The Duck Blind


A pair of teal screamed out of the sky and headed for our decoys. He just loved teal marinated and slow roasted. Yum!

Suddenly Sandy was on her feet yelling, “Quack, quack!”

The teals flared and departed the area, out of gun range at mach two.

“Damn it, Sandy, that’s three flights you’ve scared off with that stupid ‘quack, quack’ shit. Knock it off or I’ll leave you here in the marsh!”

The only reason he didn’t leave her there is that he recognized it was his fault for asking her along in the first place. But how was he supposed to know what an idiot she’d turn out to be?

“I’m only trying to help, Bret. You wouldn’t really leave me out here in this dismal swamp, would you?”

“I’ll do it in a heartbeat if you don’t sit down and shut up!” he looked over at her. She had a tear in her eye and was giving me the ‘wounded puppy’ look. Damn!! He fell for that every time.

She sniffled in the corner of the blind. He moved over and put his arm around her. “Honey, you know I would never strand you in the marsh. If you didn’t want to hunt ducks, you should have said so.”

“I just don’t want you to hurt the little duckies,” she sniffed.

“I’ve got to shoot ’em if you want ducks for dinner. What do you want me to do? Seduce them and knock them on the head?”

“I’m sorry I ever mentioned duck dinners. I should have stayed home. How long have your folks owned this property?”

“It seems like forever, in fact, now that you mention it, I can’t recall ever not illegal bahis having it.”

“How many other girls have you lured out here?”

“Not a lot. Never any for hunting.”

“Oh, and what did you do with them, if you weren’t hunting?”

“I can’t tell you. I’d have to show you.”

“Huh! That’s a typically male answer. So why don’t you show me?”

“Okay, but it will require your complete cooperation.”

“I have to agree to cooperate? What am I agreeing to?”

“Look, you either want to find out or you don’t. If you do, you have to agree to do every thing I say. If you don’t, don’t mention it again.”

Sandy sat pouting in the corner of the duck blind. Her curiosity was killing her, but she didn’t want to agree to do something stupid. This was the biggest dilemma she had faced in her nineteen years. She twitched and fidgeted. It was like a major bump in her road. She twiddled her fingers. Her jacket was too hot. She took it off.

Bret realized that he wouldn’t bag any ducks today. The morning had gone. There would be no ducks until late afternoon. He also knew that he had a pretty good chance of bagging Sandy.

“It’s time to pick ’em up,” he announced.

Sandy shifted and squirmed in the corner of the blind. “Alright!” she shouted. “I agree. Show me.”

“You’ll have to take off your shirt first,” Bret said.

She didn’t want to take her shirt off, but a deal is a deal. She shucked the shirt, leaving her with just a bra covering her tits.

“Now illegal bahis siteleri the bra,” Bret commanded.

She balked.

“Okay, let’s go home,” Bret said. “I don’t have time to waste on silly girls. I knew you weren’t serious.”

Sandy said, “I know you brought those girls out here to make out with them. I’m just not sure I want to be one of those girls.”

“No problem there,” Bret replied, “You don’t have what it takes. I’ll take you home.”

“If I promise to play your little game, will you make out with me?”

“Of course. That’s the whole point of the game. Now, do you want to play or not?”

“I’ll play, but I won’t go all the way. You have to stop when I tell you.”

“Okay, deal. Take off your bra.”

Sandy slowly unsnapped her bra and laid it on her shirt. “How about your shirt? Aren’t you going to take it off?”

Bret stripped off his shirt and added it to the growing pile of clothing. He stepped forward and enveloped her into his arms. He could feel her tits pressing into his bare chest. He had to have a taste. He moved her back and dipped his head to her breasts. He kissed and fondled her tits, then sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Sandy moaned as Bret started consuming her. His lips on her nipples were making her pussy wet.

“Drop the pants,” Bret ordered.

She complied quickly and now was clad only in her panties and socks. She watched as he dropped his jeans. She could see the bulge in his boxers. It looked big. She canlı bahis siteleri reached out and wrapped her fingers around it. He groaned.

“Let me see your pussy,” he requested.

“Let me see you cock,” she replied.

The last of their clothing hit the stack. Bret broke a blanket out of his equipment pack and spread it across the floor of the duck blind. “Lay down.”

As Sandy lay down on the blanket, she knew now that she would go all the way. There was no way to get around the fact that her pussy was soaking and his cock was hard. She grabbed his cock again and pulled him down on top of her. His tongue shot into her mouth as her lips parted for him. She felt his cock glide up to her entrance. She guided the tip into her and he plunged in with a long thrust. “Please don’t cum in me,” she moaned.

“Okay,” he replied and started thrusting faster.

She couldn’t take any more and suddenly she was cumming hard. She screamed out her passion as he stroked harder into her. All her other boyfriends had cum when she came. Now, there was no respite for her. Faster and faster, harder and harder he plunged into her. She came again, then again.

“I’m gonna cum,” he grunted.

“Not in me,” she begged.

At the last possible instant he pulled his cock out of her and shoved it in her mouth. She immediately sucked on it and tried to swallow it. She felt his hot seed shooting into her mouth as he grunted.

As they pulled on their clothes for the trip back to town he was rewarded with a last glimpse of her fine tits as they disappeared into her bra. He picked up his gun and headed back to his car with her in tow. He chuckled as he thought, “Another successful hunt. Once again I bagged my limit in the duck blind.”

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