The February Incident


At 10:19pm Bianca raised her hand and knocked on the hotel room door. A couple of seconds later Drew answered.

“Bianca, what are you doing here?” his light brown face registered surprise.

“I apologize for stopping by so late unannounced,” she hesitated, “but I just saw your cousin Charles in the UK edition of Cosmo. I had to bring you a copy, because I knew you would want to see it.”

“Really!! Well come in, come in,” he replied as he shifted his 6’3 frame out of her way.

Bianca walked across the threshold of the room and inspected the layout. Thinking to herself that Drew was by far the finest specimen of man she had ever seen. His mixed background was notable in the curliness of his hair, the color of his eyes and lets not forget the lusciousness of his lips. He was Irish and Jamaican and looked good standing there in his jersey shorts. She noticed that Drew had his computer on the table and was playing some songs on his Windows Media Player.

“ I am so happy I moved out of this hotel. Student housing here sucks, ”she declared.

“Come on Bianca give me a break, this is my first semester here, so this is fine for the time being. You want a drink or something? I have some Moet in the fridge chilling or do you want some vodka?”

“Vodka would be good Drew. So where’s your roommate?” she asked as she took a seat on his bed.

“Oh he had a study group on the second floor so he will be back in a couple of hours. So where is this magazine?” he queried checking her out.

Bianca always dressed fashionably. Tonight she had her hair wrapped up in a red scarf and had on some kind of dark stretch jeans that emphasized her ass and a red Dior top. Her mocha skin shined as she moved around in the light.

Bianca reached inside her Chanel tote and pulled out the latest edition of Cosmo. It had T.A.T.U. posing on the front along with the phrase “10 Ways To Figure Out If He Likes You.”

“Here you go. The article is on page eighty-three. I didn’t realize your cousin and his band were that famous. They did an interest piece on him. He said his idol is his mom. Is that you mother’s sister or your father’s?”

“Its my mother’s,” said Drew with a wide grin as he skimmed it. “When I go back home to London, I’m going to tease him about this forever.”

He put he magazine down and went to go make Bianca’s drink. From past experience he knew that she liked to take shots or just sip on plain liquor. He couldn’t believe it, Bianca, the one person he had been lusting after for weeks, had finally given him the opportunity to make a move. Every man on campus wanted her but she never responded the way other girls did. She was content with just being friends. Sometimes she reminded Drew of himself, because she acted like a guy and liked a lot of the same stuff he did. He handed her the vodka and walked back over to his computer to put on some slow jams to set the mood.

“So what have you been up to Bianca? I haven’t seen you on campus in awhile?”

Bianca took a couple of sips, giggled and said mock seriously, “You know I can’t stand your ass. Where do you think I’ve been? Hiding from you!” She started laughing some more because the look on his face was priceless.

“Come on, stop playing with me,” he said with a smile, “What have you been doing?”

“You know: only schoolwork and trying to keep from being stressed out. I just came back from Barnes they watched porn together sometimes, joked around a lot, and talked about the many women in his life. Shit he even hooked up with her friend Summer who had to be the biggest whore this side of the Atlantic. No way would he want her: Bianca. She had been feeling Drew for a while, but he was never available: every week he had a different chick. He was illegal bahis just joking she was sure of it.

Drew made sure the door was locked: so that when his roommate tried to come in he wouldn’t be able to. Then he found his cell phone and turned it off: no interruptions tonight. He checked his stash of condoms and put one in his pocket. He was unplugging the hotel phone when Bianca came out the bathroom.

“Hey, come here,” he said holding out his hand for her to grab it.

Bianca looked around nervously and approached him. She sat down on the bed with him and took his hand. He was really tall compared to her 5’5 frame.

“Bianca, you know I want to fuck you right?” he asked in a deep serious voice.

Bianca was startled by this statement and looked into his hazel eyes. Drew never let on that he wanted her or her body. For the first time in her very talkative life, she was shocked speechless. Drew took her silence for consent and bent to kiss her.

He slid his tongue in her mouth and pulled her on his lap so she could feel his erection. Bianca started sucking on his tongue and making little moaning noises. It was finally happening she was going to have sex with Drew. She slid her hand down his chest to his shorts and wrapped her hand around his shaft. It was at least six inches and felt quite thick. Bianca felt a shiver go through her body, her pussy was tight and six inches was going to hurt a little.

Drew pulled away and started kissing on her neck. “Take off you clothes, baby,” he whispered, “ I want to look at you before I taste you.”

Taste her? That sounded interesting to Bianca.

Bianca stood up and they both started pulling at her top and jeans. In a couple of seconds she was completely naked. Drew glided his hands up and down her body trying to learn all her curves.

“Your skin is so soft Bianca. It feels like silk,” Drew said in a mystified tone.

He sucked on her palm-sized titties and gave special attention to her nipples. He got on his knees and kissed her calves all the way up to the top of spine. Drew gradually turned her back to his bed and positioned her on her back with her legs open and her arms over her head.

Bianca felt herself getting wetter and wetter and Drew slowly stripped off his clothes piece by piece. He stared into her eyes letting her know that she was going to get fucked properly tonight.

As he slid his boxers off he saw he eyes widen and heard her gasp when she finally laid eyes on his cock. It was standing straight up and hard as a rock.

“Do you like what you see Bianca? I going to fuck you until you can’t take it anymore and then flip you over and fuck you some more.”

Bianca moaned from the level of lust flooding her mind and body.

“Drew please don’t make me wait.” She was aching all over.

Drew grabbed the condom out of his pocket and put it on. He walked over to the bed and climbed on top of Bianca and settled between her legs.

“Whatever I do Bianca, don’t move your hands. If you move them I am going to tie them to the bedpost okay?”

She nodded her assent aroused beyond belief because no man had ever threatened to tie her up before. Drew resumed sucking her brown nipples pushing them together and biting occasionally. He rubbed the head of his penis up and down her slit, all the while sucking and loving her flesh. Bianca moaned and cried out but kept her hands above her hand. Drew slowly kissed and licked his way down her belly to her leaking pussy.

“Umm, baby you are soaking wet. Here let me clean you up,” he whispered against her skin.

Drew stuck his tongue deep inside Bianca and proceeded to lap her up with it. He grabbed her hips to keep her still, even though she was bucking wildly. Bianca illegal bahis siteleri tasted so good. He could eat her all day. He alternated between licking up the juice she gushed and thrusting inside her. Drew hummed inside her body and scraped his tongue over her clitoris determined to make her climax.

“Do you want me to stop Bianca?”

“No, oh god no!!”

Bianca couldn’t breathe. Drew was driving her crazy with his tongue and all her thoughts had flown out the window. She reached down and laced her fingers in his hair to hold on for the ride. She didn’t recognize those incoherent sounds coming out of her, but Drew did. He waited as she began to tense up, and when he knew she was on the precipice, he gently bit her clitoris.

“Ohhhh ahhh ohhhh ahhh, Drew,” she gasped, “Oh my god, ohhh, ohhhhh.”

Drew continued to suck up Bianca’s juices as she climaxed. It was a gratifying thought to know that he could bring her to climax. He slid up her body and slowly licked her lips and then inserted his tongue into her mouth.

“How do you feel baby?”

“Oh my god Drew! I never knew you were so talented. We should have done this sooner.”

“Well we are doing it now, and I am not nearly finished with you.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Tell me what position you like to be fucked in?”

“Do you want the truth?” she hesitated.

“Yeah, tell me.”

“I like it doggy-style. I also like talking dirty.”

Drew chuckled softly, “Who would have known you were such a kinky person. So you want me to ask you who does this pussy belong to?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Is this my pussy Bianca?”


“Do you want to feel my big dick deep inside of you?”


“Turn my pussy over Bianca, and get on your knees,” he commanded.

Drew lifted Bianca’s leg up and helped her turn over onto her knees. She propped her elbows up on the pillow and then buried her face in it. As he whispered erotic things to Bianca, Drew took his hand and guided his penis to the entrance of her body.

“Can I tie you up and spank you Bianca?”

“Ye – Ohhhh.”

Before Bianca could finish answering, Drew thrust inside of her abruptly. She was unbelievably tight, but not nearly wet enough. Even though he felt her body’s resistance, Bianca’s cries of distress were quite telling. He kept his thrusts shallow, slowly trying to give her his shaft inch by each.

“That’s it baby. You can take it. Just relax. It will fit baby, I promise, just relax,” he coaxed.

Bianca tried her best to relax her vaginal muscles, but Drew’s dick seemed massive. It couldn’t have been more than six or seven inches but he was so thick. She felt him penetrate a little deeper and then something gave way suddenly, and he was completely inside.

“Unhhh,” she groaned out. She felt filled to the brim.

Drew began to sink into her with long and continuous strokes. Bianca’s pussy was producing more lubrication, so that it became easier to get inside her. He took her like that for a couple of minutes, constantly keeping up the flow of erotic talk.

“Umm baby, my pussy feels so good. It’s nice and tight just the way I like it.”

He sped up the pace as Bianca’s breath came in faster pants. He thrust hard and fast until his rhythmic pummeling was accompanied by the sounds of his balls slapping her ass. He groaned several times and sped up the pace, because Bianca was doing something with her vaginal muscles that made her grip on him feel like a vise.

Bianca was moaning and muttering incoherent words. Drew was hitting her cervix and it felt divine. She had never had a man talk dirty to her and pleasure the hell out of her at the same time. But Bianca was fairly new at this kind of thing. canlı bahis siteleri To show her appreciation, she used the muscle maneuver she learned a long time ago. She had craved this feeling of euphoria for so long. He was really breaking her back and she never wanted it to stop.

“Don’t stop!! God don’t stop!” she yelled.

Drew took her words to heart and continued to pound her hard. He slapped her ass a couple of times, because he couldn’t resist the temptation. Her ass was big and round and staring him in the face.

“Whose pussy is this, Bianca?” he asked.

“Yours Drew, yours!”

“Say it again!”

Bianca felt her orgasm approaching. Her legs started shaking and she threw her head back and screamed.

“Yooouuurrrssss!! Unnahhhh! Ohhhh!!” She gasped for breath and collapsed on the bed but Drew followed her down and continued to pleasure her through her orgasm. He slowed down his pace to match the rhythmic muscles spasms that were gripping him tightly. Several minutes later, he felt a familiar tingling sensation low in his groin. He sped up his pace and shoved deep inside her as he exploded.

“Unnnhhhhh! Unhhhhh! Unnhhhh!!”

Drew collapsed on Bianca, and then rolled over on his back holding the condom as he slid out. As he lay there trying to collect his breath, Bianca rolled over and kissed him on his neck. She rubbed his nipples and kissed his jaw.

Bianca had never felt so contented in her life. She couldn’t wait for round two. Drew kissed her mouth and drifted off. He was almost asleep, when the door suddenly opened and hit the lock.

“Hey Drew!! What’s going on man? Why did you lock the door? I need to get one of my books. Open up!” his roommate Marcus yelled.

Bianca jumped up grabbed her top and jeans off the floor: mortified that Marcus might see her. As she ran into the bathroom she heard Drew unlocking the door.

“Damn man who were you fucking up in here? It smells like pure ass,” Marcus asked jokingly. “Is that Summer in the bathroom?”

“That is none of your business,” retorted Drew with a grin. “Just get your book and leave! I have some unfinished things to attend to.”

Bianca dressed hurriedly in the bathroom embarrassed that she succumbed so easily to Drew.

“What were you thinking? How could you have jumped into bed with him so fast?” As she tried to put her jeans on she realized she had accidentally picked up Drew’s instead.

Drew knocked on the bathroom door and said, “Bianca its okay to come out, Marcus is gone.”

Bianca opened the door as Drew was pulling her jeans off the floor. “Here you go,” she said. “I accidentally picked up yours.”

As they traded jeans Bianca gathered up her stuff and said, “It’s late I have got to go home.” She glanced at her cell and noticed it was 2:17am. She could not believe that four hours had passed. As she walked towards the door she spotted her panties in a corner but mentally said to herself, “Forget it,” and headed for the door.

Drew caught up with her by the threshold and told her, “Wait up. I am going to walk you downstairs to catch a cab.”

As they rode the elevator in silence, Bianca refused to contemplate the fact that she and Drew would still be fucking if Marcus hadn’t interrupted.

Drew hailed a cab in front of the hotel and handed her into.

“Call me when you get home, so we can talk,” he told gently.

Bianca nodded her head and closed the door. As the cab driver drove off and asked her for her destination, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed Italy.

“Christina, you won’t believe what your friend just did!! Or should I say who your friend just did?” she screamed into the phone after her friend picked up.

Christina, her best friend since high school, told her, “Bianca calm down!! And start from the beginning.”

“Well do your remember me telling you about this guy named Drew?” she said a little more calmly. “It all started when I saw his cousin in the UK edition of Cosmo.”

The End

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