The Family Ch. 05

Anal Fucking

David eased his car into the driveway and up the short stretch of concrete into the garage. It had been a good day; the morning had involved a meeting with his staff and then, after lunch, he had spent the afternoon on-site overseeing the initial stages of an office development they had been working on for the last twelve months; everything seemed to be falling into place. Now he was looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with Loretta and the kids. He grabbed his briefcase from the passenger’s seat and climbed out. The garage door clanked and rattled on its tracks overhead as it shut automatically behind him.

“Home again!” he called to no-one in particular as he stepped through the connecting door that gave internal access to the house and pulled it shut behind him.

“In the kitchen dear” Loretta’s voice came from the far end of the house. As he walked down the hall towards the kitchen a roll of thumping footsteps in the stairwell preceded Rosie as she careered down to meet him.

“Daddy!” and she threw her arms around him, squeezing tightly. Caught off-guard, David dropped his case and laughed as he put his arms around his daughter, returning the embrace and lifting her off her feet in a big bear-hug. The house was warm from the sunny day and she was dressed in just a tank top and shorts. Her hair was wet and perfumed from a recent shower and she giggled as he lifted her and then dropped her back down again.

“We’re all in here,” she said and turned and bounced through into the dining room. It was the happiest he’d seen her for quite a while and he initially put it down to her simply being free of exams and looking forward to the holidays. He stepped through to the kitchen, waving to Sam where he sat reading at the dining table. Rosie had disappeared into the family room and David could hear the sound of the TV. Loretta stood at the stove, the conductor of a maelstrom of pots and pans that either issued forth columns of steam or bubbled fragrantly as she stirred and tasted and added ingredients. He stepped up behind her and slipped his arms around his wife.

“How’s my domestic goddess?” he murmured in her ear. She turned, smiling as she reached up to kiss him hello. He pecked her mouth, expecting it to be a chaste kiss but Loretta held him close and pushed her tongue through between his lips, stroking and teasing in a deep kiss.

Under her apron she was wearing one of the dresses he loved to see her in; a wrap-around full-length summery thing, the brightly printed fabric so thin that it would have been see-through but the fact that it was composed of many layers of overlapping pleats and folds afforded her some modesty. It showed off her figure beautifully and when he stepped up to her, wrapped his arms around her, running his hands over her lovely curves he could feel she wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath it.

Her arms held him tightly as the kiss ended and she put her head on his shoulder, kissing his neck softly as he put his face in her rich dark hair and hugged her back. He straightened up and smiled at her.

“I’m so glad you’re home dear,” she said happily.

“Well, so am I,” he looked over her shoulder. “What’s for dinner? Something Italian?”

“Lasagne” and she turned and dipped out a spoonful of the filling for him to taste.

“Mmm, delicious as always.”

“Do you feel like choosing a bottle of wine?”

“I can do that.”

The Cabernet blend was two years old and went perfectly with the meal Loretta had prepared. David sat and quietly watched his family as they ate. Eventually he laid down his fork, took a sip from his wine glass and placed it deliberately back on the table before him. Three pairs of eyes watched the movement.

“Alright,” he said, looking around the table. “What’s going on?” He looked at Sam, who met his eyes for a fraction of a second and then nonchalantly lifted his own glass for a drink. David turned to Rosie, who sat opposite him. She couldn’t sit still, fidgeting and jiggling in her chair as she met his eyes and grinned openly. Finally he turned to his wife. Loretta looked at him with a straight face but her dark eyes sparkled with suppressed mirth and he thought he saw a twitch at the corner of her mouth.


There was silence for a split second and then the table exploded with laughter, everybody looking at each other and then at David and then back to each other again. He sat through it with an affected look of martyrdom on his face until the giggling subsided. He turned to Loretta.

“So, what gives?”

Loretta cleared her throat.

“I think Rosie might be the one to tell you dear.” And she smiled at her daughter over the rim of her glass as she took a sip of wine. David looked expectantly at Rosie.

“Rosie? Do you have something to tell dad?”

Rosie looked at the table.

“Um…” She flicked a glance sideways at Sam who, David noticed, seemed to be looking extremely laidback in spite of all the hilarity.



“Daddy something happened today, something wonderful. I…Sam and I…and mom, she was there too…” suddenly the words came in a rush. “I’m not a virgin anymore. Sam and I did it and it was amazing and I want to do it with you too and mom said it was ok and I know that you and mom and Sam all make love together and I want to as well. Wouldn’t you like that? I sincan escort mean, think about it; all of us together, wouldn’t it be just…just fantastic?” She stopped suddenly, breathing heavily from talking so quickly, realising everyone else was looking at her. Her father was smiling openly at her.

“Did you really like it?” he asked, watching her closely.

She nodded emphatically.

“Sam was so gentle,” she glanced at her mother for confirmation and Loretta, smiling softly at Sam, nodded in agreement. Rosie smiled at Sam as well and David noticed he was blushing from the attention. “And it felt so good. Can we do it too?”

David looked around the table at his family.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting this when I got in the car to come home,” and he laughed in delight. He placed his hand over Loretta’s where it lay on the table next to his. “Rosie, I think this is a wonderful thing that’s happened and I’m glad you enjoyed it; sex and making love is supposed to be nothing but. Personally, I would love to have you join in with us and I’m sure mom and Sam aren’t going to object.” He looked at the others and they both nodded silently. “But I’m also sure that mom would be in complete agreement with me when I say that you need to be perfectly clear about what’s happening.

“Yes, mom and I helped Sam with his first time and it was wonderful for all of us and yes, Sam and mom and I make love together as often as we can but we’re all aware that mom and I have no intention of monopolising him; we can’t give him everything he needs and it wouldn’t be right for us to think we could.” He watched Rosie as he spoke to see if she was hearing and understanding what he was saying. She nodded to encourage him to carry on.

“So what I’m saying to you is that we can do this and mom and I are surprised and so happy that you want to be a part of it too but we don’t expect and we don’t want our family to be the only place that you find love; do you understand?”

Rosie looked at the table as she spoke.

“Yes daddy, I understand.” Her voice was quiet now, serious, unlike her eagerness before. “I understand what it means. We’re just enjoying each other in another way, a special way; it’s something that I…that we want to give each other because it’s so good…so wonderful. We’re all grown up enough to know what it means and there’s no risk for any of us, we’re just having fun…all of us. Where’s the harm in that?”

David looked at Loretta and grinned ruefully.

“I think she’s going to be a lawyer,” he said and everyone laughed.

Eventually, after dinner had been finished and the dishes tidied away and everyone had done whatever it was they had to do, they drifted one by one into the family room. They made themselves comfortable on couches and chairs and watched trash television for an hour or so. Finally David hit the mute button and flipped the remote onto the coffee table. Loretta stretched luxuriously on the couch beside him and he smiled at her, stroking her leg, enjoying having her close.

“Time for bed?” he asked.

Rosie started in the chair she was sitting in.

“Oh…I thought…”

David looked at her and waited. He knew full well what she was thinking but he wanted to see how his daughter would go about getting what she wanted. It wasn’t a game as far as he was concerned; he wanted to see how she dealt with the desire. He waited until the silence had lengthened. Loretta and Sam waited as well.

“Yes?” David asked eventually, smiling at her to help her feel more at ease. Rosie blushed, feeling everybody watching her.

“Well…I was hoping we could…you know, maybe all together. Um…but if we don’t, well, I guess…I’ll just go to bed too.”

“Do you want to Rosie?”

“Yes” The answer was emphatic, unhesitating. Sam rolled his eyes dramatically from his chair beyond the one Rosie was curled up in.

“Well then,” David smiled quickly as he looked at her again. “I’m waiting.”

Everybody waited again.

“Oh alright!” Rosie burst out and clambered out of her chair. “I bet it didn’t feel this awkward for Sam!”

“It’s not awkward Rosie,” said Sam. “We just don’t want to force you into anything you’re not ready for.” Loretta felt another surge of pride within her. Sam had nothing but Rosie’s best interests at heart, the same as she and David, but she was so happy he could see it too. David smiled at his son again and nodded agreement.

“Are you sure you want to, after today? Wouldn’t you like to rest?”

“No! God, what do I have to do?” Rosie stood before the three of them, frustrated. “I’ve been waiting so long and now that it’s happened I want more. Please, please can we daddy?”

David looked around.

“What, here?”


He grinned and held out his hand to her.

“Come here sweetie.”

Rosie stomped over and stood in front of him.

“What?” almost petulant.

He pulled her down to his knee and took her hand. She guessed his movement and began stroking the crotch of his trousers.

“Will this make it hard Daddy?” she asked in a feigned innocent voice.

David could feel himself reacting already and he pushed a hand up the loose-fitting leg of the shorts Rosie was wearing, up into her groin as she parted her legs and leant her head against his, her eyes hooded as she felt sincan escort bayan his fingers move surely across the thin fabric of her panties.

“Oh Daddy,” she breathed. She felt Loretta move on the couch beside her but she was too preoccupied with what her father was doing. His fingers slipped under the elastic at the edge of the triangular panel and pushed through the curly hair of her pussy, probing, touching her there for the first time. Already she could tell she was getting wet, her vagina tingling and primed after the joyful pleasure that Sam had given her that day. And now her wonderful father would give her the same feelings. She parted her legs as far as she could as she felt the strong fingers slide down over her cunt, parting the soft lips, exploring deeper, entering her.

Her own hand was working as well, squeezing and stroking the hardening shaft within the dark material of David’s pants. Even through the fabric she could feel the thickness of him, the ridge beneath the swollen head. In spite of the pleasure his fingers were giving her, she slipped off his knee and knelt on the floor in front of him. To her surprise, Sam was standing behind her. He’d come to stand before Loretta but she’d been too busy concentrating on her father and the feelings and sensations they were giving each other to notice. Loretta looked up at Sam, a concerned look on her face as she likewise rubbed his crotch through the sweat pants he was wearing.

“You’re sure you’re not too tired darling?” she asked, watching him.

Sam shook his head.

“I’m fine mom,” and he grinned, “although I might not have much to give.” he said obliquely.

“I’ll take everything you can give me,” she replied with an arch smile.

After the frustrations of the afternoon, watching Sam and Rosie make love not once but twice and having to hold back because it was Rosie’s first time, being forced to rely on only her fingers had been excruciating for Loretta. Her vagina was tingling and her moistness was building even faster than was happening for Rosie so it was a huge relief for her to feel Sam’s cock thickening as her hand moved firmly on it. Unable to hold back, she pulled his pants and underwear down and, with a happy moan, caught the smooth head in her lips. The feeling of him in her mouth again only served to quicken her arousal and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to wait long before she had him inside her.

David watched and smiled as Rosie wrestled with the belt and buttons of his trousers. She worked with a small frown on her face, concentrating on the job at hand and, when she finally had him open before her, she looked up with a triumphant smile.

“Now what?” he asked quietly.

“Now…” Her small hands pulled at the elastic band of his boxers and he stiffened involuntarily as her fingers enclosed the firm flesh of his cock, squeezing and stroking him without taking him out. She looked up at him, a sly smile on her face.

“Do you jerk off daddy?”

David flushed and looked away momentarily. Rosie laughed delightedly.

“I thought so…just like Sam.”

David recovered himself and grinned ruefully at her. Two could play this game.

“And what about you? Does my daughter know how to pleasure herself?”

Now it was Rosie’s turn to blush. His cock felt so good in her hand and she eased the hard shaft out of his boxers as she answered.

“Yes…yes, I play daddy. But I prefer having someone else.” She looked up at him. “It felt so good having Sam inside me…” and then, as she got him free “Oh daddy, that’s so nice.” Her eyes were glued to the hard cock in her hand and she gazed at it for a moment before she leant forward. David watched, entranced, as her mouth enveloped the swollen head and he exhaled in a satisfied groan as he felt Rosie begin to suck strongly, her tongue playing around the taut skin.

Beside them, Loretta was approaching the point of no return. She had hiked her dress up as she sat on the couch and her free hand had found its way between her splayed thighs. Her cunt was soaked and her fragrance drifted freely to Sam as he stood before her and watched as her mouth moved on him, sucking and slurping, sliding up and down and her hand gripped him firmly, squeezing and stroking him as the fingers of her other hand teased and rubbed and dipped into the hot wet tunnel between the hairy lips in her crotch. She broke off and looked up at him hungrily.

“Fuck me Sam; fuck me as hard as you can.”

She lay back quickly on the couch and lifted her already parted legs as Sam moved to kneel in front of her.

“Take your shirt off, darling.” She wanted to see all of him as he fucked her, wanted both of her lovers naked before her.

“You too then,” said Sam, leaning forward and grabbing the hem of her dress. With an exasperated moan, Loretta struggled up to a sitting position again and pulled and wrenched at the fabric until she had worked it out from under the curve of her bottom. Sam reached out and cupped her breasts as they swung free from under the dress but she pulled it over her head, tossed it to the floor and, naked, threw herself back onto the cushions behind her. The time for foreplay was over; she wanted him inside her, to feel him again, to fuck. Sam shifted forward and she reached down between her legs to grab his hard cock, lowering escort sincan it to her vagina. She watched as his hips rocked and then groaned as she felt him slide into her, the thick shaft penetrating, parting her, filling her, pushing into her warmth and her cunt swallowed him eagerly.

“Oh God, fuck me…”

Sam watched his mother as she began playing with her nipples, the thick nubs dark and hard on her breasts. He understood the need in her, understood her desire but he had none of her urgency. For Sam, after what had happened that afternoon, this would be a time to relax and enjoy being with his mother. He started moving in her with an easy rhythm; not frantic fucking, just moving in her smoothly, pushing all the way in, making sure she felt his whole length before he pulled out of her again for the next stroke. Loretta lay back on the couch beside her husband with her eyes closed and rocked her hips in time with Sam’s thrusts, lifting herself as he pushed into her so that she could feel all of him inside her.

“Oh fuck…” her voice was quiet, “Oh Sam…that feels so good darling. Fuck me…”

David watched with delight as his daughter’s mouth moved on him. He hadn’t formed any preconceived ideas about what it would be like but Rosie obviously enjoyed giving oral pleasure. He wondered where she had learnt it; she wasn’t the same as Loretta but it still felt just as good. He felt her body move against him, gentle, repetitive and he realised she was masturbating, her hand pushed down under the fabric of her shorts and panties. He relaxed on the couch and smiled at her as she glanced up at him, her head bobbing as she sucked and licked him. Loretta moaned and pulled her legs up higher and although his daughter’s mouth felt good, he decided it was time to experience his daughter in the same way that Loretta and Sam were sharing each other. He struggled up and lifted her off him. Rosie sat back on her haunches, looking up at him.

“Wasn’t it nice, daddy?”

“Honey of course it was,” he smiled in reassurance. “It felt wonderful, but wouldn’t you like that as well?” He nodded his head sideways. Just as he finished speaking, Loretta began to pant and moan. One hand had slipped into her crotch and like Rosie she was masturbating as Sam continued to thrust in and out of her with the same smooth even rhythm. Her vagina was saturated with her arousal and Sam smiled down at his mother as he felt the muscles in her groin spasm around him. Her legs relaxed for a moment and then her eyes went wide and she stiffened on the couch as all the pent-up tension and desire from watching her children fuck exploded in her. Her orgasm ripped through her and Loretta closed her eyes tight as she gasped and struggled for breath, her cunt gripping and squeezing Sam while he held her knees and pushed his cock harder into the hot wet glove. He still felt no urge to climax himself and in fact was sure he could last a lot longer so he just kept moving, watching his mother in her pleasure, varying the force of his thrusts to maintain the rhythm, enjoying the knowledge that she was enjoying him.

Loretta moaned and shook, her face and breasts glistening with sweat as her orgasm ebbed. She opened her eyes and looked up at her son with a smile.

“Darling, that felt so good.” She heaved a happy sigh, “Oh God, I needed that.”

The others laughed and Rosie reached out to touch her father’s hand.

“Yes please daddy,” and she smiled as he grinned at her. “How do you want me? On the couch too?” She raised herself and pulled her top over her head. Her breasts sat bare and proud on her chest, the nipples stubby and hard with her arousal and David felt his penis respond automatically as, still kneeling before him, she worked her shorts and panties down her thighs past her knees and then awkwardly bent her legs to get them free of her feet. She squawked as she lost her balance and fell sideways onto the large rug in front of the couch and the sight of her, naked, her legs parted with the pink lips of her sex wet from her fingers spurred David into action.

“Stay there.” He moved swiftly, standing before her and she stretched out on the rug to watch as he shrugged off his shirt and kicked his trousers away from his feet. Rosie looked at him as he moved, seeing with different eyes the man who had helped raise her and provide for her and her brother. She felt a thrill of excitement at the thought that she would be able to give him this pleasure, a small gesture of love, an acknowledgement of his sacrifice and dedication to the family he had helped create. Her father had always been handsome in her eyes but now she looked at him in a new way, admiring his body and the way he moved. His cock fascinated her and she was struck by how similar it was to Sam’s; her excitement grew as she remembered the experiences of the afternoon and her pulse quickened as she watched him move closer to her, watching her in turn to be sure that she was ready. She smiled at him and glanced up at the couch, where Sam and her mother continued in their love-making. David followed her glance and smiled as well. When it became clear that he was positioning himself to enter her, moving over her, kneeling on the rug as he placed his hands either side of her ribcage, Rosie parted her legs further and took him in her hand, gently guiding his shaft to her, placing the head at her entrance. She looked up at David and they locked eyes as she felt him push against her, push and then slide into her, her wetness enclosing him and she smiled again, her eyes dancing as she watched his face, saw the look of joy and pleasure on it as he felt his daughter surround him for the first time.

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