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the hot ebony teenIt was my first time to the states , traveling with others students ro Florida from montrealThe all included deal was so cheap me and 3 of my classmates went for 2 weeks after our winter semesterall 4 of us just drinking and wantching hot girls in bikini then playing volleyball agaisnt other student I met her at the bar , she was alone driniing her mojitos in her sexy white bikini, contrasting with her velvet moka skinher cute tits jiggling as she drink alone her pareo hiding her bottom enought so i coudnt see her bikini panty deformed by her cockplaying the lonely girl sipping away looking at me with my buddy from time to timemy friends wanted to go eat something, it was 9pm and i told em i wasnt hungry , i would wait for em here they left and i smiled at her when she saw i was aloneher hot body made me horny , her nice tits jiggling as she walk to my table ”hi , they left you all alone ””yeah i wasnt hungry so i stayed ””can i join you””of course, ive been wondering why a cute girl like you was all alone””oh im from here actually , i just pretend to be a guess for the free booze and cute white boy ahahah”the comment made me bursa escort smile and we drank until she wanted to walk on the beachboth a bit drunk walking in the night talking about montreal and stuffshe knew a nice spot to smoke some weed she said asking me if id like to smoke with heralone between a rocky section of the beachsat on the sand with hersmoking some good grass and really enjoying my time with my new friend”you like my tits , youve been starring t them the whole night””ahah sorry , its hard not to look there are very nice and big””here come take a closer look”i coudnt believe itjust like that she got her tits out in her hand showing em to me ”come kiss em white boy, dont be shy”and i had my mouth all over her 2 big tits kissing and licking em”oh your cute , kiss em for me, yes lick my tits just like that”she made me crazy .sit on my laps in the sand her cute tits shove in my facei only saw it when it was too latei tought she wanted me to lick her pussy uppushing me down on the sand , on top of me she was inches from my head reaching for her panty removing her pareogetting out a big black cock half hardand looked at me surprised and trying bursa escort bayan to slide away from her”whats the problem boy dont move away here open up that mouth for me”her big cock taking time rubbbing on my mouth , winning the fight as she tells me to be a good boy and suck her cockstill coudnt believe she was a transon top of me with nice big tits and her cock finally making me open up mouth around her girl cock as she starts having fun telling me she knew i wanted to try her cock”i like tio meet cute cock sucker, i need it suck good you know”i was being made into one by her , listening how easy she meet with white boy and teach em to be good cock sucker ”you are mine for the week now, im gonna let you suck on my cock all I want”staying on my back watching her helping me suck on her black big cock”were not gonna tell your friends dont worry , you can suck me in secret all week , wahat do you think”it was hard and getting wet , sliding in my mouth all along her kinky talking”fuck i love this so much, i wanted to be in that cute mouth so bad””i bet you tought id suck that small dick , ahah look whos sucking cock , yes like this , show escort bursa me how you wanted to be suck””you love my girl cock dont you , you start to love it i can tell”pumping in it , keeping the rythm up and down hitting my throatowing me like i wanted to do herlay down on the sand taking her big cock deep in my wet mouth shes turning up into hers”oh my god your a good boy, you suck really good, you must love my big cock alot”turning my brain into jello as she talk me into being a cock suckerand i was afraid once she told me to drink all of it, standinf upholding my head still, emptying herself in my mouthjust the tip, making me suck just the tip as she unloaded jets of warm cum doing my belly”ahagh your a cock sucker now, i bet you will drink my cum all week now ””yes like this, all of it boy, swallow it , you gonna feel my cum down that belly all fucking week”and she drop me once donedressing back up calling me a good cock sucker before telling me her phone number leaving me in the sand looking up at the sky, wondering how i endup like this ,. wanting to be her cocksuckermy friends tought i was the luckyess of em , when they saw her pickme up in her car the next morningturning the corner sit on the passanger side they didnt see how easy she pulled me down between her legsdriving away in the sunny day, mouth around my new friend bbc, like a good little bitch

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