The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 2: Night Feeders)


The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 2: Night Feeders)Chapter 2:The man was waiting for them when they arrived. There was a charge in theair, something was very different, the man could not explain, and he wascompelled to witness its manifestation.Nine of the spindle-limbed creatures slid gracefully into the attic andpaused deliberately — they seemed to communicate to each other in thefaintest of whispers; the man strained to discern what passed between thembut could not. One each peeled away to settle purposefully over its chosenboy; the balance of others moved as a unit to the window and the bedbeneath it. The bed upon which slept the shaggy-haired blonde boy with theimprobably large hands and feet — lithe and long and whose pelvic bonesand shoulder blades protruded sharply when he moved — this boy who twonights prior had produced such a spout of cream at the pinnacle of hismilking that the succubi seemed barely able to devour it all — this boyhad earned special notice tonight.The creatures around their beds did not delay in their preparations — verypresently all six boys lay supine and exposed, their attendant succubi busyeliciting states of arousal.The man crowded in close to the window and its bed; the creatures campedthere did not part for him or even acknowledge his presence. He wanted toobserve the floppy-haired boy be fed upon again — to see if the previousoccurrence of milking was some curiosity or the harbinger of something new,habitual.The creatures used few but unfailing methods for arousing the boys, andthey were conscientiously brisk and efficient. The succubus attending tothe sandy-haired boy carefully pinched the boy’s penis from where it layover the curvature of smooth coral-hued testes, extended its proboscisfeeding tube and sucked the boy’s organ inside. The proboscis fasteneditself to the very root of the penis and presently the man detected theblurred light and shifting patterns of shadow across the length of shaftand glans that indicted the muscular stimulation at work to generate adesirable state of erection.The boy’s breathing rose and became shallow; his eyes darted behind theirlids — his penis stiffened and extended within the energizing sleevesurrounding it. In moments, it was powerfully erect, a salmon-shaded poleangled over alabaster smooth abdomen, the tip, with its slit rigid andgaping, easily eclipsed the navel. The creature began stimulating inearnest inside the tube, rhythmic upward pulls that halkalı escort traveled from base tothe ridge of the glans; the penis head flared, the shaft reared up in aflex; his balls, which were drooped between the legs, now aligned and drewin closer — the boy was already very close to popping.His breaths, which had been sharp puffs through the nose, now came asstertorous gasps from his mouth. The boy stretched his frame over the bed,his legs spread and locked, his hips ground into the mattress — a burst ofchalky spray exploded into the proboscis tube, a pause — the boy’sabdominal muscles clenched, a sustained gush of cream surged forth in adense cord — the boy exhaled a muffled, clipping squeak and loosed avolley of concise spurts, a staccato of frost-coloured liquid. The perineumat the base of his scrotum pulsed vigorously between each squirt. Thesuccubi drank and drank and drank.The boy had settled and the creature withdrew, but his penis remainedsolid, twitching metronomically. The man listened as the other feedingscommenced about him. Four of the boys had already ejaculated; theirattendant succubi were drawing out the last drops or had concluded theirnourishment and were backing away.The man approached the ‘feral boy’, so called because both sides of hishead were shaved like a peach leaving a distinctive column of cinnamon hairthat ran vertically over his scalp. This boy was often peculiar when awake,friskiness that verged on being frantic, he would sometimes go aboutwearing only a scrap of cured a****l skin and paint his cheeks in lineslike a wildman, his spirit was unusually animated even for an adolescent ofsixteen.He seemed taller with the hair, but was really only midling in height. Whenawake, his eyes were a fierce shade of blue, his face and skin were so palethey seemed to bloom in sunlight.The succubus feeding from him was proceeding more deliberately, thereseemed to be intervals of dormancy where the boy’s penis was held inert inits tube, then a very slow resumption of drags or measured swirls about theunderside of the tip. The boy exhaled faintly through his mouth. The teen’spenis wasn’t the longest of the boys, but when erect, the glans swelledmassively, an irregular but beautifully shaped cap crowning a polishedspike that changed in hue from bleached to strawberry after just moments ofarousal. A narrow wreath of flaxen hair grew olgun escort at the base of the organ, asparse glinting of hairs over his medial sac.After a few minutes of scrutiny, the man detected increased activity insidethe proboscis.Prolonged draws up the shaft now became frenzied pumps; the boy’s breathingraced, the cobbles of his rigid stomach quavered; inside the tube, thepenile slit was opened so fully that it was now circular, translucentpre-ejaculatory fluid seeping out so voluminously that the duct wasmagnified by its appearance. Each exhalation from the boy now bore anaudible moan; his eyes creased tight, his breathing froze, his entire bodywas wracked in spasm; four heavy ropes of ivory milk hemorrhaged from theyawning tip; the boy shuddered; the ejaculation was over. The creaturecould not even induce stray drops from the florid shaft. His peniscontinued to pulse even though nothing further could be expelled.The man wandered back to the window; it had only been ten or so minutessince the floppy-haired blonde had been siphoned, but another succubus wasalready working the boy’s penis in its fingers, trying to coax iterect. The boy responded more quickly than the man would’ve predicted; thecreature soon had the still hardening organ cinched inside its feeder andbegan industriously exciting it to orgasm. This second feeding took longer,several minutes in fact, and as customary, there was little to auger thecoming emission — the boy lay still throughout as a half dozen featheryribbons of semen were borne away.After wringing the residual drops from his tip, the creature rejoined theothers who had finished. A third succubi took its place, crouched besidethe boy, and began running its fingers over the chest and stomach, down thelength of thighs, over the arms. The man was not surprised to realize thatthe auxiliary creatures that evening all intended to feed from the samefruitful boy. The succubus continued petting the boy until the man grewweary of watching and left.A sound awoke the man later in the night, he crept up to the attic to findthe creatures still there. All had seemed to have fed, save one. The boysprawled prostrate and naked, at some point the creatures had seen fit tojust strip him. He lay pivoted at the waist, shoulders flat, pelvis turnedobliquely, the upper leg scissored behind the lower. şişli escort In profile, his waistformed a saddle of sharp angles where the pelvis scooped down to his torsoand back up to his ribs. Whether the subbubi had positioned him thus or theboy had overcome whatever normally rendered him immobile, the man could nottell.It was near daybreak; the creatures had been working on the boy allnight. The last was already well along with its feeding — its glisteningtrunk cinched and sheathed around the now blushed penis, glimpses ofdrawing and pumping gelatinous fiber playing across the shaft, ofdiaphanous coils over the head. The boy’s testicles now d****d limpid uponthe lower thigh, splayed and depleted of their volume so they hung like anempty sack, matching robins egg orbs suspended within. The boy’s hair wasdamp, thickets of blonde darkened by sweat and pasted against his brow; hischest was splotchy and flushed, his stomach moist. This was to be his sixthtime giving milk tonight; the man marveled at the boy’s stamina.The stimulation necessary to extract his semen was by necessity nowconducted in waves of intensity. The man did not guess how long thisexercise had been going, but it appeared to be nearing its carefully guidedapogee. Motion within the proboscis blurred, fervent pulling over the shaftjostled his scrotum which began to tighten into a singular acute sphere.The boy was panting continuously, each exhale punctuated by grunts ofexertion — chopped huffs, abbreviated squeals. The boy squirmed abruptly,eyes scrunched tight, his scrawny belly drew up tight as a drum-skin,shoulders reared back, his knobby spine bridged in an arch and suspended asthough cabled in place. An expulsion of sound — a gasp mashed with a growl– his penis strained — a single watery rivulet poured from the tip,leached of colour, mere thimblefuls, a languid stream as though tipped froma cup. The boy had collapsed even before it could cease flowing. Hisexhausted respirations continued, broken shortly by desperate keening whilethe succubus attempted to wring a few meager dribs from his tortuouslysensitive penis.The creatures took care in dressing the spent boy in his loincloth andrestoring his tangled bed sheet. One of them bowed slightly to the man andjust as quietly as they arrived, they were gone. The coins were already onthe door stoop when the man checked.The boys awoke and roused as usual, except for the blonde boy — he couldnot be stirred and slept until well past noon. He was uncommonly reservedfor the day; he did not know why, and wondered if some dream had kept himtossing.The creatures returned in three nights time, as was customary. The blondeboy would be spared the strenuous labors of before; not one fed would feedfrom him more than once.The raven haired beanstalk of a boy — the creatures would bear theirvoracious appetites on him now.

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