The Good Life

The Good LifeSome of you may have read the 2 stories that I have posted already. For those that haven’t let me say this My name is Tony I’m 5’11” 265lbs 53yrs. and my cock is not hugh but better then most and my wife and her (girls) said that I know how to use it. Kat my wife is a walking godess, she is the love of my life but, she has this thing where she loves to find married women that has never had sex with another female and not only fuck her body but her mind too. She will watch women all the time and when she sees one that she thinks is ripe she’ll go in for the kill. most of the time it will start out just going up to them and talking but the talk leads to some sort of outing (dinner, park, bars) anyway she works fast I have never in 18yrs. seen it take more then a few hours till she has the women kissing and panting. After this she lets what they güngören escort did weight on the womens mind for a few days then will call them to give let her see if she is ready yet, if they are she will say that the two of they sould go out again if the women no when the women says YES Kat knows she has them she will say then I will come to your door at 7pm. then hung up. When she gets there she will go to the door knock when the women answers the door most of the time they are ready to go so as not having to expland anything to hubby, but Kat will tell them to take her to there bedrooms frist (now at this point I can’t understand why but they alawys do) once there Kat will kiss and rub on them driving them crazy then pull up there dresses and taking there panties off telling them to put them in there pockets. After more kissing she makes her girl escort güngören take her to meet hubby and k**s she tells me she does this to see how much control she has at that point. Having done all this they go out culbing or whatever then to our home where she will really tutn up the heat on them kissing rubing licking fingering and of course FUCKING with her 91/2′ strap-on after this takes them home where she has been know to screw the hell out of them in the car parked in front of there house. Then she will walk them to the door and say call me tomorrow but, unknown to them will not answer the phone till the 3rd time they call. When she does talk to them she clamly says for them to come to her house that nite at around 7pm and have the panties that she took off her too. When the women gets there Kat has her come in the living room where I am after güngören escort bayan we meet Kat ask her did you like last nite the women always look at me frist but Kat will say did you or not they say YES Kat says put the panties out in front of you when they do she says1. you do what I say2, when I say to3. to whoever I say to4. for as long as I say to5. always wear short dress no panties no braThis is are laws and can not be broken also I was the frist one to fuck your ass that means I owe your ass your hubby will never fuck it only me my Tony or someone who has my say so only.If you can hadle this I will make sure nites like last nite will only be the start of the best you have ever had to date. After the women think then say yes (they always do) Kat has them put name, phone numbers, address on those panties and hand them to Kat…………..The last time we counted there was 38 panties in the drawer. I can be with any of them at any time I please but Kat is all mine I’ve told her that it would only be fair but, she says my cock has spoiled her and it is all she wants. THAT THE GOOD LIFE OR WHAT

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