The dream that woke me up


The dream that woke me upFantasy ( the dream ) woke up with a dripping ….I heard a voice screaming my name… over and over until i saw a woman run towards me… i couldnt turn away i kept looking, the closer she got the more paralysed i felt. She took my hand and we ran towards a big building where i heard voices from woman who were giving others to people… like suck this… open wide… your ass is mine boy!!! It kinda scared me cause i knew what was going to happen if i kept following this woman… but some how i couldnt take my hand back my legs kept walking… we were inside the building guys were moaning screaming and woman were laughing and cumming…. couldnt help myself i started to get horny so horny that the woman noticed… she laught and her outfit changed… the first thing pendik escort i saw was the strapon she had… even before i could react on what was happening she said get on your knees… i thougt i had to suck her strapon.. o boy what was i wrong with 1 motion she placed her strapon cock against my asshole and ramm it in.. at first it hurted it was to big… but the more she plowed my asshole the more i loved it.. she kept fucking me and fucking me…. it felt like i was cumming oooo i was cumming but i was not alout to cum… suddenly it was black didnt saw a thing anymore the only thing i felt was that she was still fucking my asshole with a strapon that grew every time i got more used to the strapon but something stept infront of me i felt something going against my hair… something was escort pendik on my lip… it was wet and soft…my hands glided up.. it was so soft what was it… and then it happend… she pushed her cock in my mouth… i felt her balls against my chin.. her dick was down my troath and she kept it there… the light got turned on… and there she was a beautifull shemale with a fucking body and nice cock to suck on… she pulled out her cock and rubed it against my face.. and pushed her balls into my mouth… i licked them and sucked them until she couldnt take it anymore and pulled them out my mouth… i could hear her moan when i sucked on those soft balls of her… she loved it… but before i knew it she slammed her cock in my mouth and started fucking it… i couldnt breath at all but i cant pendik escort bayan explain.. i loved it!! She kept slamming her dick in my mouth until she came for first time in my dream… sooooo much cum it was hard to swallow all… no drip waisted and she walked away.. meanwhile there is still one fucking my asshole… i was still trying to get all the cum inside of me.. when she asked me if i liked what happend ? That i got spitroasted by a woman fucking my asshole and a shemale fucking my face… yes iloved it.. she stopped and rammed it up asshole so hard and said what yes… how do u call me… every word she said she pushed the strapon harder and even deeper inside of me until i said yes mistress… the sound in her voice turned to a much happier voice… Tell me if u want me to continue… plzz comment and tell me cause this was such a crazy dream that i would love to make this happen…. my bed was so wet when i woke up damnnnn plzz let me knowBtw sorry for the bad english its not my first languange

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