The ex files – Emma’s boss Samantha


The ex files – Emma’s boss SamanthaEmma spent a couple of years working as a receptionist for a legal company under the supervision of a woman named Samantha, a good looking lady in her early 40’s who, by her own admission had had a pretty wild life until she met her fiance Mark. Emma said that Samantha had the ability to turn any conversation they might be having toward the subject of sex. In fact, sex was all she ever talked about but Emma didn’t mind as she found Samantha highly amusing and loved hearing her make lewd comments about the men they worked with and hearing in great detail about what she and Mark had got up to the night before. Emma also told me that whenever Samantha started a conversation with the words “Before i met my Mark” you could guarantee that by the end of the tale Samantha had been fucked senseless in car or nightclub toilet or wherever else she’d happened to be at the time. Emma also admitted that listening to her stories usually left her very wet and more than once she had felt the need to go to the lavatory and masturbate after one of Samantha’s tales. She was also certain that Samantha knew exactly what she was doing as she would always give her a knowing smile when she returned. I used to find it a little odd that she would tell these stories to a girl half her age who she happened to supervise at work but Emma thought she was great.The only thing that Emma found a bit weird about Samantha was the fact that she seemed to have no boundaries when bahis firmaları it came to personal space or privacy and would often come and sit in the room where they changed into their uniforms while Emma was changing and wouldn’t think anything of stripping off in Emma’s presence, sometimes totally naked, and could be a bit touchy feely but Emma had managed to get used to her strange ways.One evening while they were changing to go home, Samantha was telling Emma about her plans for the night when she suddenly asked Emma if she’d ever had her picture taken naked. Emma said she blushed and tried to avoid answering the question when Samantha took one look at her face and said “You have haven’t you!”Emma just smiled and nodded. Samantha started laughing and said “Well, well, you are a dark horse aren’t you” Emma said she could have died on the spot but Samantha looked at Emma who was halfway through changing and wearing only her underwear and said “Don’t be ashamed, you’ve got a fantastic body and it would a crime if your Olly didn’t appreciate it” She then reached out and picked up her handbag and began fishing around inside eventually pulling out an envelope which she passed to Emma.”Have a look at these” she said “Are yours as good as mine?” Emma nervously opened the envelope and inside were about 25 pictures of Samantha, some in lingerie, some naked and some of Samantha together with Mark. Emma sat there in her underwear looking at pictures of Samantha with Marks cock kaçak iddaa in her mouth and in her pussy and she swore blind that there were a few pictures that could only have been taken by a third party. While she was looking at the pictures Samantha carried on taking her uniform off and asking Emma if the pictures were getting her excited which of course they were. In fact Emma said that her panties by this point were soaking wet and she wanted nothing more than to rub herself when suddenly Samantha moved toward her and pulled her gently to her feet. Samantha moved closer to Emma and ran her hand through Emma’s hair, telling her she was a good looking girl before turning around and lifting her long dark hair. Emma was aware that if this didn’t stop now there would be on backing away when Samantha said “Be a love and undo my bra Em” She knows that she should have said no she was so turned on she reached out and pulled the clips apart and pushed the straps off of Samantha’s shoulders. Samantha let the bra drop to the floor then turned to face Emma and moved toward her closing off the space between them before reaching out and slipping her hand into Emma’s panties. Emma fell back against the wall and felt her legs turn to jelly as Samantha massaged her wet slit. She leaned forward and kissed Emma, forcing her tongue into her mouth as Emma pushed back with her own tongue and wriggled on Samantha’s fingers. Emma then stood there panting as Sam slowly went to her knees taking kaçak bahis time to pop Emma’s tits out and kiss and suck Emma’s nipples on the way before gently biting Emma’s pussy through her panties. Emma said she nearly collapsed at this point but Sam carried on and began to pull Emma’s panties down and off finally pushing her legs apart and burying her face in Emma’s crotch, probing with her tongue and working her fingers into Emma’s swollen pussy. Emma slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor with Sam who lay back and pulled off her black lace panties and began to rub her pussy. Sam then turned Emma around and straddled her face while burying her own into Emma’s soaking cunt, licking like her life depended on it until Emma shuddered and shook and come loudly, all the time still licking frantically at Samantha’s clitoris. Samantha responded by sitting up and grinding her herself into Emma’s face until she too began to buck and moan loudly, soaking Emma’s face with her juices.They lay there together on the floor for a good fifteen minutes before Sam stood up and began to get dressed. Emma put on her own clothes and went to the changing room door unsure of what she should say when Samantha broke the silence saying “And don’t you be late tomorrow” at which they both burst out laughing.Emma continued to work with Samantha for another few months until she left to take another better paid job elsewhere and even though there was no repeat encounter she said that there was no awkwardness either. They continued to talk sex at every opportunity and Sam even showed her more pictures and even though she never said as much, i know Emma shared a few of ours. well, it was the least she could do!

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