The Dressmaker and the Accountant


I woke up with that usual sense of dread I get on these weekends. I sighed deeply as I threw my feet out of bed and dragged myself out to the kitchen to make a coffee.

It was time for the biannual bridal expo and I just hated it. I entered the world of dress making so I could create gorgeous gowns for brides on their one special day, not to stand on my feet for a whole weekend dealing with hordes of emotional and high maintenance women, their pushy mothers and their jealous sisters and best friends. These days always left me so exhausted that I was looking forward to my self -assigned day off on Monday. I was dreaming of the beach if the weather was good, or the cinema if it wasn’t. It just seemed so far away from this side of the weekend.

I work as a private contractor for a much larger bridal business. It’s really nice to be a part of something bigger. I’ve never felt stranded and I get a huge amount of support from the business. I couldn’t have afforded a large and prominent shop on one of the cities main roads and I certainly couldn’t have afforded paying for my own stand at the expo, which brings in a lot of my business, despite my complaints.

The best part about expo was the socializing. It was great to meet other people in the industry, mostly older women and a lot of gay men, and we often end up heading to the nearest bar at the end of each night to debrief each other and drink away the pains in our legs. Meeting our wholesalers and competitors, putting names to faces, it’s great.

The other great part is our accountant, Roberto. We don’t see him that often as he isn’t really part of our day to day business, but when it comes to auditing and expos, he’s there. I liked him from the first moment we were introduced. He’s not traditionally handsome, but there’s something about him that I just find irresistible. For a start, he’s tall. He’s got at least a foot on me, which is nice. He’s not at all overweight, but he has a bit of belly and every time I see him, I want him to wrap his arms around me and pull me into his broad chest. And I haven’t even gotten to the face yet! Roberto is half Brazilian, half Polish. While his skin his pale, his features are dark. His eyes are bright hazel, he’s quick to smile and his eyes light up whenever he does. His dark brown hair and beard has flecks of grey through out, despite being just over 30, and coupled with his mature accountant attitude, it gives the impression of someone much older. That boyish, easy smile is the only giveaway.

Roberto and I always flirt shamelessly with one another, and while I haven’t seen him interact with another woman our age, I’m sure I’m not the only one. I just wish that I were. I know that I’m not the only person in the business who looks forward to his monthly visits and not the only one who checks their roster to make sure they’re working, or makes an excuse to come by the shop even if they aren’t. What I do know is that I am the only person Roberto spends far too much time talking to, because we’re always the two left working late at the end of each one of his audits.

Despite months of flirting, we’re never touched, never been alone together and never said anything remotely sexual to one another at all. On my drive to the expo, I decided that all of that, all of it, was going to change and all with in the next few hours.

Walking through the huge exhibition hall, it didn’t take me long to find my stall. I was in a great location off to the side of the hall but right near the honeymoon specialist travel agency. The back drop was huge, the pictures were an overwater bungalow with stilts in crystal blue waters, a white sandy beach with palms trees swaying in the breeze and two gorgeous newlyweds kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. What a tease. I could see myself there. In fact, I could just about feel the soft, powdery sand warming my skin; I could hear the quiet ruffle of the palm trees in the tropical wind; I could hear Roberto’s voice calling me back in to bed…

Jesus, Olivia! I scolded myself. I really had to focus on my work while I was at my stand, I couldn’t let my mind wander to Roberto. I dumped my bag behind the small table and looked around the hall. I wasn’t too far from the customer payments booth either, I could see it from the left side of my stand, which would be extremely convenient. And inconvenient, since Roberto would be at the booth all weekend. Well, these things are sent to try us, are they not?

As I set up my little stall with sample dresses, a small changing room, materials, sketches, bahis firmaları measuring tapes and everything else I could possibly need, I glanced around the hall. There were other independent dressmakers here and I couldn’t help but compare myself to them. Everywhere I looked was a sea of white. Mine was the only stall with coloured dresses. That made me unique here, and could either work to my advantage as being a great alternative dress designer, or to my disadvantage. Heaven knows so many brides get pressured into wearing white rather than what they actually want to wear.

I was scrutinizing the dresses of a mass producer of gowns when a voice startled me.


I looked around and standing at my table was a man I hadn’t met before. He was smiling widely as I walked over to him.

“Uh, hey you.”

“I’m Bryce, I work for these guys.” Bryce extended his right hand while gesturing over to the travel agency with his left.

“I’m Olivia. I work for this guy.” I pointed at myself before I shook his hand. “Total slave driver.”

I took stock of Bryce as he laughed. He was about my height, with a slender frame. By the look of his forearms, he was pretty muscular under his loose fitting polo shirt. His hair was silver-grey, but he couldn’t have even reached 40 yet. Small crows feet crinkled in the corners of his brown eyes when he smiled. His face was framed beautifully by his well-defined and clean-shaven jaw. All in all, I wasn’t entirely disappointed that I would be looking at him all day.

“Well, look, if you’re a bit quiet during the day, pop over and say hi, ok? Maybe I could hook you up with one of these places?” Bryce pointed at the picture of the overwater bungalow.

“You’d better hope that I’m not quiet, otherwise I won’t ever be able to afford that!” I joked. Bryce waved as he walked over to his stall.

I headed back to my samples to get them sorted before the doors opened. I looked over my rack of dresses to the payments booth to see if Roberto had arrived yet. He hadn’t just arrived, he was staring right at me. Thank god he wasn’t standing anywhere near me. He would have heard my breathing falter and he would have seen my knees buckle just that little bit. He smiled as he came out from around the booth and made his way over to me. I finished hanging the last sample dress and adjusted the coat hangers, breathing deeply and telling myself to calm down. I exhaled my final deep breath with a sigh just as Roberto reached me.

“Are you sick of me already?” Roberto was leaning in close to me.

I looked up at him through my lashes. “Impossible.”

Roberto gave a small self-satisfied chuckle. “We’ll see. Can I get you a coffee?”

“Please! Let me grab some money.”

“No no, it’s on me. You can pay me back tomorrow morning.” Roberto winked at me as he walked off.

My heart was in my throat and it was beating like crazy. It seemed insane to me that such a small and insignificant exchange could have me so shaken up. Pay Roberto back tomorrow morning…I played these words over and over in my head. I knew he meant the second day of the expo, but I couldn’t help imagining bringing him coffee in bed.

I couldn’t help but hum tunelessly and smile to myself as I let the image of a naked Roberto lying in my bed drift through my mind. I busied myself setting out album upon album of brides in my dresses, easy work to do while my mind was otherwise busy, when a takeaway mug of coffee wrapped in a large hand rested on my table.

“My saviour! Thank you so much.” I gushed, reaching out to take the coffee from Roberto. He didn’t remove his hand as I took the cup in my own and our fingers intertwined.

I was lost for words. I looked wide-eyed up at Roberto, waiting for him to speak.

“Will you come and visit me during the day?” Roberto asked, hope evident in his tone.

A lump was caught in my throat; there was no way I would be able to get words out.

“Uh huh.” I responded dumbly.

Roberto softly brushed his thumb over the back of my hand before he turned and walked back to his booth. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he walked, his gait confident. As he reached his desk, he turned back to me and smiled before getting on with his work.

I looked down at my phone. The doors were going to open in 5 minutes and I hadn’t finished everything I had to do. Roberto had taken up enough of my attention for now, and it was time to crack on with the business end of the day.

The hall was flooded with people as soon as the doors opened and I was busy from kaçak iddaa the get go. Not just busy; I had people lining up to see me. It was thrilling and I was rushed off my feet until about the early afternoon when the crowd died down. Rushed off my feet with enquiries, and not one sale until I was approached by a mother and daughter who were the first people I had spoken to all day who knew what the bride wanted. After sitting down together and completing some sketches, she was ready to put down her deposit. I took down her credit card details, and after a thousand “thank you’s” from both sides, mother and daughter were off home.

I took a breath, steadied myself and made my way to Roberto, trying to walk as gracefully as I could manage after having been on my feet all day. I slipped around to his side of the booth and stood next to him.

“You got one!” Roberto smiled.

“I finally got one, yes. Mind if I put this through?” I asked, already leaning across him to reach the credit card machine and resting my elbows on the desk.

“Not at all.” Roberto’s voice was quiet as he gently placed his hand on my lower back, over the material of my shirt.

An electric tingle spread from his touch to my ass and down the backs of my thighs. I stopped what I was doing, unable to focus on anything but the present moment and completely unwilling to break it.

“Don’t you want that sale?” Roberto said playfully as he lifted my top from the waistband of my skirt and let his fingers play over my skin.

My heart thrummed away in my chest, and I don’t exactly know when I stopped breathing. I refocused my mind and finished charging the credit card. I didn’t want to move because I didn’t want Roberto to stop touching me.

“Can I stand up yet?” My voice was barely audible.

“I really do enjoy having you bent over.” Roberto leaned down to my ear, but he pulled me up with him.

Our eyes locked and though his expression gave nothing away, I was falling into his hazel pools. I took a deep and shaky breath.

“I’m going to head-“

“Are you busy to-“

We both started at once. Roberto smiled slyly and gestured for me to speak first.

“Um, I was going to say I need to head back to work now.” I said, pointing at my empty stall.

“I don’t have anything to do here, I’ll walk back with you. And I was asking if you’re busy tonight?”

It was happening! Exactly what I wanted, what I dreamt about and I didn’t even have to do anything! This sort of thing never happened to me. I was completely dumbstruck.

“Are you ok?” Roberto caught the blank stare on my face.

I snapped out of it quickly. “Yes, I’m ok. And no, no I’m not busy tonight.”

“Great! I was thinking we could go back to my place?” There was no beat, no uncertainty at all in Roberto’s voice. He knew what he wanted, what we both wanted.

“A-aren’t you supposed to ask me out to dinner first?” I stammered. His place? So quickly? He wasn’t even trying to be subtle.

Roberto took a step towards me, closing the tense space between our bodies.

“Why would we waste time with dinner when we both know exactly where we want to be?” His eyes flashed with lust.

Heat pooled between my legs as I burned in his glare. I swallowed hard.

“Can we go back to mine?” I asked. Confusion crossed Roberto’s face. He was so close to me, I would only have to lean in slightly to press my lips against his. “You live south, right? I’m only 10 minutes from here. That’s much closer.”

Roberto sucked air in through his teeth, clearly struggling to keep himself composed. “Fuck yes.” He growled so close to me, I could feel his voice rumble through my body.

I don’t know how many tense moments passed as we took each other in, both of us anticipating what was to come, but Roberto was the first to break.

“Right,” he said, slapping his hand against the table “well then, start packing up and I’ll follow you home.”


I pulled the car into the driveway and Roberto followed, his footsteps echoing behind me as I made my way to the front door. I was fumbling for the right key when his fingers lifted my hair to make way for his warm mouth on the back of my neck. He wrapped his other arm around my waist and pushed his growing hardness against me.

“Olivia.” He whispered into my skin. “Olivia, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted you.”

Warmth spread through my body, making my limbs weak. I needed to lie down. I needed Roberto above me. My vision was so clouded with desire, I still couldn’t find the key.

“You’re kaçak bahis going to be waiting a lot longer if I can’t find this key.” I mumbled, just as I slipped the right one in the lock.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Roberto grabbed me and pulled me into his body. Finally, after years of imagining how it would feel, I was pressed against the solid wall of his chest. It was better than I could have ever imagined. The scent that rose from him, a classic cologne mixed with fabric softener and just the smallest hint of sweat, made me want to undo the buttons of his shirt with my teeth and bury my face in his chest hair.

He ran one hand over my hips and waist, coming to rest on the curve of my ass. He dragged two thick fingers along my jawbone, stopping at my chin and tilting my head up until our eyes met. In an instant, his lips met mine. His full lips were soft but eager as his tongue explored my mouth expertly. I hadn’t ever been with someone with a beard before and I loved the feeling. The silken roughness of his facial hair played beautifully against my mouth, but I could only think of how great it would feel between my legs. I moaned into the kiss at the thought, my hips pressing harder into his, searching for friction.

“Bedroom. Now.” Roberto commanded me, taking me by the shoulders and turning me around to guide him.

As I walked down the corridor towards my bedroom, his hands played over my hips and behind, committing the curves to memory. He unzipped my skirt as we walked into the bedroom and I let it fall to the floor, mentally praising myself for putting on a decent pair of knickers when I got dressed in the morning. I let Roberto take in the sight of my ass as I removed my shirt and bra before I turned to face him.

“Eager, are we?” He asked as he hooked a finger in my panties and pulled me forward.

I ran my hand over the full bulge of his trousers. “Almost as eager as you are.”

“Take these off and give them to me.” Roberto flicked the waistband of my panties against my skin.

“I will when you do.”

Roberto smiled slyly and undid his trousers, letting them fall down his thighs, his fat erection springing free. I didn’t know why he’d gone commando and I didn’t care. I bit back a sigh of hunger as I rolled my now damp underwear down and off my legs. I handed them over to Roberto and he lifted them to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes darkened and narrowed in on me as he threw the discarded undergarments over my shoulder.

“Get over here.” He growled, pulling me with him as he stepped backwards and sat down on the edge of the bed. He kicked his trousers off his ankles before I straddled his lap.

My knees rested on either side of his hips, spreading the moist lips of my pussy. Roberto groaned as he rubbed his hardness against my folds. Fisting my hair, Roberto pulled me towards him, taking my mouth in his own in a wet kiss. Our tongues explored one another and with one hand still in my hair and the other firmly gripping my ass, Roberto lifted my hips and pushed me down onto his cock.

The vibrations of our mixed moans filled each other’s mouths and I broke our kiss to gasp for air. The friction caused by the thickness of Roberto’s manhood was almost too much for me to handle. I was so full of him that the small gyrations I could make with my hips were overwhelming.

“Fuck, you are so tight,” Roberto whispered tightly as he thrust hard into me. I sucked air in through my gritted teeth, trying hard not to lose it in the pleasure and the pain. “You feel good.”

I cried out, unable to hold back anymore. I pushed Roberto down on to the bed by his shoulders and with his grip still firm on me, I followed him down. I fucked him, grinding my hips into him so I could have him inside me at the deepest point. I had to come, I was burning for release. I reached down between our bodies and rubbed my clit, hard and aching for attention. The jolt that touching my sensitive bud sent through me only made me more needy and I fucked harder.

Roberto lifted his hips to push deeper, biting his lips and clearly giving away his need. “Who knew a good girl like you could fuck like such a whore?” He growled, spanking my ass, spurring me on.

My vision started to blur and my head began to spin as my climax crashed over me. I didn’t stop my attentions to my clit as my muscles clenched and I continued to gyrate. As I rode out my orgasm on Roberto, he called out for me and thrust his hips, emptying inside me as I squeezed him.

I collapsed beside Roberto, satisfied sighs escaping my lips in between ragged breaths. We turned our heads and looked at one another.

“I think we’re going to have to call in sick tomorrow.” Roberto smiled as he leaned in for another kiss.

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