The Homecoming


“Go! Go! Go, Team Go!” shouted the Cheerleading team, wiggling their pom-poms in the air.

“Go, Mustangs!” we shouted in return.

There is nothing like a cool fall night and the Homecoming football game at your alma mater. The cheerleaders still look fresh faced, the players still run and tackle with the same enthusiasm of youth, but the crowd is the one who changes. We slowly get older and grayer and paunchier, and hopefully a little wiser. Every year since graduation my old buddies from high school gather as we once did for homecoming. Although we’re in the stands now instead of taking the field, our spirit is still with Northville High.

Some things change and some remain the same: Don hands off a pint of peppermint schnapps now instead of the pigskin; Bailey still hits on the cheerleaders; and I still wait to get into the game. This year, having gotten to the game too late to find seats in the stands, we end up lining the fence down by the field. SRO doesn’t bother us since it brings us closer to the field, the players, and the cheerleaders.

Sometime after halftime, as we call out encouragement to the team, I notice a young blonde woman further down the line a few feet away from me. With long blonde hair and terrific blue eyes, she’s wearing a long brown leather coat that comes down to her butt. Despite the chilly weather, her coat is opened to show off how well she fills out her fuzzy blue sweater.

Our eyes meet a few times as we cheer on our team. She smiles for a moment and then her eyes dart away as if looking through the crowd for a more familiar face. As Don passes the schnapps, I can feel the warmth of her gaze and I slowly turn my head and catch the look of those terrific blue eyes. She smiles again and then looks away as one of her friends shouts something in her ear.

The Mustangs begin to take charge of the game, taking the ball the length of the field for a score and getting the lead for the first time. We cheer and jubilantly thrust our fists up into the air. In the crush of the crowd we get nudged and jostled along the fence. Some current seniors push sullenly through the crush of bodies. A few faces look familiar, perhaps younger brothers or sisters of kids I had known a few years before.

Suddenly I look back to see if Blondie is still there and she is, but now just an arm’s length away. I chuckle to think that Fate is pushing our little collective together. She looks my way and smiles. I smile and nod toward her. Her gloved hand points toward me, and I’m puzzled. Then I feel the press of Don’s hand shoving the schnapps toward me. I take a swig and in a automatic, friendly sort of way, hold it over toward Blondie. She smiles and accepts the bottle gladly, taking a healthy swig of the internal warming fluid. Her eyes pop open at the taste and then gestures in the direction of her friends. I wave agreeable and she passes it on, wiggling her thumb in my direction so her friend knows where it came from. Her friend holds it up as if to toast the team and takes a swig before passing it on to the next one of their group. There are four of them it turns out, two slender brunettes, a short redhead, and Blondie.

As the bottle comes back to me, she leans over and shouts something that I cannot make out. I lean toward her and she repeats herself.

“Thanks! That really hits the spot!”

I pass the nearly empty bottle back to Don who wonders how I could finish it off so quickly. I indicate the young ladies next to me and he nods affirmatively, quickly assessing the situation. He also pats the other side of his jacket to signal that there are reinforcements.

The opposition on the field begins a long drive that consumes our attention, until one of the Mustangs intercepts an errant pass. We jump up at the prospect. I feel a hand on my arm and look over to see Blondie clutching at me. I face her and she practically jumps into my arms with excitement. She and her friends are jumping and cheering and clapping their hands. When the third quarter is over, the crowd quiets down during the timeout and I decide to introduce myself.

“Justin Wilson, Class of ’94,” I say as I extend my hand out to shake hers.

“Holly Morris, Class of ’97,” she replies.

“This is Don and Bailey,” I say pointing toward my friends, elbowing Don to get his attention. He and Bailey wave hello to the girls.

“This is Heather, Krista, and Paige,” she says trying to complete the introductions.

The girls wave at us and Don extracts the fresh pint of schnapps which he generously offers to Holly. We gather in a semi circle and exchange pleasantries. So they would have been freshman during our senior year, I think to myself. Probably too young at the time, but now that we’re college age it doesn’t seem like much of a difference at all.

Holly gravitates to my side and I feel pulled toward her. All of the looks we exchanged earlier must have had some meaning after all. Her shoulders sort of sway as she stands beside me, her canlı bahis şirketleri hands thrust down deep into the pockets of her jacket to keep warm. Her jacket is still open all the way, showing off not only the fuzzy blue turtleneck sweater that matches the color of her eyes, but also the lovely curve of her breasts. She is certainly the purest blonde woman I have ever seen. Her skin is clear and pale without a trace of ever having been exposed to the sun, with a creamy golden complexion that has never known a blemish.

She has full, naturally golden blonde hair that hangs well past her shoulders, a golden blonde, the color of young wheat. Even her eyebrows are the same pure blonde color. Her eyes are the clearest blue and have an innocent cast about them, wide and young and eager. Her features are Swedish or German and symmetrical, high rounded cheekbones with full pouty lips that are a delicious natural shade of pink that don’t require any lipstick. She has narrow shoulders but nicely rounded breasts and a beautiful heart-shaped butt. Our shoulders rub occasionally as she rocks from side to side. With each touch she gives me a warm smile and looks at me approvingly.

The game begins again and we move back to the fence integrated into a perfect girl-boy-girl arrangement. With Holly on one side and her friend Paige on the other we get back into our cheers and catcalls. From the way Holly and Paige talk, Paige’s little brother is one of the running backs. They seem to know a lot about the team. Don passes the pint again and again and by the time it is empty, the Mustangs were running off the field in joyous celebration. We hang around after the game to congratulate the winning team, our team, our beloved Mustangs.

“I really enjoyed watching the game with you,” Holly says with her wonderfully warm smile.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun,” I say. “You know, it’d be a shame to let the evening end so soon. Would you and your friends like to go someplace to celebrate?”

“Paige has to hang around to give her brother a ride home,” she says. “But I don’t have any plans.”

“Why don’t you see if your friends would like to go to the Starting Gate, or Poole’s to warm up?”

Paige and Krista decide to wait around and Bailey looks forlorn.

“Silly, you can ride with us,” says Krista, slipping her arm inside Bailey’s.

Holly quickly slips out of her jacket and snuggles up to me, her firm young breasts pressing against my arm.

We share a couple pitchers of beer at the Starting Gate. Being Saturday night, they have entertainment, a little combo playing hits. After the second pitcher, Holly and I venture out on the tiny cramped dance floor. It is a slow song and we hold each other closely in that “young lovers, new lovers” clench similar to what’s seen at high schools and junior highs all over. She rests her cheek on my chest, her arms looped around my waist. I rest my hand on her shoulders, holding her close to me. Her firm breasts buried themselves against my chest.

In the back seat of Don’s Jeep on the way home, we begin to make out. Wet slobbery kisses with lots of tongue. There is lots of feeling up too; my hands wander under her sweater; her hands roam all over my lap. She wears a heavy pullover under her sweater. I feel her nipples tighten up under my touch through the lacy cups of her bra. She rubs on the crotch of my slacks enough to locate my dick and maneuvers it to one side so that she can rub it its full length. Breathing heavily she begins to nibble on my ear, her tongue twirling in my ear making me quiver with excitement.

“Okay you teenagers,” Don calls out as he brings the Jeep to a stop outside their condo. “We’re home!”

Holly and I slip out behind Heather and follow her and Don up the walkway and inside.

Their place is spacious and warm and Krista brews a round of cappuccinos. We take up spots in the living room; Holly and I nestle on the love seat (what else?); Heather and Don sit on the stools by the kitchen sipping and making eyes at each other.

“Are you two going to get a room or what,” Don calls over when Holly and I come up for a breath. “That’s downright embarrassing!”

We laugh and Holly takes my hand and pulls me off the love seat, down the hall, and into the darkness of her room. She closes the door and we fall into each other’s arms.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” she asks.

“After meeting you tonight I’d have to say yes,” I reply.

“I always believed in it, but never knew it existed before you.”

I tilt her face up to kiss her.

“I’ve just never gone this far, this fast with anyone before,” I remark.

“I know,” she says. “It’s kind of scary.”

“But a fun kind of scary,” I say. “Because it feels really good. I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

We kiss and embrace and let our hands wander a little before she pushes me away and down onto her bed.

“Do you want to hear something sort of kinky?” she asks, her hips beginning canlı kaçak iddaa to sway from side to side.

“Sure, Fire away!”

“I want to strip for you, you know like a stripper does,” she says, stretching her arms up over her head.

“That’s not kinky, to me at least.”

“But I want to see how you respond when I do it,” she says sliding her hands back down over her breasts down to her hips.

“All you have to do is see the look on my face,” I say with a chuckle.

“That’s not what I mean,” she says, still swaying, still running her hands all over herself. “I want to watch your cock while I dance.”

“Okay,” I agree feeling a little bit of blushing hit my cheeks. But then it’s dark and she couldn’t see anyway. “Fully naked or just my pants?”

“Just pull it out so I can see it,” she said with sexy smile. “I’ve got plans for the rest.”

“All right,” I say, reaching down to lower my zipper and fish out my semi-erect cock.

Holly dances over to me and leans down to kiss me as I sit on the bed, a wet sloppy kiss that tells me that she’s pretty loaded and is feeling pretty loose. She pushes my shoulders to send me backwards so that I’m lying on my back.

“That’s it. Now touching yourself is not allowed!”

I reach back and hook my fingers behind my head. This isn’t really kinky, I tell myself. In fact it’s really sexy and exciting. My cock is still lying over to one side, but is quickly filling up with excitement. Satisfied that I’m ready, she moves back away and begins to dance for me. There is no music, but that doesn’t seem to matter to her as she begins to move about the room, drawing the curtains apart to let in the moonlight. She must have had modern dance lessons, I note as she does a shadow dance in front of the window.

Her shoes are the first to go as she sits at her vanity and bends over to untie them. I never knew taking off your shoes could be like this, but then no one had ever done it in front of me like this, with her eyes on my stiffening dick. She kept running her hands all over her body, cupping her breasts, running her fingers through her hair, reaching down to glide her fingers along the curves of her hips and legs. She must have done this before, I thought.

The blue jeans were next. Still seated, she unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down, spreading them open as far as possible. She tugged at them as she rose up slowly, inching them down past her hips and turning so that as she bent over and eased them down her legs that she could present her beautiful heart-shaped ass to me. It had been long enough for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and I could see the curve of her pussy between her legs when she spread them apart. With her jeans down to her ankles, she tugged at her panties, pulling them up the crack of her ass. She stepped free of her jeans and turned back around to face me. As she ran her hands over herself again, I could feel my cock stiffen some more, now beginning to rise up like a snake before a charmer.

She rose up fully reaching her hands up toward the ceiling. I could see the abbreviated outline of her little lace panties and how tightly they fit to the slit of her pussy. She crisscrossed her hands down to the bottom of her sweater and drew them up, pulling her sweater up and over her head. She tossed it to the side and turned around, and still swaying, turned around again. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, the scoop neck revealing the upper curves of her breasts silhouetted in the moonlight. My cock twinged upward as she glided over to the bed.

“So far, so good, Big Boy,” she whispered as she climbed up onto the bed, straddling my hips so that my cock rose up against the crotch of her panties.

Crisscrossing her hands again, she pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it away. Her breasts were rising up from the cups of her lacy little powder blue bra. I could make out the upper curve of her pink aureoles as she waved her arms in the air. Her hips rotated in a circular pattern bumping into and rubbing my now erect cock. She fell down to a hands and knees position, placing her hands on my shoulders, her body inches from me. I could smell the musky scent of her excitement as she let her head down, her hair dancing on my face and neck and chest. She tossed her head back and I could see her breasts hanging down nearly falling free of her bra.

“I see you like my dance,” she said and she rose up onto her knees, letting the crotch of her panties lightly rub the underside of the head of my cock.

“Have you done this before?” I asked, feeling the flow of excitement course through me.

“Nope!” she said with a laugh. “And wouldn’t Miss Hansen and her modern dance class be shocked!”

She cupped her breasts and pushed them together and upward, her fingers twiddling her nipples. Slipping one hand over to the opposite shoulder, she pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulder, and then repeated the same for the other. Reaching back she canlı kaçak bahis unhooked the flimsy garment and eased it down away from her beautiful breasts. She leaned forward again, bringing her tits close to me and dangled her bra in my face. I could smell her perfume as she lowered her breasts down near my face. My cock was fully upright now and rubbed up against the crotch of her panties. I could feel some dampness as I thrust up my hips. Wriggling her shoulders she rubbed them on my cheeks. My lips and tongue eagerly sought out her nipples that were now stiff and erect, but she quickly pulled them away easing herself down and off from the bed.

Standing at the foot of the bed she began the final movement of her seductive dance that had brought me to the cusp of excitement. Running her hands up and down her body as before, sending her fingers everyplace that I wished my lips and tongue to be, she began to toy with her panties. She tugged them up and then pulled them down her hips. She turned about and pulled them back up so that they disappeared into the crack of her gorgeous ass. Slowly and teasingly, she eased them down, just to the bottom of the cheeks of her ass and settled back to sit on my lap, my cock nestling up between her cheeks. Straddling me she rubbed her ass back and forth on my cock. I could feel the wetness of her pussy each time she pushed back farther onto me. She stood up again and bent over, back to me, and slipped the tiny blue lace panties down her shapely legs. I heard the elastic snap and she pulled them off. Twirling them on a finger, she turned around and crawled back onto the bed, now letting her wet pussy settle onto my hard stiff cock. She mopped at my face with her panties that smelled of her perfume and her sweet pussy.

She cradled my face in her hands.

“Now that you’ve got us both so hot and bothered, what happens next?” I asked.

“Well, for one thing, you are entirely too over-dressed for the occasion,” she laughed as she ran her hands over my chest and shoulders.

Pulling at my sweater and t-shirt, she tugged them both over my head. She leaned down and kissed each one of my nipples, licking and sucking on them as I wished to do to hers. It didn’t take her long to unfasten my trousers and pull them off. But she took her time with my boxer shorts, easing them slowly down my legs, kissing each stretch of skin revealed to her. I had a hard-on as big as a cue stick, or so it felt, particularly when she rose up and grasped it with both hands and flicked at it with her tongue.

“So did I pass the test?” I asked.

“What test?” she said. “I just wanted to see which moves worked the best on you.”


“They all worked,” she said laughing again. “You’re too easy an audience.”

Then without a word she plunged her mouth down onto my cock sucking in the head and twirling her tongue around it inside her hot wet mouth. She pressed her firm round breasts against my thighs as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock stroking what she could not take in her mouth with both of her hands. When she’d take a breath or two, she would lick the entire length of my shaft and pull on the head with her tight little fist. Then she sucked me back inside her mouth, bobbing and swiveling her head.

“Oh, Holly!” I called out. “Get that pussy of yours up here!”

At first I thought she ignored me since she kept on humming away on my cock.

“Come on, Baby! I want to eat your pussy!”

Without letting my cock slip out of her mouth she slowly rose up and pivoted about to plant her pussy right above my face. Closing my eyes, I reached up to grab her ass and pulled her down onto my face, burying my tongue in her hot wet pussy. I felt her flinch and moan with pleasure as I kissed and licked my way around her twat. Finally, as I became more aggressive in eating her out, she rose up from my cock and rode my face, grinding her pussy down onto my face. She moaned again and again as I licked and kissed and sucked on her pussy. Being so blonde and fair, she had the lightest little bit of downy fur on her delicious little pussy. Her clit emerged from its hood and I licked and sucked on it. The juice from her cunt dripped down onto my face as she began to wriggle her hips and dance on my face.

“Oh, Justin! I want you to fuck me!” she cried out.

I grabbed her firmly by the hips and kept eating her eager pussy.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, God! I’m coming!” she called out. “I’m coming!!”

It must have been one of those dam-bursting orgasms the way she writhed and wriggled on my face.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” she screamed.

She lowered her head back down to my cock and eagerly sucked me back into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on me wildly I could feel her begin to shove my cock down her throat. Although she gagged at first, within a couple of strokes she was stuffing me all the way inside her mouth and down her throat, moaning and humming as she face fucked me. Her entire body rocked back and forth as she fondled my balls and sucked my cock. I couldn’t believe how wet and sloppy my cock was when she pulled her head off of me.

“Aren’t you going to come for me?” she pleaded.

“I want to fuck you first!” I said.

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