The Holiday Party


As I am writing this, I still can’t believe this happened to me. It seems like a story I want to tell about someone else. I mean, I’m the typical conservative-looking soccer mom type, who would never be suspected of going through with anything mischievous, much less scandalous.

At 5’8″, and about 130 pounds, I have short blond hair and blue eyes, with what I’ve been told is a “cute” look similar to a Meg Ryan type. All I know is that I try to take care of myself and work-out regularly to take away the stress of being a single parent.

My ex left not too long ago when we just could not stop arguing. It got to the point where my 21 year old son even knew my ex-husband was harrassing me too much and talked him into moving out. Before long, an amicable divorce happened. Then, my daughter left for college and my son, Bobby, stayed to attend a local college for a while like his older sister had before she left.

My son and I went in our separate directions for the most part, but now with him older, it seems we relate to each other more easily, and we try to do something together at least once a week to keep up with each other.

It was with this routine that he agreed to go to my office holiday party with me. I was complaining about having to go all alone, and he tried to lift my spirits by saying that I didn’t have to go alone, that he’d go if I wanted. I thanked him and said yes, that I preferred that.

The party itself was okay. I work for a large corporation, and an entire ballroom was used to have it. There was dancing, food and plenty of drinks, which I readily had my part of.

So did Bobby. One of my friends was seeming to want to monopolize Bobby, but who could blame her. At 6’1″ and a lean 195 pounds, Bobby is attractive, fit and —well—only 21. My friend called him a stud to his face, and he only blushed turning to face me and shake his head.

He did manage to save a couple of dances for me, and really surprised me when he saved the last one for his certainly buzzed mom.

“Thanks dear,” I was sure to tell him, “you are such a sweetheart.”

“Mom, you make it easy to be,” he charmed.

” Well, I’m afraid I’ve had too much good cheer,” I confessed.

“Yeah, me too,” he responded.

After some thought, we decided the best idea was to stay the night at the hotel. We got a room with a couple of beds and headed upstairs.

At this point, it did seem a little strange. He was older. An adult now. We’d danced together. My friend had talked about him in an adult way that had given me pause. But, he was my son ,and I thought nothing of us staying overnight rather than taking the risks of drinking and driving.

It was quiet in the room as we both got ready for bed. Ever the gentleman, he insisted I use the bathroom first. And when he went in, I was struck about what I’d sleep in. I quickly shed my clothes and crawled under the covers of my bed, feeling warm and cozy and content to sleep the same way I do at home.

He came out of the bathroom and he was at first perplexed, too. But after a short pause, he took off his watch and just casually pulled his shirt over his head. My gaze went to his chest and the light covering of hair that matted on his chest. Without thinking, my look drifted to where his tight abdomen met his trousers ataşehir escort bayan and the trail of hair that disappeared into his pants.

It was then that I noticed he was standing still. Facing me, I saw that he had a grin on his face as he looked back at me. I thought I would die. I realized that he’d caught me staring at him and I realized I’d taken my time with surveying his chest and stomach. I immediately looked away, embarrassed.

I sensed him moving and looked back at him. He was undoing his belt and taking down his trousers right in front of me. I absolutely could not help myself, and I watched him. He knew I was watching and seemed to take his time. He pulled on his trousers and had them slide over his hips and then let them fall on down to the floor.

As he looked down to step out of them, my jaw dropped as I looked at the sight of him in white boxer-briefs that now was the only thing covering him.

The underwear did little to really hide the bulge that protruded out and down the left side of the leg of the shorts. It looked as though he was confined there and that he would be exposed with much more movement.

I looked to his face and he looked back at me. We said nothing. All I could think of was how I had openly stared. And how he was no longer just my son but certainly a man.

“Look, we should get to bed,” I finally said.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed and went to the light switch, turning it off.

I laid there and listened as he got in his bed.

“Thank you, Bobby. You were so swweet to go tonight.” I said to him in the darkness.

“Sure. I had a great time. I’m glad I went.”

“Me too.”

The room stayed quiet a while, and I chastised myself for the clearly wicked way I had acted before. I felt horrible guilt already. I could hear Bobby toss and turn a little bit, and I did the same.

“So are you sleeping in your underwear, too?” He asked me.

“I’m sorry, honey,” I said in a low voice,” I should have given you some privacy before.”

“No, no. Don’t worry about it. It’s just I’m not used to sleeping in my underwear is all.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” As soon as I said the words, I figured I’d said too much. Did he take it to mean I’d taken mine off? I heard him get out of bed and heard him moving. I turned on my left side facing away from him and tried to listen for what he was doing.

The covers pulled down somewhat on my bed as he was climbing in with me. I was shocked. What should I say, I wondered.

“I can’t sleep. Can you?” He asked in a low voice.

I was facing away from him and utterly aware of my nakedness. I could feel the warmth of him although he hadn’t touched me. I tried to figure out what to do to gently tell him this wasn’t a good idea.

While I searched for the right words, I felt his hand touch my shoulder. He gently rubbed the top of my shoulder and I felt my shoulder droop ever so slighly at his touch. What was happening here, I thought.

His hand squeezed at the shoulder and the skin at the back, giving little quick squeezes to try to massage the muscle there. He rubbed a little harder and pressed more of my back as he did so in a comforting and soothing way. I still said nothing.

After a moment of this, he moved his escort kadıköy hand so that only his fingertips were on my skin. Then, he traced my bare back with his fingertips, first at the shoulders and then sweepingly across my back as if making light circular motions.

It felt soothing, and at once erotic, and I again told myself to come up with something to put a stop to this. Then, my mind reasoned that he was just being nice and that nothing more could come from it. Surely, he wouldn’t try to do anything to his own mother laying there, I thought. I was probably taking all of this wrong.

I felt his hand come to rest on my hip, and it struck me how he must now have known I was in the nude. The hand was at the place on my hip where it starts to curve outward.

His hand was still for only a moment. I breathed deeply, and I felt it go to my stomach. When his hand was flat against my stomach, I uncontrollably sighed heavily. I immediately wondered what he thought.

I had said nothing. I hadn’t moved. His hand was on my bare skin. I felt my nipples responding, and a very familiar reaction between my legs, as I tried to anticipate what would come next. Surely, he was just being loving and would stop now.

His hand seemed to stretch out and I thought of its size. I mentally scolded myself for even thinking this way. He slowly moved his hand in a circular motion as if to stroke my tummy. On the third or fourth time around, the radius caused the last two of his fingers to brush my pubic hair. I knew that he had to have known he’d felt me there.

Two more brushes around and his hand stopped there. I then felt him scoot his upper torso toward and felt his chest against my back. I said nothing, and I didn’t move. I had to stop this, I thought. What is happeneing here? At what point will he stop? I thought about how I could move my hand to his and move him away. Yet. I did nothing.

His hand lifted again but his fingertips rested on my pubic hair there. I squeezed my eyes tight in the darkness as I felt his fingers stroke the top of my mound. I had said nothing, so he figures I’m condoning this, I thought. All I have to do is tell him to stop. When it gets too far, I’ll have to tell him, I decided.

As if instinctively, my right leg moved a little back, as if on its own and I realized the message this must have sent. The movement left my right foot touching his foot and the touch there seemed to magnify the intensity of the situation. He and I both knew the effect of this little move with my top leg, exposing me ever so slightly more to his touch.

With this thought his hand moved further down and he cupped my mound. This was overtly and unmistakenly a sexual touch, as his hand held me there.

“Oh,” I whispered with a heavy breath.

His second and third fingers were far enough down to feel my slick lips there, and for the first time he was certain of the effect he was having on me. I again knew I should act to stop this, but I did nothing to resist. He gently squeezed twice, letting his fingers press to my wetness.

“Uuhhhhhhhhh,” I couldn’t help but respond as he manipulated my crotch with his hand.

He let his two fingers brush just up and down my dampness along my lips. I almost was panting I was breathing so hard. I knew I bostancı escort had to stop him now, I thought.

The very next thing I knew I felt his other hand at my back. He pushed there against my back and I felt my torso ease forward, moving until I was bent at the hips, while laying there on my side. I was bent over with my ass facing toward him.

There was a pause as I tried to orient myself to what was happening. My son had bent me forward with one hand and used the other hand to hold my pelvis to where it was still close to him and exposed to him.

The bed moved, as he positioned himself closer to me still. He moved his hand from my crotch to put it to my legs, reaching between my legs as if to pry at my ass.

Then, I felt it. I felt the warm hardness of him and immediately thought about his thickness. His head was resting against my lips, and he was moving it to rub hard against me there. Even though I was very wet, my lips didn’t yield easily at first. He sawed at me, parting my lips, and I tried to stay still and not react, bewildered that this was even happening. But, I had to admit it. He had me as wet and wanting it as much as I ever had before.

“But, Bobby,” I said weakly,” I’m your mother. …”

His hand at my hip pulled at my ass further and he thrusted, pushing his head and a couple of very hard inches into me.

“OOOOOOooooo,” I exclaimed, sounding like I had been hurt suddenly.

He slightly pulled back and then thrust hard against me causing me to grunt. I was impaled on him and he was deep inside me, pulling my lips and my clit along with his shaft. His thrust had caused me to move over some on the sheets, and I pressed my hands down to brace myself.

He quickly pulled his hips back and my lips clung to his shaft as it moved. With only a brief pause, he pushed hard back inside me and this time he went all the way in me, causing me to moan uncontrollably again.

“OOOOOOoooo,” I bellowed from my throat as he started moving back and forth inside of me. An orgasm shook me as he took me from behind. He could feel me, his mother, shudder as he swayed on the mattress, rocking his cock back and forth in my warm wet pussy that clung to him.

“Bobby,” I was listening to myself and unable to believe it was me grunting back at him, “baby, that feels so good.”


“Go ahead,” I urged him on, past being able to start caring, “go ahead and give it to me.”

With that he pushed harder and started fucking me in earnest, moving in and out faster and letting me feel the length of him push in and out.

He too started getting into a constant moaning and I wondered how much longer he’d last.

I could feel him deep inside on the up thrusts.

“Yeah, Bobby. You like that baby? You like fucking me?” I urged him on.

He fucked me harder and I again felt an orgasm coming on.

“You’re goonna make me come again. …” I told him, and it made him get louder.

“YYYYEEEEAAAHHHHH” he exclaimed as he came hard inside me, with me right with him shaking as he pressed inside of me.

“YEAH, yeah, give me all of it, Bobby.”

Now he was shaking as he held tight against me. We stayed joined at our sex.

I fell asleep this way, feeling him there.

Groggy, I came to a little later. Disoriented, I looked about in the darkness trying to remember. I was laying on my back and felt movement in the middle of the bed. I felt hands there at my legs pulling them apart.

Next, there was the unmistakeable feel of a mouth and lips kissing me at my vagina.

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