The Holiday… [Part Four]


The Holiday… [Part Four]My anal experience was out of this world. The following day I was still buzzing, and feeling the after effects. My ass wasnt sore but I could tell it had been used and was recovering. Still that didnt prevent me feeling horny. During the next day we spent it at the pool, flirting and kissing at the poolside like a normal couple. It was heading into the evening, Mark had decided to head into the shower and I was left alone and being alone I got a little horny and decided a little surprise.I waited till I heard the water running and stripped on the other side of the door before heading in. I could see Mark showering. I opened the door and pendik escort he got a bit of a shock but the sight of me standing naked before him got him over any initial shock. I closed the door and got straight down onto my knees. His cock was still limp as I placed it into my mouth. I felt it grow with every suck until he was hard. As I sucked away I played with my clit, rubbing it and getting me wet.After a few minutes of me sucking on his hard cock I stood up and bend over for him. Mark initially mentioned not having a condom however I took charge and actually took his cock in my hand and guided it towards my wet pussy. kartal escort Mark didnt need a second invitation and he plunged his cock into me. After a few thrusts of his cock I found myself pretty hard up against the wall of the shower. He pushed me pretty hard, thrusting harder and harder before he pulled out and turned me around. He lifted one of my legs before pushing hsi cock back inside me. It felt amazing as he took my other leg and pressed me against the wall. MY body weight pushing me down onto his cock deeper and deeper and only his thrusting would move me back up. About 5 or 6 minutes passed and he said he was maltepe escort close to cumming so I got down and back to my knees.On my knees I took his cock and put it back into my mouth and started to suck away until he began to moan and groan as I felt the first shot of cum hit my tongue. I kept his cock in my mouth and swallowed each explosion of cum as they came. I licked around the head of his cock until I knew there was nothing left for me and I pulled it back out as he slowly began to become limp. I got back up and kissed Mark before letting him get back to his shower after getting what I needed… for now.===============================================================================NOTE: Yes its short, I had 30mins to kill and thought id write a short one. I was originally going to miss this out but decided just to post it. The next installment should be up this week==============================================================================

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