn’t imagine how he must have been feeling.

Then again, when he stood up and slipped out of his shorts and boxers, I could see EXACTLY how he was doing. He had one hell of a thick cock, nice length too, and it dribbled pre as he stood beside the bed, jerking off to the sight of me fucking Emma.

“Shit, this is so hot…” He said with a sigh, squeezing his prick in his fist.

“You’re..ngh, telling me…fuck this mouth is good.” I grunted as I started fucking Emma’s face harder.

“Yeah? You should try out her pussy. Feels even better.”

Who was I to argue, right?

I removed my cock from Emma’s mouth, some of my pre dripping across her cheeks before I got up on the bed and pulled down those lace panties Mike dressed her in. I mounted Emma missionary, gripping my own cock as I slowly rubbed the tip up and down her fake slit, making sure I got a feel of that patch of pubic hair too. I couldn’t take it any more, I had to try her pussy – so, I sank my cock in as deep as it would go.

“Oh…fuck…” güvenilir casino Jesus she felt good, every inch feeling something new and exciting as I plunged into her fake love hole. I had to use every ounce of willpower I had not to nut right there, because goddamn if I was going to be a minute man in front of my host.

“Shit, I can’t take this any more.” Mike said, moving around the bed. Before I could ask him what, he grabbed Emma by the hair and brought her face to his cock so he could fuck her mouth.

And that brings us to the present. Both of us now on the bed, with Emma now on her stomach as we spit roast her, me in her tight silicone pussy and Mike in her mouth; both of us grunting like animals.

“Mmm, fuck yes, fuck that slut.” Mike hissed as he buried his cock deep in Emma’s mouth.

“Use that whore mouth.” I spat back, fucking that sweet cunt of Emma for all it was worth, my hands gripping onto her silicon ass cheeks.

We were now primal beasts, fucking this fake woman between us, and being quite lewd about it. With every thrust one of us would say something like ‘mmm she loves it when you fuck her pussy hard and deep’ or ‘we’re going to fill this bitch with sperm’. I mean, shit, I had never done anything like this before and here I was talking like I was part of the worst porn movie you had ever seen.

“Shit…” Mike removed his cock from Emma’s mouth, “I am so fucking horny but I usually can’t come in her mouth not after I have fucked her pussy so many times.”

“So what you want to do?” In retrospect, I probably looked fucking stupid. Eye brow raised, cock deep in a silicone doll.

“I don’t know, man, losing my mind here.” He was still pumping his cock, slick with lube and precum.

“Well…” My cock slipped out of Emma, “…I mean…”


“Need a hand?” Holy shit, does those words come out of my mouth? Well, they mus have, because next thing I knew we were on either side of Emma as she was on her back, jerking each other off against her silicone tits.

“Fuck, Simon. This is just…so fucking hot.”

“Yeah…” I breathed, feeling his cock throb in my fist as I jerked him. “feels so fucking good.”

With every stroke of one another we got closer, eventually our cock tips would occasionally touch as we pumped our dicks in unison, the sounds of our grunting and our lubed up cocks filling the room.

“So close…” Mike moaned.

“Me too, man…” I admitted. Mike’s hand stroking me off, the sight of that pace bra pulled down over those fake tits, the fact that I was jerking another man, it was too much to handle. My head was spinning, my cock almost in pain from the pleasure of it all. “…I love this so much…”


“Yeah, man?”

“I love you, man.”

And that sent me over the edge. I thrust into his hand and my cock head pressed against his as I shot my load, violently. Sperm splashed on his prick and on my hand, and more on Emma’s C-cups. It was so intense that I barely managed to give Mike another stroke before he exploded too, his hot cum splashing my cock as well, Emma’s tits and even a shot that splashed on my stomach. We were both cumming so hard that it didn’t even register until after the last drop splashed onto Emma’s tits that I had my face buried in Mike’s neck.

We remained where we were for long moments, just panting, sweat dripping down our bodies, idly stroking one another. It would be Mike that would break the silence after who knows how much time passed,

“I hope that wasn’t too fucked up…”

I looked up at him. It was the first time I had ever seen the man blush.

“No…not at all. I feel the same way. I love you, Mike. I wouldn’t have made it without you.”

Yeah, it’s a sappy ending. What do you expect? It’s not like Mike and I are married or some shit. Just two best friends that needed something in their lives and found it through this sex doll, through Emma. We still like women, don’t get me wrong. After that day, we spent many hours jerking off to hot girls in porn, of sucking one another off while the other tells how he would fuck the mouth of some slut. I think it’s the best friendship a guy could ask for.

And Emma would make a new friend too, custom made. Her name’s Jasmine. Gave her a slightly Asian look with a bare pussy and small tits. Now the four of us can all have fun together – that was until we met Gary. His wife Mandy died of cancer a year ago. He’s a nice guy, likes wrestling and wings.

I just hope he likes the demo Mike and I are going to put on with Emma and Jasmine.

The End.

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