The End of High School Ch. 08


Jim and I decided to go down and eat out by the pool. On the way we passed the jewelry store. Our salesman was standing in the doorway and he shook hands with Jim and asked if we’d been doing any thinking about the rings.

“Well, they sure are pretty and I’m sure the price is good. It’s just a lot of money right now”

“It’s good to see you two again, have a nice stay.”

We continued out to the bar and placed our orders. Christine was working and she introduced us to Mr. Porter, her boss.

“It’s nice to meet some of our customers. How do you like the resort?”

“Oh, wow! This place is wonderful”

“Yeah, it’s so luxurious. Everything is so plush and the people are always there to help.”

“That’s right! It’s like all of the staff is really interested in how we’re doing and wants us to be happy.”

“I’m happy to hear that. We like our staff to be attentive to everyone’s needs.”

“Well, they are. I bet it’s a fun place to work, too.”

“We try to keep it that way.”

“That’s good because I bet it’s tough to have to keep finding new people.”

“That’s right. We have some openings right now and it will probably take some time to find the right people. Enjoy your stay and, if you need anything at all, call me.” He gave us his card: Doug Porter, Executive Manager, Hotel and Resort. Wow!

Christine brought our food and we told her about talking to her neighbors. She got excited along with us. Jim and I discussed various things about the job and kept coming up with new ideas.

Just as we were about to go Christine came back over and said Mr. Porter likes us and he wants us to go to the personnel office and interview for some job openings. One is on the front desk and another is for a bellboy position but also room service and helping out with the conferences. These sounded like good jobs and we’d have fun, too.

The interview only took about 45 minutes, they did us both together, and at the end explained some of the benefits. There is a 401K, paid medical, dental, vacations, holidays, raises after 6 months and annually, something where they give you up to 12% of your salary extra if you put in that much of yours. There was so much it all started to run together. They told us that in our first six months we could expect to make between $19,000 and $23,000 and it would go up from there. And that doesn’t include the tips. Mr. Porter, apparently, started in another of their hotels and moved up the line until he was manager of this one! Oh, they have a program where they will move you to another hotel for a cultural swap.

Our heads were swimming with all this new information. It was already after dinner time and we were hungry, already after dinner time and we were hungry, tired from the sun, the exercise and all the anticipation of learning maltepe escort about the exciting job offers. We passed Mom and Dad in the hallway, they were coming from the elevators and we, well, we hadn’t even thought about where we were headed.

“Say, kids, we were just about to call you. It ran late this afternoon but we’re going to have an early evening tonight. Do you still want to talk about those job offers?”

“Oh, yeah! We’ve got so much to tell you.”

“We’ll be back up here around 9:30-10, will you be here then?”

We looked at each other. “I’m sure we will, Dad. Right now we’re pretty exhausted. I think we’re going to hit the hot tub, order some food and go to bed early.”

“But, please, please wake us if we’re not up when you get there.”

We all hugged and kissed and went on up to the room.

I had my blouse unbuttoned when we stepped off the elevator and was naked before the door could close behind us. “Babe, I am so hungry now! Would you order me two of everything!”

“Hello, room service. Please deliver 4 of everything to our room.” Jim was pretending to talk to them while he got undressed.

Meanwhile I started the hot tub going. I poured in a packet of the Waterfall Flowers scent and slipped in. When Jim finished telling room service what we really did want, and it included a couple pitchers of mai tai’s, he slipped in beside me. We both put an arm around each other’s back and just stretched out enjoying the bubbles and the smell of flowers.

“I sure hope Mom and Dad let us do this.”

“It’ll be kinda weird, neither of us have been away from home for that long before.”

“That’s what’ll make it fun. We’ll be learning all this together.”

“Well, Mom’s kinda worried about us. She thinks we see too much of each other.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all! I love seeing your boobs and pussy! God, you were so hot the other night fucking that guy at the party!” Jim reached over with his other hand and started caressing my boob and we started making out. This was more intense than anything I had ever experienced, even more than my Orgasm in here. The way it was headed I was about to have another.

A knock on the door brought us to the real world.

“Come on in.”

“Room service.”

“Just bring the cart over here by the hot tub.”

I hadn’t seen this guy before but he was very polite and didn’t stare. Not even when I stood to get a look at the food. Apparently he’d seen a lot of action working here. Besides, if we were this casual, I’m sure other people were, too. Besides, it sure got me hotter when people saw me having sex and, at the moment, Jim was running his hands up and down my thighs to my pussy. The guy gave Jim a towel to dry his hand so he could sign the ticket.

“Thank you, sir. Have a tuzla escort nice evening.” He was gone.

Jim had ordered a crab salad, island lime grilled chicken, pasta with pesto sauce and key lime pie and chocolate decadence cake. After eating in the hot tub we decided to take it to the bed where it would be easier to hold the plates and everything without getting it all soggy. Of course, my pussy was still soggy. It became a game for us to clean up each other’s mess. I was first and dropped some salad dressing on the side of my boob. Jim made a big deal about wiping it off with his fingers and then licking them. He dropped a piece of crabmeat on his thigh and when I leaned for it his dick was poking me in the ear and side of my face. Of course that made him get hard. I dropped a piece of crabmeat on my boob and he started sucking it off. While he did that I kept drizzling the juice from the salad there and frigged my clit with the handle from my fork. We managed to finish the dinner but we were both messy. I mean we were covered with bits of food and sauce all over our bodies. In spite of our best efforts his tummy and above his dick was covered with chocolate and my thighs and nipples had key lime pie on them and our faces were a mess. I think we engaged in the messiest kiss ever licking each other clean. When we got out of the shower it was almost 9 PM.

“Babe, they’ll be here soon, I think we should clean this up.”

“I’ll put the leftovers in the fridge out there in case we get the munchies and you clean up the bed.”

“Can you imagine how busted we’d have been if they came in a while ago?”

“Especially when I had to extract that piece of pasta!”

“I’m going to put on those new pj shorts you got me.”

“Hey, kewl! I’ll put on my new nightie. At least I’ll be wearing something and they won’t be able to get mad at us being naked together.” It was a baby blue fly-away nightie with one little button just below my boobs. The panties were loose and ruffled. Both were sheer so, if pressed against my skin, you could all of my details.

Mom called just then so see if they could come to our room.

JIm answered the door when they got there and poured them some of the leftover mai tai’s from the fridge.

“I’m glad we caught you tonight.”

“Yeah, we just got out of the tub. Jim ordered room service.”

“Well, we wanted to talk to you about that, too.”

“I promise, we’ll pay you back if you think we spent too much.”

“Um, no, it’s not that.”


“Kids, your mom and I think you are getting entirely too familiar with each other.”

“But, Daddy! It wasn’t our idea to come here and all.”

“And there’s only so much privacy you can have like this.”

“I know but, can’t you be a bit more modest with each other?”

“And maltepe escort do you have to bathe together???”

“Oh, Mom! It’s not like we haven’t seen each other before.”

“Yeah, and when we get our jobs and live in the guesthouse we’ll be sleeping together there. And we’re OK with it.”

“Kids, your mom and I are worried you might be going too far.”

“Daddy, we’re being careful.”

“Yes, don’t worry. Besides, we have news for you!”

“Calm down. What is it?”

“They offered us jobs here!!!”

“But what about college?”

“Mom, Dad, this will all work out.”

“Yeah, with us getting free room and board at the Wentzler’s and working here, in a couple years we’ll have enough money put aside to pay all our college costs.”

“You know how much we save money? Right?”

“Yes, but are you sure you want to put off college that long?”

“I dunno. I haven’t really chosen my major yet and, seeing this place and all the benefits, I’m not sure I want to do that now.”

We talked together for the next hour or so about the resort jobs, the benefits and the Wentzler’s and the crazy schedules.

“Well, we’ve spoken with Mr. Porter and explained about watching the house and . . .”

“Yeah, and we talked to the Wentzler’s and they don’t see why we have to be at the house all the time. They understand the work schedules at the resort and think it’s great.”

“And, Mom, when they’re home, too, I can help her out with the kids and start learning to take care of little ones!”

“Well, don’t get too excited about that. You have to meet a guy and marry him before you start thinking of kids.”

“I know Mom. I’m just saying.”

“Well, do you want to tell them, or shall I?”

“You can, dear.”

“Kids, your mom and I have decide if this is what you really want to do . . .”

“Oh, Daddy, it is!!! I leaned over and gave him the biggest hug. Jim hugged Mom, too.

“OK, But! You have to promise to save some money and don’t spend it on little stuff.”

“Oh, Dad, I promise. I’ve started planning and I’ll only buy things that last and only if we really need it.”

“And take advantage of their benefits plans. It sounds like a great place to work and I wish I had that available to me when I started my carreer.”

“Jen, this is gonna be so awesome!” We looked at each other and couldn’t help kissing each other, full on the mouth, in utter joy.

“Now this is what we’re talking about.”

“Right, you two should not be acting like this together.”

“Well, we’re just so excited. Thank you so much.”

“Yeah! Thanks Dad. And Mom.” I kissed them both, on the cheek. Jim was caressing my bare back out of happiness. They kinda noticed and frowned a little.

“I think it’s too late to call the Wentzler’s but we’ll run over there in the morning to let ’em know.”

“Yeah, and we’ll tell Mr. Porter.”

“Oh, and we’ll go back home with you to get some clothes and our PC’s and ohter stuff we need to move in and set up housekeeping!”

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