The Ebony TS of my dreams


The Ebony TS of my dreamsThis story is about one of the most memorable piece of cocks I’ve ever experienced in my 30 plus years of getting fucking. I just thought I’d write it down and share it simply because I’ll never forget it and because I’m a married man and it most likely will never happen again. It happened about three days ago with TS Dominique I met through the internet(EROS). She was 23, but she easily looked 20. She kept her body pretty fit. She was about 5’11 and 135 lbs. I love tall women because I’m physically a big myself–6′, 245lbs. It’s hard to be fucked by a woman bigger than yourself. Plus, I just like how I can more easily handle the body of a smaller woman. I don’t mean in a domineering sense, but in the sense of just making her and myself feel really good when I can handle her body in certain ways.Anyways, her name was Ts Dominique. We had met off of eros. We did a lot of E-mail and talking on the phone. What she liked most about me was that I wasn’t that much older (by 10 years) white man. She told me she had fucked a lot of guys her age, but she was always liked more experienced men. She admitted she was a total slut for a cock and nice tight ass. We didn’t get together much because she lived in another state. Before for the overnight we did a lot of cyber and phone sex (sent her 150 for this) until I talked her into coming up to where I lived. She came down on a Saturday day, she stayed in a Marriott. The sad part about it is when I got to her hotel I had a cold that day, so I wasn’t totally myself when we met. She called me several times before I got to her hotel, because she wasn’t sure I would show up. When I met her in the parking lot outside the hotel, I got very excited because she was more petite than the pictures she had emailed me. She looked like a high school student and that really got me hot.I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat, and just looked at me and said not yet. We went back up into the room and had some small tuzla escort talk. We got in bed and peeled off our clothes as our lips locked onto one another. We both tongued each other’s mouth as I slipped her panties down to her angles. When I leaned over to lick one of her tits, as I took charge of her sex,Of course my cock was rock hard as we kissed and rubbed each other’s body. I rubbed my cock against her thighs and stomach as our tongues intermingled with lots of open mouth kissing. As we got hotter, I kissed and licked all over her neck. Licking, sucking, and letting some of my spit droll down a woman’s neck really turns me on, and I’m glad she didn’t mind me doing it. I just wish I hadn’t had the cold, for I could have done a lot more.Her little light brown body against my white skin was also a turn on. Strangely, Her cock is darker than the rest of her body, so that looked even more erotic up against my little white slut body. After a while I lay back on the bed and gently pushed her shoulders down, letting her know that I wanted my cock sucked. I liked to see her small head and feel her soft lips kissing down on my chest, stomach, and finally to what she wanted most–hard cock. She was a slut for cock like I was and am a slut for hung cocks. It was and is that simple.For some reason, before she started sucking, she looked up at me for a second or two as if I did something wrong, but when I just responded with a grin, she just bent her head down and started licking the head, tasting the pre-cum that had rose to the top. Again, her brown hands on my white cock was a serious turn on. She knew exactly how to give a blow job. She wasn’t timid about taking hard cock in her mouth. She knew how to take care of it. She licked all over it and then sucked some of it in her mouth. She stroked down on my cock, holding it firm at the base, which enlarge it and made it stronger. I gently pushed my cock up in her mouth some, wanting her to take it sancaktepe escort deeper. But at the same time I didn’t want to seem too pushy. So I just let her do her thing.I was loving it sooo much. I sucked and drooled over her cock getting nice and ready for my wet, hot, ass. Because I was laying on my side as she fucked her cock into my mouth, she could easily finger my ass, getting it nice and wet. she didn’t stick her finger inside, but mainly rubbed my ass clit and the surrounding area. I can still see in my mind how I spread my left leg wide as if I wanted to show her how much of a slut I could be. There was no shame in both are game. She knew I was a married man, she knew I would never make any promises, and she even knew that I just wanted her mainly for a good fuck, and yet, she came to me. She came and I got what I was addicted to. I loved to get fucked and used as a slut. The more we sucked, the more she debated whether she should cum in my mouth or wait and shoot my seed insider my man pussy.Well, my ass won out in the debate. She pulled my back up towards her, kissed my lips and nicely developed niple and got me into the missionary position for fucking. she like best being on top of a man so she can really take control and work the ass the way she wanted to. She also find that some men like the samething. They like to have their ass really fucked hard and deep, and she did that better when on top.For the most part, Ts Dominique was very out going at this point. She think I was a little shy for our first physical date, so she asked me if she was what I expected( yes and then some I’ll tell you now one of the best out there.) I asked what she liked so far about me. She blushed and said she like how big my cock was and that I had and nice tight clean ass. But as she began to put her cock inside me, it seemed like I was a fucking virgin. She literally could not push further. It hurt the more she tried to push inside. she figure üsküdar escort it out, for she knew cock wasn’t nothing new to me. As she pulled back some, I kind of grabbed her ass and tried to pull her back in. she tried some more, but I was sooo fucking tight. she told me that, and I just blushed again. The more she tried getting inside me, the harder she became (you know how that is, guys, a virgin ass is like gold, and men know that trannys like to bust open a tight young virgin ass–its there nature), so she just decided she would cum and use her juice to help open the walls of my tight hole. When she did that, I became all hers. Her lube was dripping down the entrance of my ass, and she just sunk inside. We kissed again, with our tongues fucking each other’s mouth, and she begin to take control of my ass the way she wanted.She grabbed my ass with both of her hands in a way that caused me to spread my legs further apart. she find that when she grab a man’s ass like that, she can get better penetration. Because I was petite with a nice firm ass, she could literally pull my ass toward her and fuck deeper into my fuck hole.she pulled my ass really tight against her groin. Her cock got harder and bigger. She told me, Feel what you’re doing to me. You’re making me sooo strong.I can you take this all night?? Mmmm that feels good, really good, I said with another blush. This is what you need. You need mommy to really make you feel like a woman. You need something nice and strong inside you. So spread wider for me. Let me get completely inside, She told me. Ts Dominique loved me like a man and slut while in our bed infidelity. She kissed my mouth again and brought my hand up to her well developed tits. I just thought for a moment what it would feel like to be married to her. Baby was sooo good to me.We really got into it. Our bodies were getting sweaty and I was licking her neck like crazy. The more she let me lick, the harder I got. When she started licking back behind my ears and on my neck, I nearly lost it again.Baby girl knew what she wanted. When the fucking slowed, we both took long breaths and felt our sweaty bodies take a rest. we spent the entire night together.The room was soo quiet and it seemed like we had fucked for days.

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