The Dork Pt. 02


All characters are over the age of 18.


Tron’s day passed by like dream, his mind elsewhere. Tron was thankful and surprised the day ended so quick. He hadn’t seen Tabitha all day. He arrived home part sick, part curious and part aroused. Locked and sealed in his room he disrobed, completely naked this time. He went through the ritual of getting the condom down, rolling it on his hardening cock and chuckling to himself at the shared brand him and his potentially incestious step brother shared. A full sweep was in order to establish the movements of the day, a tinge of panic overcame him, at the idea of looking at that one camera’s recording.

Scrubbing through the save files, he walked virtually from camera to camera. The kitchen had his mother in the same bikini top as yesterday with short denim pants and flip flops. His brother and father nowhere to be seen. Sarah His sister walked out of the toilet, tight high waisted white one piece she walked to the gym, Tron lingering on her round ass and oversized tits for just that second to long he felt. Looking down, he bashfully noticed the tip pocket of the condom covering his cock was full now of pre-cum.

He decided to check the day out. His sister had not gone to school, so he expected to see her lounging about but then he noticed something odd. She went from the downstairs hallway toilet to the gym then back again several times. He watched it in high speed several times. Five times she did this and in five different outfits. First a T-shirt and knee high socks, her usual bed attire. Then a string bikini, red with white stripes. Then a boob tube bright yellow, with yoga pants covered in the print of a conceptualised American flag. Then a singlet top and short blue jeans, finally the white one piece, that internally that part of his brain controlled by his cock said, watch out for that sucker wet.

His sister’s oddity aside, Tron needed closure or even more mental fucking. All day he had gone over a million scenarios to explain the situation. Hopefully looking at his new cameras history he could eliminate the million odd porn versions. Either way he could not do this alone, so he threw on a shirt and scooted closer to the desk. He pinged Tabitha, she responded to the summons almost instantly.

“Voice is ok?” he heard her say when putting on his headphones.

“Yeah good,” he checked the volume, with his own voice.

“So we are going to watch your mother fuck your brother,” she said scratching her bare shoulder. The video picked up Tabitha dressed in a off the shoulder doctor who nightie, her long black hair a messy cloud. Tron knew she dressed frumpy to hide her tits. He ignored that thought as the idea of Tabithas mammaries made his cock tighten, and hiding it under the desk was a bad idea as he felt his cock push into the wooden support.

“I guess so, but there could be another reason…” even he had a hard time believing that, as he said the words trailed off.

He started the recording, demetevler escort and immediately scrubbed. Then at two he stopped and felt his dick pole into the desk, squeezing his legs involuntarily together in apprehension that was literally going to make him cum. The door to the spare room opened. His mother blond hair in pigtails and wearing a bikini walked in.

“Is there sound?” Renita asked. Tron shook his head knowing she could see the motion. Jude shut the door behind her with a wild grin, she walked over to the bed whilst undoing the bikini top, her massive f cup tits dropped free, Tron heard Tabitha take a sharp intake of breath.

“Those are tits,” she said “fuck I’d motor boat the hell out of them!” Tron’s cock got harder and his mouth drier, she undid the side knots and dropped her bottoms to the floor. Tron needed to concentrate on what’s happening not imagining Tabitha motor boating his mother.

Jude’s sex was topped with a trim and tidy mini bush of pubic hair, her inner labia was distended out through the outer labia. Her ponderous tits swung and juggled with every movement and her ass was round and stuck out. The door opened and Josip walked in, his speedos trying and failing to contain the huge erection he had. Both Jude and Josip spoke, and then Jude went down on her knees her hands revealing a large erect cock.

“Not bad, certainly got some equipment there,” Tabitha’s assessment of the situation made Tron laugh. However Tron stopped short of saying he had bigger. Tron was glad Tabitha was here, it was her quirky humour that will help get him through.

Now the scene became a muted porn movie. Judith sucked, then throated her step sons erect cock. They moved to where she hugged him and they passionately kissed. Josip then turned Jude and pushed her so she landed her ass pointed towards him, she turned and clearly grinned.

“Wait,” Tabitha said mirth in her voice.


“No condom,” she said both with shock and a tinge of lust in her voice. Tron noticed that the tell tale condom that almost proved his assumptions on incest, was now a missing item.

“Maybe she is on birth control,” Tron responded but felt dread and lust rising.

“I think,” Tabitha said with awe building, “not only are we going to see your mum and brother fuck, we are going to see your mum get fucked in the ass.” Josip manoeuvred in behind his mother, she leant face first into the bed. Jude’s hands now grasping her voluptuous ass, a cheek in either hand. As Jude parted her ass Josip moved forward his cock sinking into her.

Josip fucked his step mother and Tron’s mother for about fifteen minutes, suddenly he stopped removed his cock. Jude then moved onto her knees on the floor, Jude finishes him orally. Josip leaves and Jude dresses. However as he scrubs through this is not the only one.

“Jesus,” Tabitha says with awe. The second interaction came an hour later. Both wearing the same clothes the escort demetevler indulge in a similar dance. Tron felt his dick twitch, angry that it has not been brought to climax. Jude bent over and exposed her round ass, Josip obliged by sodimising his step mother. As the lovers commenced their debauchery, Tron noticed liquid spilling forth from his mother.

“Jesus, she is a squirter,” Tabitha’s hands had disappeared. Now Tabitha fidgeted beneath her desk, Tron caught the movement.

Tron didn’t wank, oh his cock protested, but he didn’t wank to relieve his pants monster. Tron went over to his bed and fell asleep. Today was one of change some bad and some good but all different. He dropped down face first and fell asleep. Later a ping awakened him, it was his instant message service he used with Tabitha. Groggily he sat up his wall clock said one he knew from the shadows and lack of ambient light he had slept through dinner. It was one in the morning. Rolling out of bed he noticed his cock was still wrapped in a condom through out the night it had gone down, the fluids now deposited onto the bed. Movement reminded Tron that ignore all he’d like his cock still liked being,

“Wrapped in plastic,” Tron said mimicking the character from twin peaks. His messenger service dinged again, standing up he noticed his cock was doing the same, it was standing up.

He went Over to his desk and flopped down.

Hey it’s me, flash

She used the code they had established to check if it was all clear to talk about porn and masturbating. Tron responded with the correct cypher for all clear.


The message service showed for a few seconds that Tabitha was replying, then not, then replying again. This went in for some time. Tron assumed she was trying to formulate a response. Then a a single comment.


This late, she must be upset he surmised, maybe mum had been hard about homework.

You ok?

As he sent the return message a notification to accept an incoming cam came up on his screen. Without thinking and perhaps some concern he clicked yes. Both cams connected. A picture of him half naked cock in hand wrapped in plastic went out across the world and bounced back and into his friend and crush’s computer. Tron, normal Tron would have been concerned that this was embarrassing and could end his relationship with Tabitha. However it was as Tron had already decided early on this afternoon, after he watched his fleshy, erotic and debauched mother indulge in anal sex with his step brother, it was a time of change.

The cam showed an image of a naked and very fleshy, erotic and debauched Tabitha. Just as when he watched his mother Jude, plowed by Josip, his step brother, Tron’s cock almost bounced to life. Tabitha was thin, her skin pale with a healthy pink glow, a large pubic bush untamed and spreading wild everywhere forced ones eyes to the oasis of flesh in the middle which was a large vagina with big demetevler escort bayan pouty labia lips both inner and outer, here they were smeared within fluids, Tron could only imagine were lady juices. Tabithas breasts were huge at least as big as his mother’s, perky and with huge areola the size of pink bumpy compact discs, topped with thick dark red nipples.

“I realised what you saw today was shocking, and even though erotic, may have scarred you in relation to sex,” Tabitha began. “I as you can see didn’t want that, so I though, I would share as well in the hopes I could give you some…” she paused. “Wait,” she leaned in, her massive mammaries swinging with the movement, “is that your dick!” She didn’t yell but the delight and surprise in her voice made her seem louder.

Tron took off his shirt, felt his cock bounce off his abdomen, his cock making a dull thud and was solid as ever. Putting on his head set, to avoid anyone listening in, he responded.

“Yeah,” he grimaced scared she would freak.

“Whoa your a big boy,” there was surprise but also lust in her voice. Tabitha also grinned and squeezed her tits together. “What’s with the condom?”

“When I ah,” Tron coughed, “cum, I have a lot of cum.”

“This keeps getting better!” Tabitha explained pinching her nipples the image causing a little pre-cum to bubble out of Tron’s massive cock.

“Cut or uncut? Tron noticed that Tabitha’s other hand not pinching her nipples went down to her groin. Tron grinned, she was getting off to his cock.

“Cut, when I blow, I shoot huge amount of cum, I got tired of cleaning it up and decided to wear condoms. Tron gave his hard purple headed penis a good solid pump. The elicited a groan from Tabitha. “Hey can I look at your ass,” Tron surprised himself with the very forward request, but he had an inkling it was amazing. She turned in her chair stood and bent slightly. One of Tabitha’s hands cupped and pinched the nipple of her enormous breasts. The other hand went down between her legs finger and pointer buried deep into her wet cunt.

Tabitha’s ass was round huge and apple shaped. Looking back over her shoulder she grinned.

“We will need a lot of lube to fit that guy back here,” the thought of the statement caused her pleasure as she drove a third finger in and groaned. Tron pumped his cock harder. Tabitha turned around grabbed something from a draw and sat a leg on either arm of her chair. Spreading this way Tabitha’s huge, wet cunt opened like a beautiful pink, desire filled, meaty flower. Tron moaned a little as he watched her slide a pink vibrator into her now wanton gaping hole, a wet squelch coming from her arouse love tunnel. A click and then a buzz announced that she had switched on the phallus shaped pleasure maker. Together they masturbated, it was hot satisfying and when Tabitha came it was with whimpers and drools of cum from her cunt down her ass crack. Tron groaned and unleashed his head twisting slightly and his cock ejaculating almost a cup full of thick creamy cum filling the condom and leaving him with a latex bubble of cock juices dangling from the end of his still hard cock.

“Better?” Tabitha asked? Tron could only nod the effort of cuming so much had robbed from Him the powers of speech. Tabitha sighed and licked her fingers.

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